QOTD 116: A Brief History of the IWC.

I leave you guys alone for one day!

One. Day.

Yeesh. I had an 8 paragraph QOTD about the post-modern sexualization of women ready to go, with footnotes and everything, and YOU all had to drag us down through the mud of in fighting, making fun, and internet wrestling drama!

How fun!

So, I figured what we could do here is call upon our veterans to explain to us perhaps the history of the IWC, and speak to the history of the BOD, how you found it, former personalities, and past drama to the relative newbies such as myself who caught on in the 411mania era.


Give a brief history of the IWC – What was the ‘big’ site when it all started? what the eff is a RSPWFAQ? Seriously! How do you feel toward the IWC ‘community’ in general? Is it a work? 

I’ll phrase it like a 5th grade reading book comprehension question.

Discuss: Summarize the history of the Internet Wrestling Community. What events, characters, and unexpected happenings deserve to be highlighted? Make a top 5 list of your favorite. 

I kind of came to the whole thing through Extreme Warfare 9000 – which I think I’ve mentioned. I found that, found the forums, found the previews written by various “IWC” personalities, googled “Scott Keith” from there, and bam I think I’m checking this site regularly around 2005. I think.

I think a little internet drama and ballbusting can be fun. It’s fun to be a bit of a dick, it’s fun to troll or anti-troll or do things that are deliberately annoying but ultimately harmless, sort of like an internet whoopee cushion. See also: Otters, Blog.

Beyond that, I don’t know much about the whole history, the big stories, big leaks, big writers, and so on. Naturally that probably begins and ends with the Torch or Figure 4. Whichever is the more popular one. I don’t know.

I just tried to find the old EWR diaries with Bossman and I guess they’re lost to the nethers. How sad.