WM 11 Bret/Backlund

Reading the 95 Raw rants, Why did Vince stick with the Bret/Backlund 4 months after the Survivor Series 3-day Bob reign.  Why not blow off the year long Owen angle and give Bret a definitive win over his brother to avenge WM X or do a Bret/Bulldog vs. Owen/Bob match which at plays off the SS match?  Wasting Bret is partly why WM 11 is so forgettable.
​Vince was just really in love with the Backlund character and seemed to think that character still had legs, even though the 8-second loss clearly destroyed any sense of threat that Bob had built up.  I think in his mind it was the best use of Bret and somehow a guy on Bret's level was "needed" to blow off the Bob character for good.  I mean, the storyline is fine, in the sense that Backlund makes people submit to the chickenwing for months and here's Bret to force him to say "I quit" and teach him a lesson and stuff, but the Backlund deal was such a dead issue after November and obviously running him as the main event for months afterwards to empty arenas showed that Vince wasn't willing to acknowledge it.  In that last rant I did, fans were back to mocking him with "Opie" chants instead of being scared of him like they used to be.  That should have been when they called an audible and did something different with Bret, like the Owen match or the tag match.    ​