A way to not break the streak and still put someone over


> Hey Scott,


> Firstly, I want to say that I'm firmly in the "the streak should never be broken" camp but I think there's a way for them to have their cake and eat it too. What if, say Daniel Bryan takes Undertaker to the limit and the match ends in a draw, double pin, time limit expiry or however you want to book it. But 'Taker and Bryan won't have it and the match gets restarted. And then after a couple more false finishes, 'Taker finally wins after a tombstone.


> This way, the streak can still continue and Bryan can claim to be the only man to finish a match with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania not having lost.


> Thoughts?

No buys. Either break it or don't break it. If you want to do that game, just put Taker over where it matters (WM) and then he can job a million times clean as a sheet every other day of the year if you want. Taker knows how to make guys look good in losing and could sell Bryan as a threat and then win in the end.

Fanwank alert: I'd tie in the Authority stuff by having HHH tell Bryan to prove that he's an A+ guy once and for all and he has to win every match from now until WM or join the Wyatts again for good. And of course with four weeks to go in his winning streak, HHH reveals that his last challenge will be breaking the UT's streak. So that gives you a guy in a massive win streak challenging Undertaker with real stakes (since fans HATED the Wyatt turn so much) on the line. If Bryan wins, great. If he loses, Undertaker can vouch for Bryan and stand up to the Authority on Bryan's behalf and destroy HHH or something.

Or they could just do Brock v Undertaker yet again, whatever.

How to break the streak yet keep 21-0

Maybe this is dumb, I've never fantasy booked before but today I had a thought because for me there's no real buzz to Punk/Taker which is a shame…

Why not have Punk beat Taker within an inch of his life (zombie life?) and in a moment akin to Triple H delivering the tombstone we get the buy-in from the crowd that CM Punk could end this here…

One… two… two and a half…. lights go out.  Nobody know if it was a 3-count or a kick-out.  The stadium is in darkness.  We get some archive audio from Paul Bearer play into the arena, summoning Taker to rise. Lights come up. A bitching CM Punk is apoplectic with the ref…. zombie sit-up…. takes advantage… 21-0

The streak continues, CM Punk can forever claim to have broken it and a nice and respectful nod to Paul Bearer all in one.
Me crazy?

Crazy is such a strong word.  
I think the "respectful nod to Paul Bearer" train sailed as soon as Punk dumped his supposed ashes on Undertaker last week.  I do think they'll play a Bearer soundclip to distract Punk so that Taker can tombstone him for the win, though.  I'm not a fan of wishy-washy finishes where you don't know who wins, though.  Either break the streak or don't.  Preferably don't.