October Classics: The Hardy Boyz vs. Edge & Christian – No Mercy ’99

This match was influential in the tag team landscape of the era. This match would lead to the Triangle Ladder Match at Wrestlemania 2000 (or XVI, if you’re anal about such things, as I am), which would lead to TLC I at SummerSlam 2000, which would lead to TLC 2 at X-7, etc. Each time out, the teams would try to outdo the last match. This is the one they all built up from. Two part video alert!

Edge & Christian vs Hardy Boyz part1 (No Mercy… by holywrestling

Edge & Christian vs Hardy Boyz part2 (No Mercy… by holywrestling

August Classics: The Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. Edge & Christian – TLC Uno

SummerSlam 2000, historically, is one of the better SummerSlams. This match, however, was the highlight of this one. These three teams had the task of going out and trying to top themselves at Wrestlemania X-7, and they would set the template for all future multi-man ladder matches.

Tag Team Championship Summerslam 2000 TLC Match… by bombsbpimp

FULL-LENGTH PPV MATCH – No Mercy 2000 – The Hardy Boyz vs. Los Conquista…

This was a reader suggestion, since WWE is on this awesome run of stuff on YouTube right now.  Seriously, subscribe to their channel, it’s pretty great.

By the way, this feud kind of threatened to shatter the space-time continuum, especially if you stopped to consider who was actually supposed to be who and attempted to make logical sense of it.  In a fun way, of course.