October Classics: LAX vs. Styles & Daniels – TNA Bound for Glory 2006

Bound for Glory was such an interesting card. You had the Kevin Nash X Division Gauntlet Battle Royal, a Monster’s Ball Match with Jake Roberts as referee, Larry Zbyszko vs Eric Young where the loser gets fired, and Sting vs Jeff Jarrett as the main event, which even in 2006 was probably ill advised. Anyway, the match shown here would probably be the best match on that card.

Bound For Glory 2014

For Glory 2014
October 12, 2014
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan
Mike Tenay, Taz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
subtitle: TNA sends its B team to Japan for a tape delayed Wrestle-1
show with matches first mentioned on TV four days ago that has
nothing to do with current storylines that they have the nerve to ask
you to pay $50 for while shouting about how this is all about giving
the fans the best. FEEL THE ELECTRICITY! Let’s get to it.

opening video talks about how this is a night unlike any other and
how the biggest stars of both promotions are going at it. We also
get a video on the Muta vs. Sanada feud.
arena isn’t very big and only holds about 2,000 people.
welcomes us to the show and we’re ready to go.
vs. Minoru Tanaka
back in a four sided ring. Feeling out process to start until Tanaka
scores with a nice dropkick. Manik comes right back by sending him
out to the floor but misses a plancha. He goes under the ring though
and sneaks up on Tanaka for a neckbreaker. A dropkick gets two for
Manik and he cranks on the arm while holding a chinlock.
gets suplexed down for two as Tenay talks about Manik being the
youngest non-Japanese wrestler to ever perform in New Japan. There’s
something close to a story here as Tanaka used to mentor Manik at the
start of his career. Not that there’s any hostility or anything but
they did know each other before this. A missile dropkick and knee
drop get two for Tanaka but Manik dropkicks him back to the floor.
Tanaka blocks another dive with a kick to the face and hits a middle
rope moonsault to send Manik into the barricade.
in and Manik avoids a charge and hits another missile dropkick before
throwing him into the air for a kick to the face. Tanaka gets his
knees up to block a frog splash before yet another running dropkick
sends Manik into the corner. A superplex into a hiptoss gets two on
Manik as the fans are finally getting into this. They trade some
nice rollups until Manik plants him with a brainbuster for another
near fall. Manik gets the same off a gutbuster but walks into a kick
to the head followed by a cross armbreaker for the submission at
B-. This was actually a solid
back and forth match but it sums up the problem with this entire
show: I have no reason to care about these guys and the entire show
is going to be based on the action. Something tells me the rest of
the card isn’t going to be this solid, and this match wasn’t even all
that great. Still though, good opener.
be looking at great moments in Team 3D’s history, starting with
Slammiversary 2006 against Rick Steiner and Animal. They couldn’t
even get one of the 3D vs. Steiners matches? We see the last three
minutes or so.
Carter III talks about stabbing Spud in the heart with his words on
Wednesday. Spud knew he was on borrowed time when he allowed Dixie
to be sent through a table. Ethan has a replacement for Spud though
and he’ll debut on Wednesday. He’s ready to start EC3 Year 2 with a
win over a former sumo wrestler tonight.
recap Ethan’s rookie year in TNA where he still hasn’t submitted or
been pinned.
Carter III vs. Ryota Hama
the match Ethan is pleased with the respect the fans show him here.
He speaks “Japanese”, meaning very slow English, talking about
how he’s rich, undefeated and good. Carter talks about beating every
TNA Hall of Famer at their own game so he’s going to slam Hama
tonight. He says slam ham over and over again and declares himself
huge in Japan.
is disturbingly fat and dresses exactly like Rikishi. He powers
Carter into the corner with ease of course so Carter bails to the
floor. Tenay tries to give us a brief history of Japanese wrestling
as Carter gets dropped with a shoulder block. Back in and Hama runs
him over out of a sumo position but misses a big fat splash. Carter
of course can’t slam him and a big elbow drop gets two. A running
Umaga attack in the corner gets the same but Hama misses a seated
senton. Carter still can’t slam him and Hama falls on top for two.
We get the required Stink Face but Carter comes back with a 1%er for
the pin at 6:00.
D. Remember when I said it
wasn’t going to stay as good as the opener? I was correct earlier
than I thought with this standard comedy match. Go back and watch
any given Rikishi match and you’ve seen the same match you got here.
Nothing to see here but at least Carter won.
3D vs. Beer Money from Lockdown 2009.
talks about how awesome the Japanese wrestlers are and how they put
fear in the hearts of sports entertainers. He doesn’t know much
about Sakamoto but the little bit he’s seen hasn’t impressed him.
Tonight though, Sakamoto will be impressed.
vs. Kazma Sakamoto
Tensai’s worshipper? Well he returns here as a, ahem, star. MVP is
the huge face here due to his time in New Japan. He takes Sakamoto
down as Tenay recaps Sakamoto’s time in WWE. Sakamoto runs from MVP
as we really haven’t had a ton of contact yet. MVP gets in a shot to
knock Sakamoto out to the floor as Tenay’s history lessons continue.

in and MVP drops some knees on the face for two but Sakamoto comes
back with uppercuts. A few kicks to the legs have MVP in trouble and
we hit the chinlock. Back up and Sakamoto misses the Ballin Elbow
and gets clotheslined in the corner. MVP nips up and hits the real
Ballin Elbow followed by a fisherman’s suplex for two. Sakamoto
misses a running knee and gets his leg kicked out, setting up a
Shining Wizard for the pin at 8:02.
C-. Nothing special here as it
was just a step above a squash for MVP. Sakamoto never posed a
threat here and MVP was over like free beer in a frat house. This
was another short match that didn’t mean anything and was there for
the live crowd instead of the PPV crowd, but that’s the case for the
entire card.
Joe talks about how awesome the X-Division is and how tough a night
his opponents are in.
Title: Samoa Joe vs. Kaz Hayashi vs. Low Ki
is defending. Hayashi is
probably best known in America as a low level cruiserweight guy about
fourteen years ago. Ki
takes over to start but Joe crushes both guys in the corner and kicks
Kaz in the head. There’s
the chop to Hayashi’s back but he fires off right hands to the
champ’s face and knocks Joe to the floor. The
fans are behind Low Ki as he kicks both guys down and gets two on
Joe. Both challengers head
to the floor and get taken out by a big dive as we see the crowd
sitting still yet chanting at the same time.
in and Low Ki chops at Joe but the champ busts out his powerbomb into
the crab into the STF until Hayashi remembers he’s in this match and
puts Joe in a Crossface without breaking the hold on Ki. Hayashi
hits a kind of Zig Zag for two on Joe with Ki making the save. A
quick Warrior’s Way gets two on Kaz and they head outside so Joe can
nail a double dive. Back in
and Kaz charges into a Rock Bottom out of the corner but Low Ki
breaks up the MuscleBuster. That earns him a Koquina Clutch and Ki
passes out to retain Joe’s title at 10:30.
C+. Not bad for the most part
here but it didn’t mean anything for the most part. This was the
same three way style match TNA has done a dozen times with Hayashi
just being a warm body to fill out the match. The fact that the
winner was already spoiled with the TV tapings didn’t help either.
thanks the fans in Japanese and says they’re here to bring the world
together for the fans. He is Samoa Joe and he is professional
great Team 3D moment: putting Dixie through a table.
says he’s going to do the hardcore thing one more time with Team 3D.
He looks like he’s about to cry because that’s all Tommy Dreamer does
Kuroshio/Yusuke Kodama vs. Andy Wu/El Hijo del Pantera
match and I have no idea who any of these guys are. Wu, a guy that
moves a lot, starts with Kuroshio and Andy ducks a kick to the face.
Kuroshio wrestles in a jacket for some reason. Off to Kodama and
Pantera for a gymnastics demonstration capped off by a hurricanrana
from Pantera. An armdrag puts Kodama on the floor for a big flip
dive from Pantera. Back in and Kuroshio slams Pantera down and
adjusts his hair during the cover.
gets two more off a standing corkscrew moonsault but stops to check
his hair. Back to Kodama for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two on
Pantera as this just keeps going. Pantera finally crawls over for
the hot tag and Wu speeds things up a bit with flips. Kodama gets
double teamed into a 619 for two from Pantera. Wu dives over the top
onto Kuroshio and Kodama kicks Patnera in the face for two. Kuroshio
hits a big flip dive to take out Wu and Kodama nails a corkscrew
moonsault for the pin on Pantera at 9:20.
C+. Well that happened. I
still have almost no idea who any of these people are and I have
almost no reason to care about any of them but, Kuroshio does indeed
wrestle in a jacket. It was your regular cruiserweight style tag
match and odds are I won’t remember it in about fifteen minutes.
on Team 3D’s career and how much they deserve to be in the Hall of
see Tommy Dreamer’s induction speech and, say it with me, he cries.
Team 3D doesn’t have a ton to say here other than how hard they’ve
worked to get here and how glad they are to be here. You
would think they could at least throw on a suit though.
3D vs. Tommy Dreamer/Abyss
stipulations here for a change. I’m sure the rules will be enforced
too. Dreamer has a headband on to pay homage to Terry Funk. Long
intros fill even more time and the fans want tables. Ray speaks some
Japanese and we get handshakes from everyone but Abyss. Dreamer and
D-Von do some basic stuff to start before it’s off to Abyss and Ray.
Tenay gets on my nerves even more by talking about the Full Metal
Mayhem match from Impact. They slug it out very slowly until Ray
nails a Rock Bottom.
pops up with a chokeslam but Ray pops up. Ray avoids a splash and
D-Von comes in to clothesline Abyss out to the floor. The reverse 3D
plants Dreamer as they’re still in about second gear. Dreamer takes
What’s Up and it’s table time. The tables are much smaller here and
we get the required ECW chant. The fight heads outside and Abyss
rings the bell on Ray’s head. They fight around the arena and now
it’s time for all of the weapons.
get duels with chairs and kendo sticks but Dreamer DDTs Ray as Abyss
chokeslams D-Von. Dreamer is thrown into a trashcan in the corner
and the Black Hole Slam gets two on Ray. Abyss nails him in the ribs
with a few chair shots but D-Von hits his spinebuster for two on
Abyss. D-Von goes up to drive Abyss through a table, only to have
Ray powerbomb Dreamer through it instead. Abyss busts out the tacks
and walks into 3D onto said tacks for no cover. Dreamer brings in
the cane and takes a 3D of his own for the pin at about 13:00.
D+. This show is getting old in
a hurry. This was the same hardcore brawl we’ve seen a dozen times
before with nothing new and no doubt as to who was going to win.
Tenay mentioning the great Full Metal Mayhem match makes me want to
just go find a copy of that match instead, which is a really bad sign
for your biggest show of the year.
match Team 3D says they love Japan
says this is her first time in Japan (it isn’t even her first time
this year) and says she isn’t afraid of Havok.
recap Havok winning the Knockouts Title.
Title: Havok vs. Velvet Sky
is challenging and is suddenly a face over here. Havok is from
Defiance, Ohio. Velvet fires off kicks to start and hits a few
middle rope ax handles. The champ comes back with shoulders in the
corner and a backbreaker. Off to a bearhug followed by a slam but
Velvet fights back with almost no effect. A headscissors puts Havok
down and a middle rope cross body gets two. Not that it matters as
Havok grabs another bearhug for the submission at 6:00.
C-. This actually wasn’t half
bad with Velvet fighting instead of getting squashed. It still
wasn’t any good but Havok is a good choice for a monster champion.
Whoever eventually beats her is going to look like a big deal and
that’s the whole point of building up a monster as champion.
Storm is sitting in what looks like a temple, talking about cutting
down Great Muta for the sake of the Revolution.
recap Muta/Tajiri vs. Sanada/Storm. Muta mentored Sanada but Storm
turned Sanada to the dark side. Tonight it’s about revenge. This is
the only match that has gotten any sort of a build.
Sanada/James Storm vs. Tajiri/Great Muta
gives a great speech about turning one of Japan’s own against them.
That little bit of storyline actually felt really refreshing. Muta
sprays mist to start and gets things going with Sanada. They
fight over a leglock on the mat until Muta comes up and works on the
arm. It’s back down to the
mat and Sanada sprays Mist at Muta but only hits air. Off
to Tajiri vs. Storm with James taking a bunch of kicks. Tajiri
grabs the beard but it’s quickly back to Sanada, only to have him get
low bridged out to the floor.
kicks Tajiri to the floor and
then under the ring as
things slow WAY down. Tajiri
has taken mist off camera and is blinded back inside. Storm
and Sanada start slowly double teaming as we’re waiting on the hot
tag to Muta. A dropkick
gets two for Sanada and we hit the nerve hold.
up and Sanada pulls out a white stick of some kind of nail Tajiri
again. Tajiri comes right back with a kick and tags in Muta to clean
house. Muta hammers on
Sanada and drops an elbow for two, only to get caught in Closing
Time. Storm drops a top
rope elbow and Sanada’s moonsault gets two. Everything
breaks down and Storm is backdropped to the floor. Tajiri superkicks
Sanada down and it’s a double mist and the Shining Wizard to give
Muta the pin at 10:50.
D+. I just sat through this
whole show for an eleven minute main event. Storm not taking the pin
is a good thing, but it’s not like this match means anything at the
end of the day. However, there’s one thing that stands out above all
this: at the end of the day, the two oldest guys on the show stood
tall to end the show. Some things never change.
chokes Muta with the bullrope so Team 3D makes the save to end the
show. That would be four guys at least 41 years old ending the show.
D+. Here’s the thing:
the show itself was just ok. Some of the matches weren’t bad but for
the most part it was just the same kind of matches we’ve seen in
other forms dozens of times. It wasn’t a bad show or anything but
it’s totally forgettable with nothing standing out as a great or even
very good match. The opener is the best match and the X-Division
Title match is good depending on your taste but I’ve seen it done too
many times.
brings us to the big problem: this is Bound For Glory, not some One
Night Only show. The Global Impact Japan show was better than this
with more title matches, two title changes and cost $15 compared to
$50 for this one. The stalling was just pathetic and made me feel
like I was watching a low rent show from a low rent promotion.
rolled the dice here and I can get the idea behind it, but not for
Bound For Glory or when TNA is in the spot they’re in. They don’t
have another live event for three months and the only thing you hear
about TV is “it’s coming”. This show might have helped set up
stuff in Asia, but if there’s no product in America, there’s nothing
to ship out to Asia. The
problem is this show was all for the Japanese fans, and the last
thing TNA should be doing right now is flipping off their loyal fans,
which are the only things keeping them going. This was a bad idea
but the intentions were good at least.
Tanaka b. Manik – Cross armbreaker
Carter III b. Ryoto Hama – 1%er
b. Kazma Sakamoto – Shining Wizard
Joe b. Low Ki and Kaz Hayashi – Koquina Clutch to Ki
Kuroshio/Yusuke Kodama b. El Hijo del Pantera/Andy Wu – Corkscrew
moonsault to Pantera
3D b. Abyss/Tommy Dreamer – 3D to Dreamer
b. Velvet Sky – Bearhug
Muta/Tajiri b. Great Sanada/James Storm
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Bound For Glory 2014 Live Thread

Figured I should get this up for all of you heading to the Korakuen Hall to watch the biggest TNA event of the year live (bell time is 5:30am EST).

The card as it stands now:

  • The Great Muta and Tajiri vs James Storm and The Great Sanada
  • Samoa Joe vs Low Ki vs Kaz Hayashi
  • Team 3D vs Abyss and Tommy Dreamer
  • Havok vs Velvet Sky
  • MVP (how does this convicted felon get into Japan!?) vs Kazmo Sakamoto
  • Ethan Carter III vs Ryota Hama
  • Manik vs Minoru Tanaka
  • Andy Wu and El Hijo del Pantera vs Jiro Kuroshio and Yusuku Kodama

Clearly a show set to blow Wrestlemania XXX out of the water in every way.

If you’re still undecided, walk-up tickets are still available for around $23.

Bump in the Road, Part 4: Toronto Bound

Hey Scott,

The fourth part of BUMP IN THE ROAD just went up. Do please share it with the Doomers, as you have magnificently done in the past. I must take a moment to thank you, by the way. Every time you post the link, the views on my blog skyrocket. I get around 300+ views, which for me is fantastic. So thank you again for being shameless in helping to promote other people’s work.

Bound For Glory 2013

For Glory 2013
October 20, 2013
Viejas Arena, San Diego, California
Mike Tenay, Tazz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
finally reached the biggest show of the year and while it hasn’t been
the greatest build in the world, the night should have some solid
wrestling to make up for it. The main event tonight is the winner of
the Bound For Glory Series AJ Styles challenging Bully Ray for the
world title. Other than that we have a five way Ultimate X match and
potentially the return of Hulk Hogan, who may or may not have signed
a new contract. Let’s get to it.

Team Gauntlet
a four team gauntlet match with the winning team getting the tag
title shot on the PPV. We start with Bad Influence vs.
Hernandez/Chavo Guerrero. The Bro Mans will be fourth due to Robbie
E. winning a four way on Impact. Eric Young and Joseph Park will be
third due to winning a drawing earlier tonight. Hernandez cleans
house to start and Bad Influence bails to the floor. We finally get
down to Daniels running into a big boot from Hernandez in the corner
and take a quick break.
with Hernandez hitting an over the shoulder face plant to stop
Kazarian’s momentum, allowing for a double tag to Chavo vs. Daniels.
Chavo gets two off a headscissors and everything breaks down.
Hernandez runs over Bad Influence and hits the big shoulder to run
over Kazarian. Daniels low bridges SuperMex to the floor but walks
into Three Amigos from Chavo. Not that it matters though as Kaz
comes back in to distract Chavo, giving Daniels a rollup with a
handful of trunks for the pin at 7:30.
and Park are in next but get jumped on the way in. Park runs over
Kazarian and slams him down, only to have Daniels chop block him down
to give Kazarian control. Bad Influence double teams the big man as
the fans chant for Young. Kazarian can’t quite get a sunset flip but
avoids a seated senton from the big guy.
take another break and come back with Eric getting the hot tag and
pounding away on Daniels in the corner. Young flips over the corner
and does Daniels’ strut down the apron before coming back for a belly
to belly and a near fall. Kazarian makes the save and gets sent to
the floor, allowing Daniels to hit a release Rock Bottom but miss the
BME. Park hits a Samoan Drop on Daniels to give Young the pin at
Influence jumps Park and Young post match and sends Park into the
Ultimate X structure. The referee calls for help as Park is injured
and Young is out cold in the ring. Here come the Bro Mans with
special guest Mr. Olympia Phil Heath. It’s basically a handicap
match here with Young getting double teamed for a big, only to make a
comeback with right hands and forearms. A slam puts Robbie down and
Eric drops a top rope elbow for two. The numbers finally catch up
with Eric though and a double flapjack sets up a Hart Attack for the
pin and the title shot at 22:00.
C-. Nothing special here but I
liked the length of the match. Far too often in these things the
falls last about 2 minutes each and are completely unrealistic when
you compare them to normal wrestling matches. Having the shortest be
seven and a half minutes made this far better. Also anything that
keeps Chavo and Hernandez off my screen is a good thing.
opening video for the PPV is the usual thing you would expect:
talking about how this is the culmination of the entire year and
everything leads to this night.
Title: Samoa Joe vs. Manik vs. Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries vs. Jeff
is Ultimate X, meaning there are four towers around the ring with
ropes connecting them in an X shape. You have to climb up and crawl
across the ropes and pull down the belt to win. Manik is defending
coming in but Sabin has been in 16 of these matches. Chris bails to
the floor to start, only to have Aries follow him out and send Sabin
into the structure. Hardy and Manik head outside as well until Sabin
goes in, only to be pounded down by the Samoan. Aries comes back in
and sends Joe to the floor to take over.
starts to climb the structure but hops down to the apron, only to
pull Aries down a few seconds later. Manik takes Hardy down and
slaps a Sharpshooter kind of move on Sabin, only to have Aries make
the save. Austin goes up again but Jeff pulls him down and hits a
falling powerbomb facebuster (think a powerbomb but falling backwards
instead of forward) before pulling out a ladder. Joe dives through
the ropes to knock the ladder into Joe, only to be taken down by
drops Sabin but here’s Aries with a huge dive of his own to take
everyone out. Aries goes for the belt but the champion comes back in
for a save. Manik sends Aries to the floor but here’s Sabin almost
immediately. Joe sends Aries back in and pounds away on him in the
corner but Austin comes right back with a kick to the head. Hardy
and Joe take dropkicks in the corner from Aries but Joe escapes the
brainbuster. Aries gets caught in a quick spinning joke but Manik is
going for the title, only to be pulled down into a low blow from the
dropkicks Joe into the ropes but Jeff comes in with the Whisper in
the Wind to put Chris down. Now the ladder is set up in the middle
of the ring but Joe slams Jeff’s head into the top to knock him down.
Aries dropkicks Joe down but Manik springboards up to the ropes and
then the ladder, only to have Sabin shove the ladder and both of them
over. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate to take Sabin down but can’t
follow up. Sabin sends his girlfriend Velvet Sky in to make the save
but it’s just a distraction for Sabin to go up and win the belt at
C+. The match was fun but
that’s a pretty lame ending. I know it’s a heel move from Sabin, but
it was Hardy that brought the ladder in to start. The ending was
really lackluster and the match lacked a lot of the drama that these
matches had. I don’t think there was even one near finish which made
it feel like it came out of nowhere.
going to be seeing great AJ Styles moments tonight with the fist
being Styles winning the first X-Division Title in 2002.
Bad Influence to fill in some time because there are only six matches
tonight. Kazarian says that it’s a shame they’re not on the card
tonight. Daniels says they’re the stepchildren of this company
despite the fact that they ARE TNA. They beat Chavo and Hernandez
earlier, Young and Park are a fisherman and a lawyer so they
shouldn’t count, and since this company is obsessed with multiple
people in matches, let’s make the tag title match a threeway.
brings out Eric Young who says he isn’t looking for a fight because
he already beat them tonight. He says he’s a scientist and the two
of them did something earlier tonight which created a monster. They
should run but instead Young gets double teamed. Cue the returning
Abyss to clean house. Bad Influence is taken out and Abyss helps
Eric up. Remember when Park and Young beat Bad Influence on the
preshow? Well they just did it again here, just not in an actual
Storm and Gunner say they’re ready to defend the titles against the
jokes that are the Bro Mans.
Titles: Bro Mans vs. James Storm/Gunner
E. and Jesse Godderz still have Mr. Olympia Phil Heath with them.
The champions run the goofs over to start and send them out to the
floor so Gunner can backdrop Storm over the top onto the Bro Mans.
We officially start with Storm throwing Jesse around with a hiptoss
before it’s off to Gunner. An elbow to the face and a slingshot
suplex get two each on Jesse before Robbie gets in a shot from the
apron to take over. Robbie comes in and pounds away on Gunner before
getting two off a dropkick.
comes back with a jumping knee to the face but Jesse runs in to
knock James off the apron. Robbie drags Gunner back into the
challengers’ corner before bringing Jesse back in. Gunner comes
right back with a quick fallaway slam and the hot tag brings in
Storm. James cleans house and gets two on Robbie off a running
neckbreaker. The Bro Mans get their act together and load up a
double superplex on James, only to have Gunner pull James off into an
electric chair.
is taken down by a front suplex, allowing James to drop a top rope
elbow for two. Storm has a nasty cut on the side of his leg and
Robbie scores with a quick Edgecution for two. Gunner loads up
Robbie in the Gun Rack but Robbie makes the save, only to get caught
in a powerbomb. Storm adds a Backstabber but Jesse makes the save at
the last second. James hits the Last Call on Jesse but Robbie throws
in a title belt for a distraction, allowing the Bro Mans to hit the
Hart Attack for the pin and the titles at 11:48.
C. This was better than I was
expecting but it’s not like it means anything long term. The tag
division means nothing at all and if time has proven one thing, it’s
that one team can hardly ever breathe life back into belts that a
company isn’t interested in pushing. The near fall off the superkick
was really good but other than that it was your basic tag match.
from the Hall of Fame induction last night including Sting with a
bare face in a rare sight.
Sting to induct Angle into the Hall of Fame. Sting talks about how
so many people respect Kurt because of what he does in and out of the
ring. Kurt comes out and thanks everyone before pausing for a THANK
YOU ANGLE chant. Sting says it’s time to induct him, but Angle says
that he has to decline. He’s setting a new standard for the industry
because what’s he’s accomplished before will be nothing compared to
what he has in the future. He’ll join Sting one day though. The
fans are stunned and Sting doesn’t look pleased.
Styles won the world title at No Surrender 2009.
gets a phone call and says she wants all of AJ’s merchandise on sale.
Ethan Carter, Dixie’s nephew, comes up behind her for his debut.
Apparently Dixie has a match for him tonight and they have a family
motto: “The world needs us. We’re the Carters.”
Title: ODB vs. Brooke vs. Gail Kim
is defending. Brooke looks GREAT in a leather version of her usual
attire. Gail is knocked to the floor to start with Brooke taking
over on ODB in the corner. Brooke gives her a Stink Face but ODB
pops up and sends her into the corner for a Bronco Buster. Gail
comes back in, only to be knocked back to the floor a few seconds
later. Brooke works on ODB’s back and gets two off a quick
pops back up and grabs the figure four around the post, only to have
ODB make the save with her chest. ODB chops Brooke but gets rolled
up for a quick two. Off to a half crab on Brooke but Gail makes
another save. The challengers both go up but have to shove off a
double superplex attempt, followed by Gail hitting a missile dropkick
on ODB. Brooke adds a top rope elbow (WAY too popular of a move
tonight) for no cover.
up and ODB gets two on Gail via a delayed vertical suplex. The
referee gets taken out as ODB somehow gets both girls up in a
fireman’s carry at the same time. Brooke falls off but ODB slams
Gail onto her….and here’s Tapa. She runs over ODB and takes her
out, only to powerbomb Gail on top of ODB for the pin and the title
at 10:33.
D+. This could have been on any
given Impact and that’s the problem with this show: nothing feels
special at all so far. Gail is champion again. So? She’s been
champion before, just like everyone else in the division. Nothing to
see here other than Brooke looking great.
hugs Tapa to reveal a ruse.
Bro Mans celebrate.
is shocked at Angle turning the induction down and is going to prove
why he’s the better man tonight.
recap Angle vs. Roode, which is all over Roode being inducted into
the EGO Hall of Fame, ticking off now non-Hall of Famer Kurt. This
is Angle’s first match back from rehab.
Angle vs. Bobby Roode
has a bad shoulder coming in. Feeling out process to start with
Angle taking it to the mat but having to bail to the floor to avoid
the Crossface. Back in and Angle tries the ankle lock but Bobby
rolls through to send Angle back to the floor. Bobby takes over on
the floor but Angle takes him down with a suplex. Back in and Roode
scores with a quick hotshot to put Kurt back on the floor before
going after the neck even more.
takes him back inside and works the neck with clotheslines and shots
to the back of the head. We hit the chinlock for a bit before Kurt
fights his way up and rolls the Germans for the first time in several
months. A belly to belly gets two but Roode armdrags out of the
Angle Slam. Roode scores with the spinebuster for two but Angle
slips out of a fireman’s carry and grabs the ankle lock.
slips out of the hold again and sends Kurt shoulder first into the
post before loading up the Crossface. Kurt fights up and gets a
quick ankle lock, only to have Roode roll over into the Crossface
again. Angle almost tape but turns it over into traded rollups for
two each. Back up again and Angle tries a clothesline, only to get
caught in the Crossface for the third time.
fights up again and gets an Angle Slam for a VERY close two. Both
guys are down now with Angle holding his arm. They slap it out from
their knees with Angle getting the better of it before grabbing more
Rolling Germans. Roode shoves the referee away so he can kick Kurt
low to take over again.
busts out an Attitude Adjustment of all things (I’m shocked no one
has stolen that move yet) for two but Kurt is able to slap on the
ankle lock yet again. Roode tries to kick Kurt away like he did
earlier but Angle holds on and hooks the grapevine. Bobby is no
Brock Lesnar and can’t make the rope so he passes out, but as the
referee lifts the arm it falls onto the rope for the break. Kurt is
ticked off so he loads up Roode into a SUPER ANGLE SLAM but he can’t
follow up. Roode gets to his feet at nine and falls into a cover for
the surprise pin at 21:00.
B+. This is the kind of match
the show needed. Roode winning is the right call and the stuff at
the end was really solid. The opening part of the match was dull but
at least the right guy won to avenge the loss he had two years ago.
Angle didn’t need the win at all so Roode winning is definitely the
right call.
match Angle still isn’t moving so medics come out to check on him.
Angle won’t let them put a neck brace on and gets off a stretcher to
walk out on his own.
beat Sting at Bound For Glory 2009.
says tonight is about the Aces and 8’s being reborn. There are a
bunch of guys whose faces we can’t see with Ray implying it’s all the
old members coming back tonight.
Carter III vs. Norv Fernum
is former WWE talent Derrick Bateman. Fervum is apparently a local
guy and looks to weigh about 150lbs. Carter runs him over to start
and forearms his way out of a wristlock. A t-bone suplex takes
Fervum down and it’s off to a one arm camel clutch. Norv fights up
and hits some shoulder blocks and a pair of dropkicks followed by a
top rope cross body for two. Ethan hits a quick Bulldog Driver to
end Fervum at 3:28.
D-. Carter has a good look but
this wasn’t needed on a PPV at all. That’s the problem with this
whole show as I mentioned earlier: this doesn’t feel like anything
special. We’ve had a promo with a return earlier and now an added
squash match just to pad in the time. That’s not a good sign at all.
says this is the new biggest night of his life and he’s not going to
leave without until he knocks the door down. He has everything to
lose tonight and it makes him feel more dangerous.
recap Sting vs. Magnus. Magnus blew the BFG Series finals and thinks
he can’t do it, so Sting is going to give him a chance tonight.
vs. Magnus
out process to start with Sting sending Magnus out to the floor in
frustration. Back in and Magnus sends him into the corner for some
shoulder blocks. We hit a body scissors as Magnus is being rather
aggressive here. Back up and Magnus drives in shoulders to the ribs
but gets caught in a backdrop so Sting can pound away. There’s a
quick Stinger Splash and we’re already in the Scorpion Deathlock less
than five minutes in.
kicks away and a double clothesline puts both guys down. The Brit
hits a quick Stinger Splash of his own and gets two off the falcon’s
arrow. Sting kicks away from the Cloverleaf and hits another Stinger
Splash before putting on the Deathlock again. As usual Sting doesn’t
sit down on it at all so Magnus is able to crawl over to the ropes.
Stinger Splash number three lands on an uppercut and Magnus hits a
Scorpion Death Drop on his own to set up the top rope elbow.
kicks out at two and is able to avoid the second top rope elbow,
putting both guys down again. Magnus fires off some hard forearms
but Sting says bring it. Sting gets taken down into the Cloverleaf
with Magnus actually cranking on the hold….for the submission at
11:02. I NEVER remember Sting tapping before.
C. Not a great match but the
ending couldn’t have been better for Magnus. Sting gave up in the
center of the ring without a bit of cheating at all. Good match here
and the ending was the perfectly right call, but the match didn’t
feel like it had a middle part which hurt it a bit.
leaves without shaking Sting’s hand.
won the BFG Series this year.
quotes Guns N Roses by saying welcome to his jungle. He doesn’t want
AJ to die though. Instead he wants AJ to have to go back to Georgia
and tell his family why he lost tonight. More greatness from the
champion here.
recap AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray, which is almost all about AJ vs.
Dixie. AJ won the title shot in the BFG Series but the main story is
about Dixie Carter not wanting a hick like AJ as the world champion.
She’s promised tonight is his last night in the company.
World Title: AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray
is No DQ and No Countout. AJ’s music is the full dark theme this
time and doesn’t break into Get Ready To Fly. After the big match
intros we’re ready to go. Ray talks a lot of trash to start and
slams AJ down with ease. AJ is thrown around again and his wristlock
is broken up by a HARD clothesline. Ray shouts about smelling fear
on AJ for years now, which motivates AJ into a dropkick.
hooks the Calf Killer out of nowhere, drawing out Garrett Bischoff
for a distraction for the break. It’s going to be one of those
matches isn’t it. Garrett slides Ray the hammer but AJ kicks it away
and grabs the hammer for himself. Ray blocks it with a chop and hits
an even harder one for good measure. AJ says hit me again and Ray is
stunned, allowing Styles to fire off some right hands. Ray chops him
again but AJ says bring it. AJ goes after the leg but as he goes up,
here’s Knux for another distraction. Styles dives at him but gets
caught in a chokeslam to give Ray two.
yells at Earl Hebner for the near fall so Earl yells back, only to
have Ray miss a shot and take out Knux by mistake. Ray punches AJ
down and then kicks him to the floor with the hammer going out too.
The champion gets the hammer but AJ kicks him in the head, knocking
Ray to the table. AJ grabs the hammer but throws it down and rams
Ray into the table instead. Styles loads up a springboard 450 but
Ray moves, sending AJ crashing through the table in a SCARY landing.
Earl seeing if AJ can remember what planet he’s on, Taz hands Ray a
box cutter so he can cut up the ring like he did at Slammiversary.
The wood under the mat is revealed as AJ is trying to crawl back into
the ring. Ray calls for someone to come out to the ring and here
comes Dixie. She looks scared but Ray tells her to get a chair.
Dixie demands one from security but AJ springboards in with the
forearm to drive the chair into Bully’s head.
the springboard 450 but Dixie tells Earl to count slowly. After
about 20 seconds Earl gets to two and Ray kicks out. Ray backdrops
out of the Styles Clash to send AJ back first into the wood but
doesn’t cover. Ray’s middle rope backsplash actually connects but AJ
is up at two. The fans aren’t really caring that much about these
near falls. Bully blasts him twice in the back with the chair but AJ
rolls out of a powerbomb and Peles Ray down. AJ blasts Ray in the
head with the chair and there’s the Spiral Tap for the pin and the
title at 20:34.
C. This wasn’t so much about
would AJ win but how would he win. I do however have one question:
can we PLEASE have a main event not be overbooked? These two have
shown they can have a good match together without all the nonsense,
but apparently that’s not allowed anymore. It doesn’t work when we
saw this at Slammiversary and the luster was kind of gone here.
Also, where were the extra Aces that Ray had? Where did Garrett go?
At this point though, I’d take anything decent as a main event and
that’s what this was: decent but not great.
long highlight package of the main event and AJ celebrating in the
crowd ends the show.
D+. That’s being really
generous too. The main events were decent to good, but this show can
be summed up in four words: not bad, seen better. That’s the problem
with everything tonight: everything on this show has been done better
before. TNA is just such a mess at this point and nothing on here
made me want to see what’s happening going forward. AJ vs. Dixie
does nothing for me and the reaction to Dixie as the top heel has
been bad to say the least.
build coming into this show was pretty dreadful with almost none of
the matches feeling like they meant anything. The X Title and
Knockouts Title matches were thrown together, the Tag Title match was
literally made tonight and the World Title was secondary to AJ vs.
Dixie. The wrestling was passable for the most part but the biggest
show of the year should blow the doors off instead of just being
passable. This show just didn’t work tonight and I really don’t like
where TNA looks to be going in the near or far future.
Sabin b. Manik, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries – Sabin
pulled down the title
Mans b. James Storm/Gunner – Hart Attack to Storm
Kim b. Brooke and ODB – Kim pinned Brooke after a powerbomb from
Lei’D Tapa
Roode b. Kurt Angle – Roode pinned Angle after Angle hit a top rope
Angle Slam
Carter III b. Norv Fernum – Bulldog driver
b. Sting – Cloverleaf
Styles b. Bully Ray – Spiral Tap
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TNA Bound for Glory Thread

Its TNA’s biggest show of the year.

Pre-show match includes a Tag Team Gauntlet with the winners facing Gunner & James Storm for the titles. Participants include Bro-Mans vs. Joseph Park & Eric Young vs. Chavo & Hernandez & Bad Influence

Here is the PPV Card

Gunner & James Storm defend the Tag Team Titles against winners of the Gauntlet
ODB vs. Gail Kim vs. Brooke for the Knockouts Title
Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe vs. Chris Sabin vs. Manik in an Ultimate X match for the X Division Title
Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode
Magnus vs. Sting
AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray for the TNA Heavyweight Championship

Your Bound For Glory Series Predictions!


What are your predictions for this years BFG series? 
Champion they will face at Bound For Glory?:
Will they win the belt?:
It'll be cool to look back at in 4 months when it's all over. I'm going with the obvious AJ win and then defeating Bully.
Yeah I'll also go with the safe choice of AJ beating Anderson in the finals and then winning the title from Bully.  There's a lot of chaff to separate from the wheat in this tournament.  

Bound for SWERVE!

Hey Scott,
Just wanted to get your opinion on the booking plan for TNA's Bound For Glory. I, for one, think they've fucked up royally.
At first the Aries title win in June seemed like it could be a great idea, because they were picking a hot babyface and sticking a rocket up his ass. Sure that screwed over James Storm, but at least they picked SOMEONE to run with.
But now it's becoming obvious that Aries is undergoing a slow heel turn for the match against Jeff Hardy. So I ask: how, in a world in which we all bemoan the CM Punk heel turn, can one justify that decision?
Using Hogan/Bischoff past booking decisions as a basis (decisions which always favor the heels and a SWERVE), I'd say there's three possible outcomes for BFG:
– Aries turns heel, loses to a face Jeff Hardy
– Aries turns heel, defeats Hardy via heel shit.
– Aries seems to turn heel, but SWERVE Jeff Hardy turns heel and wins the title
The chances of a face Aries being elevated by Jeff Hardy in a clean match would shock me more than HHH tapping to Brock Lesnar. (Oh…wait.) Instead you're either getting a heel champ, or Jeff "Victory Road" Hardy as the face champion of the company. All of which make no sense.
And in all of this, TNA blew their chance to make James Storm into the undisputed face of the company. Instead they've branded Storm a loser (Lockdown, BFG Series with a 20-point opening lead) and paired him off in a midcard match against an incredibly cold Bobby Roode. This isn't Roode coming off a year long title reign. Instead it's Roode coming off back-to-back PPV loses and no big wins in months. Christ, their feud was infinitely hotter a year ago. Isn't the point of a slow-burn to make the feud hotter, rather than cool it off?
Anyway, sorry for the long rant. I was just someone who was starting to buy into the hype of TNA getting their shit together, and instead I think they're making the same ol' mistakes at their biggest show. Swerves for the sake of swerves, never going all the way with new face champs, and banking on druggie fuckups in the main event.
Oh, and pushing ABYSS down everyone's throats. (Provided that's where A&8s are going.)

Just to clarify something here on my part, I think the Punk-Cena storyline is fine.  I just don't like Cena as a character, don't like Punk as a heel character, and don't think that WWE did a very good job of getting from Point A to Point B and making the storyline work along the way.  Punk was making very valid points to start about how the champion should warrant respect and Cena was being a dick and blowing him off.  That's not good storytelling.  Cena should be like "I do respect you, bro, you're the WWE champion!" and then Punk should have completely fabricated what Cena said in his own mind because he's THE BAD GUY.  Instead, Cena is like "You're right, I don't respect you because I'm John Cena and you haven't beaten me for that belt, except for the two times where you totally did."  Punk is right, so how am I supposed to boo him?  A good heel is someone who THINKS that they're right, but they're actually totally wrong.  

Now, the Aries version is totally different, because Aries is being totally unreasonable right off the bat and also saying straight out that he's jealous of Jeff Hardy.  Heels are insecure people, no matter if they're already World champion, so you've already got a storyline that makes way more sense than WWE's take on it.