ECW on Sci-Fi #70 10/09/2007

I was going to post some news from Powerslam Magazine but they’re currently in storage so you’ll have to wait two weeks (just like real Powerslam Magazine!) but the important things to know are it’s the show after No Mercy 2007, we’re in Detroit, Michigan and no-one’s died and John Morrison is challenging for Punk’s title tonight after serving his punishment for Wellness Violation.

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Interview botches

Wonder if the BODers can help me make a list of all the interview botches in wrestling. So far all I have is Booker T's freudian slip on Hogan, Hogan's brief slip up on the 1991 (i think) Royal Rumble promo and his disastrous one with Vince Mcmahon from Smackdown, and the recent one where Randy Orton asks Sheamus for his line.

I'm sure there are lots more. Can anyone help?

This seems like something you'd want to ask Matthew of Botchamania.