WWF Boston Garden August 15th, 1987

August 15, 1987

From the Boston Garden in Boston, MA. 
Your hosts are Lord Alfred Hayes and Jimmy Hart
Barry Horowitz vs. Dingo Warrior

For those who are unaware, Dingo Warrior would later go on to become the Ultimate Warrior. He had the same appearance but came out to “The Warrior” by Scandal and was billed from New York. He would not make his TV debut until a few months later. Match starts with Warrior shoving Horowitz around. He sends Horowitz through the ropes with a shoulderblock but the fans are not impressed as they chant “boring.” Horowtiz stalls for a bit then re-enters only to get knocked down again. Warrior hits a hiptoss then easily breaks out of a full nelson as he applies one of his own. Horowitz puts his feet on the top rope to break the hold so Warrior just drops him. Warrior then chops Horowitz in the corner but misses a corner splash as Horowitz beats on Warrior for a bit. Warrior fights right back and hits a slam but misses an elbow drop as Horowitz covers for a one count. My tape is fuzzy but I see that Horowitz misses a dropkick then gets clotheslined. Horowitz begs for mercy and hits Warrior low. However, Warrior catches Horowitz with a press slam then gets the win with a splash (4:41) 1/4*. 
Thoughts: Warrior looked impressive physically but was awful in the ring. He was even too bad to be featured on TV at this point. Horowitz was a true pro here and took some nice bumps to prevent it from being a disaster.

Nikolai Volkoff w/ Slick vs. “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff

No Orndorff for Heenan here (Heenan was in Philadelphia for the show at the Spectrum) and he had not officially turned yet on television but was cheered loudly by the crowd in Boston. Volkoff attacks Orndorff with the flag then chokes him out against the ropes. Volkoff hammers away until Orndorff fights back and knocks him down. Orndorff takes Volkoff down with a kneelift then rakes the eyes as the referee backs him away. They go back and forth for a bit eventually fighting over a wristlock. Voloff grabs a side headlock and works the back until he misses a charge. Orndorff works the arm but whiffs on a clothesline and ends up in a bearhug that ends up looking like some sort of Kama Sutra position. Volkoff gets a nearfall with a rollup after using the ropes for leverage then puts Orndorff in a Boston Crab. Orndorff turns that into a rollup and lands a few strikes. Volkoff then wants a test of strength and they both fight over that for a minute as the fans start a “boring” chant. They brawl in the corner and Orndorff wins that. He then hits a dropkick and an elbow drop but misses a second attempt. Volkoff misses a charge as Orndorff hits an elbow smash from the top then gets the win with a clothesline (8:57) 1/2*. 
Thoughts: This match sucked. Orndorff still looked really hurt and Volkoff was just useless here. It was like he refused to bump or something as this match was all restholds and basic strikes. Both guys were really floundering in the WWF at this point but would get some use in the coming weeks.

Lord Alfred Hayes is backstage with Ted DiBiase and Virgil. DiBiase says he is the newest living legend in Boston and tells his opponent, Sivi Afi, that he looks like he “stepped out of a coconut tree” and that he is nothing more than a steppingstone. 

Sivi Afi vs. “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil

Slick has now replaced Hart on commentary. DiBiase is billed from Hyannisport here. Match starts with DiBiase cheapshotting Afi after a break. They then trade arm wringers until DiBiase retreats to the corner. DiBiase then comes back with a few armdrags and a hiptoss as some of the fans applaud (Boston had a small, vocal heel section at the shows) as some guy calls him an “asshole.” DiBiase is in complete control here as he hits another flurry of offense. Afi comes back with a crossbody for two but runs into a clothesline. DiBiase puts the boots to Afi then beats him up in the corner. He hits an elbow smash from the second rope then slams Afi’s head off of the mat. He now grabs a chinlock but misses an elbow drop as Afi fights back. Lord Alfred sells this comeback like the biggest moment in wrestling history. He tries a crossbody but DiBiase catches him with a powerslam then applies the Cobra Clutch and turns that into a legsweep to get the win (6:28) *1/4. After the match, DiBiase tells us that he seriously considered staying at his Summer home but being the gracious man that he is, he decided to come in order to not disappoint the fans. He then tells the fans that all the sports legends in Boston pale in comparison to himself. DiBiase then tells us he is rich and we are poor so he will be generous because everyone has a price as he offers $300 to a fan for kissing his foot. Virgil then takes off DiBiase’s boot as a woman all dressed up comes in the ring and kisses his foot for the money. 
Thoughts: A really long squash match. DiBiase looked good and got some cheers. The main thing though was that they got over his post match antics as building up his character was the most important thing and it worked on this show.

Hayes is with Jimmy Hart and the Honky Tonk Man, who is part of the six-man elimination tag match tonight. Honky promises to defeat Bruno Sammartino in the match. 

Elimination Match
Hart Foundation & Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Tito Santana & Jake “The Snake” Roberts & Bruno Sammartino

Johnny V. has now replaced Slick on commentary. Roberts clears the heels from the ring with Damien. The match finally gets underway with Bret and Santana as Honky refused to get into the ring with Bruno. Bret misses a charge in the corner then gets pummeled by the babyface side. Roberts tags and works the arm of Bret, who slips out of a DDT attempt and takes a breather outside. Neidhart tags in and grounds Roberts with a test of strength but Roberts kicks out. Roberts then gets trapped in the wrong corner as Neidhart holds up Roberts for Honky. The heels use quick tags in order to neutralize Roberts and that lasts for a few minutes until Honky gets hit with a kneelift then misses a charge. Roberts hammers away on Honky, who is begging for mercy. He flattens him with a clothesline then plays up to the crowd until Honky pulls the ropes on him. Jimmy Hart goes over to Roberts, who backs him up but Honky hits Roberts with the megaphone while the referee was distracted and he gets counted out for the first elimination (7:04). Bruno gets in as he gets trapped in the corner by all three heels until Santana makes the save. The ref orders him back to the apron as Bruno gets triple-teamed in the corner. Bruno dodges a charging Neidhart and makes the tag to Santana as the crowd erupts. He hits Bret with a crossbody that Neidhart breaks up then Bruno comes in as the match breaks down. The Hart Foundation try to double-team Tito, who ducks a double clothesline then hits Bret with a flying forearm as Bruno tripped up Neidhart and gets the pin (10:11) as the crowd goes nuts. Neidhart and Santana are in now as Neidhart takes control after a knee smash. Santana gets worked over in the corner and tries to escape. Neidhart tags back in and cuts him off to hit a slam but misses an elbow drop. Santana stomps away then hits a slam but Jimmy Hart trips him up then Neidhart covers for the pin (12:19). Neidhart and Honky try to ambush Bruno but he ends up destroying them both. However, Bruno gets outnumbered as Honky now takes control of the match. He tags in Neidhart and as Honky distracts the ref, Bruno ducks as Hart accidentally hits Neidhart with the megaphone then Bruno covers for the pin as it is down to Bruno and Honky (14:02). Honky immediately attacks Bruno and pounds away in the corner then stops to taunt the crowd. He hits a few kneedrops then they end up in a criss-cross as Bruno knees Honky in the face and gets the win (15:05) ***. After the match, Bruno chases Hart out of the ring as the crowd goes nuts for Bruno. 
Thoughts: Fun match that was all action and easily the best on the card. It did die down at the end and it would have been nice to see Honky and Bruno got a bit longer but still a good time. The Hart Foundation and Honky were really over as heels here.

Brady Boone vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Slick is back on commentary to witness this classic. Sharpe works over the back of Boone to start. Boone comes back after dodging a charge then hitting a few armdrags. Sharpe ducks outside for a breather to rile up the fans. Back inside, Boone gets two off of a rollup as the announcers put over his agility. Boone bounces off of Sharpe but slides underneath him and hits a dropkick. Sharpe bails once again after getting hit with a few armdrags but comes back inside and knocks Boone down as Slick tells us the One Man Gang will beat Hulk Hogan as he puts over his offense. Boone manages a reverse rollup but Sharpe immediately attacks his back. He rams Boone into the corner a few times but gets caught with a monkey flip. Boone hits a pair of dropkicks but misses an elbow drop as Sharpe uses clubbing forearms on the back. Boone then takes Sharpe down and leg drops him in the nuts as Sharpe now begs for mercy. Sharpe hits another clubbing forearm after Boone ducked his head then tosses him to the floor. He knocks Boone off of the apron with another forearm smash then taunts the crowd. Boone comes in and hits a jumping back elbow smash and a few kicks that result in a nearfall. Dropkick gets two. The referee backed Boone out of the corner as he would not break and that allows Sharpe to load up his forearm sleeve and hit Boone for the win (9:43) *1/4. 
Thoughts: Man, this was dull. At least Boone did some athletic stuff but the crowd sat on their hands for this one. I’m pretty sure that 95% of Sharpe’s offense consisted of forearm smashes. Poor Boone couldn’t even beat Sharpe. The guy came along about 15 years too late as he was far too short to get a push but could work and very athletic.

Hayes is now with Little Beaver and Hillbilly Jim, who will be facing the One Man Gang tonight. Jim puts over Gang and says that if Slick tries to interfere, Little Beaver will prevent him. 

One Man Gang w/ Slick vs. Hillbilly Jim w/ Little Beaver

Johnny V. is back on commentary. Jim takes his time slapping hands with the fans as Johnny makes fun of Little Beaver. He actually said he looked like a dropout from Harvard University and that made me laugh for some reason. Beaver then goes inside and bites Slick in the ass as the crowd goes nuts. Jim then has Slick’s hat and teases tossing it into the crowd until he gives it back. Match starts with Gang shoving Jim around a few times. They collide a few times until Jim catches him with a boot. Gang then grabs a side headlock as Beaver heads into the ring but gets ordered back outside as he stands on the apron but he then comes back in and interferes as Gang is now pissed off. Back to the match as they battle over a test of strength for a long time as Beaver sneaks back in and whacks Gang in the ass with his moccasin. Jim then sends Gang into the corner as Beaver bites him in the ass. Jim hammers away but Gang fights back and knocks him down. Gang chokes him out against the ropes then distracts the ref as Slick interferes. Beaver comes back in after seeing this and that allows Gang and Slick to double-team Jim. Slick cheapshots Jim outside as Hayes is disgusted while Johnny brings up a perfectly valid point how he did not complain when Beaver did the same things. Gang misses a corner charge as Jim holds Gang’s legs up while Beaver comes in and hits a splash. The ref chases Beaver around then Jim runs into a big boot. Gang beats on Jim then Beaver comes back in to whack him in the ass. Slick chases around Beaver then gets decked by Jim as Gang comes after him. Jim rolls into the ring just before the ten count to get the win via countout (12:47) 1/4*. After the match, Gang tosses Jim then beats down Beaver before hitting him with a splash. Christ, that looked more painful than when Bundy dropped the elbow on him at WrestleMania III. Jim then rolls inside as Gang leaves with slick to check on his friend, who is not moving on the canvas. Jim then picks him up and carries him to the back. 
Thoughts: This was a garbage comedy match, featuring a guy that was being groomed to face Hogan on the house show circuit. Having a midget whack him in the ass with a moccasin, and be the focal point of this, was ridiculous. The fans were into it at the beginning but that died down soon. Gang did get some heat back at the end but why bother protecting Jim, who was barely on TV at this point?

Rougeau Brothers vs. Dino Bravo & Johnny V. 

Valentine was also at the Spectrum show, facing Brutus Beefcake. Before the match, Jacques tells us that Brutus Beefcake wants us to know that he has given Johnny a new name, which is “skinhead.” The crowd chants that at Johnny as the match is underway. Jacques dropkicks Johnny to the floor to start off the match. After some stalling, Bravo tags in as Raymond hits him with a crossbody for two after Johnny broke up the pin. Bravo yanks Raymond down by the hair and stomps away but is unaware a tag was made and eats a double dropkick. Jacques gets two with a splash but gets caught with an inverted atomic drop while attempting a monkey flip. Johnny tags and stomps away then distracts the ref as Bravo chokes Jacques out from behind. Jacques is getting double-teamed then Bravo grabs a bearhug as the fans rally behind him. Jacques eats a double elbow smash then the match breaks down after Raymond is sick of the cheating. The ref orders him back as Bravo hits Jacques with a side slam. Leg drop gets two. Jacques continues to get double-teamed as Bravo hits another side slam but misses an elbow drop as both men are down. He makes the tag to Raymond, who beats the crap out of Johnny V. Bravo breaks up a pin attempt then tries to break up another one but accidentally leg dropped Johnny. Jacques then dropkicks Bravo to the floor as Raymond covers Johnny for the win (8:47) *. 
Thoughts: Basic tag match that was even worse when Johnny V. was in the match. And having the crowd chant “skinhead” at Johnny seemed odd and for all I know an inside joke or sorts. Bobby Heenan said he was a despicable person so maybe he was racist too? Who knows that is just me throwing something out there. Anyway, the New Dream Team/Rougeaus feud has run its course.

Final Thoughts: Not a good show. The WWF had four shows this day, with Hogan vs. Savage the main event in both Fort Wayne, IN and Springfield, IL. So, as you saw here, the talent was spread on thin. Besides the elimination match and DiBiase, nothing was worth watching. I guess if you are curious to see the Ultimate Warrior before he made it to TV you can watch that but this card sucked as a whole. A lot of these matches were shown on the 8/31/87 edition of “Primetime Wrestling.”

Here is my schedule for the next several days: 
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Friday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/16/87
Saturday: RoH Tradition Continues 10/16/03
Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 8/22/87
Tuesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/23/87

WWF Boston Garden May 2nd, 1987

May 2, 1987

From the Boston Garden in Boston, MA

Your hosts are Lord Alfred Hayes and Gorilla Monsoon

Frenchy Martin vs. Nick Kiniski

They lockup and break when reaching the ropes as the crowd now boos Martin for ducking outside, with Hayes putting over Martin’s stalling abilities. Kiniski briefly works a headscissors then locks on an armbar. Kiniski continues to work the arm for a while as the announcers hype his potential before talking about his father, Gene. Kiniski then catches Martin with a monkey flip and a slam before going back to the arm. Martin pokes the eye of Kiniski then finally gets in some offense as he beats Kiniski in the corner. Kiniski misses a charge and sells his chest as Martin goes to work with his terrible offense. He works a nerve hold on the mat as the crowd chants “boring.” Martin sends Kiniski to the floor, who slingshots back inside with a sunset flip for a nearfall, then both men collide after an Irish whip sequence. Kiniski gets up and nails Martin with a dropkick then catches him with a slam for two. Martin begs for mercy in the corner then shortly after that Kiniski floats over and hits a German Suplex with a bridge for the win (11:31) *.

Thoughts: There was no reason on earth for this to last as long as it did. The last minute was okay as Kiniski hit a few decent moves but that was about all that happened. Martin could barely move and was way past the point of usefulness. Kiniski might have made it as a midcard white-meat babyface like five years prior but was unable to convey any emotion in the ring. He had a good look and some decent ability but that was all. He was gone from the company fairly shortly after this match.

The Islanders vs. Demolition w/ Mr. Fuji

Hayes calls the Islanders the most improved team this year, with exception of the Hart Foundation. Tama uses his speed and agility to elude Smash but gets caught with a shot to the face. Tama fights back and works the arm as Fuji is on commentary talking about his team making everyone suffer. Crossbody gets one then Tama tags Haku, who also works the arm. Smash pokes his eye then tags Ax, who catches Haku in a powerslam. Haku rolls away from an elbow drop then catches Ax with a thrust kick. Haku works the arm until Ax kills him with a clothesline. However, Haku goes right back to the arm. Tama tags and also works the arm until Smash knees him in the back from the apron. Fuji chokes Tama with his cane as the ref is distracted as Demolition is in control. Tama fights back until Ax attacks him from behind after a blind tag. Tama gets worked over in the corner then gets destroyed as he hangs by his foot on the ropes. Tama nails Smash with a flying clothesline then makes the tag as Haku runs wild. The match breaks down the Ax nails Tama with Fuji’s cane behind the ref’s back as Smash makes the cover for the win (9:32) **1/4.

Thoughts: A basic tag match here as Demolition’s strong push up the Tag Team Division ranks continues.

Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Sivi Afi

Sharpe attacks Afi before the bell. Afi comes back with a few armdrags that has Sharpe rolling outside for a breather. He grabs a headlock when he returns inside then blocks a hiptoss. Afi fights back as they fuck up a hiptoss spot that has Sharpe back to the outside. Sharpe goes for a test of strength as they fight over that briefly until Sharpe kicks him down. Afi now has the advantage as he brings Sharpe down and steps on his fingers. Sharpe heads up the aisle the finally comes back and catches Afi with a cheapshot before going to work. Afi no-sells a pair of turnbuckle smashes but misses a corner splash. Afi comes back with a slow-mo sunset flip for two but Sharpe gets up and chokes him out on the ropes. Sharpe gets a few nearfalls before Afi fights back and eventually bites Sharpe on the forehead. Afi hits a flying clothesline then hits a chop from the second rope for two. Afi then goes back up top for a crossbody but Sharpe rolls through the move and grabs a handful of tights for the pin (9:37) 3/4*.

Thoughts: This was pretty bad as it was all stalling mixed in with mediocre action. Afi was never over with the crowds as a face and wasn’t all that good at being one to begin with.

WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match
King Harley Race vs. Hulk Hogan (Champion)

Heenan is absent tonight as he sells the attack from Patera at the debate, which aired the day of this show. A female fan gets escorted back to her seat after she jumps in the aisle and heads near the ring with her “Hulkamania” sign. Race attacks Hogan to start, getting pissed off at the crowd chants. Hogan reverses an Irish whip then clotheslines the shit out of Race in the corner. He then clotheslines Race over the top rope and rolls him back in where begs for mercy. Hogan hammers away until Race headbutts Hogan in the gut. Hogan blocks a suplex and hits one of his own as he knocks Race around. Race then uses Hogan’s momentum to send him to the floor and takes control of the match. He gets a nearfall after a series of leg and elbow drops then stays on the attack. He follows Hogan outside and hits a falling headbutt then drops Hogan’s throat across the guardrail. Race tries a piledriver but Hogan counters that with a backdrop as both men are down on the floor. Back inside, Hogan fires away then hits a slam but misses an elbow drop as Race applies a sleeper. The crowd rallies behind Hogan as he drops to one knee. Hogan then hulks up just before his arm dropped for the third time as he hits a clothesline. Hogan drills Race with the Axe Bomber but gets headbutted in the corner. Race hits a few more headbutts that bust Hogan open. Race then heads up top for a diving headbutt but misses then Hogan rolls him up for the win (9:17) **1/2. A bloodied Hogan holds up the belt and chases Race away. However, after a minute of celebrating and posing, Race comes back with his crown to attack him from behind. Hogan is down as the mat is covered in blood. A few referees then help Hogan get back to his feet.

Thoughts: Solid match. Race’s over exaggerated selling looked way too goofy at times though. Even still, his bump when getting clotheslined looks cool. This was more about setting up for a blowoff of the feud in Boston than anything else.

Sika w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Pete Doherty

Doherty is the face here as he comes out awkwardly slapping hands with the fans. Sika uses back rakes and bites to attack Doherty. He hammers away until Dohery ducks a clothesline an dropkicks Sika onto the apron. Doherty briefly attacks Sika until that gets stopped with an eye rake. Sika chops him down then uses gauges and bites until he chops him up against the ropes. Doherty fights back using some of the illegal tactics that Sika used along with a lot of screaming. Sika misses a falling headbutt then Doherty stomps his feet but shortly after that Sika catches him with a Samoan Drop that looked like it killed him for the win (3:07) DUD.

Thoughts: This was awful unless you are a fan of biting and gauging in your matches. Sika was of little use to the WWF at this point and Doherty was just a wacky jobber.

Johnny V. vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

Johnny’s sneak attack fails as Brutus hammers away. Johnny bails after getting slammed and heads up the aisle. Brutus slingshots him back in the ring then hammers away. Johnny comes back with a low blow then beats on Brutus in the corner until his Irish whip gets reversed and Brutus catches him in a sleeper for the win (3:24) 1/2*. Brutus signals for the scissors as he then starts cutting Johnny’s hair until the referee takes them away. Beefcake then starts asking for crowd support before attacking Johnny and follows that with a strut.

Thoughts: Brief and inoffensive. The good news here is that the crowd was responding well to the barber act. Johnny V. did not belong inside of a ring in 1987. Hell, even Lord Alfred Hayes was making fun of him.

Hogan comes out wearing jeans and holding the belt with blood still on his forehead. He tells the fans that all he wants is Race in a match with no rules and if he loses, he will quit wrestling forever.

Jake Roberts comes out for his scheduled match against the Honky Tonk Man dressed in street clothes with his arm in a sling, selling the beating from “Saturday Night’s Main Event.” Well, this show took place the day that show aired and this Boston Garden Show was shown on NESN a few week after it took place, meaning the fans in attendance had most likely had no idea about why he was injured. He then talks with a referee and a few other officials as Honky is taunting Jake about his injury as ring announcer Mel Phillips informs us that Jake will not be able to wrestle. However, Honky will be forced to wrestle Ken Patera, who comes out holding the snake bag as the crowd goes nuts as Hart and Honky try to protest the decision.

Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Ken Patera w/ Jake Roberts

Lots of stalling to start as Honky keeps going outside as Patera flexes his pecs. The announcers are putting over Patera’s physique a lot here. The ref steps between them as they lockup in the corner then after Honky misses a sneak attack, Patera slams him halfway across the ring as the crowd goes insane, pelting Honky and Hart with trash. Honky’s selling of that was a thing of beauty too. Patera slams him again as Honky rolls outside fora breather. Back in the ring, Patera beats on Honky as Hart joins the announcers table briefly screaming about how this is unfair and promising that Patera will get hurt as Gorilla asks him about injuring Roberts at “Saturday Night’s Main Event.” Honky takes advantage after booting Patera as he attempted a backdrop but Patera takes him down and works over the arm for a bit, even dragging him over near the snake bag as Honky panics. Patera misses a charge and rams his shoulder against the post as Honky focuses on that. Honky starts taunting the fans then slaps Patera, who is tied up in the ropes. Honky then heads over near Jake to taunt him but that allows Patera to get up and hit Honky with an atomic drop. Honky begs for mercy as Patera overpowers him but that fails as Patera hits a backbreaker for two. Patera then catches Honky in a bearhug as Hart jumps up on the apron. Honky escapes but Jake trips him up then Patera drops an elbow as the ref turns around and counts to three (9:22) **. After the match, Honky grabs the mic and yells about how Jake tripped him but Patera gets him from behind as Jake grabs the snake but Hart hits Patera from behind with the megaphone for the save.

Thoughts: Much better than I thought to be honest. Honky was one of the best chickenshit heels of his era and possibly of all time. You always wanted to see someone kick his ass and he kept the matches entertaining at all times, showing the fact you don’t need an arsenal of moves to whip the crowd into a frenzy. Patera didn’t really do anything besides body slams and forearm smashes as Honky was able to carry the match. I also liked the finish with Jake outsmarting Hart and Honky, getting some payback for his loss at WrestleMania III.

WWF Tag Team Championship Match
Hart Foundation w/ Jimmy Hart vs. British Bulldogs

The Bulldogs go right after the Hart Foundation to start the match. The stipulation here is that Danny Davis was barred from the building. Well, he was facing Koko B. Ware at the Rosemont Horizon this same day as the WWE ran three shows. Davey gets a crucifix on Bret for a nearfall then tags Dynamite. Neidhart runs in and takes down Dynamite as the Hart Foundation uses quick tags to work over the back of Dynamite. Neidhart grabs a front facelock as Dynamite tries to make the tag but Neidhart pulls him back into his corner as the Harts go back to work. Dynamite finally makes the tag but the referee did not see it take place then Davey chases Bret around the ring and catches him inside but the ref orders him back to the apron. Dynamite ducks an attack as Neidhart takes Bret off of the apron then its the hot tag to Davey as he runs wild on both guys. Bret breaks up a pin attempt and a sleeper from Davey as the match breaks down. Davey hits Neidhart with a vertical suplex then Jimmy Hart comes in with the megaphone but Davey boots him down then hits Bret with it for the DQ (7:47) **. The Bulldogs have Jimmy in the ring then Davey presses him over the top rope and onto his team.

Thoughts: Dynamite could barely move as the Harts did not use any high impact moves on him at all. Davey looked awesome and the Harts made it entertaining so it wasn’t a terrible match or anything but far from the best these two teams have had.

Final Thoughts: Not a great show by any means. Hogan/Race was solid, Patera/Honky was entertaining, and the two tag matches were passable but everything else was dull. The roster was stretched thin as they had three shows this night: A “B” show in Chicago headlined by Steamboat/Savage in a cage and a “C” show in Clinton, NY that was headlined by Haynes/Hercules in a chain match. An interesting note about depth was that Curt Hennig had actually agreed to join the WWF at this time but the AWA finally agreed to give him the Heavyweight Title so he reconsidered. And a couple of weeks after this the WWF went out and signed Ted DiBiase, Bam Bam Bigelow, and the Dingo Warrior (Ultimate Warrior). About the show itself, I cannot really recommend this unless you are a huge, huge fan of Hogan.

Here is my schedule for the next several days

Thursday: RF Video Shoot Interview with Bruno Sammartino
Friday: WWF Satruday Night’s Main Event 5/2/87
Sunday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 5/3/87
Tuesday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 5/9/87

WWF Boston Garden March 7th, 1987

March 7, 1987

Your hosts are Jimmy Hart and Gorilla Monsoon

Tonight’s main event is an elimination match of Hulk Hogan & Roddy Piper & Billy Jack Haynes against Hercules & Adrian Adonis & Paul Orndorff

Jimmy Jack Funk vs. Pedro Morales

Morales gets a solid pop from the crowd during the introductions. Match starts with Funk stalling as Gorilla taunts Hart about being countered with Alice Cooper at WrestleMania. The announcers keep talking about WrestleMania as these two finally lockup almost three minutes after the bell rings. Funk complains to the ref about Morales using a closed fist. Funk cheapshots Morales then kicks him to the floor as Hart tells us how Danny Davis will surprise us with his wrestling ability. Morales fights back on the apron and beats on Funk in the corner until he gets hit with the cowbell as the referee missed that one. Funk grabs a chinlock to slow this match down even more. Funk then hits a slam then connects with a fist drop from the middle rope that gets two. Funk hits a shoulderbreaker then heads back up to the middle rope but misses an elbow drop then Morales fights back with a few shitty-looking punches and a backdrop before finishing with a backbreaker (7:26) 1/2*.

Thoughts: The crowd liked Pedro but this match was awful. Pedro was nothing more than a slug in the ring at this point as Funk was never any good.

Moondog Spot vs. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

Duggan has yet to appear in a match on TV during this run. Duggan was actually a jobber for the WWF in the early 80’s. He does all of his yelling as Hart tells us that women should not be allowed to referee matches. The crowd is into his act (Yelling “hooooooooo”) as he beats on Spot in the corner. Duggan hits a clothesline after a sloppy sequence then goes back to beating on Spot in the corner. Spot fights back and takes Duggan down with a knee lift. After a slam and an elbow drop, Spot puts Duggan in a chinlock as Gorilla teases Hart about Neidhart looking tired tonight. Duggan fights out then backs Spot into the corner but gets caught with an inverted atomic drop. Duggan slugs away but Spot stops that with an eye rake. Duggan comes back with a kick to the face then catches Spot with a slam. Knee drop gets two then Spot begs for mercy. Duggan knocks Spot down with a shoulder tackle then lines up in the Three Point Stance as he hits Spot with a running clothesline for the win (6:22) *1/4.

Thoughts: These two did not mesh well. Spot carried things decently when on offense but Duggan looked bad in the ring. The crowd played along with Duggan’s antics but did not react to his actual wrestling.

Cowboy Bob Orton & Don Muraco w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Jerry Allen & Danny Spivey

Heenan has replaced Hart on commentary. Allen was the replacement for Mike Rotundo, who had left the company a few weeks prior. Match starts with Spivey fighting out of the opposite corner as Fuji joins the booth. Spivey works the arm of Muraco as the announcers talk about Andre the Giant’s training methods. Allen tags and gets two with a crossbody block as he and Spivey are using quick tags to isolate Muraco. The faces now work over Orton until he catches Allen with a kneelift. Orton then hits a back suplex as Muraco tags and gets two with a Russian Leg Sweep. Muraco grabs a front facelock as Heenan rags on the Boston fans. Allen gets worked over for a bit as Orton even throws a dropkick that really pales in comparison to his son’s. Orton tries a Vader Bomb but Allen gets his knees up then makes the tag. Spivey cleans house as Heenan notes how Spivey has improved then jokes how it’s not much but still something. That’s basically a shoot comment. Spivey has Muraco in a headlock until that gets broken up as Muraco takes Spivey down with a knee lift. The heels now work over Spivey at a very slow pace. Muraco is caring less and less about this match too ,clearly not giving a fuck out there. Spivey mounts a comeback but Fuji trips him up. Spivey gets up as Muraco hits him with a double axe handle that knocks him right through the ropes but not before tagging his partner as Allen runs wild on Muraco. He gets two with a back elbow smash but Muraco catches him after a crossbody attempt then drops Allen throat-first on the ropes. They hit Allen with a double clothesline then Orton hits the superplex for the win that has Heenan all excited because they dedicated the move to him (11:46) *1/2. After the match they toss Spivey to the floor then Fuji comes in and whacks Allen with a cane. Spivey then comes back in and dropkicks Muraco into Orton and after that grabs the cane as the heels run away.

Thoughts: This match got a lot worse as it went on and the face team was really, really low on the totem pole so the crowd was not all that into the match. Getting fans to care about Jerry Allen is a tough, tough task. Spivey would team with Allen for a few more weeks until he got repackaged as a singles heel that wrestled on house shows in the opening matches until leaving the company in the Spring of 1988.

S.D. Jones vs. “The Outlaw” Ron Bass

Jones ducks a pair of clotheslines before getting two with a crossbody. Gorilla talks about how he wants to see Bass and Blackjack Mulligan face each other as Jones catches Bass in a powerslam. Bass takes a breather outside. The announcers talk about the midgets as Jones has Bass in a headlock. Sunset flip gets one then Jones goes back to the headlock. Bass escapes then starts beating on Jones before tossing him to the floor. Back in the ring, Bass chokes out Jones as female referee Rita Chatterton starts screaming at him to stop. Bass grabs a chinlock as a few in the crowd start a “boring” chant. Jones escapes and mounts a brief comeback that ends when he gets taken down with a kneelift. Bass then applies an abdominal stretch to really drive this match into second gear. Bass hammers away then avoids a charge. He slams Jones down on his arm then works on that for a bit. Jones comes back and hits a headbutt but ends up getting caught with a jumping back elbow smash for the win (10:59) *.

Thoughts:  Very dull match and no idea why this had to go 11 minutes. Bass had barely been featured on TV and this was to build him up for a feud with Blackjack Mulligan that never ended up taking place as Mulligan would be gone from the company a few weeks after this match.

WWF Tag Team Championship Match
Rougeau Brothers vs. Hart Foundation w/ Jimmy Hart & Danny Davis

Davis joins the booth to tell us how the Hart Foundation are the best team today and that at WrestleMania, they will have a few surprises for the British Bulldogs and Tito Santana. Brett starts out the match by stalling as Heenan tells us that “Rougeau is French for “coward.” Brett and Jacques work a test of strength as Jacques gets the best of that. Both announcers then put over Brett has the most improved wrestler this year, which was said frequently during broadcasts this year. Neidhart and Raymond are in the ring as Raymond gets the best of him. The Rougeaus are now using quick tags to isolate Neidhart. Brett tags and blocks a reverse rollup but Raymond catches him with a kick as the Rougeaus are now using quick tags to work over the leg of Brett. Davis distracts Raymond and gets hit but that allows Neidhart to attack him from behind as the Hart Foundation takes control, using a lot of illegal double-team moves. Raymond manages to get a backslide for two but Brett beats him down. Jacques tries to get a chant going for his brother, who gets tossed to the floor. Heenan is pretty damn funny as he rips on the Rougeaus as Neidhart has Raymond in a bearhug. Brett tags and hits a backbreaker but eats a knee to the face on a charge as both men are down. Raymond makes the tag but the referee was distracted so he orders Jacques back on the apron. Neidhart holds up Raymond for Brett, who accidentally takes him out then Raymond makes the tag to Jacques as the crowd shows some life. Jacques beats on Brett then uses rolling forearm scissors until the match breaks down. The Hart Foundation collide then the Rougeau’s set up for the assisted senton and hit that but Neidhart breaks up the pin then the match breaks down again as Raymond has Brett in a small package but Davis sneaks in and reverses the hold then the referee counts to three as the Hart Foundation retain their belts (14:50) **1/2.

Thoughts: Solid match but nothing more than that. The Hart Foundation have easily had the most heat on the show at this point in the card and they were really hitting their stride as a team. The Rougeaus were too bland to really get behind as a team and with the Tag Team division stocked with depth, they were soon on their way down the card.

Monsoon is with Outback Jack, who tells us that he has no wrestling experience and was found by S.D. Jones and Arnold Skaaland in Australia then brought into the WWF. He then talks about his finisher, the Boomerang. God, this gimmick was a failure.

Jimmy Jack Funk vs. Outback Jack

Another Jimmy Jack Funk match! According to thehistoryofwwe.com, Jack was a replacement for Barry O. here. Jack had a long entrance and spent a lot of time with the fans. Funk attacks Jack from behind to start the match then stays on the attack as the crowd is silent. Jack reverses an Irish whip then catches Funk with a back elbow smash before putting him away with the Boomerang (0:58) DUD.

Thoughts: Jack failed to win over the crowd here and despite this being just under a minute long, the match was god-awful and Jack’s finisher looks ridiculous.

Monsoon asks Piper why he is retiring. Piper first thanks the WWF then pro wrestling for taking a poor kid from the streets and turning him into a star with a house and kids.

Elimination Match
Hercules & “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff & “Adorable” Adrian Adonis vs. Billy Jack Haynes & Roddy Piper & Hulk Hogan

Match starts out in a giant brawl that ends with the faces clearing the ring. The fans are chanting for Piper as the match starts with Hercules and Hogan. Hercules hits a knee lift but Hogan reverses an Irish whip before hitting a corner clothesline. Haynes tags and kicks the crap out of Hercules for a bit. Orndorff tags as Haynes knocks him down then gets two with a crossbody as Orndorff flips out on the referee by saying Haynes held his tights. Haynes and Orndorff take it to the mat briefly until Adonis tags himself into the match. He knocks down Haynes, who comes back with a backdrop then a slam before tagging Piper. Adonis runs to his corner and tags Orndorff then he and Piper fight over a test of strength as the faces all work over the arm of Orndorff. Adonis makes a blind tag and attacks Haynes from behind. Hercules then tags and puts the boots to Haynes. Hercules flattens Haynes with a clothesline then slams him down. Adonis tags and targets the knee of Haynes then knocks Piper off of the apron. Adonis hits a powerslam then has Haynes up for an atomic drop but does not realize that he tagged in Piper then turns around and gets destroyed as the crowd goes nuts. Adonis takes a bump in the corner and goes up and over the ropes as the match completely breaks down with everyone brawling outside as the bell rings. Piper is in the ring with a chair as we learn that both Adonis and Piper have been counted out and are now eliminated (11:25). Piper then sits in the middle of the ring and gets a chance for a standing ovation from the crowd in what was billed as his final match at the Boston Garden. Orndorff distracts Hogan with a chair from the apron and that allows Hercules to attack him from behind as the match continues. Orndorff tags but misses a pair of elbow drops as Hogan cleans house. Orndorff catches Hogan with a kneelift after he ducked his head then targets the ribs. Hercules holds up Hogan for Orndorff but gets accidentally hit with a clothesline then Hogan rolls up Orndorff for the pin (15:26). Haynes is beating the shit out of Hercules until he gets hit with a low blow then the ref gets knocked down as Orndorff and Hogan were brawling. The ref finally comes to as Hercules drops an elbow and gets the pin on Haynes (16:23). That was a lame sequence. Hercules targets the back of Hogan before putting him in the backbreaker rack. He drops Hogan down then covers but only gets two as Hogan is starting to Hulk up. Hogan rams Hercules into the corner repeatedly then hits a clothesline to set up the leg drop for the win (18:04) ***. Heenan runs into the ring after the match and Hogan tosses him to the floor. After that, Hogan poses

Thoughts: Good match that had a lot of heat and was a lot of fun but it did lose some steam after the count out spot. All three faces were crazy over here too. Piper also got a nice sendoff from the crowd. Haynes came off like a star here too.

Final Thoughts: The elimination and tag team matches were solid but everything else sucked. I’d seek out the elimination match but avoid everything else. And for some reason, NESN (The network that televised the house shows) gave us a “flashback” match of Pete Doherty and Mario Mancini from a show in 1985. In closing, this was a pretty crappy show.

WWF Boston Garden November 1st, 1986

November 1, 1986

Your hosts are Lord Alfred Hayes and Gorilla Monsoon

This is the WWE Network version of the show, which excludes the Women’s Tag Team Championship match between Leilani Kai & Judy Martin (Champions) and Penny Mitchell & Candice Pardue. Also, the order of the matches on the Network version has been switched around.

Billy Jack Haynes vs. “Cowboy” Bob Orton w/Jimmy Hart

Orton comes out to Piper’s theme and he is wearing a kilt as well. Haynes shocks Orton with a shoulder block then wins a slugfest that has Orton retreating to the corner. Lots of stalling here for Orton, who the fans are booing like crazy. Speaking of the fans, lots of empty seats in the front row. Haynes hits three straight armdrags that has Orton ducking out for a breather. Back inside, Haynes hits Orton with an atomic drop then goes to work on the arm. Orton actually picks up Haynes with one hand while being put in a armlock but is unable to do anything. Haynes hits a rather sloppy looking crossbody for two then they both fight over a wristlock. Haynes wins that battle and works an armbar for a bit. Orton briefly takes control when he rams Haynes against the ropes but misses an elbow drop then Haynes goes back to working the arm. Orton breaks that up with an inverted atomic drop but Haynes grabs the ropes on a slam attempt and gets a cradle for two. They slug it out in the ring until Orton tosses Haynes to the floor. Haynes comes back in with a sunset flip for a nearfall but Orton goes to work. He hammers on Haynes in the corner then hits a modified backbreaker for two before applying a chinlock. Orton uses cheap heel tactics like back and eye rakes to soften up Haynes then gets two off of a clothesline. Atomic drop gets two then Orton applies a front facelock as the fans are getting behind Haynes, who manages to drop Orton throat-first across the top rope as both men are down. They slug it out in the corner until Haynes eats a knee off of a charge. Orton sets him up for the superplex but Haynes knocks him down then hits a pathetic excuse of a flying clothesline but it doesnt matter as the fans are getting fired up. Haynes catches Orton with a back elbow smash that sends him through the ropes. Haynes catches Orton with a kneelift then drops an elbow from the second ropes that gets two as Hayes is in disbelief that someone could kick out of that move. Orton uppercuts Haynes after he ducked his head then they trade haymakers near the ropes. Haynes chops him hard against the ropes then ties him up but the ref intervenes then Hart climbs up and gets him out. Orton knocks Haynes to the floor but gets sent into the post when Haynes reverses an Irish whip. Back inside, they tumble back to the floor as Orton had a sleeper hold locked on Haynes but Orton gets up first then Haynes chops him hard right on the chin so Orton drills him with a running knee smash. That looked like it hurt. Haynes lights up Orton wth another chop then gets two with a fist drop. They slug it out again but the bell rings as the time-limit has expired. The crowd boos as they wanted to see Haynes win (21:47) ***1/4. After the match, Haynes calls Orton back in the ring and almost puts him in the full nelson but Orton escapes as the fans give Haynes an ovation.

Thoughts: Good match. Orton was pretty awesome here and Haynes did a fine job himself outside of a few ugly moves. Orton was still working at a high level at this time as well. This match was really in the middle of the crowd and not the opener. The crowd was very much into this and hated Orton with a passion. The best match involving Haynes that I have seen.

The Moondogs vs. Raymond Rougeau & “Leaping” Lanny Poffo w/ Jacques Rougeau

Jacques is at ringside on crutches as he had broken toes at the time. Poffo’s pre-match promo is about the Rougeau family. Rex and Raymond start things off. Raymond hits a monkey flip then Poffo hits a dropkick then gets two with a senton. Spot comes in for the save but the Moondogs get hit with a double noggin-kinocker. Raymond floats over on a back suplex attempt then kicks Spot. Poffo tags and uses a flying headscissors and showcases his athletic ability but Spot is able to tag out. Poffo leaps on Rex’s shoulders but Spot runs over and knocks off Poffo as the Moondogs take control. Spot hits Poffo with a kneelift then works a chinlock. Spot then catches him with a backbreaker before tagging out as Jacques joins on commentary and talks about his injury. Rex has Poffo in a bearhug but Poffo fights out and manages a rollup but the Moondogs are able to keep Poffo isolated. Poffo makes the tag but the ref did not see it as he was ordering Spot back to the apron as Jacques abruptly leaves the announcers table. Poffo tries to fight back but Spot prevents him from making a tag. Rex tosses Poffo to the floor then Spot beats on Poffo when he re-enters. Poffo eats a double clothesline but kicks out and makes the tag in a weird spot as the ref did not react when the tag was made so the crowd did not buy it until Raymond entered and started beating on Spot without getting sent back to the apron. Raymond runs wild and gets a few nearfalls on Rex until Spot makes the save then the match breaks down. Poffo gets tossed as Raymond gets double-teamed but Raymond ducks a double clothesline then hits Rex with a crossbody as Jacques tripped Spot with his crutch and Spot is unable to break up the pin as Raymond gets the win (10:54) **1/2.

Thoughts: Solid match. This was the actual opener of the card. Watching these matches really makes me appreciate Moondog Spot, who might have been the most underrated wrestler of the 1980’s. He was a damn good worker.

Jimmy Jack Funk vs. Koko B. Ware

A bunch of fans in the front row give Koko the thumbs down as he dances around with Frankie. Koko works the arm as the crowd is silent. Funk ducks out after Koko took him down with an armdrag as the camera focuses on Frankie the bird. Funk teases a test of strength as the crowd boos him then mocks Koko as the crowd is now behind Koko. Funk takes Koko down with a test of strength but Koko powers up then breaks it up with a dropkick that has a pissed off Funk duck out for a quick breather. Back inside, Koko takes Funk down with a hammerlock and works the arm. Koko locks on an armbar but Funk breaks that up with an eye poke. Funk misses a charge and Koko takes him back down with an armdrag. Koko gets him in a backslide for two after a struggle then they trade arm wringers. Koko goes back to working the arm on the mat. Funk catches Koko with a powerslam for two then works then puts the boots to Koko. Funk drops Koko throat-first across the top rope before tossing him to the floor. Funk hits a slam but misses an elbow drop off of the middle rope. Koko punches away as Funk begs for mercy. Funk knocks down Koko then gets two with a powerslam. Koko gets a small package for two but Funk goes right back on offense. He then whips Koko with his ropes as the ref looks on like a dope until Funk tosses him down and he signals for a DQ (12:03) *1/2. Funk puts the lasso around Koko’s neck then drags him across the ring for a bit until the ref finally breaks it up.

Thoughts: Dull match. Funk did a lot of stalling here and was never very good in the ring to begin with but Koko tried and slowly won the crowd over.

WWF Intercontinental Title Match
Randy “Macho Man” Savage (Champion) w/ Elizabeth vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

Savage starts off the match by stalling and running away from Steamboat,pissing off the crowd in the process. Back inside, Steamboat catches Savage with an armdrag. He then takes Savage down with a drop toehold before applying an armbar. Steamboat keeps on working the arm. He gets a corssbody for two then takes him down with another armdrag in a fast-paced sequence that the crowd loudly applauds. Steamboat goes back to working the arm. He then ties up Savage in the ropes and hammers away. They trade rollups then Steamboat catches him with a slam and another armdrag after an ever faster paced sequence that the crowd loves. Savage escapes to the apron and digs into his tights for something as the ref holds back Steamboat. Back inside, Savage uses the object to stun Steamboat then takes him down with a clothesline. Savage tries a top rope double axe handle but Steamboat catches him with a punch. However, Steamboat is too hurt to fight back so Savage tosses him outside then slams him to the floor. He tries to suplex Steamboat back inside but Steamboat falls on top of him and gets two. Savage then tries a piledriver but Steamboat stops that with a back drop and tries to fight back but Savage uses the foreign object again. Savage misses a running attack then Steamboat goes to work. He chops him down then gets nearfalls with a suplex and an atomic drop. He heads up top and gets the flying chop. He hits a running shoulder block but Savage uses his momentum to send Steamboat to the floor. Savage leaps off of the top for the double axe handle but misses and tweaks his knee when he lands then Steamboat rolls inside just before the ten count to get the win via coutnout (14:47) ***3/4. After the match, Steamboat attacks Savage and wants the belt but the ref says he did not win the title.

Thoughts: Fantastic stuff. A lot of moves and sequences here were used in their WrestleMania III match too. The crowd was super into this match too and has been active all show long and with good reason as this card has been really fun.

Salvatore Bellomo vs. Hercules

Hercules has dropped the Hernandez part from his name and has also trimmed his hair and beard along with ditching his entrance gear. Gorilla lets us know that Bobby Heenan has bought out the contract of Hercules from Slick. Herc tosses around Bellomo to start. Bellomo fights back and hits a dropkick but Hercules goes back to kicking his ass. He sends Bellomo down with a back elbow smash then catches him with a knee smash. He then slams Bellomo before making him submit to the backbreaker (3:41) 1/2*.

Thoughts: Although Heenan was not here, this was the beginning of Hercules’ transformation from a wild man with long hair to a jacked up dude with a chain. He was stuck in neutral with Blassie/Slick so it worked out well for him in the long run. Bellomo looks way out of place here with his dated look and the fans booed him and it was a riot watching him react to that.

Don Muraco w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper

Muraco also wears a kilt to the ring. Piper tosses his kilt at Muraco then hammers away. The fans are going crazy for Piper as he knocks down Muraco. He dropkicks Muraco who ends up laying across the ropes in the corner in a goofy spot then boots him to the floor. He roughs up Muraco some more then bites his forehead. Muraco is tied up in the ropes as Piper attacks him. Piper takes down Muraco with a bulldog. Muraco then fights back and sends Piper to the floor were Fuji attacks him with the cane. Muraco then rams Piper’s head into the post and yells at him from the ring as Piper is busted open. Piper goes nuts then dives at Muraco and hammers away. He bites Muraco again as both of their foreheads are covered in blood. They slug it out and Piper wins that then hits a suplex for two. Piper goes for a slam but Fuji whacks him with a cane and Muraco falls on top for two. Piper then pulls Fuji up on the apron and dodges a flying knee from Muraco that takes Fuji down and after that, Piper rolls him up for the win as the crowd goes nuts (7:23) ***.

Thoughts: Good brawling, not great, but this was super heated and fun to watch. Piper was awesome at working the crowd in the 80’s and Muraco could still go when motivated. The WWF did an excellent job at keeping the Adonis/Piper feud going when Adonis was off of television by adding Muraco and Orton to the mix. Those guys all being close friends in real life probably helped things too.

Scott McGhee vs. Sika w/ The Wizard

McGhee tries everything he can to beat on Sika but it fails and he ends up getting slammed. Sika catches McGhee with a back elbow smash then stomps away as the Wizard screams on commentary. Sika stays on the attack and chokes out McGhee. McGhee avoids a charge and takes down Sika with a dropkick but charges and gets caught with a Samoan Drop as Sika gets the win (4:39) 1/4*.

Thoughts: Nothing more than an extended squash match and a very boring one at that. Sika was old and really slow at this point. McGhee was a solid worker but too small for this era.

WWF Tag Team Championship Match
Hart Foundation w/ Jimmy Hart vs. British Bulldogs (Champions)

Matilda goes after Hart a few times who scurries out of the ring as Hayes laughs uncontrollably. Brett and Dynamite start off the match. Dynamite gets trapped in the wrong corner but fights out as he beats the crap out of the Hart Foundation by himself. Davey tags and shoves Brett then the Anvil comes in and he eventually catches Davey with a powerslam. Brett slingshots in with a splash and hits a neckbreaker as the Hart Foundation use quick tags to isolate Davey. Bret nails Davey with a knee from the apron then slams him to the floor after the Anvil tossed him outside. The crowd rallies behind Davey as the Anvil has him in a chinlock. Davey tries to make the tag but the Hart Foundation cut off the ring with a lot of illegal double team moves including a sweet double DDT that gets two. Brett catches Davey with a sleeper but Davey is able to ram him into the corner as both men are down. Davey then manages to crotch Hart on the top rope with a press slam then makes the tag. Dynamite beats the shit out of the Hart’s. He hits Brett with a snap suplex then locks on a sleeper but the Anvil attacks everyone from behind and the ref is down. The Anvil tosses Davey then drags Brett on top of Dynamite and wakes up the ref, who counts unbelievably slowly as Dynamite kicks out at two. Anvil again tries to wake up the ref but Dynamite kicks out again. The Anvil grabs the ref then Davey runs in from behind and gets the pin with a reverse rollup (13:44) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Good match. Not their best but the chemistry these teams had between each other was top notch. The Hart Foundation were rocking more pink than usual too as they were starting to go further with that. The Hart’s were just about the most over heel team in the company here too.

Final Thoughts: An excellent house show. The hot crowd gave it a big show feel too. If you have the WWE Network, definitely give this a watch. Its just under two hours long and does not drag like most of the house shows from this era.

RoH: Honor Invades Boston August 24th, 2002

August 24, 2002

From the Americal Civic Center in Wakefield, MA (Not exactly Boston but close enough I suppose)

Your hosts are Donnie B. and Steve Corino

Low Ki cuts a promo about how he gave it his all, even losing 10 lbs in the one-hour iron man match just for the love of this sport. He says that this is his life and the RoH belt signals his love for professional wrestling. He then AJ Styles that he has the utmost respect for him but he did his heart and soul to become champion and he will prove to him and everyone else that it is not the size of the fighter but the size of the fight that he will bring.

Quiet Storm vs. Amazing Red

They start out with an over-choreographed lucha sequence to start that did not look all that great. Well, this stuff was still en vogue in 2002 so the crowd applauded. Speaking of the crowd, they are jacked for this show. Storm stomps Red in the corner then they trade headscissors. Storm rolls outside and Red hits him with a somersault tope then kicks him in the chest. He rolls storm back into the ring and kicks him some more. Storm comes back and hits a few neckbreakers that gets two. Storm then comes back with the Canadian Destroyer and heads up top but Red turns a diving headbutt attempt into a cutter the goes up top and hits the Infrared before finishing him off with the Red Star Press (6:06) *1/2. After the match, Special K attacks both men until the Spanish Announce Team and Chris Divine make the save.

Thoughts: Some of these moves looked good but they had a lot of timing issues early and this felt like more of an exhibition than anything else. This match did set up the next one though.

Scramble Match
Spanish Announce Team & Chris Divine vs. Izzy & Brian XL & Dixie

The Scramble match rules mean that tags are not necessary. Joel Maximo chops Izzy then they trade kicks until Joel hits a cradle drop  then tosses him to the floor. In the ring, Dixie and Divine work a sloppy sequence until Divine nearly murders him with a brainbuster. Jose and Brian work an awful sequence that ends with Brian getting clotheslined to the floor. Izzy then takes out everyone with an insane springboard moonsault. Brian then almost kills him attempting the Fosbery flop then Elax climbs up and hits a senton and it looked like they forgot to break his fall. Ouch. In the ring, Brian and Joel work an ugly sequence. Dixie tags and gets two with a snap suplex. Discus forearm gets two. Izzy tags and hits an enziguiri then a neckbreaker before tagging Dixie. The SAT’s then work a wacky hold that Corino calls “The Human Taffy Machine.” Dixie comes back with a tornado DDT on Jeol but Divine hits him with a tiger suplex. Jose hits Izzy with a cool looking sitout facebuster. Brian hits his typical sloppy high-flying stuff on Jose. The SAT’s work a stacked powerbomb that I am surprised Dixie didn’t have his neck broken. Divine then hits Elax with a super faceslam and after that, the SAT’s hit Brian with the Spanish Fly for the win (9:12) *3/4.

Thoughts: There was some nice offense here and Izzy in particular stood out but a lot of it looked bad. Brian XL just might have been the worst wrestler in RoH during their first year. He was awful in every single way.

Divine is in the ring and calls out Low Ki for a title match. Low Ki’s music hits and we get a match.

RoH Championship Match
Chris Divine vs. Low Ki (Champion)

Divine chops Low Ki to start. Ki comes back with a bunch of kicks then hits the Tidal Crush, setting up the Dragon Clutch for the win (0:55) NR. After the match, Ki plays to the crowd, who go crazy for him.

Thoughts: I really did not get the point of this but it was short and inoffensive.

Christopher Daniels cuts a promo recorded in an office stating that he is in Japan, showing the world why he is the #1 wrestler in the world. However, he said that the Prophecy will be in Boston and a new member might debut as well. Daniels then tells Ki that he has caused all of his problems and screwed him out of the RoH Championship and will return to RoH on 9/21/02 and help destroy the image of RoH with the help of the Prophecy and it will all be Low Ki’s fault. Good to see them try to establish a heel stable and a feud for the title.

Dunn & Marcos vs. Christopher St. Connection w/ Allison Danger

The CSC toss Dunn outside then beat on Marcos, mixing in some homoeroticism in the process. The CSC use quick tags to maintain control and chop Marcos hard in the corner. Marcos manages to escape from the corner and tag Dunn who cleans house. The match gets clipped as the CSC are making out then toss Marcos outside before hitting Dunn with the Gay Basher for the win (3:42) *. After the match, Danger beats on both men.

Thoughts: The CSC did a lot more wrestling than usual and did not look too bad in the ring. But still, the tag team division in RoH still left a lot to be desired at this time.

Mike Tobin w/ Danny Drake vs. Scoot Andrews

Andrews cheapshots Tobin after the handshake then takes him down with a leg lariat. He then hits a guillotine leg drop and an Alabama Slam that gets two. Tobin floats over on a pumphandle and hits a Russian leg sweep and a springboard leg drop. Tobin heads up top but misses a swanton bomb then pancakes him after a botched move. Andrews then hits him with the Force of Nature for the win (2:03) 1/2*. After the match, Xavier comes out and challenges him to a rematch.

Thoughts: A nothing match and the having a match to set up an impromptu match happen again tonight is lazy.

Scoot Andrews vs. Xavier

They start by going back and forth until Andrews takes control with a facebuster. He hits a dropkick but Xavier sends him to the floor with an enziguiri then flies outside with a split-legged moonsault. Back inside, Xavier rams Andrews into the corner then hits an overhead suplex for a nearfall. Andrews comes back with a clothesline then tries the Force of Nature but Xavier escapes. He tries for a sunset flip but Scoot turns that into the Roll of the Dice. Xavier comes back with a splash mountain then goes up top and hits a 450 splash for the win (4:07) *1/2. After the match, the announcers say that Xavier has to be in title contention after winning this feud.

Thoughts: They were pushing Xavier as a threat on commentary as they set him up to face the winner of tonight’s championship match. I have no idea how someone who lost in the first round of the championship tournament got to be the #1 contender either.

Michael Shane pulls up in a Lexus SUV with Biohazard. He tells him to grab his bags after saying how good it is to win a RoH contract. Shane continues to act cocky and better than the rest of the TWA guys, with Bio-Hazard as his sidekick.

Michael Shane vs. Paul London

Rudy Boy Gonzalez watches the match at ringside. Shane attacks London from behind after the handshake. He gets cocky and taunts the crowd, letting London take him down. Shane charges and London backdrops him outside on to Biohazard then takes them both out with a tope. In the ring, London hits the dropsault for two. He hits Shane with forearms in the corner and they do not look too good. Shane shoves London off of the top rope and he flies outside into the guardrail as Shane poses from the top rope. Christ, London is insane. Shane goes outside and softens up London as Corino cracks a lot of lame jokes at the expense of Rudy Boy. He was trying way too hard to be Bobby Heenan on commentary. In the ring, Shane hits a top rope elbow drop that gets two. He has London in a front facelock as the crowd rallies behind London, who escapes and hits a spinning heel kick and a clothesline. Shane blocks a tornado DDT attempt and sends London into the turnbuckle with an overhead suplex and that gets two. Shane puts on a reverse chinlock then grounds London for a bit. London comes back with a mat slam. He dodges a charging Shane but ends up getting kicked in the face afterwards. They fight up top and Shane takes him down then puts London in the Haas of Pain. London turns it into a cradle. He then gets two off of a rana before taking him outside with a spinning heel kick. London then flies outside with a springboard somersault plancha and Shane sells the ankle, similarly to when Chris Marvel legitimately broke his ankle on the “Round Robin Challege” Show. London rolls him outside as Shane sells the ankle and Rudy Boy comes inside to check on him but Shane quickly rolls up London for the win (12:45) ***. Shane did a great job of selling there. Simply Luscious steps into the ring to offer Shane a spot in the Prophecy on the behalf of Christopher Daniels. Rudy Boy steps in and grabs the mic from her and tries to convince Shane to say no. Shane ends up hitting Luscious with a super kick then does the same to Rudy Boy. Bio-Hazard and Shane now attack London with Shane finishing with his top rope elbow drop.

Thoughts: Good match. Shane was the better worker of the two and came across as a star, with London being the crowd favorite due to his crazy moves. They also pushed Shane as a loner here, with him not needing anyone to get ahead.

American Dragon vs. Donovan Morgan

This was set up a few months ago when Daniels brought in Morgan, who pissed off Dragon by dissing the Code of Honor. They lockup for a minute then Morgan goes outside and wants Dragon to join him but he wants to keep it in the ring. Back inside, Morgan shoves down Dragon, who comes back with an armdrag then grabs an armbar. Dragon gets two off of a dropkick then goes back to the arm of Morgan. Dragon locks on a sleeper but Morgan turns that into a back suplex. He takes Dragon outside and sends him into the guardrail a few times. Morgan takes Dragon back inside and takes him down after a few forearm smashes that looked quite snug. Morgan then puts on a legscissor full nelson that Dragon counters into a reverse surfboard. Morgan then ends up catching Dragon with an exploder that gets two. He tries a suplex but Dragon floats over and hits him with an enziguiri as both men are down. Dragon is up first and takes him down with a forearm smash then gets two with a spinning wheel kick. Dragon fires away in the corner then gets two with a Northern lights suplex. Dragon eats boot on a charge then Morgan jumps off of the second rope and hits Dragon with a DDT that gets two. They trade rollups until Morgan hits an overhead suplex and that gets two. They now trade European uppercuts and Dragon wins that war. He comes back with a snap suplex then heads up top and hits the diving headbutt but that only gets two. Morgan counters a Fujiwara armbar with the Golden Gate Swing but that only gets two. The camera shows Morgan’s busted eye as Dragon puts Morgan in the Cattle Mutilation but the fifteen minute time-limit expires and the match is ruled a draw (15:00) ***1/2. Both guys want five more minutes, as does the crowd, but the referee will not let that happen. The crowd then chants “kill the ref.” Dragon yells at Morgan to shake his hand and extends it out as Morgan stares him down and cheapshots Dragon before hitting the Pedigree.

Thoughts: Damn good match. Both guys hit each other hard and it was a back and forth battle that was enjoyable to watch. Morgan was good in the ring and its a shame that he did not get a longer run with the company.

Da Hit Squad tell the Carnage Crew that they are ready to make the sacrifice.

The Carnage Crew are shown entering the Murphy Rec Center and beating the shit out of two ring boys then tells Da Hit Squad that those were them.

Boston Massacre Match
Carnage Crew vs. Da Hit Squad

This is a hardcore match with the Code of Honor not in effect. They brawl all over the place to start and none of it looks all that good. In the ring, Mafia hits HC Loc with a German suplex. Devito comes in with barbed wire wrapped around his arm and hammers away at Mafia, busting him open. Mafia comes back with a kick to the head and now has the barbed wire and uses that to bust open Devito. The crowd is not all that into this match as it is just garbage brawling that has been done to death. In the ring, Monsta Mack wraps the barbed wire around the head of Loc. Mafia starts screaming in an attempt to rile up the crowd but it fails miserably. Devito opens up Mafia some more then inside of the ring, he hits him with clotheslines and each time Mafia gives him the finger and yells “fuck you.” No one cares. Devito sends Mafia into the corner with an overhead throw then Loc and Mack fuck up a chair swing spot by hitting the chairs together but Mack sells it anyway. The Carnage Crew destroy Da Hit Squad with chairs then Da Hit Squad escapes and goes back to the locker room to grab something and each come back out with a piece of plywood covered in barbed wire and toss it into the ring, where the Carnage Crew are currently standing. They now brawl in the ring as the pieces of barbed wire covered wood are placed in the corners with everyone doing there best to avoid making contact. Da Hit Squad are not over in Wakefield at all by the way. Devito ends up sending Mack into the barbed wire then Mafia spears Devito through the board as the crowd starts a “holy shit” chant then puts him away with the Burning Hammer (11:04) 1/2*.

Thoughts: A garbage brawl that went on for way too long. Da Hit Squad flopped in Boston, who did not respond at all to their antics like the crowds in Philadelphia have been. And those antics were opening match indy-level stuff anyway.

Don Juan vs. Bio-Hazard w/ Michael Shane

Bio-Hazard takes control early on and hits a pair of suplexes. He catches Juan off of the top and hits a Northern lights suplex that gets two. Juan manages a backslide but Bio-Hazard puts him away very shortly after that with a Teardrop suplex (2:12) 1/4*.

Thoughts: Just a showcase for Bio-Hazard, who was alright in the ring and bigger than most guys in RoH. Besides that, he did not stick out at all.

Maverick Wild vs. Alex Arion

These two guys wrestled for New England Championship Wrestling at this time. Wild did some enhancement work for WCW and WWF in the 90’s. They start the match with a rollup reversal sequence then fight over an armbar. Wild hits a backbreaker but Arion locks on an armbar. He hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors before going back to the arm then more or less repeats the same sequence as this match is getting repetitive. Wild comes back with a Russian leg sweep then gets two with a suplex. He hits Arion with a basement dropkick to the back of the neck. He gets cocky with his pin attempt and Arion cradles him for two. They trade chops in the corner until Wild misses a corner splash in a terrible looking spot then Arion hits him with a super kick that gets two. Wild stomps Arion’s foot and hits a spinning wheel kick before chopping him in the corner. Arion is able to catch Wild with a front facedrop then heads up top and comes off with a splash but Wild gets his knees up. Wild then picks up Arion, who turns it into a victory roll for the win (5:49) *.

Thoughts: A basic match. Arion was repetitive in the ring but looked competent as Wild did not impress at all. Arion wrestled a few more matches for the company while this was the only time Wild appeared.

Natural Born Sinners vs. Tony Mamaluke & James Maritato
Mamaluke and Boogalou take it to the mat to start and it all looked solid. The crowd applauds their efforts as now Maritato and Homicide tag into the match as they also take it to the mat. Maritato rolls through a slam and puts Homicide in a leg lock. Maritato tags Mamaluke but Homicide chops him all over the ring then tags Boogalou and they hit a few double-team moves. Boogaloo locks on the Fujiwara armbar then hammers away as Corino puts over his high school amateur wrestling credentials. Mamaluke is able to back Homicide into his corner and tags Maritato. The former FBI use quick tags to isolate Homicide and target his lower back. Mamaluke gets a nearfall with a German suplex but Homicide comes back with a pair of T-Bone suplexes and gets two off of that before tagging Boogaloo, who dodges a pair of attacks. He goes back and forth with Maritato until Homicide comes in and hits Maritato with an Ace Crusher. The match breaks down a bit as Maritato misses on a flying knee attack and ends up on the floor. Back inside, Maritato and Homicide counter each other’s moves until Homicide hits him with the Cop Killer for the win (12:32) **1/2. After the match, Maritato shakes the hands of his opponents then leaves Mamaluke lying down in the ring.
Thoughts: Solid match. This was the last match for Boogalou in RoH as he left to sign with XPW in a poor decision on his behalf as XPW went under shortly afterwards. I think that the Natural Born Sinners could have had a nice run in RoH as they were the most interesting teams in the company. The end with Maritato walking out on Mamaluke also continues their feud. 
Jay Briscoe vs. Mark Briscoe
The in-ring debut of Mark Briscoe in RoH. The story here is that Mark is sick of being in his older brother’s shadow but is not able to wrestle him in Phladelphia due to being 17 years old as the athletic commission says you need to be 18 years of age to compete but in Boston, the commission does not exist and he can wrestle. They start the match by taking it to the mat as neither man can get an advantage. Mark gets on top of him and slaps him around but Jay counters and ends up nailing him with crossfaces. They trade off some more stuff until Mark ducks his head on a backdrop attempt and Jay chops him repeatedly. Mark comes back with a Northern lights suplex that gets two as the fans are loving this match. Mark gets cocky and perches on the top rope. Mark bounces off of Jay a few times and they work an Irish whip sequence that ends with Jay booting Mark to the floor. They trade chops outside of the ring and Mark gains the advantage. He sends Jay into the post, busting him open in the process. Back in the ring, Jay fights back but runs into an overhead suplex as Mark goes back to work. He works a headscissors on the mat then breaks and hits a rana before he uses mounted punches. The crowd rallies behind Jay, who is getting destroyed in the corner. Mark plants Jay with a DDT and hammers away. Jay comes back with a dropkick to the knee the stomps his hand after a gordbuster. Mark cuts Jay off as he climbed up top then takes him down with a springboard Ace Crusher that gets two. That looked pretty damn good. Mark is selling his hand then comes back with a kneedrop. Mark then hits a tombstone piledriver but misses a knee drop from the top rope. Jay comes back with a pair of Dragon Screws then targets the knee some more. He places Mark in the Tree-of-Woe then runs across the ring and dropkicks him in the face. Jay then hits a backbreaker from the torture rack position but Mark comes back with an exploder after ducking a clothesline as both men are down. Jay is sent outside but manages to sidestep a pescado as Mark sells his knee. Mark hits a low blow and rolls Jay inside and hits a springboard missile dropkick, selling his knee mid-move. Jay breaks out of a chinlock and tries for the Jaydriller but Mark floats over. Jay then kills Mark with a powerbomb. Mark comes back with a German suplex and a Dragon Suplex but still cannot put away his brother. He hits a Fisherman’s Buster but misses a moonsault then gets turned inside out with a lariat. Death Valley Driver gets two as the crowd is on their feet. They avoid each other’s finishing moves then Jay hits a Screwdriver. He heads up top but whiffs on a senton then Mark hits a shining wizard then hits Jay with a Cutthroat Driver for the win (16:54) ****. The crowd rightfully gives these two a standing applause. After Jay is carried backstage, Mark comes up to him and yells how he is better than him. 
Thoughts: Awesome match that told a good story in the ring. This was the best feud in the company at this point and that is why the match held the crowd’s attention the entire time. Good stuff and a must-see match, especially for fans of the Briscoe’s who are unfamiliar with their earlier work with the company. 
RoH Championship
AJ Styles vs. Low Ki (Champion)
These guys have an impressive sequence on the mat that ends when Low Ki kicks AJ. They now work a test of strength and that ends up into a kicking contest that ends with Ki connecting on an enziguiri. Ki tries to fight AJ from the mat but ends up getting kicked in the back of the head. Ki works a headlock on the mat but AJ switches that into a headscissors. Ki breaks that up with kicks then chops AJ hard against the ropes. AJ tries to kip up and take Ki down with a rana but it gets blocked and Ki kicks AJ in the back. AJ finally hits the kip-up rana then hammers away on Ki for a bit. Ki comes back with a flurry of kicks until he runs into a lariat. Ki gets knocked outside but kicks AJ in the head as he attempted to charge through the middle of the ropes. He rolls AJ back inside and kicks away. AJ ducks a springboard kick and hits Ki with a German suplex then a front facebuster. He takes a breather then tries for the Styles Clash but Ki blocks that and gets two off of a rollup. They trade chops until AJ misses a corner charge. Ki places AJ up top and kicks him before putting on the Hanging Dragon. AJ cuts off Ki as he climbed up top and attempts a Splash Mountain but Ki escapes only for AJ to hit him with a facebuster. He then slams Ki and heads up top but misses the Spiral Tap as both men are down. Ki beats on AJ in the corner but AJ fights back and places Ki in the Tree-of-Woe then connects with a flying forearm and that gets two. They now trade chops from their knees then as they stand up. Ki hits AJ with an enziguiri then a brainbuster but that only gets two. Ki goes up top but AJ gets his knees up on a Phoenix Splash attempt. AJ gets two off of a double pump brainbuster. Ki dodges a charging AJ who bounces off of the turnbuckle then covers and gets two. Ki signals for the Ki Crusher but AJ turns that into a small package for a nearfall. They now are beating the shit out of each other as the fans go crazy. AJ tries for a rana but Ki turns that into a powerbomb and covers with a bridge and that gets two. They then trade counters until Ki gets the win with a Ki Krusher (19:48) ****. Corino then alerts us that RoH will return to the Boston area on November 6th.
Thoughts: Another awesome match. My only complaint, which is a minor one, is that Low Ki took too much of the offense in the match. 
Low Ki walks by Xavier and tells him that next month, all he can do is be ready when he challenges him for his title. You could say that they have done a terrible job at building up Xavier as a legitimate title threat, and they have, but in reality, he never had the ability to be at that level to begin with. 
Michael Shane asks Rudy Boy how it feels to get taken out by the man he trained. He then tells Rudy to get off of his back. He switches his focus to Simply Luscious and says that he does not need the Prophecy watching his back and loves shaking hands because he has confidence everytime he goes into the ring that the referee will raise his hand in victory and his opponent will have to look into his eyes and shake the hand of a better man. He closes by telling Spanky that Shawn Michaels’ blood flows through his veins. Decent promo work from Shane here, who was incredibly cocky and unlikable
Dunn & Marcos call themselves the top tag team in Ring of Honor then stop as they see the Carnage Crew beat the shit out of two other ring crew guys while watching from the balcony. 
Final Thoughts: The first half of this show was pretty bad but the second half was damn good. They continue to build up their wrestlers and feuds, which for the most part are getting over. The “spot monkey” guys in the opening matches and most of the tag division are bad as a whole though and that needs to be improved on but for now, they are shaping up the top of the card quite nicely. 
Sunday: WWF Championship Wrestling 8/23/86
Tuesday: WWF The Big Event 8/28/86
Thursday: Kayfabe Commentaries 1992 WWE Timeline as told by Bret Hart
Friday: WWF Championship Wrestling 8/30/86 (Final Episode)
Saturday: RoH Unscripted 9/21/02

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WWF Boston Garden March 8th, 1986

March 8, 1986
Your hosts are Lord Alfred Hayes and Gorilla Monsoon

Rene Goulet vs. Sivi Afi
They have dropped the whole “Superfly” deal with Afi, presumably after it was DOA when he made his TV debut. Afi shoves down Goulet, who complains about a hairpull. Goulet takes him down then they trade arm wringers until Goulet escapes to the apron. Afi works a side headlock for way too long as a few in the crowd start a boring chant. Goulet hits Afi then takes control for a bit, even choking him out on the mat. Goulet hits a clothesline for two then works a claw. This match blows by the way. Afi fights out but eats boot on a charge. Goulet gets a nearfall then goes back to the claw until Afi slams Goulet. Both men collide as the announcers hype up WrestleMania 2. Goulet is up first and lands a few punches then they trade chops. Afi rams his head off of the top turnbuckle ten times then hits an atomic drop. Afi does some sort of dance before hitting a backdrop and a flying headbutt for a nearfall. Crossbody gets two. Afi reverses an Irish whips Goulet into the corner before finishing him off with a flying body press, which looked awful (11:06) DUD.
Thoughts: Christ, this was dreadful. It was torture, actually. Two guys that no one gave a shit about in an eleven minute match is not the way to go.
Jose Luis Rivera vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts
Roberts plays around with Rivera then starts to laugh. He then goes after him and hits a gutbuster before taking him to the mat. Roberts works a side headlock as Gorilla hypes the battle royal at WrestleMania 2. Roberts takes him down with a spear-like move that Rivera takes a delayed bump for then goes back to the mat. Roberts works a headlock then hits a slam. Roberts misses a few elbow drops and that allows Rivera to work the arm. Rivera’s offense is awful. He was just a terrible wrestler. Crossbody gets two then Roberts rolls under the ropes for a breather. He then sits in the corner and keeps grabbing the ropes as Rivera has him in an arm wringer. Roberts then takes control and kills him with a short-arm clothesline. Roberts slams him then signals for a kneelift and connects. He works a sleeper for a while as the crowd starts up a boring chant. Rivera escapes then hits a clothesline. He fires away before hitting a backdrop. Roberts ducks outside and Rivera chases after him but ends up running into a kneelift then signals for and hits the DDT, getting the win (10:30) *. The crowd popped for the finish. Jake grabs his bag for the snake but the referee stopped him. The crowd wasn’t happy about that and it was a mixed reaction when they announced him as the winner.
Thoughts: Really dull stuff but the crowd was into Jake, who had yet to make his TV debut. They also wanted to see the snake. Rivera is like the Puerto Rican version of Tony Garea. He was terrible.
Donna Christiantello & Judy Martin vs. Crush Girls
The Crush Girls are Chigusa Nagayo and Lioness Asuka. Racist moment as Gorilla didn’t know which one was who then Hayes chimed in how they both looked the same to him anyway and expect to see a lot of karate. Gorilla finally gets clarification over their names as Nagayo starts out with Martin, who evades her opponent. She stalls some more then works a key lock. Nagayo kips up but gets tossed down. Christiantello tags and gets taken right down. The American girls are leery of getting into the ring and keep stalling. Asuka tags and backs off Martin with a high kick. Martin works an arm wringer but Asuka hits her with a few kicks and she bails. Martin re-enters and stalls some more, then cheapshots Asuka. She knocks her down but Asuka catches her with a sunset flip in the corner. Christiantello tags and choke out Asuka. Asuka tags out as Christiantello takes her down. They fight over a leg lock until Martin tags. She catches Nagayo off of a crossbody but Asuka dropkicks her down. Asuka then tags as Martin bails before tagging Christiantello. They trap Asuka in the corner then take turns roughing her up. Asuka fights back against Martin and takes her down. She tags Nagayo, who gets booted right down. Martin picks her up over her shoulders and drops her over the knee of Christiantello. The heels work over Nagayo until she trips up Christiantello and works a single leg crab. Martin breaks it up then they double-team Nagayo behind the backs of the referee. Martin cuts off a tag attempt in great fashion then taunts Asuka, using her partners hand. Nagayo fights back and makes the tag. Asuka runs wild on Martin. Nagayo hits an elbow drop from the second rope then locks on a sharpshooter. Martin finally makes the ropes then dodges a top rope attack by Asuka, who ends up hitting her own partner. Asuka then rips off Martin’s head with a clothesline then Martin gets double-teamed. Martin slaps down Asuka and tags Christiantello, who walks into a double dropkick. Asuka then puts Christiantello in a giant swing that would make Cesaro proud and tosses her for the win (15:33) **.
Thoughts: This was all stalling, really. It did get better at the end though.  Martin was pretty good in the ring and was a solid heel too. This match was a poor showcase of the Crush Girls, who were quite athletic in the ring. Christiantello was pretty useless.
Scott McGhee vs. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart w/ Jimmy Hart
Neidhart shoves down McGhee a few times and gets cocky, allowing McGhee to sneak up from behind a roll him up for two. Neidhart backs him into the corner off of a test of strength but McGhee comes back with a sunset flip for two. McGhee bounces off of Anvil then gets tossed outside and on top of the table. Monsoon asks Hart why the Hart Foundation are working in singles competition as Hart said that he has to get through the Bulldogs for the belt as the Dream Team will not give them a shot. Neidhart tosses McGhee to the floor as Hart sets off the siren on his megaphone. In the ring, Neidhart overpowers McGhee, until he comes back with a suplex. McGhee hits a few European uppercuts but Neidhart catches him with a powerslam for the win (5:59) *1/4.
Thoughts: This was fine for what it was and McGhee was a solid hand in the ring and made Neidhart look good.
Brett “The Hitman” Hart w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
Hayes said that Brett was the most improved wrestler of 1985. He then attacks Steamboat before the bell and beats him around the ring. Steamboat reverses an Irish whip and slams Brett off of turnbuckle then takes of his jacket. He chops Brett then goes towards Jimmy before hammering away on Brett. Steamboat works the arm for a few minutes as the fans chant his name. Steamboat slides underneath Brett twice then finishes off the fast-paced sequence with an armdrag. The fans loved that spot. Steamboat yells at Jimmy to shut up as he has Brett in an armbar. Brett escapes but eventually gets caught with a hiptoss and Steamboat goes back to the arm as Jimmy joins the announcers and said he is going to have a nervous breakdown due to Steamboat’s karate. Steamboat floats over on a suplex attempt then connects with a crescent kick. He then tries a backdrop but Hart turned it into a swinging neckbreaker then takes control of the match. Steamboat falls to the floor in a spot that would get booed out of the building today then after several punches, Brett brings him back into the ring with a suplex for a nearfall. Brett works a side headlock as the crowd is chanting for Steamboat. Scoop slam gets two. Steamboat comes back with a slam as both men are down. Steamboat tries a splash but Brett gets his knees up then roughs Steamboat up before sending him to the floor. Brett follows him out and slams him on the floor the goes back into the ring and taunts the fans, who boo loudly. The fans are really into this match by the way. Back inside, Brett almost puts him away with a running powerslam. He goes up top but Steamobat rolls away from an elbow drop as both men are down. Steamboat fights back, taking him down with a chop. Back suplex gets two. Steamboat hammers away on Brett in the corner and shoves the referee away when he attempts to intervene. Brett reverses an Irish whip and sends Steamboat into the referee, knocking him down. Brett then nails Steamboat with a clothesline and goes for the cover but the ref is down. He pulls him up and yells at him then after an Irish whip sequence, Hart hits a poor excuse of a crossbody on Steamboat, who uses the momentum to roll on top of Brett and get the win (15:08) ***1/2. The ending looked pretty bad.
Thoughts: Really good match with an ugly ending. Brett even showed some personality here and the crowd was really into this match. Of course, Bret was rewarded by getting passed over on a chance to wrestle Steamboat at WM2 by Hercules Hernandez. Easily the match of the night.
WWF Intercontinental Title Match
Tito Santana vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage w/ Elizabeth
Tito is livid at Savage, who stalls outside of the ring. Savage then yells at the announcers that he is the best ever and leaves to taunt the crowd. Savage continues to stall then ends up running out of the ring. After a minute, Tito chases him out and all over the place before grabbing him by the legs as he tried to go back inside. Tito wails the piss out of him and ends up knocking Savage over the guardrail. Back inside, Tito works on the leg as the crowd chants for him. Savage ends up grabbing Tito’s tights and pulling him out of the ring. Savage attacks him outside then hits the double axe handle inside the ring for two. Savage hits him with a running knee strike and a clothesline for nearfalls until Tito fights back. Tito hammers away then stomps a mud hole into Savage. Tito kills Savage with a flying forearm then drops an elbow for two. He tries to lock on the figure four but Savage escapes outside. Tito goes out after him as Savage tries to run away by going into the ring. Tito grabs him as referee Danny Davis tries to break it up. Tito tosses him across the ring and the ref rings the bell for the DQ (7:17) **3/4.
Thoughts: The heat for this was off the charts and everything that Tito did on offense was intense. Tito was great with his fiery babyface comebacks and Savage was perfect in his role as the complete prick.
Dump Matsumoto & Bull Nakano vs. Velvet McIntyre & Dawn Marie
Matsumoto & Nakano were going by the name “Devils of Japan” while wrestling for All-Japan. Matsumoto has a cool look with her entrance gear. Hayes is cracking up because Matsumoto’s name is “Dump.” McIntyre works the arm of Nakano then tags Dawn, who gets destroyed. Matsumoto tags and shoves away Dawn as the announcers make fun of her weight. McIntyre tags and Matsumoto brushes away her dropkick then uses the hairpull snapmare before running her over. Nakano tags and chokes out McIntyre for a bit. McIntyre comes back with a crossbody but Nakano gets up and takes control as Matsumoto yells from the apron. Nakano yanks Dawn into the ring by her hair then tags Matsumoto, who stands on her. Matsumoto kicks her down then splashes her after a slam for two. Matsumoto works a few submission holds on Dawn before killing her with a clothesline. Dawn still makes the tag as Velvet runs wild on Matsumoto in a clunky sequence. Bull tags and runs her over as Matsumoto screams from the apron. McIntyre is sent into the corner but floats over and ends up on Nakano’s shoulders and gets the victory roll for the win (8:27) *.
Thoughts: This sucked. The match had no flow and all of the yelling from Matsumoto grew tiresome. The announcers took a lot of shots at the Devils of Japan weight. Speaking of this team, they were better off facing the other team from Japan. They might have actually entertained the crowd that way.
Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Corporal Kirchner
Sharpe attacks Kirchner to start. Kirchner reverses an Irish whip then monkey flips him out from the corner. Kirchner hits three dropkicks on Sharpe, who rolls outside and acts stunned. Back inside, Sharpe grabs a headlock as the announcers talk about WrestleMania 2. They briefly fight over a wristlock then Sharpe hits a few shoulderblocks but ends up missing a dropkick. Sharpe takes a breather after Kirchner held his legs, teasing a groin stomp then they fight over a test of strength. Kirchner wins that battle and stomps Sharpe’s fingers. Kirchner gets a nearfall with a suplex as Sharpe got his foot on the rope. Sharpe comes back with a clothesline then chops him hard. He rams Kirchner’s head off of the turnbuckle as a “USA” chant breaks out. Kirchner gets tossed outside where Sharpe sends him into the guardrail, which tips right over. Kirchner struggles to get to his feet then Sharpe picks him up only to knock him off of the apron. In the ring, Sharpe is bothered by the crowd and Kirchner gets two off of a crossbody. He clotheslines Sharpe then gets two with a small package. Sharpe adjusts his forearm padding and tries to hit Kirchner but it gets blocked and Kirchner ends up hitting Sharpe in the head with his own forearm for the win (9:56) *1/2.
Thoughts: Sloppy but energetic and fast-paced. Kirchner wasn’t known for his grace inside of the ring. Sharpe seems to be back as a performer and would be a mainstay for the rest of the decade.
Barry O. vs. Ted Arcidi
Arcidi receives a big pop after being billed from Boston. He shoves Barry across the ring to start. Barry bounces off of Arcidi a few times as the announcers hype up Arcidi’s appearance in the WrestleMania 2 Battle Royal. Arcidi ducks a cheapshot attempt by Barry then chases him outside of the ring but gets stomped as he came back inside. Barry hits a turnbuckle smash but Arcidi reverses an Irish whip and chops him a few times. Barry quickly escapes from a bearhug but gets clotheslined down before Arcidi catches him in another bearhug for the win (3:13) ¼*.
Thoughts: Barry did 95% of the work in this match. This was designed to build up Arcidi for the Battle Royal at Mania. Arcidi was void of charisma. He made Jose Luis Rivera look like the Fonz.
Hoss & Terry Funk w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Junkyard Dog & Hulk Hogan
The crowd goes apeshit for JYD and Hogan, who is still selling the attack from Bundy on last week’s SNME with his ribs. JYD chokes out Hoss with his chain as Hogan beats on Terry. Hoss gets sent outside as Hogan rams Funk off of JYD’s head. Hoss goes back in but Terry comes in with a branding iron, causing the referee to step in between them. Terry gets his head rammed off of the turnbuckle repeatedly by JYD. Hoss tags and JYD outsmarts him on a criss-cross spot as Terry picks up his brother. Hogan is in with Hoss, who whips him into the corner but JYD runs over and prevents Hogan from hitting the turnbuckles, earning a pat on the back. Funk starts kicking things around outside and  falls down after getting caught up in the wires. In the ring, Hoss fails to slam Hogan and that leads to a spot in which Hogan keeps slamming both Hoss and Terry. The Funk’s duck out for a breather as the fans are cheering. Funk then hits Hogan with a steel chair behind the ref’s back then jabs his branding iron into his ribs. Hoss attacks the injured ribs of Hogan then tags Terry .Hogan hulks up as Terry punches him then tags JYD. He clotheslines Terry but Hoss comes in and attacks JYD and is now the legal man. Hoss hits a few European uppercuts then Terry comes in and chokes out JYD. Funk tries to cut off a tag by hitting JYD with his crawling headbutt but that doesn’t work and Hogan tags and runs wild. He knocks Hoss off of the apron and tries to take Terry off top but Hoss attacks him from behind. Terry chokes out Hogan with a string behind the ref’s back. He manages to tag JYD but the ref didn’t see that either and the Funk’s are destroying Hogan. JYD drags Hart inside the ring and the ref goes after him, allowing Terry to hang JYD. Hogan then comes in and hits Terry with a lariat and the ref turns around and counts to three (11:32) **1/4. After the match, JYD and Hogan pose in the ring and JYD grabs an oversized Hulk mask from a kid in the crowd and puts it on, copying Hogan’s poses. JYD in whiteface got a loud pop.
Thoughts: Not much in terms of wrestling but it was entertaining, mostly due to Terry. Hogan had his fun moments here too. It was a nice way to send the crowd home happy.
Final Thoughts: Decent for a house show. The Steamboat/Hart match is definitely worth seeing and the IC Title and main event matches were good. The Japanese girls did not get a chance to impress, like the Jumping Bomb Angels would over a year from when this show took place. Nothing was terrible besides the opener. One thing to notice here is the constant mention of referee Danny Davis on commentary and how he kept screwing up. They said his name a lot on the show.

WWF Boston Garden February 8th, 1986

February 8, 1986
Your hosts are Jesse Ventura and Gorilla Monsoon
Tonight, the top matches include Don Muraco vs Ricky Steamboat in a “Martial Arts” match, Randy Savage vs. Tito Santana for the Intercontinental Title, and Roddy Piper vs. Bruno Sammartino in a cage match.


Paul Christy vs. “Leaping” Lanny Poffo
Christy wrestled with Poffo in Memphis for the ICW promotion that was run by Poffo’s dad. He was in the WWF for a brief time in the 80’s and was in his late 40’s here. Lanny tosses some poems out to the crowd then recites one that disses the “Piper’s Pit,” which the crowd approves. The match starts with both guys going back and forth. Christy works the arm for a bit as the fans start a boring chant and rightfully so. Poffo then gets a hiptoss after a criss-cross spot and he now works the arm of Christy. The announcers hype up WrestleMania 2 as this match is putting me to sleep. Christy kicks Poffo through the ropes as a few fans applaud as it was a move that finally didn’t involve working the arm. Christy does some generic heel taunts then slams Poffo’s head off of the turnbuckle before knocking him off the apron. Poffo snaps his neck off of the top rope but the referee steps in front of him. Poffo beats on Christy in the corner as the ref warns him not to use a closed fist. Christy bails as Poffo follows him with a springboard forearm smash. Back inside, Poffo hits a dropkick then puts him away with a moonsault (9:56) *.
Thoughts: The last minute or so was decent but everything else was a total bore. If you like armbars, this is the match for you.
Barry O. vs. Sivi Afi
Afi had not debuted on TV yet but was billed as being the cousin of Snuka during the episode of “Championship Wrestling” that aired earlier this day. He was wearing the same trunks as Snuka here and the announcers brought up Snuka but never mentioned that they were cousins.  Afi shows off his agility then works the arm. He hits a terrible looking dropkick before going back to the arm. Barry misses an elbow drop then Afi goes back to the arm. Barry catches Afi on a crossbody attempt and hits a backbreaker, which the crowd applauds. Barry rakes the eyes then gets a nearfall with a powerslam. He grabs a chinlock then tosses Afi outside as the crowd starts cheering for Barry! He pokes his eye then blocks a sunset flip attempt. Afi comes back with a suplex for a nearfall. Afi chops him down then tries and fails to pump up the crowd. He hits a slam but Barry got his knees up on a splash attempt. Barry goes up top but Afi tosses him off then finishes him off with a flying body press (7:41) *1/2. The crowd applauded the finish.
Thoughts: Boston actually had a heel section in the crowd back then, which was a bit odd to see. Afi was clearly a Snuka knockoff but had none of the charisma or wrestling ability. He wasn’t terrible in the ring but he wasn’t that great either. The match was fine for what it was though.
Tiger Chung Lee vs. George “The Animal” Steele
No Albano here tonight. Steele takes the kendo stick away from Lee and chases him out of the ring. He then rips the stick in half and tosses it away as Lee is pissed. They stall for a bit then Steele chases Lee out of the ring again. Lee attacks Steele then stomps away. Steele goes outside and tries to put the barricade into the ring. He re-enters but gets caught by Lee. Steele pulls something out of his tights and hits Lee in the throat. The referee looks for the object that Steele is able to put back away. He then slaps Lee with a slipper several times and tries to bite the turnbuckle but gets hit from behind. Steele knocks him down and goes back to the turnbuckle as the ref talks to Lee. He then rams Lee off of the exposed turnbuckle for the win (5:24) DUD.
Thoughts: This was pretty bad even for the low standards of a Steele match. It was entertaining for the first minute or so but went on for far too long. Lee came back to the WWF a few weeks prior and settled into his jobber role.
Big John Studd vs. Hillbilly Jim
No Heenan tonight, either. They trade chops then Jim attempts to slam Studd, who escapes then ducks outside for a breather. Back inside, they fight over an arm wringer as Gorilla said that Studd can bench press 700lbs. They are still fighting over the move then Studd puts on an armbar. Jim escapes by using forearm smashes but Studd hits him right back. He slams Jim then stomps away. He then rams him into the corner before putting on a bearhug. This match is heatless by the way. Jim breaks the hold but Studd headbutts him down. Studd gets caught with a shot to the gut coming off of the middle turnbuckle in a spot you could see coming a mile away. Jim hits a few headbutts but fails to slam Studd. They are now brawling outside then Jim rams Studd into the post and rolls inside as the bell rings, winning the match by count out (7:24) ½*. After the match, Jim said that he wants the $15,000 to slam Studd.
Thoughts: Really dull in-ring action, which you would expect from these two. However, this was a set up for a rematch the following month in Boston (which never took place)
WWF Intercontinental Title Match
Randy “Macho Man” Savage w/ Elizabeth vs. Tito Santana (Champion)
Tito shoves Savage off of a lockup to start. Savage then bails after reaching the ropes when Tito went behind him. Back inside, they take it to the mat and end in a standoff. Savage climbs up top for some heel heat then thumbs Santana in the eye before bailing yet again. Savage jaws at a fan but Tito attacks him from behind. Savage rams Tito into the post but gets caught coming off of the top rope. Santana slams Savage, who bails as Tito went for the flying forearm. Savage outsmarts Tito but Santana catches his leg and hits a back suplex for two. Savage rakes the eyes then gets a nearfalls with a double axe handle and a clothesline. Savage climbs up top and hits a double axe handle but that only gets two. The fans are buying all of these falls too. Santana fights back but Savage rakes the eyes again. He tosses Tito to the floor then follows him out with a double axe handle. He rolls back inside then pulls Tito back on the apron. Tito blocks a turnbuckle smash then hits a few forearm smashes. He stomps a mudhole into Savage then hits an elbow smash off of the middle turnbuckle for two. Tito unloads on Savage in the corner but runs into a knee on a charge as both men are down. Savage covers but only gets two as the referee gets hit in the process. Tito gets a small package for two. Savage hurts his knee after missing a knee drop then Tito targets that for a bit. He puts on the figure four in the middle of the ring but Savage is able to roll over and reach the ropes. Savage is on the apron and reaches into his tights but Santana suplexes him back into the ring. Savage blocks a figure four attempt then tries to escape as Tito is pulling his leg. The ref steps between Tito as Savage is on the apron with the camera showing him pull something out of his tights. Tito ducks a punch and tries to bring him back into the ring with a back suplex but Savage hits him with the object then covers for the win and the belt (10:29) ***1/2. Savage tosses the object outside and the camera shows the object on the ground. 
Thoughts: Really good match. The crowd was pro-Savage and popped for the finish but did not boo Tito during the match. The in-ring action was markedly more athletic than any other match up until this point. They focused on the referee, Danny Davis, during the match too which is something to keep in mind going forward. These two had awesome matches together.
Backstage, Gorilla and Jesse are with Savage. Gorilla asks him about cheating as Savage denies as he limps around. Savage says that Tito never hurt him once in a match as Jesse accuses of Gorilla of making up Watergate-like scandals about Savage.
Hart Foundation vs. Killer Bees
Jimmy Hart was not here either. He was in Philadelphia for the house show that was going on at the Spectrum this same day. Blair starts by backing Hart into the ropes. Gorilla plugs WrestleMania 2 and the Slammy Awards as Blair hiptosses Hart. Blair then uses his momentum to take Hart out of the ring as he had him in a hammerlock. Brunzell tags and puts Hart in an armbar. He makes the blind tag to Blair, who catches Hart with a small package that gets two. Blair works the arm but Hart escapes and makes the tag. Neidhart catches Blair with a knee then distracts the ref so Hart can attack him. Brunzell runs in and the ref yells at him, allowing the heels to double-team his partner. The Hart Foundation neutralize Blair in the corner with frequent quick tags and double-team moves. Neidhart puts Blair in a bearhug, who escapes, but ends up getting rammed into the corner. Blair pulls up on a dropkick attempt by Neidhart and maeks the tag. Brunzell goes wild on Neidhart. He hits an atomic drop and a dropkick then chases Hart away. The crowd applauds Bret when he knees Brunzell from the apron. The Hart Foundation then use the Demolition Decapitation move on Brunzell. Hart slams him then tags Neidhart, who tosses Brunzell to the floor. Hart slams him on the floor then gets run off by Blair. Back in the ring, Neidhart uses a front facelock to ground Brunzell, who gets drilled in the back with a drink that someone tossed from the stands. The Hart’s use more double teams behind the referee’s back. Blair breaks up a pin attempt then Brunzell comes back with a dropkick on Hart as both men are down. The match breaks down briefly as Neidhart places Bret on top behind the ref’s back but that only gets two. Brunzell gets two off of a sunset flip then Hart puts him in a front facelock. Brunzell makes the tag but the ref did not see it and orders Blair back on the apron. Brunzell gets whipped into the corner but avoids a charge then crawls through the legs of Neidhart and makes the tag. Blair beats on both guys. In a really cool spot, Blair whipped Neidhart against the ropes and that sent Hart flying off of the apron and into the guardrail, which ended up falling over. Blair then puts Neidhart in a sleeper hold as Hart eventually gets up and breaks up. Blair and Neidhart collide in an awkward spot as both men are down. Brunzell chases Hart away but ends up hitting Blair with an elbow drop as the ref was ordering Brunzell back into his corner then covers for the win, even though he was not the legal man (15:41) ***. Gorilla is upset that the Hart Foundation stole the match because of the referee’s inability to figure out who was the legal man.
Thoughts: Another good match. The Harts showed a lot of heel personality here without Hart at ringside. They came across like bigger stars than usual too. It was around this time that they became one of the better teams in wrestling but weren’t quite there yet. The Bees were always solid and this helped start a feud that produced a lot of quality matches.
Martial Arts Match
Don Muraco w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
Both men have to wear judo jackets per the stipulations. Steamboat tosses the jacket at Muraco, who then tells Jesse that he is dedicating his piledriver to him. Steamboat chops Muraco, who ducks outside for a breather. Back inside, Muraco avoids Steamboat’s karate poses. Steamboat slides under his legs and hits an enziguiri that sends him to the floor. Muraco goes back in the ring and takes him down by the hair then ducks out to consult with Fuji. Muraco shoves down Steamboat when he re-enters then they have an Irish whip sequence that ends with Muraco getting chopped down. Steamboat uses a judo toss then slams Muraco as the fans go wild. Steamboat takes him over with a side headlock. Steamboat leap frogs Muraco but Fuji grabbed his leg. Still, Steamboat is able to slam Muraco and goes back to the side headlock. Muraco’s belt falls off and the ref tosses it outside. Steamboat works a chinlock now then uses Muraco’s jacket to choke him out, which Gorilla says is legal. Muraco comes back with a Samoan drop. They brawl outside as fans pelt Muraco with garbage. Fuji holds up a chair then Muraco slingshots Steamboat into it, which the crowd boos. Steamboat is bleeding from the forehead as Muraco suplexes him back into the ring. He then takes the belt off of Steamboat’s jacket and whips him in the back before choking him out as Steamboat’s arms are trapped in his jacket sleeves. The jacket is now off as Muraco drops a knee. He chokes out Steamboat, who desperately tries to fight out and does by raking the eyes. Muraco clotheslines Steamobat in the corner then chokes out Steamboat again, with the blood of Steamboat on his jacket sleeve. Steamboat eventually fights back with chops but walks into a vicious clothesline. Muraco points at Jesse and tries for the tombstone but Steamboat rings his bell with his feet while he was held up in the air. Steamboat chops him down then pumps up the crowd with his karate poses. He beats on Muraco in the corner then slams his head off of the mat. He heads up top and lands a chop to the head of Muraco. Steamboat charges and gets dumped over the top rope but is able to skin the cat. Muraco goes for a vertical suplex but Steamboat floats over then gets the win with a reverse rollup (17:16) ***1/2 After the match, Muraco beats the shit out of Steamboat with Fuji’s cane as the crowd is pelting him with garbage.
Thoughts: This was awesome. Steamboat’s selling was top notch as were Muraco’s heel mannerisms. This feud was still pretty hot too and the finish sets up for more matches in the future, which was a good thing.
Steel Cage Match
Bruno Sammartino vs. Roddy Piper
Piper gets instant heel heat by wearing a Chicago Bears Superbowl Champion shirt with the number “46” written on the back (that was the amount of points they scored against the Patriots in the Super Bowl) then puts up posters of William “Refridgerator” Perry and Jim McMahon in the cage. That is fucking awesome and I am from Boston. Bruno attacks Piper as soon as he enters the cage and they slug it out. He rams Piper into the cage repeatedly then slams his head off of the mat. Piper is already busted opened as Bruno attempts to stuff one of the posters in Piper’s mouth. He tears off Piper’s shirt and chokes him out as the crowd is going nuts. Bruno beats on Piper’s chest with forearm smashes as there is blood all over him. Bruno calls for the door to be opened but Piper hits him from behind with a low blow. Piper is up and gushing blood as he kicks Bruno several times. The crowd starts up a “Bruno” chant as Piper destroys him. He chokes out Bruno with his shirt then goes for the door but Bruno grabs his legs. Piper goes for the door again but Bruno grabs him. Piper tries to climb out but Bruno grabs his leg. Bruno punches away and goes for the door but Piper makes the save. Piper’s tights are pulled down halfway by Bruno, who then hits him with a barrage of punches. Bruno calls for the door but Piper pulls him back inside then hits him with mounted punches. He now bites Bruno then stomps away. Piper tries to climb out but Bruno hits him low. Bruno calls for the door and slowly crawls over and stops him but Bruno is able to grab a wooden chair and hits Piper a few times then escapes the cage for the win (8:40) ***1/4. Inside the cage, Piper, who is wearing a crimson mask, takes the chair and destroys it out of anger.
Thoughts: A bloody, intense brawl. The most heated match on the show, which is saying something. Bruno could still use a crazy brawling-style offense well, even at his age. This match was also Piper’s specialty and the two delivered. Even though the promos on TV were getting stale for this feud, the match was awesome and the crowd was nuts the entire time.
Final Thoughts: One of the better house shows from the 1980’s. The last half of this show was incredible and when the hour-long version of the show makes it to the network, make sure to watch it as it is really fun. To show you an idea of how much depth the WWF roster had at this time, they were running a second show this day in Philadelphia that had JYD vs. Terry Funk, Dream Team vs. British Bulldogs, and Hulk Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy. This was the better show if you ask me though. Again, if you get the chance to see this show, make sure to watch the last four matches.

WWF Boston Garden December 7th, 1985

December 7, 1985
Your hosts are Jesse Ventura and Gorilla Monsoon

Paul Roma vs. Barry O.
The crowd boos Roma and that shocks the announcers. Barry shocks the announcers by breaking cleanly a few times against the ropes. They trade arm wringers then take it to the mat in a decent sequence. The crowd then starts to cheer when Barry cheapshots Roma as he takes control. Roma reverses an Irish whip then hits a backdrop and an arm drag. Barry ducks outside for a breather then comes in as Roma goes back to the arm. They then work a nice Irish whip sequence that ends with Barry whiffing on a clothesline then begging for mercy before rolling back outside. He comes back in and Roma clotheslines him then works a side headlock. Barry uses Roma’s momentum to toss him outside as the fans start a light cheer for Barry, who is posing in the ring. Barry headbutts Roma, hurting himself in the process, but is able to stop Roma’s sunset flip attempt. He heads up top and hits a double axe handle then runs Roma’s face across the top rope. The crowd starts a boring chant as Barry works a chinlock for a few minutes. He then gets two off of a powerslam then starts to hammer away before going back to the chinlock. Roma fights back and hits an atomic drop and a slam then gets two off of a leg drop. He then rams Barry’s shoulder into the post. Powerslam gets two. They collide in the middle of the ring in a clunky looking spot as the fans boo. Barry climbs up top but Roma slams him off. Barry begs for mercy but Roma fires away then hits a dropkick for one. Overhead suplex gets two. Barry comes back with an inverted atomic drop but Roma fights right back with a forearm smash. Vertical suplex gets two. Barry pulls Roma to the floor by his tights but gets pulled down himself and Roma rams his knee against the post. Both men are back in the ring as Roma gets a nearfall off of another powerslam then applies a figure four as the bell rings, signaling that the time-limit has been reached (18:06) **1/4.
Thoughts: The crowd shit on the match, probably because it was against two TV jobbers, but they put together a decent bout. The main drawback was that it went on for too long. Roma looked pretty good in the ring here and I think the only thing that held him back was his height as he could go in the ring. He looked pretty short next to Barry, who was billed at 6’1.
Moondog Spot vs. Tony Atlas
Atlas headbutts Spot and it looked awful. Atlas slams Spot then works the arm for a bit. Spot catches Atlas with a backbreaker then comes off the top with a forearm smash. Spot works a chinlock for a while. He tries to punch Atlas, who no-sells them and then gets hit with an atomic drop. Atlas knocks him down but runs into a knee on a charge. He then ducks underneath Spot and comes back with a flying headscissors then turns it into a cradle for the win (7:25) ½*.
Thoughts: Not much of a match at all. Atlas was abusing cocaine like it was going out of style at this point of his career. If he didn’t, he was in line for a push and at one point going to win the IC title but he ended up self-destructing. Spot was a really good worker that doesn’t get the credit he deserves but was a glorified jobber at this time.
Pedro Morales vs. “Cowboy” Bob Orton
Orton runs away from Morales then attacks him on the floor. He slams him down then tries a suplex but Morales reversed it and both men are down. They head back inside as Pedro powers up and slugs away. He knocks Orton to the floor then follows him out and slams him into the guardrail. Orton tries to pick up a barricade and toss it inside but Morales knocks it down onto Orton’s head. Pedro fires away inside of the ring. He gets a nearfall off of a sunset flip then ducks a cast-shot and rolls up Orton with a small package for the win (6:25) ¾*. After the match, Orton attacks Morales with the cast.
Thoughts: Half of this was Orton stalling and running away. He really was not the worker he was at this point but some of that could have been due to his role, which made him a chickenshit heel. Jesse says Pedro’s win was an upset but Gorilla disagrees. Pedro wasn’t that bad here, probably because he was winning the match. He really dogged it when he was losing.
“Macho Man” Randy Savage w/ Elizabeth vs. Ricky Steamboat
Jesse says that these are two of the best wrestlers in the world. Savage sneak attacks Steamboat but he gets sent into the corner then outside. Steamboat rams the arm of Savage into the post then continues to go to work on the arm. He stays on the arm for a long time then they really pick up the pace for a second before Steamboat goes back to work. Steamboat chases Savage outside of the ring and they end up back inside where Steamboat takes him down with a flying hammerlock. Savage outsmarts Steamboat by bailing after initiating a criss-cross then yells at a fan. Steamboat chases him back inside where he works the arm. Steamboat skins the cat but Savage sends him over the ropes with a forearm smash. He hits Steamboat with a double axe handle off of the top rope then sends him over the guardrail with a running knee smash. Back inside, Steamboat chops Savage but is unable to slam him as Savage falls on top. Savage climbs up top but Steamboat rolls away from the flying elbow smash. Steamboat hits Savage with an atomic drop but gets slammed off of the top rope. Savage slams Steamboat but gets caught with a shot to the mid-section as he came off of the top rope. Steamboat gets nearfalls with a suplex and a side kick. He uses his goofy martial arts chops then hits him while he is on the apron. The ref takes him away and Savage pulls a foreign object out of his trunks. Steamboat brings him back in with a suplex but Savage hits him in the head on the way down and Savage covers for the win (11:15) ***. After the match, Steamboat and Savage roll around the ring fighting over the object. Steamboat grabs it and chases Savage away.
Thoughts: Good match but not a classic or anything. It is actually part of the “Ultimate Randy Savage Collection” DVD. Lots of rest holds but that was understandable as they had another show in Philadelphia the same night, with Steamboat working against Don Muraco and Savage taking part of a tag match. A few months later, they used this same finish for when Savage beat Santana for the IC Title.
Bruno Sammartino vs. Roddy Piper
Both guys start brawling before the introductions, with Bruno getting the upper hand. They briefly fight outside then Bruno drags Piper back inside. Piper is bleeding from his forehead as Bruno is hammering away. He shoves the ref and apologizes and that allows Piper to take him down. Bruno’s comeback is stopped short with an eye poke then he takes Bruno outside. He rams his head off of the guardrail and goes back inside. Bruno fights right back and Piper tries to go up the aisle but he gets brought in and they repeat the spot again. Piper begs for mercy inside of the ring then tries to reach over and grab something from the announcers table but Bruno drags him in, showing his ass in the process. Piper complains about a low blow then Orton runs out but gets attacked as the ref calls for the DQ (5:05) **. After the match, they beat on Bruno then Piper decks the ref as he tried to intervene. They tie Bruno up in the ropes and slap him around.
Thoughts: Not much of a match but it was intense while it lasted. Bruno could still do these types of matches well. Piper & Orton did receive some cheers at the end, as there was a bit of a heel section at the Garden on this night.
WWF Intercontinental Title Match
Jesse “The Body” Ventura vs. Tito Santana (Champion)
Jesse cheapshots Tito against the ropes but Tito fights back and Jesse ducks outside. Back inside, Tito works the arm until Jesse breaks out then uses cheap heel tactics on Tito. He then catches him with a bearhug but Tito is able to escape. Tito fires away as Jesse wants to call a timeout. Tito then uses some of Jesse’s heel tactics then puts on the figure four. Jesse reaches for the ropes then yanks Tito to the floor by his tights. He tries to prevent Tito from coming back in but gets knocked down. Tito then flies in with a slingshot splash but the bell rang as Tito was unable to beat the ten count and as a result, Jesse won by countout (8:13) 1/4*. After the match, Jesse gets pissed that he did not win the belt and that vocal heel section was upset.
Thoughts: Typical Ventura match in that it was mostly stalling and other absurd spots. Ventura was really useless in the ring at this point. This crowd was not into Tito at all, which is shocking.
Scott McGhee vs. Hercules Hernandez
Blassie is not with Hercules, who overpowers McGhee to start. McGhee comes back with a few dropkicks and that has Hercules duck outside. Gorilla starts plugging the “Wrestling Album” and how it makes a great stocking stuffer as Hercules hits McGhee with a backbreaker. He tries it again but McGhee takes him down with a headscissors and hits another dropkick. Herc is moving at a snails pace, which has the crowd starting a boring chant. Herc goes back inside and hammers away, knocking McGhee to the floor. Back inside, Herc drops McGhee throat-first on the top rope then continues his assault. He elbows McGhee, who was in midair, then drops the elbow for two. He puts on a chinlock as the crowd is restless. McGhee fights back and gets a nearfall off of a crossbody. McGhee knocks him down then catches him in midair and hits an inverted atomic drop. He hits a top rope knee drop but misses a somersault senton from the top rope then Hercules dropped the elbow for the win (8:22) ½*.
Thoughts: Awful match, due to Hercules, but McGhee tried and looked good whenever he was on offense. He was a solid wrestler but built similarly to David Sammartino and Rick McGraw,and was never going to get much of a push.
“Leaping” Lanny Poffo vs. “Adorable” Adrian Adonis
This is the first time I have heard Adonis billed as “Adorable.” He has died his hair blonde but still has his leather jacket. He takes his jacket off after attacking Poffo and is fatter than ever. Poffo fights back but Adonis regains control. He takes him down with an elbow smash but is sent into the corner on a bulldog attempt. Poffo fires away in the corner then hits a monkeyflip. Poffo comes off the top with a moonsault but Adonis got his knees up then he cradles Poffo for the win (2:51) *. After the match, Gorilla questions as to why they are calling Adonis “Adorable.”
Thoughts: Quick match. It was fine. Adonis wrestled the same way that he always had and nothing was different about him, besides the hair.
WWF Tag Team Championship Match
Killer Bees vs. The Dream Team (Champion)
No Valiant tonight. Jesse rejoins Gorilla at the booth and is unhappy he did not win the belt. Blair starts off against Valentine and takes care of him. Beefcake comes in and Blair goes after him too. The Dream Team regroup outside for a bit as the fans get on Beefcake. Back inside, Blair hits Valentine with a back suplex then tags Brunzell, who goes to work on the leg .The Bees use quick tags to isolate Valentine. Beefcake breaks up a figure four attempt by Blair and that allows Valentine to take control. The Dream Team takes turns beating the shit out of Blair. Valentine gets a nearfall with an elbow smash from the middle rope then softens up the leg. Blair fights back and goes for a slam but Valentine falls on top of him. Valentine then hits him with a gutbuster before tagging Brutus. Blair fights back then makes the tag to Brunzell with the crowd barely giving a shit. He takes care of both guys then gets a nearfall with a dropkick on Beefcake. The match breaks down then as Brunzell has Beefcake in a sleeper, Valentine hits him with a double axe handle from the top rope as the ref was ordering Blair back on the apron then he turns around as Beefcake covers him for the win (9:48) **3/4.
Thoughts: Solid match. Valentine looked great and everything he did to Blair looked like it killed him. The crowd did not like Beefcake but was quiet for this match and just about everything else on this card.
Final Thoughts: I would pass on this show. The card took place at 11:30am and these guys had another show in Philadelphia that evening so they were not going all out for that reason, among others. The early start time also seemed to have an effect on the crowd, who were not easily amused. It was funny to see that there was a heel section in the crowd, an uncommon occurrence for the WWF at this time. Starting the show with a twenty-minute time limit draw between two jobbers was a poor choice too. The first major match between Savage and Steamboat happened and the tag match was good too but you can pretty much pass on everything else.

Boston Plug

Hi Scott, Second time, long time. I wrote an article for Boston.com about the Chaotic Wrestling event in Boston last Friday. Chaotic is one of the best little Indy’s around, and they have featured such names as John Cena, Kofi Kingston and Spike Dudley, just to name a few. It would mean a lot to me if you could share my article with your readers. Many Thanks, Kenny http://www.boston.com/lifestyle/blogs/thenextgreatgeneration/2011/10/chaotic_wrestling_brings_sport.html

OK, but I still hate the fucking Bruins.  Fuck them and their Stanley Cup.  Just wanted to mention that.

Boston Plug

Hi Scott, Second time, long time. I wrote an article for Boston.com about the Chaotic Wrestling event in Boston last Friday. Chaotic is one of the best little Indy’s around, and they have featured such names as John Cena, Kofi Kingston and Spike Dudley, just to name a few. It would mean a lot to me if you could share my article with your readers. Many Thanks, Kenny http://www.boston.com/lifestyle/blogs/thenextgreatgeneration/2011/10/chaotic_wrestling_brings_sport.html

OK, but I still hate the fucking Bruins.  Fuck them and their Stanley Cup.  Just wanted to mention that.