Repetitive Raw Booking


forgive me if this has been asked and answered, but I always feel that the reason Raw is so stale boils down to using the exact same roster week-to-week for months (if not years) at a time. This could be just me, but it seems that every one of the top 15 or so guys MUST appear on every edition of Raw, be it in a match or a big angle — thus killing any possibility of fresh matchups, because you can only shuffle that deck so many times.

I understand that USA would prefer to have Cena and Rollins and probably one or two others on every week, but surely no one at the network is insisting that Sheamus and Kane and Big Show and Miz and Orton and one-to-two Bellas never miss a show? If you're working on a Reigns story, why not have him go with a lower-card guy just for a fresh look, rather than Reigns vs. Kane/Show/Henry every damn week? Isn't a big part of the appeal of shorter shows that you don't know who you're going to see — that is, you watch NXT and maybe you'll see Balor, maybe you'll see Bayley, maybe not, so why don't you tune in to find out?

​Yeah, and the bigger problem besides the repetitive matches is that the matches you do see are all the SAME.  Part of the advantage of being able to mix and match any combination of midcard geeks with getting much a style clash is that you never really see anything different out of them.  I just an appearance on Ben Morse's Rewind podcast tonight where we were talking about Bash at the Beach 96, and one discussion that came up was the wide diversity of styles that you had.  Cruiserweight opener, big man match, garbage tag team brawl, Malenko psychology clinic, Joe Gomez, etc.  At any moment they could mix up styles and have, say, La Parka & Disco Inferno v. The Public Enemy on Nitro and it would be a giant car wreck of epic proportions, but maybe it would end up being awesome 2 times out of 10, you just never knew. Now you get a bunch of samesy **1/2 matches up and down the RAW shows and yeah nothing is really a terrible car wreck anymore, but nothing is really great or memorable either. And that's becoming a failing of NXT to a certain degree, because they're so focused on teaching guys to all work the same that it becomes difficult to break out of the pack on that show unless you're an indy guy like Joe or Owens or Balor.   ​

Taker/Wyatt Booking


I can't remember a mania build I've been less enthusiastic about. Just thinking how WWE has more than likely booked themselves into a corner with The Taker and Bray matchup. On one hand if Taker goes over it's two straight years of Bray being built up only to not get the rub at Mania. If Taker jobs again this yr doesn't that seriously devalue the legacy of the streak with 2 consecutive losses? In retrospect, could Brock have been rebuilt as a monster without going over last year, and saving that rub for Bray this year since he seems to be as good of a long term option as any on the roster at this point?


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Bray is a guy who seriously needs to get the hell off TV for a few months and go elsewhere to freshen up.  He's done nothing for months but cut nonsensical promos about nothing and hasn't had any direction since the Wyatt Family breakup, and it's killing him.  I don't even understand what the issue in the Undertaker match is supposed to be.  
My ideal situation:  Wyatt uses the reunited Wyatt Family to beat Undertaker, and then the Shield reunites in the main event when Reigns loses and Rollins cashes in after a triple powerbomb on Lesnar, and we get a few months of those two factions warring with each other again in various combinations.  Hit the damn reset button and try again.  

Rare example of GOOD 50-50 booking?

> Hey Scott,
> Loyal Blog of Doom reader and occasional poster. Love the site, of course.
> I was thinking about past Wrestlemanias and examples of when WWE used the event to create new stars.  One of the first matches to come to mind was Rick Rude beating The Ultimate Warrior for the I-C belt at WM IV.  At the time Warrior was red hot, still basking in the glow of the HTM squash the previous summer.  Although he held the belt for a healthy 7 months, others (Savage, Santana, Honky himself) held it much longer previously. Warrior was clearly an up-and-coming star snd feeding him to Rude risked killing his momentum dead.  And although you could argue giving Rude the belt was creating a new star, the plan was simply for Rude to drop the belt back at Summerslam.  So, bam, instead of having two up and coming stars, you have the dreaded 50-50 booking of two guys with major PPV losses (to each other) on their records.
> Yet somehow both guys emerged from this feud stronger than ever despite the mutual jobs. It definitely helped when WWF began putting Warrior over Andte in 90-second squash matches on the house shows and pairing Rude with Piper on the opposite house circuit, but still, you had two guys survive big losses and move up the card.  It was perfect, almost the complete po site result you see these days when two guys trade non-decisive wins and wind up no better than where they started from.  Any idea how this worked, other than the sheets talent and/or charisma of the two guys involved?
> Yeah, actually it used to be the rule.  Basically you'd have Killer Khan come in and destroy his way up the food chain from Pedro Morales to Koko B Ware to Brutus Beefcake and then finally the program with Hogan around the horn.   He'd make money and get the rub (especially if there was a big SNME blowoff) and then he would go back down the ladder in reverse on the way out.   Job to Beefcake, job to Koko, finally job to Pedro and leave.   You've just spread the Hogan rub over four guys,  and everyone ends up a bigger star.   Somewhere along the way that got perverted into skipping the vital middle steps and just trading wins right away.  

2-hour Raw and HHH booking question

First, Hunter said in the Austin podcast what we all feel is true, that 3 hours Raws are too damn long and he prefers 2-hour shows.  The problem is USA and advertising sales for the third hour.  So why doesn't WWE run a 1-hour live pre-show on USA from 8-9 (I know its on the Network) but they can amp it up with interviews and recaps, and then have the actual new wrestling program from 9-11:05.  This way WWE programming is on live TV for USA to get their revenue boost, but they're not killing the roster and overexposing the brand.

Wait, so your solution is to add MORE interviews and recaps to the show?  I appreciate the thought, but 3 hours of any wrestling each week is just too damn long.  The fanbase just doesn't have the attention span or interest to sustain that long of a show.  KILL THE THIRD HOUR.  KILL IT WITH FIRE.

Booking for Survivor Series

Hi Scott,

How would you utilize Orton at Survivor Series (I'm going to go out on a limb and say that he can probably get the day off from filming "12 More Rounds" or "Oculus II: Oculii" or whatever direct-to-Chinese landfill he's working on now)? Let's say the match comes down to Cena vs. Rollins. Let's say Rusev gets counted out or something (gotta keep him strong before he does the job at Wrestlemania). He cheap-shots Cena before he leaves and that seemingly gives Rollins an easy pin. Orton comes down and everyone thinks he's going to attack Rollins. Instead, he beats on Cena causing Rollins to be DQ'ed and the Authority loses their power. It preserves Rollins (how long has it been since he's been pinned, anyway – was Reigns the last one to do it?) and it doesn't make Orton a sugary babyface since he didn't help Cena. Plus Cena stands tall at the end of the show, and that's how all WWE special events have to end, right?

Or am I overthinking it and it's going to be Cena taking out the entire team himself after his teammates all get beaten up backstage? 

​Yeah, I think you're overthinking it.  Orton isn't showing up because they've been super-careful to remove him from all advertising.  I know there's a feeling that the Authority will win again to maintain the status quo, but I'm still pretty sure CENAWINSLOL as you described to "keep him strong for Brock" and so that the announcers can freak out about who's running the show while they tease out a new GM to pop the ratings from 2.5 to 2.6.  ​

Booking the Survivor Series main event

I'm sure many fans have thought about this but isn't this main event at Survivor Series a golden chance to really put some people over and make new main event stars?  Now the fact that there is no stipulation if Cena's team loses, so I think that means the Authority is taking this victory(plus I don't see this company having the grapefruits to end this Authority angle since it's been their main thing for about a year and a half).  But with that said, wouldn't the most intriguing thing for them to do is have Cena be the first guy eliminated?  That immediately puts more intrigue in the match cause now we're guaranteed something different than the expected Cena over coming the odds to win.  I mean they could have Ryback comeback from a 4-1 deficit by just destroying people.  They could even sort of do that 'Diesel' Rumble spot where he eliminates a guy and chants 'FEED ME MORE' as he's waiting for the next guy to tag in(sorry I just really wanna see that
 spot at the Rumble).  But in my opinion, what they should do is give Ziggler the 2003 'Shawn Michaels' moment from that Team Austin vs Team Bischoff match.  Have it down to 3 on 1 and have Ziggler fight for his life to get it to one on one before he finally gets pinned by Rollins.  I mean that would get him over HUGE and the crowd would eat it up.  That would turn Ziggler into a big time main event player(before Triple H buries him the next night on RAW of course).  I mean WWE has a huge opportunity to really put some new guys over.  I guess my question is, do you think they will seize this opportunity?

……or will they just go the boring, predictable route and have Cena be the final guy, over coming the odds….again?

​Yeah, the second one there.  ​

The Booking Sheet

This past Sunday my store slowed down a bit for about an
hour, and myself and a few of the more hardcore wrestling fans there started
talking about NXT.

Okay, that’s a total lie. We were talking about football.
But we have talked about NXT before, and….
Okay, fine. That first part is also a lie. We were talking
about why we can’t get a coherent DC Universe on the big screen, but the small
screen stuff was working out pretty well, and then we started talking about
looking forward to Gotham, etc.
But we were also all professional wrestling fans, and we had
taken the time to discuss NXT in the past. It strikes me that we’d discussed
both of the NXT ‘network-per-views’ before they happened, but there didn’t seem
to be much to discuss this time out. I wonder if that was because of lack of
interest, their desire to return to their Mechwarrior game, or just because
there didn’t seem to be much in the way of buildup for this one in the same way
that the other two had had, you know? It just didn’t seem as important in some
way. I can’t totally put my finger on it.
But nonetheless, there’s a pretty big NXT event this week,
and I thought I’d use it as a springboard to talk a little about NXT as whole,
who we should expect to see up soon, whether or not they should even BE up
soon, and who will flame out spectacularly. We’ll only be talking about NXT
since it became the current version, so we’ll leave out it’s time in FCW….
Alright, fine! We were gossiping like little girls about
whether or not Oliver was finally going to bang Felicity on ‘Arrow’! Happy?
Emily Rickards is smoking, especially with the glasses! Olicity 
Obviously, the measuring stick of anyone who comes up from
NXT is the following 3 gentlemen:
I would actually argue that the booking of The Shield is the
single best booking that WWE has done with new characters. Ever. Ambrose,
Rollins, and Reigns were brought in and given a badass gimmick that clearly had
more thought process than people give credit for, in that the roles were
clearly defined for each wrestler and they got over through those roles.
Indeed, looking at Roman Reigns trying to get his timing down for singles
matches is a testament to the well-oiled machine that was The Shield; with both
Rollins and Ambrose seeing significant pushes as well generating from the roles
that The Shield gave them (Ambrose as the charismatic maniac, while Rollins has
had his heel turn explained as just him being the smartest guy in the faction),
we can clearly see that The Shield was a complete success. It’s rare that WWE
brings guys in and puts them over this strong, but they did everything right
and the result was the creation of at least 3 new talents that will sniff the
upper-card at various points for a LONG time.
Is there another Shield somewhere on Takeover 2? Well, to
find out, let’s break it down.
We’re just covering the title matches, not the undercard; I
don’t think any of the undercard guys are even close to being ready yet.

WHO MAKES IT TO THE BIG LEAGUES?: Everyone. Why The Ascension
isn’t there yet is beyond me, but we’ll get to that. I fully expect Sin
Cara/Kalisto to go over for the belts here to free up the former champs for a
ticket to the traveling circus.

WHY IS THAT, SIR?: Well, because for all their lip service to
rebuild the tag division, they’ve quietly done a decent job of doing just that,
with the Usos, the Rhodes, and the Wyatts making a good start to the rebuilt
tag ranks. Once the Usos dispatch of the Rhodes at NOC, it only makes sense to
bring up the Ascension as the next challengers before they KO the division with
Big Show/Henry. They’ve been beyond ready, the Usos need fresh meat, and it
keeps the tons of fun away from the tag belts that have become desirable again.
Kalisto is due to be the next failure  attempt to
recreate the success of Rey Mysterio. WWE isn’t going to give up that
sweet, sweet, mask money anytime soon, and Kalisto looks capable enough to carry
the ball when they need to. Sin Cara can always come back to do the job when he
needs to.
WHEN DO WE SEE THEM ON RAW?: The Ascension could happen any
day now; I would think that the Raw after NOC is the best place assuming that
The Usos retain against Cody and Dustin (Although I wouldn’t mind seeing the
brotherhood win; if that happens, expect the debut to happen after the next
PPV.) Kalisto should take his time, build up in NXT against the incoming
Steen/Devitt/Kenta holy trinity, as they could teach him quite a bit if he’s
willing to listen, and he’s not likely to get that type of attention up in the
main fed. I’d expect Kalisto by the end of the year, though. Sin Cara will
bounce back and forth to do a few jobs, make a little love, and pretty much get
down tonight.

WHO MAKES IT TO THE BIG LEAGUES?: Charlotte for sure. I like
Bayley as well, but I have concerns.

WHY IS THAT, SIR?: Charlotte has two things going for her –
her last name and her talent. I think we all know that HHH still has a veiny,
throbbing Flair boner, and I suspect that it will extend to the heiress to the
throne. (Hee, extend) Besides that, Charlotte can wrestle. That having been
said, she could use a ton more time if they’re willing to give it. I was
rewatching her match with Nattie, and Nat carried the match in more than a few
spots, which is completely understandable; Charlotte is less than a year into
this thing. She has potential, but it gets mistaken for ‘she’s better than half
the divas on Raw’ as a good thing. Yes, she is better than half the divas on
Raw. But what does she get if she comes up? Inserted into the Bellas mess, or
the AJ/Paige mess of a feud? There’s nowhere for her to go, because in the
women’s division, the line is very clearly drawn – you’re either on Total
Divas, you’re Paige or AJ, or you’re just not really there at all. It’s a
classic case of there being no place to put Charlotte at this point. I’d rather
see her honing her craft to a fine edge and letting either Total Divas get
cancelled, AJ or Paige quit, or just let the Bellas thing run the course and
then come up to help rebuild the division.
Bayley has a great character, and would be over in a
second if she came up to the Fed with the wacky wobbling inflatables thing. I don’t
get into her matwork as much, and she REALLY needs at least another year down
in NXT before they bring her up. I would hold off.

WHEN DO WE SEE THEM ON RAW?: While I wish it weren’t so, I suspect
they’ll rush Charlotte up faster than she needs to be, and we see her on Raw
sometime in the next few months. Bayley is perfectly safe for another year in
NXT, and that’s where she should be.
And finally,

WHY IS THAT, SIR?: First things first – I have no idea why
Zayn wore that damn mask all those years, because his facial expressions have
become one of my favorite parts of his character and wrestling style. I have to
give them credit for finding his wonderfully expressive face and properly using
Now then: Zayn is the best wrestler and makes it because of
that. Period. Zayn only needs to make sure that he becomes the next Daniel
Bryan and not the next Evan Bourne; that’s going to be his biggest obstacle. I
can totally see him relegated into opening matches in the midcard for the rest
of his life, but if that results in multiple ****+ matches, it’s a sacrifice I
guess I’ll have to live with. Zayn has the most pure in-ring talent when it
comes to selling, when it comes to smoothly hitting moves, and when it comes to
telling a story in the squared circle. His only obstacle will be convincing
creative that his size is not a hindrance. I think he will. Whether or not he
ends up as Jeff Hardy or Kofi Kingston’s tag team partner is going to be his
white whale.
Neville is going to get a shot, but I don’t know if he makes
it. He has a great finisher, he can fly, yes, but he’s not great on the stick
and I’ve seen nothing that suggests that will improve. He’s green as shit, he
needs more time. I don’t know if they’re going to give it to him, but we’ll
see. Either way, he’s a great 5th or 6th dude in a MITB
match, and I think unlike Sami, he will reach that ceiling of Kofi’s tag
partner and go no higher. We’ll see.
Kidd probably gets one more shot, if only because of Nattie
and Total Divas. Yes, I think he should use that as a storyline on the show to
get him back on Raw. Why not? They’re booking the Bellas angle to appease the
Total Divas producers, why not use some Kidd/Nattie drama to spice things up as
well? I honestly think that Kidd gets that shot one more time, but that’s
probably it.
I don’t think Tyler Breeze ever sees the light of day on Raw
outside of last Monday. I remain completely unimpressed with his ringwork (He
chinlocks people in a way that makes Randy Orton nod his head like the Emperor
at the end of Return of the Jedi), and I also think that the arrogant douchebag
works on a smaller scale but not a larger one these days; to put it simply, the
character may get over, but I have a lot of doubts about the guy playing the
character connecting with an audience through his ringwork.
WHEN DO WE SEE THEM ON RAW?: I hope not for a little while
yet. Yes, Zayn is better than most of the guys on the roster now, but where
does he go? I just don’t see it yet. Same with Neville. Kidd can come back any
old time, especially if they need someone to put a guy over strongly. I would
probably turn Neville or Zayn at Takeover; either have Zayn win the belt and
have Neville snap, or have Neville escape with the win and have Zayn snap. I’d like
to see either of them work heel for a little while to see what they would do
with it; I think we see both come up about Royal Rumble time, similar to what
Rusev did last year, and lead up to a Wrestlemania match of some type to prep
at least one of them for MITB.
And so it goes. I would think that, based on the last two
NXT events, we’re in for a nice night of pretend fisticuffs this evening. Let’s
hope that WWE uses the results to carefully analyze when and if they should be
bringing these dudes up; I don’t want another Adam Rose. Or Emma. Or Bo Dallas.
(Eh, I still have some hope for Bo.)
It’s said that those who ignore the lessons of the past are
condemned to repeat them.
If the result is more booking along the lines that created
the Shield, let me say this:
Ignorance is bliss.

Rick Poehling
@MrSoze on Twitter

The Booking Sheet

How often is the answer to a question in professional
wrestling as simple as just saying ‘Lance Storm’?
Last week, I wrote more than a few words about the
Intercontinental title and it’s, shall we say, horrendously atrocious booking
done by those who probably have combined IQs equal to a severely retarded walrus.

But that PALES in comparison to the gleeful destruction of
the once-proud United States Championship. And this week, we’re going to look
at where it belongs on the midcard, and how the title can be rehabilitated….hopefully.
The US championship pretty much became the sullen 13 year
old that came with the marriage when the WWE swallowed up WCW whole. While the
IC title was a creation of Vince’s and therefore a blessing from the Gods, the
US title was a crappy reminder of life in Hell. In the list of the top 10
wrestlers who have held the belt for the most number of days, Dean Ambrose comes
in at #8, ahead of Nikita Koloff. I would wager to guess that at least 2-300 of
those days came about because he forgot the belt at home and no one really
noticed anyway.
Of course, right now, Sheamus is currently using the belt to
prop up some loose drainpipes after winning it in a Battle Royale (the
culmination of all great wrestling feuds); first things first, we need to get
that thing off of him.
Lance Storm.
See, the one thing that the US title has going for it is
that it can be used to tap into the jingoism that the WWE is so effective at
coercing from the audience. You can count on the crowd chanting ‘USA’ pretty
much on cue whenever presented with one of the following:
-A flag
-A soldier
-A firefighter or police officer (this last is less true in
Missouri these days)
-An opponent who glanced at the US flag sideways
-Curtis Axel (gotta chant SOMETHING when we’re bored. See
also: Divas, The)
So, get the crowd invested in their own pseudo-patriotism by
having a foreigner degenerate the belt in front of them. Of course, the last
guy to do that was our answer: Lance Storm, the one and only Canadian
heavyweight champion in WCW history. Unless, of course, you count what John
Cena did to the belt as degenerating it; if you do, you are correct, but we’re
going with Storm’s renaming of the belt for our purposes. The angle drew heat,
put the spotlight on the belt, and made it a bigger deal when…sigh….Hugh G.
Rection won it from him and rechristened it the United States Championship.
I hate it when my point falls apart because of a Vince Russo
dick joke.
Alright, so Storm is out. To be fair, my expert sources
claim he’s retired anyway, so we need another guy. Perhaps another foreigner,
one who can use the belt as a way to gain even more heat, a way to build on
some sort of Anti-USA fervor….

NOW? (Not Xavier Woods)
It’s amusing to me that this type of booking needs to even
be discussed. There has never been a more perfect way to both rebuild a title
and to keep building a character.
Rusev, love him or hate him, has been booked extremely well
to this point, especially for someone who will in all likelihood be jobbing to
Cena soon. There is almost literally no reason that he shouldn’t have won the title
from Sheamus by now, rechristened it the Russian Federation Championship, and
pissed all over it while singing a Russian translation of Yankee Doodle Dandy.
One of the keys to this booking, especially in rehabbing the
United States title, is to wash the stink off the belt that has been associated
with its less than frequent title defenses. So, I’m going to suggest a
two-pronged approach to this whole idea.
#1 – Rusev wins the belt in convincing fashion, and 2.
Let’s face the facts here – Rusev isn’t sniffing the World
title anytime soon if anyone up in Stanford has any brains. He shouldn’t be
near the inevitable Cena burial either. What we need is to establish a
hierarchy of titles in the WWE, with the World and IC belts being defended very
rarely on TV, and the US title being the modern equal of the fabled Television
belt. That’s pretty much the only way this whole thing can work, if each belt
has different levels of importance in the pecking order of the Fed.
So, Rusev wins the belt. And he should defend it. On Raw. On
Smackdown. On Main Event if you want. Hell, invent a show called ‘Rusev defends
the US title’ and have him defend it there. The point is that Rusev should be
dominating and crushing everything in his path for the next, say, year or so.
And after each match, he should gloat to beat the band. He
should point out how he has dominated the United States in match after match.
Lana can invent more medals to give him, rename the belt a la Mr. Storm as stated
above, and just in general be a dick. It always works, especially if you don’t
shoot him too far beyond what he can handle.
The enduring part of the whole storyline is that Rusev has
to defend that belt all the time to drive home the point that a Russian is
holding an American title because…..
We’re not exactly fond of people pointing out our
shortcomings down South of the border.
I was sort of embarrassed, for any number of reasons, about
the Swagger/Colter stuff over the last year; but the thing that BUGGED the shit
out of me was the complete willingness of the crowd to chant ‘We the People’
after Colter was saying the most racist crap on the mic he could to incite as
much of a reaction as he could. Yes, the crowd knew who the heels were
supposed to be, but getting a crowd to chant along like a bunch of monkeys isn’t
exactly rocket science.
But here’s what truly disturbed me about the whole thing;
Swagger’s face turn didn’t involve ANY TYPE OF TURN. He just started saying
racist/jingoistic shit about a BAD foreigner, and the crowd all of a sudden
loves the guy, and Colter’s just lovable old Zeb who was kicked in the head by
the bad guy and isn’t it swell that he’s back to support Jack and his quest to
beat up said bad guy? It spoke terribly, at least to me, about how we have no
self-awareness as a culture of people as to when we’re being played, that we’re
willing to root for anyone who waves the right flag and boo the guy who waves
the wrong one regardless of the substance of their character. It’s not a great
reflection of the United States, if you think about it.
On the other hand….

But when there’s a dollar to be made, exploit the hell out
of it. It’s the REAL American way. And exploiting American patriotism is so
easy, our government does it on a regular basis and not only gets away with it,
it’s one of the few things they occasionally get praised for. (Occasionally.
Most of the time, we hate the bums so much, we just re-elect them.)
And we walk right into it, every time. As stated above,
Lance Storm, not exactly the strongest promo in the world, had quite the thing
going in re-christening every title he won in WCW as a Canadian belt. Imagine
what Lana could do with the US title on her arm and the mic in her hand.
It would be a thing of beauty.
The fact is, Rusev’s character was made for this belt, and
this time. It will allow you to build up a babyface using the ‘Merica aspect of
that character if they choose, or they can just use Rusev as a machine to draw
the heat. Either way, it actually uses the United States title as something
that is, stunningly, relevant; a feat which it has been struggling to accomplish for quite some time now.
And that would be something to salute.
Rick Poehling

@MrSoze on Twitter

The Booking Sheet

I can remember the first time I ever thought that titles
were important.

It was during a Flair/Luger match; Clash something or other,
Fall Brawl, Mountain Madness. But unlike other Flair/Luger matches, it was for
the US title, and I can distinctly remember the voice of Jim Ross throughout
the match, screaming about how Flair NEEDED to win the US title so he would be
the number one contender for the World title. It was pounded home, the entire
match; need to win the US title to get another match with Sting. Then, at the
end, Stan Hansen attacked Luger to set up their program, and that had been set
up earlier in the show by Hansen wanting to move up the ladder so he could get
paid more money, which would be accomplished if he won the US belt.
Long story short, EVERYTHING in that match, from beginning
to screwjob, revolved around that belt.
Of course, now, the prestigious US title is….well, how
exactly would you describe the current positioning of both the US title and the
ostensibly equally prestigious Intercontinental title, guest wrestling critic
Jay Sherman?

Danke, Mr. Sherman.
Let’s admit something here – the ultimate goal of making
title belts little more than props has been achieved, to be sure, especially
over the last 10 years or so. The ‘prestige’ of a title reign is less than it
used to be.
How can we fix that?
Let’s start with the Intercontinental title this week. We’ll
tackle the US next week.
The Intercontinental title has been, shall we say, passed
around at a rate rivaling a French whore in a Victor Hugo novel in the last
several years, with an actual French whore probably holding the belt at some
point in that time period. (Fun exercise in the comments section: Name that
French Whore/IC Champion!)*
So, what we need is some stability for the belt, some kind
of reign that will legitimize the title again; what we need is someone who requires
some rehabilitation but is still a legit threat to the upper card if we’re going
to try to make the belt strong again.
Bray Wyatt, meet the Intercontinental Title.
Intercontinental Title, meet Bray Wyatt.
Please don’t leave the belt alone with Rowan for any
extended period of time during your days together; he makes us nervous.
Why Bray Wyatt, you may ask?
Well, let’s break it down:
Wyatt is spinning his wheels – and that
may not actually be a cliché, considering the Wyatt family gimmick. You tell me
they have a spinning wheel on that farm, I’d believe it. But still, Wyatt has
been on an uphill treadmill in the fed since the Cena feud. Sure, he’s hanging
out near the top of the card, he main-evented Raw last week for God’s sakes!
Of course, a few weeks ago, so did this man….

….and at least he won!
Bray perfectly fits the profile needed to rebuild a title
right now. He’s an upper mid-card heel; traditionally, for chase type
scenarios, they work best. His character has been defined with him being the one
who chases, which means that we can evolve the character by giving him a belt
and letting him become the hunted as opposed to the hunter. It’s a key part of
how his character needs to move forward – he needs to be on the other side of a
feud, and giving him a belt provides that.
But why would Bray want a title? Well, let me ask you a
question: what the hell DOES Bray’s character want? His motives haven’t been
clearly explained for a lot of these feuds; does he want more family members,
power, what exactly is his deal? So, clarity is necessary. But no problem, WWE –
I already wrote his promo for you!
(This promo works best if you turn out your lights. You
know, for mood and stuff.)
“Heh. In this world, the rich man is the king! Money,
wealth, fame; you all follow the idols created by the television shows they
beam right past your eyes into your sheep’s brain! It’s all about the gold in
this world, this world that needs (giggle) a new prophet, a poor man who will
lead his brothers in revolution! A revolution that burns the false idols of the
blind who worship that which shines away the things they cannot see!
(Muttering) But they tell me that to be the shepherd, you have to play the
game, the game by their rules, the game before you change the rules.
There’s a story they tell in the churches on Sundays, a
story about the golden idol and the vengeance of a God who swept away the
sinners! But those sinners saw the truth of the future, that the gold would be
held above all until the God came to punish the (giggles again) weak. I am the
God. I am the Eater of WORLDS. And this world needs its God, so I’ll play the
games of the false prophets; but when I take your golden idol as my own, you’ll
have to fall to your knees and worship at my feet! You’ll all listen when you
hear the Commandments as read by the God who holds the gold, I will unite the sinners and virtuous alike in ways the story’s God never did; you’ll scoop up
the sand in the desert when I tell you to drink because you can only see the
shine’s arc of the gold adorning the Eater of Worlds.
(Singing) He’s got the
whole world in his hands, he’s got the whole wide world, in his hands.”
Bray Wyatt gets that belt, and then he has a reason to
prophesize and preach, because he finally has something that people want. That alone
should be enough to get him motivated to win the belt, because it gives him
something to force people to chase him; there’s nothing that a cult leader wants
more than to have followers. In Bray’s demented mind, he can see those who want
the belt as a chance to create new members of the Wyatt family. And, in some
cases, he should probably succeed.
The title can be used to evolve Wyatt’s character in several
different ways. 1) As stated above, he can create new members of his stable. 2)
He can start to inject subtle hypocrisy into his positions; what does the poor
man prophet do when he gets a taste of the gold? How does it change him? 3) He
could LOSE family members as well, if jealousy gets injected on behalf of
Harper or Rowan wanting the shiny title. 4) If he were to turn face, the
natural conflict he would have with the Authority could be used; right now, most
of his feuds have been ‘outside’ the main power brokers and structure, but that
conflict could be brought into apparent relief if there was a belt on the line.
Of course, these are all things that would help Bray Wyatt
if he had the belt.
Short answer: it doesn’t. The belt is an inanimate object
that has no actual feelings or needs.
Longer, less sarcastic answer: There is no title that needs
rehabilitation more than the IC title. What is it when we say ‘rehabilitation’?
Well, to me, it’s all about the positioning of the belt to enhance the title’s prestige. You know, unlike, say, fishing a belt out of a trash can. Back in the day,
positioning the belt holder as the number 1 contender did the job.
Nowadays, it’s normally just whoever is holding the belt
doing the job.
That’s a big part of what needs to change. Therefore, the
person who tries to elevate the title again must be only slightly stronger than a
mid-carder (to give a greater variety of wrestlers the chance for a title feud), while still able to make a plausible main eventer (should the time come to elevate them again).
Again – Bray Wyatt. His most high-profile jobs since
Wrestlemania 30 have been to Cena and to Jericho, both of whom there is no shame in losing to. The title needs a strong heel
more than it needs anything else, because heels tend to be stronger standard
bearers for long title reigns, especially with a correctly positioned IC title.
Look at the long roster of IC champs, and most of the best were heels. Savage,
Honky Tonk, Perfect – these were the guys who held that belt and made it one of
the strongest titles in the company.
But more to the point, we’re at a place in the WWE right now
where the belt is necessary if Brock Lesnar is going to hold the world title
until Wrestlemania. The current scenario is tailor-made for the IC title to
once again rise in importance, especially if the main belt is gone for long,
extended periods of time. It will need a strong wrestler and promo guy to be a
part of that rebuilding. Bray Wyatt is the answer. He can elevate the title to
something akin to what it once was. He would make a great champion for either a
long chase by a midcard face to finally go over, a dominant heel champ for many
months, or to use the title as a hotshot to a rookie like Sami Zayn (since the
IC title works better as a hotshot title than the World Title).
Allow me to draw a comparison here between Bray Wyatt and
the most obvious character in the same position….

…um, no. I meant Bray Wyatt and…Curt Hennig.
Hennig’s career trajectory followed Bray’s in some ways. He
went over jobbers for months, was given vignettes that established the
character before he came in, and he worked his way up Hogan with a perfect
record before doing the job to him – but instead of sinking him to the bottom
of the ocean, he went over for the IC belt and became a standard bearer for
that title, holding it for multiple reigns and treating it as though it were
quite prestigious the whole time.
Let’s take a quick look at Bray: vignettes to build up the
character? Check. Winning streak to build up his character? Yup. Worked his way
to the top face in the company and lost the feud? Cena says hello. And now…..
That’s why the IC title was so important. Wyatt is perfect
for it at this point in his career. It gives him focus and it gives him a
storyline that can relate both his strengths as a character in his wacky-ass
promos while still allowing the traditional wrestling storylines to permeate through;
sometimes we forget that the reason that some things are tradition are because
they, you know, WORK. Combine the two and we have a winner.
And that’s the Wyatt is so important for the title. The
title can only benefit from a strong reign by an over heel that could go many
different directions. The title can only be elevated by someone making it a
focal point of their character, especially if that character evolves along the
way as a result of that reign.
So, WWE, take my advice:
Follow the buzzards.
Rick Poehling
@MrSoze on twitter
*As far as I know, there weren’t any French whores that held
the IC title, but here’s hoping it’s good for some chuckles from you all in the
comment section. Fire away. All jokes about The Miz will be ignored because, face it, that one’s too fucking obvious.

The Booking Sheet

First off, sorry to those who were reading my stuff for not
writing the last two weeks. Things have been kind of hectic around the house.
Second, I like writing long-form pieces that aren’t straight
show reviews, and there are more than enough writers who do a fine job with
that on this blog anyway, so the focus of what I write is going to shift more
into the fantasy booking realm, since that’s what I like to discuss anyway.
I know that fantasy booking isn’t everyone’s cup of vodka, and
I know that long columns also aren’t always people’s thing, so I just wanted to
give fair warning to the readers that you may not want to click on my stuff if
that’s not what you’re into. No harm, no foul on my end.

Now then, where were we?
Ah yes.  Our Viking
Space Lord had just ascended to his mighty throne. Mr. Lesnar, if you could
spare a thought, now that you are the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, what is
best in life?
Succinct, as always.
The WWE has placed itself in a position they haven’t been in
for a very, very long time….a completely dominant heel champion sits on top of
the food chain. The last time a top face sacrificed himself this completely in
a WWE title match, it was…(checks notes) some guy named ‘The Rock’ to a guy
named….Brock Lesnar.
Well then.
All of that notwithstanding, the WWE has a very unique
opportunity in front of them to tell a long-term story that will make an amount
of money that may or may not allow them to purchase, say, Brooklyn.
Of course, that depends on a few different factors, mostly
the following:
1. Establishing a strong contender
2. Waiting to pull the trigger until the biggest show of the
year to give Lesnar a dominant reign, allowing the win to both mean something
and draw the amount of money conservatively referred to in the scientific
community as a ‘metric assload’.
Now, I have little confidence that the WWE can wait long
enough on #2 to make the story work, unless Pat Patterson is booking. (Assload!
Libelous cheap shot!) It’s a long period of time, injuries happen, Lesnar is
part-time, etc. But for purposes of this article, we’re going to assume they
can hold off blowing their wad….unless Pat Patterson is booking. (Numbah 2!)
So, let’s take a look at #1, and ask the question:
Who will be standing over a vanquished Brock Lesnar at
Wrestlemania 31?


WHY IT WILL BE HIM: He’s the chosen one. He’s got great hair.
He’s been booked in GREAT fashion, getting wins over top talent while looking
dominant hitting power moves. Of any of the contenders we mention here, it
seems most likely he’ll be the one, mostly because they seem bound and
determined not to fuck it up. His ascension has been all but predetermined
since last year’s Royal Rumble, where he pretty much got so bored throwing
people out, he brought in the referees, the timekeeper, the concession workers,
the sign guy, and that asshole who won’t sit down after you finally got good
seats for the taping for the first time in your fucking life so you still can’t
see SHIT and threw each one of them out, too. He’s also a complete WWE product;
a Legacy guy, he came up through only their system, works matches the way they
want him to work them, and doesn’t go off the reservation. He’s got GREAT hair.
WHY HE’S SCREWED: He’s green as shit. The match with Orton
at Summerslam exposed the hell out of him as a singles competitor, at least
right now. Say what you will about Orton, but he should have been able to carry
that match enough to get the crowd invested in Reigns, and he didn’t – they
were more into Orton’s comeback, and the reception was not anywhere close to
what the WWE could have wanted when Reigns won. Orton can sell very well, so
either he sandbagged him, or they just clashed somehow out there. His biggest
issue is one that he will probably solve with time, but it’s still there: he’s
used to standing on the apron as the heavy in a tag match. His whole style that
was honed with The Shield for months involved someone else in the match getting
the shit kicked out of them, and then here he came with the big moves –
Superman Punch, Powerbomb, Spear, win. There’s a reason that Goldberg’s matches
kept it short. Reigns is better, but there’s a ways to go.
DOES HE SEE FIREWORKS AT ‘MANIA?: Probably. He’s got months
to get it together. It seems kind of fucked up to take him to task for his
first match not being a ***** affair, although to be fair, it was barely **1/4,
and a lot of that was Orton’s timing in my opinion. He’s positioned near the
top of the card, so he’s going to get a lot of chances at this thing. He has
improved since the Shield split, so there’s no real reason to think that he
won’t continue improving – the only debate is if he gets there in time.
HOW DOES HE GET THERE?: NOC – Defeat Orton in a gimmick
rematch, some kind of no-DQ type thing. Hell in a Cell – HHH goes down hard,
probably to a either a DQ after getting whipped like a dog, or a clean pin,
although I think that waits until TLC. Survivor Series – Team with other faces
in a 4 v 4, one of the last one or two guys standing. TLC – HHH loses some sort
of gimmick match. Royal Rumble – HHH tries again, putting Reigns out there
early and it backfires, as Reigns breaks his own record tossing people out.
Reigns faces HHH at the Chamber with the title shot on the line, Reigns wins
and faces Lesnar, who barely survives the Elimination Chamber by powerbombing
John Cena into a coma. A big power match at ‘Mania ensues, with Lesnar finally showing cracks in his confidence when faced with another large, powerful wrestler, and he loses after Reigns counters the 3rd F5 into the 3rd Spear of the match, getting the pin.

WHY IT WILL BE HIM: Daniel Bryan never lost this belt, but
has problems with the Authority; the Authority is responsible for Lesnar’s
title reign, by giving him the title shot in the first place. They’re still
torturing his wife on-air, which makes him want to stick it to them even more.
Bryan makes the most sense for other reasons. He can paint himself as a
wrestler who can use his technical skills to match Lesnar move for move, and
try to use his small size as an asset. Unlike last year, he’s not directly
fighting HHH or Orton or Batista, so we don’t need to overbook the main event –
there’s two undercurrents at work. One, Daniel Bryan would be the biggest
babyface EVER in this angle, just due to his small size alone, and that draws
bunches of money. Two, the wronged wrestler getting back the title he never
lost to prove himself all over again is also a way to draw bunches of money!
There’s so much money to made, it seems silly to even consider another guy,

WHY HE’S SCREWED: ….he’s coming off not one but multiple
surgeries. Lesnar wrestles a safe enough style, but there’s a lot of suplexes,
a lot of strong power moves that drop wrestlers, and a lot of tossing the other
wrestler around. Plus, to make the angle work to its fullest extent, that is exactly
the match that Lesnar/Bryan should have – Lesnar tossing Bryan around like a
ragdoll until Bryan finally outwrestles him and beats him. That’s the story,
and it’s a pretty tough story to execute with a wrestler, who, at best, MAY be
back in time for the Rumble? Tall order, even for D-Bry. Plus, Bryan is at a
high enough level that he doesn’t need the belt (probably), and if Brock Lesnar
threw around John Cena the way that he did, it would probably be best if Lesnar
lost in a strong style match against a strong babyface like Reigns, who can wrestle
a realistic power style and extinguish the threat that is Brock on a simple,
muscle to muscle style match.

possibly. I think it all depends on how the WWE analyzes the response to Reigns’
push. If they don’t think that he’s ready, they will slow it down. Reigns is
the future, so he’ll keep, and if that means that Daniel Bryan needs to go over
at ‘Mania this year and make them buckets of money, that’s a sacrifice they’re
probably willing to make. I think that he probably does the noble job at either
the Rumble or as one of the participants of the Chamber, and faces Cena or
Rollins on the undercard at ‘Mania, all the while keeping his eye on the title,
much like Eddie Guerrero did before his death.
HOW DOES HE GET THERE?: After Brie wins the Divas title at
the Royal Rumble, she crashes an interview with the Authority, and when
Stephanie makes an off-hand comment about the family finally having another
champion, she smirks and walks away, saying ‘We’ll see’ under her breath. In a
nod to the 1992 Royal Rumble, the music of Daniel Bryan hits early in the
Rumble, probably about 4 or 5. He survives numerous elimination attempts
throughout the match, giving the crowd a heart attack every 5 seconds or so.
Finally, the match gets down to him and Reigns, and after numerous teases that
recall Shawn/Taker, they go the opposite way and Bryan wins the Rumble. Brock
comes out at the top of the stage with Heyman, big smile on his face, and makes
a snapping motion while pointing to Bryan’s neck. Promo wars begin on Raw,
while HHH is determined to keep Bryan away from the title by any means
necessary – he throws the newly heel turned Big Show at him at Elimination Chamber with orders to
break his neck again. Bryan survives. At ‘Mania, he keeps escaping Lesnar suplexes
and throws kicks at every junction, gets caught for a long heel beatdown targeting
the neck, and finally escapes the F5, kicks Lesnar into jelly, and applies the
Yes Lock after another F5 attempt to get the tapout.

WHY IT WILL BE HIM: He’s John Cena.
Oh fine, here’s more. Scott likes to talk about Rocky 3 – if
they are intent on reviving that story, Lesnar needs to have a nice long reign
while Cena is forced to work his way back to the top after absorbing the beating
he took initially.
Oh, and….he’s John Cena.
WHY HE’S SCREWED: They seem intent on trying to create
someone new at the top, especially looking at Reigns’ push. HHH might prevent
him from getting that 16th reign for awhile, if only because of his
love for Flair and the history of the business. Cena seems like he’s heading for
a tipping point with the fanbase – yes, he’s still popular as hell, no, he’s
not turning heel, but he’s starting to approach heat that they have to be
slightly uncomfortable with him as a top face. Cena is dangerously close to
getting at least some degree of x-pac heat, seriously. Cena doesn’t need the
belt, and isn’t being painted as the dominant wrestler that he once was – the beating
he took from Lesnar proved that.
DOES HE SEE FIREWORKS AT ‘MANIA?: Possibly as part of a
3-way, or if they lose confidence in Reigns and Bryan isn’t ready. Otherwise,
no. I think they’re ready to move on from Cena having the belt, honestly, and he
works just fine as he did last year, working the midcard with an up and comer,
probably Seth Rollins or likewise.

HOW DOES HE GET THERE?: NOC – loses again, in a closer match
than before, but still loses. The next night on Raw, Cena cuts a promo about
needing to do something to get back to the top, and takes his leave until….the
Raw before the Royal Rumble, where he interrupts Lesnar’s gloating promo about
how he’s going to break Daniel Bryan’s neck again at the Rumble, and cuts his
own promo, about how he needs to prove himself all over again, and enters the
Rumble voluntarily taking the #1 spot. Cena dominates the Rumble in winning it,
eliminating Reigns at the end resulting in a staredown that will carry over
into the rest of 2015. At ‘Mania, Cena wins a classic calling back to
Andre/Hogan (with better workers), where Lesnar dominates with power moves
until Cena makes the comeback and finishes.

WHY IT WILL BE HIM: He’s the Daniel Bryan of this year. He’s
the guy who might get it if everything else goes wrong, but we’ll get to that.
He’s the most well-drawn character on the roster, in that he portrays a
character that has allusions to both Pillman and Piper, so we know it’s a
character that they can do well. He pops the crowd every time he hits the
screen, he’s a great promo who can get the crowd eating out of his hand, and he
seems just crazy enough to take on Lesnar because he has no fear whatsoever.
His ringwork needs a little tightening, but that’s a minor thing. The crowd
fucking loves him, and if we learned anything from last year, the crowd can
turn this thing if they get the chance.
WHY HE’S SCREWED: It’s way too soon. Reigns’ push has been
in play for over year, really; since last year’s Royal Rumble, he’s been made
to look like a million bucks at all costs. Ambrose has not been treated as
such. He’s a mid-carder who is seen as one, who may make it up to the main
event with more time. While we may see the Wrestlemania main event as a way to
move him up, they probably don’t; Daniel Bryan last year was probably the
exception, not the rule. Ambrose needs a MITB type thing to get him to that
next level, since I don’t see them putting him over as a dominant face.
Finally, while they have shown they CAN do this character, it is also an
extremely difficult character to maintain, so they will probably take their
DOES HE SEE FIREWORKS AT ‘MANIA?: Barring a plane carrying
Daniel Bryan, John Cena, and Roman Reigns going down Buddy Holly style, he’s
watching from backstage after a satisfying IC title win, or something similar
in the upper-midcard. Next year, Dean, next year.
HOW DOES HE GET THERE?: HITC – Ambrose and Rollins have a
match topping their Raw one, a ****1/2 affair that gets people’s attention.
Ambrose goes over. Survivor Series – Ambrose goes over someone in the upper
midcard, probably Orton, and calls out HHH, taunting him into the ring. HHH
refuses, so Ambrose resorts to the same type of sneak attacks he did against
Rollins, finally angering him enough to agree to step into the ring. At TLC, he
and HHH tear it up in a falls count anywhere match, and Stephanie takes an
accidental shot, which turns the feud into a blood war. At the Royal Rumble,
HHH forces Ambrose to face him again if he wants a spot in the Rumble; after
losing the match, HHH Pillmanizes the ankle and continues to beat on him until
Roman Reigns makes the save; Ambrose hobbles to the ring as entrant #26,
surviving until the final 2, himself and Randy Orton, remain. HHH comes down to
ringside, and heel miscommunication results in Ambrose becoming the surprise
winner of the Royal Rumble. At Elimination Chamber, Ambrose faces HHH one more
time, with the title shot on the line, no holds barred – he wins and sets
himself up for ‘Mania, where he goes over Lesnar after taking a shit-kicking by
catching Lesnar off-guard due to his own arrogance.


WHY HE’S SCREWED: Bitch, please.
HOW DOES HE GET THERE?: United Airlines. Or, he pays $9.99
like the rest of us.
See you next week.
Rick Poehling

@MrSoze on twitter

Sting Booking?

Ok, so Sting coming back is pretty much a given at this point? And everyones talking about how to book, so heres my idea:
I think WWE needs to move FORWARD with Stings character, not just play off nostalgia so heres my idea. After the Wrestlemania match, Undertaker beats Brock and everyone is going nuts, he kneels down as his iconic music plays and when the lights come back on Undertaker grabs his neck in surprise Announcers are like “what is going on?” “I think I just seen a bee?” Then over the coming weeks Undertaker keeps getting stung by bees but no one knows who is doing it until Vince Mcmahon comes in and is like “Oh so you got STUNG huh? That must really STING” And then Undertaker puts two and two together and becomes detective Undertaker and figures out that Sting is controlling the bees and is sending a message Could easily stretch this out throughout the whole year, with Undertaker appearing at RAW every week and grabbing his arm, or putting sting ointment on it etc going on wikipedia and researching bees Then at Wrestlemania Undertaker turns the tides and pours the urn on sting, which was actually full of honey all along and all the Bees sting Sting and Undertaker wins.


Two billion network subscriptions!

Extremely clever Royal Rumble booking


> I've got it! A Royal Rumble finish that's never been done before!


> The final two men in the ring are CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Suddenly,

> the lights go out, and the Wyatt Family storm the ring, throw both

> Bryan and Punk out of the ring THROUGH the ropes, and kidnap them.

> The show goes off the air with the announcers wondering what the hell

> was going on.


> Immediately after the show, HHH releases a message on saying

> that, because there was no winner to the Royal Rumble, they would redo

> the entire thing tomorrow night on Monday Night Raw to decide the

> person that will MAIN EVENT WRESTLEMANIA!


> Since there will be, in essence, no more PPVs to worry about selling

> after this show, this would be the perfect way to both end the PPV era

> and pop a rating for the next night's show (plus fill a large swath of

> three hours with some content)


> Thoughts on this brilliant, inspired idea?


> – Joe

I like the kidnapping, but it needs more HHH. Perhaps he wins the redone Rumble himself and then laughs at them, for being B+ players?

Focused booking

Hey Scott, 

Is this the most focused WWE booking has been in ages, or is it just me?

Orton vs Bryan is the single big title feud, but from it we get involvement from The Shield and Wade Barrett on one side, and Ziggler/Henry/Big Show/Miz on the other. 
Elsewhere, Punk's feud with Heyman has been building nicely for a while, there are several over tag teams, and even the Divas have something to do! 

I'm not saying that Curtis Axel's setting the world on fire, or that Cesaro couldn't be better used, but for once I'm looking forward to post-Summerslam/pre-Royal Rumble WWE and the solid, logical booking is a big part of that. I also realise we're building to a HHH/Mcmahon thing at WMXXX, but you can't have everything.

Curious to hear your thoughts.

Thanks, Ioan

It seems more focused because Vince and HHH are both directly involved and thus that's what they're paying attention to.  Vince is not gonna involve himself in something that's midcard fodder, so it's in his best interest to make sure the storyline is well-constructed and delivering ratings, which this one is.  

Fantasy Booking…but with comics

Quick questions: 
You are given the pen at DC or Marvel.  You can write any single book for a year (12 issues) and you don't have to fit things in with a giant crossover.
Who would your write?
What would you do with them?

Are we talking currently established titles, or just whatever I want to do?  Because my dream book would be JLI-era Booster Gold & Blue Beetle, just hanging around the DC universe and having wacky adventures ala Hawkeye right now.  
Second choice:  I would take Superman and carry on with the Grant Morrison Action Comics thing of the t-shirt and jeans version of the character going after crooked stockbrokers and stuff.  Those first few issues were top notch stuff and so fun.  Alternate idea:  Do a throwback with barrel-chested Mort Weisinger Superman with coked-out continuity and crazy Silver Age plotlines and stuff.  

Cena-Taker: Let the Fantasy Booking Begin!

Obviously Cena v. Undertaker is the money match at WM30 and there’s been lots of discussion in my inbox, so let’s hit a couple: So I’ve been racking my brain with regard to the inevitable Title vs. Streak match at Wrestlemania XXX between Cena and Taker. Of course, the easy and logical (albeit predictable) thing to do is put Taker over. He wins the title in his last match, retires with it and a perfect 22-0 record at Wrestlemania. This is certainly the safe way to go and probably the most likely. HOWEVA… Let’s say…Cena wins. With help. From the Shield. Undertaker loses his last match. Fails to win the belt. 21-1 at Wrestlemania. What better way to FINALLY do the Cena turn than to cost the Phenom his most prized accolade? Obviously, it’s not likely to happen, but what a great storyline that could be. Say you’re the booker. Which finish do you go with? It’s hard to go wrong with either. I would probably let Taker decide. If he wanted to go out on top, great. If he was fine with putting Cena over and ushering in something completely different and unexpected that could really help the company out, even better. I guess I’m saying I’d go with #2. What say you? The streak’s not ending and Cena’s not turning heel…hold on, I’m getting a beep. Hey Scott, this story for the Undertaker’s streak at WM 30 just came to me today, thought I’d run it by you and see what you think. So, the Undertaker being undead/unbeaten at WM is tired of existing, like a vampire who has lived too long and just wants to die, but can’t. He’s went through all these opponents at WM, but none of them have beaten him. So, he turns to the one man who would truly have a chance of beating him/ending his existence at WM-Super Cena. This sets up an inner struggle with Cena played out on T.V. leading up to the event. Cena wants to beat the Undertaker at WM and cement his existence as the greatest superstar of all time, but he also doesn’t want to be known as the man who sent the Undertaker out of the WWE forever. The match itself would bring back some of the original elements of the Undertaker character, i.e. the zombie sit-up, the no-selling, etc. Somehow, the match ends with the streak intact, but the Undertaker is set free from his zombie existence and disappears forever, sending off the greatest character in WWE history. So, what do you think? I don’t know about the set free from his zombie existence stuff, but I’m intrigued by the idea of Taker not wanting to carry the burden of the streak and looking for someone to beat him.  Kind of a reverse Shawn Michaels deal, where Taker keeps picking a fight with SuperCena, who naturally is reluctant to take the match knowing that he’ll inevitably have to RISE ABOVE THE STREAK and beat him. 

When 50/50 booking is not used

Hey Scott,

Great discussion of 50/50 booking the other day. This is a real issue in WWE, but I think they have shown when they really, really want to get behind somebody they will scrap it. 

Look no further than Sheamus, Triple H's good workout buddy. Sheamus dominated 2012. He was pinned by Mark Henry on Raw in April 2012 then did not lose a singles match by pinfall or submission until CM Punk did it six months later. 

WWE built up Sheamus strong, established that he was a serious force and he got over. After the bad taste that was left in fans' mouths following WM28, the only way to get him over was to have him beat everybody and he did that. Fans bought into him as a result. 

We've established that there's a rhyme and reason why guys aren't allowed to look too strong, but for a company that is so starved for star power that they have to pay out millions and millions for part-timers, why not just do what every damn promoter has done for the past 60 years? It seems to work. 

Am I crazy?

Worked pretty good for Ryback too until they decided to have him never win a match again.  
Lemme tell you though, they LOVE their losing streaks.  Kofi Kingston, Wade Barrett, Zack Ryder, Jack Swagger, Antonio Cesaro, they've all "benefited" from being booked like giant losers for a prolonged period.  

50/50 booking = method to the madness?

I'm an advocate for a lot of what WWE does, for example,in the live thread, while everyone bemoaned Sheamus, Orton & Big Show opening Raw last night, I just watched and saw a good match with some cool spots. The smark mentality can be a hindrance at times and stop you from seeing that actually, there is some good wrestling going on. Ryback's promo too… it actually made a ton of sense and logic, but all the smart fan wants to do is put down his promo skills and talk about how they could have booked it better. To be honest, I can totally see why Vince, Cena etc would see smart fans as unappreciative idiots. We can be a very cynical bunch at times.

But one thing not even I can defend is the 50/50 booking. But maybe we can comprehend it. Last night Ziggler loses to Swagger, and Barrett loses to R Truth – two seemingly insane booking decisions that leave new champions looking like losers. My question is… is the WWE mentality when it comes to 50/50 booking that YOU NEVER KNOW WHO'S GOING TO WIN? If we keep putting everyone over each other with no definitive overall winner, does that keep things unpredictable in their eyes? Is that what they're going for? Please, explain what you think is the method to the madness. 

The 50/50 booking is because they want everyone at the same level, which in their mind is bringing the lower-end guys up to the level of the mid-card guys.  In fact what it's doing is flattening EVERYONE out and not letting anyone get over.  As noted by another commenter, Vince doesn't want another big star jumping to TNA or MMA or whatever, so no one gets to be a real star except for one or two tippy-top guys.  It's just what happens when you have to satisfy the investors through calculated mediocrity.  

Meekin On Movies On…Booking Revolution

 MeekinOnMovies on BookingRevolution
 IOS / Android / PC – $4.99 (Pro Version)
due to the lingering spectre of Kayfabe, pro-wrestling games have
always been about making a staged competition seem real. Thus, when you
buy your Smackdowns, or WWE 13s, or TNA Impacts,
you’re not really getting the quintessential pro-wrestling experience.
The number of high-quality wrestling games that have come out -Fire Pro Pickaletter, WWF No Mercy,
 a few others – that make wrestling *real* by turning it into a
legitimate competition number in the dozens and are really a game genre unlike
no-other. These games are so good in fact, that it’s nearly impossible
for me to play any sort of fighting game because wrestling games hold so
much more depth, excitement and appeal to me. But pro-wrestling games,
regardless of quality, are also missing out on what makes wrestling
awesome for the hardcore fans.

Your normal wrestling game doesn’t care if you spent 40 minutes in an
epic battle to the near-death with The Undertaker, or spent 5 minutes
spamming The Bronco Buster with X-Pac before pinning your opponent.
Wrestling fandom celebrates a most bizarre creativity, and it’s a real
shame that most games in the genre have a hard time capturing,
quantifying, and rewarding it.

fans yearn for the ability to have a great match, with unexpected
moments and death-defying and creative moves. And just like how our eyes
grow wide in anticipation when CM Punk ascends the top turnbuckle and gives
props to Macho Man before leaping Elbow First at a 40+ year old man who
pretends to be a zombie laying on a paper thin announce table, *we* want
a chance to create some of that magic ourselves from the inside out.

to fill that void you may not have known existed in the wrestling-game
scape, I present to you, “Booking Revolution”, now available on the
Appstore and Android Marketplace for less than the cost of a pack of

For the un(or under)-informed, Wrestling Revolution
was the latest in a series of wrestling games by Indie Dev Mat Dickie,
who was “indie” before “indie” was a thing. After starting out on PC
with varying degrees of success (utilizing Blitz Basic and Blitz 3D of
all things), he took his game-development expertise to Mobile Platforms
(and switched to developing via Flash). As of today Wrestling Revolution has been downloaded somewhere in the neighborhood of one-hundred thousand plus time via the Appstore and Google Play.

While Wrestling Revolution was a great warm-up and a pretty decent wrestling game, it’s sequel (or counterpart) Booking Revolution is the game I’ve been waiting for. Booking Revolution
has you create your booker, has you choose from a variety of available
promotions (Ranging from the super-popular All American Wrestling, to
the lowly Federation Online), then hands you the the keys to the book.

But, who is the best person to take the reigns of a wrestling empire?

You may have heard of him…

of hairstyles, faces, facial hairs, poses, taunts, moves, boots, and
tights options populate the customization screen. The tap interface can
yield a couple of problems when selecting moves; and as you click on one
side of the screen to move through the list, it can be a little touchy
and you’ll find yourself accidentally skipping through moves frequently
unless you’re incredibly delicate with your tapping. But the tapping
to-and-fro works pretty well with appearance customization, though
changing the color of your outfit can be a bit cumbersome if you opt to
play with the three-bar color slider. Ultimately It’s somewhat intuitive
and unless you’re *really* trying, it’s very hard to make a wrestler
that doesn’t look at least somewhat bad-ass.

your booker looks tough enough to survive in the dog-eat-dog world of
fake half-naked guys pretending to hit each other, you’re given a status
screen that displays your promotion’s money, popularity, current
champion, booker, owner, and whether you’re booking a PPV or a TV
taping. The options to hire talent, edit your roster, or check out that
evening’s card (which we’ll get to later) are also displayed.
editor is pretty self-explanatory, but a caveat here is that if a
wrestler has “creative” you can’t edit them (in career mode), which is a
pain-in-the-ass, but in a cool way – and you can’t change their
face/heel alignment either, which is accomplished through in-ring
talent is pretty self-evident too, but once you get a gander at the
absolutely massive roster available to you, you may just fall in love.
I’m not exaggerating when I say that pretty much everyone of note who
has stepped in the squared circle, is represented in Booking Revolution.
Albeit in a bit jerry-rigged sort of way, much like the old “Fire Pro”
games.The Brock Lesnar-esque character has tight-red tights instead of
his MMA shorts, Stone Cold has blonde hair (which is so offensive I
changed it immediately), Mankind has an eye-patch, and there are similar
idiosyncrasies sprinkled across the massive roster to keep things
exciting (and I imagine to escape legal action). But once you customize
the roster’s appearance to your liking, you’ll be amazed how authentic
the big-names really feel – despite a relatively limited move list. 
 I may have made…one or two additions to the roster
Using the roster properly, and booking quality matches is Booking Revolution’s
bread and butter. In addition to the Yokozuna-huge roster, there’s a
Rikishi-big number of match options. Singles, Triple Threat, Fatal Four
Way, Battle Royal, last man standing, Steel Cage (Blue, Black, or Gray
mesh), Inferno, Barbed Wire, ropeless (hell, ringless is an option),
Furniture smash (Tables match, anyone?), and literally dozens of other
match modifiers like 2/3 falls, escape the ring to win, Sumo, and a few
others – unfortunately there’s no Hell in a Cell, or Ladder Match but if
you can’t find a match type you enjoy, you’re not trying hard enough.
You also have a number of pre-match promos to select from, too:
including face turns, heel turns, arguments over drugs or stealing
friends, farewell announcements, team formations, and some more to
add a little extra juice to a match.
up a match properly can take a bit of time considering all the options
available – but the game tends to reward sound logic. If you throw two
nobodies into a regular 1-on-1 match with no promo, gimmick, or feud
behind them, the crowd will crap all over it unless they’re highly
skilled. If you toss two hugely popular wrestlers into a barbed-wire,
steel cage, inferno match, you’re sure to get a quality match rating,
but your two competitors will likely end up injured or worse (wrestlers
can die in this game, and they do somewhat regularly). This is probably
the first game that gives you a reason to play as marginally skilled,
but “hardcore” wrestlers who can take ridiculous abuse.

are rated on a scale of 1-5 stars (with half-stars being included in a
forthcoming update), and have a whole slew of factors that go into
exciting the crowd. Ideally you want to strike a balance between
hardcore, in-ring work, and the popularity. A match between the highly
skilled and highly popular  “Slam Dunk” and “Cody Massacre” needs little
more than some quality back and forth, an occasional elbow drop off the
top rope, and an exciting finish to get yourself to a four-star match
rating. Similarly a match between “Ralph Zipper” and “Les Miserables”
might need a guest referee, some hardcore brawling, or a third party to
obtain a quality match rating.

Matches themselves are wildly unpredictable. The gameplay is a mix between Fire Pro Wrestling and the old WWF Raw games on the SNES and Genesis. You’ve given a straight-on perspective of the ring (ala Raw),
and the punch / kick / grapple system may seem rudimentary at first,
but once you get into the flow of a match, the countering and grappling
mechanics become deceptively deep and sometimes out of your control,
leading to more genuine “OH MY GOD!” moments than any other wrestling
game I’ve played.

is accomplished in three ways. First, while you’re wrestling to have a
great match, wrestlers do have health meters that can be depleted,
therefore, as you approach the end of a match and both you and your
opponent’s meter is in red, each-near fall elicits Oohs and Aahs from
the player, and eeks out precious match rating points. Second is the
intuitive chain-grappling / reversal system that is completely out of
the gamer’s control. At first the inability to counter a move via direct
input seems like a missed opportunity, but it adds incredible drama to a
given match – going for a late match powerbomb through the announce
table, only to have it

countered into a hurricanrana or back body drop
is wildly entertaining – counters can come out of no-where, too. I’ve
had top-rope moves countered into pile drivers, a spear countered into a
suplex, and had a pretty stellar re-enactment of Rock v. Cena where
every other move was a Rock Bottom or Attitude Adjustment counter.
Thirdly, and most important, is the ability to control any of the
competitors at any given time. What this does is allow you to control
the flow of a match, to ensure back-and-forth fighting ensues to pop the
star-rating and to make sure “Gold Bolder”’s 15 match winning streak
doesn’t end on a fluke win by “Petrol” and his magical stun-gun of doom.
But even with the control of both wrestlers, and the referee,
unexpected results occur, especially if you’re counting on a quality
near-fall that never comes (switching to the pinning player and “letting
off the pin” doesn’t pop the crowd), or a big move gets countered into a
submission that results in an immediate and shocking tap out. The A.I is pretty great here, and on more than one occasion you’ll switch to playing as your opponent just to give the other guy a breather.

There’s also some light business management elements that will certainly become a bigger factor in gameplay as the updates are released (Mdickie has a way of updating his games like a mad-man. Wrestling Revolution today and when it was released are amazingly different), there’s backstage drama and politics to deal with (“Ripper Ace” came to me the other day and wanted to change his name to “Golden Balls” and, well, I had to let him because he had creative control), and it’s pretty amazing the whole shebang fits in your pocket. 
The game does have it’s share of issues – weird glitches, if you do a 3 person promo with two wrestlers the Ref acts like the world champion, sometimes wrestlers will intentionally get themselves DQed (which may be intentional) – and the game threw a weird bug (or intended consequence) where all my matches for one TV taping had to take place without a ring – which was incredibly annoying. I fully expect these bugs to be fixed, and more robust management / feuding elements to be implemented too – but regardless, the game is an absolute blast.

Simply put, with a little imagination on the player’s part Booking Revolution
becomes the quintessential wrestling game for wrestling fans. I know I’m
approaching Mick Foley/Tori Amos on the creepy scale, but what Mat
Dickie has done with this game is sort of profound – essentially showing
up every other wrestling game, ever, simply by rating your performance.
Wrestling is never about winning and losing, it’s about entertaining audiences,
and that’s what connects with people. This is why Caliber Winfield’s bizarre
star-ratings garner such scrutiny, and Scott Keith’s rating of Punk v.
Bryan from Over The Limit was quote unquote controversial, it’s why we
buy the PPVs, it’s why we complain Bryan is being held down while Triple
H gets to waddle around the ring with Brock Lesnar. We’re fans after
all, and we want to be entertained – and to be honest, with a little
logic and quality matches, it shouldn’t be that hard to do so.

Booking Revolution gives you a chance to prove it.

You can find MeekinOnMovies on Twitter at @MeekinOnMovies
and on Facebook at