Brock vs. Reigns: Bomb or Fizzle?

Hey Scott,

How badly do you feel WM fans will turn on the the Brock/Reigns match? Do you think if will be Brock/Goldberg writ large on the main stage or HHH/Orton, with fans filing out after the beginning staredown? I kinda have high hopes that somehow Pat comes in and turns this match into a surprise masterpeice somehow, but all things considered, I feel it'd be equally historic if the thing firebombs out of control.


​I think it'll fizzle.  They're gonna give HHH/Sting and Undertaker all the smoke and mirrors needed, and the IC title trainwreck is probably gonna open the show at ****1/2 or more, so it's likely that after four hours the crowd is going to be burned out and in no mood for Reigns, but not actively hostile.  ​HHH/Orton is a good comparison point, I think.