The most bogus act Sid ever pulled off

Hey Scott,

Can you explain why so many people seemed to have thought Sid had the potential to be a top draw, "the guy" level, main event player? Obviously he's got an imposing physique and had a certain charisma in that insane intensity, but I can't imagine why anyone would ever see him as anything more than a great candidate for Hogan's 80s monster heel of the season. He could never work, to the point that he was sometimes dangerous, he got by on that intensity in his promos, pretty much never saying anything of substance, and his energy was so aggressively (p)sychotic that I can't imagine why anyone would ever think he could be a babyface. I'm mystified as to why this guy was being positioned as the future at certain points in both WWF and WCW- did he ever really draw? Why? Who was paying to see this guy?!


Way more people than were ever going to pay to watch Roman Reigns.  Sid at least had an actual star presence and charisma in his own weird retarded way that is sorely lacking in today's "stars".