RF Video Shoot Interview with Blue Meanie & Jasmine St. Claire

This was filmed in 2000

The interview was conducted by Rob Feinstein and Doug Gentry

It runs for two hours long

The first question is for Meanie as he is asked how he got into the business. Meanie said that he started to send out feelers to different wrestling schools while a senior in high school. He wanted to go to the Malenko school as but that did not happen until he got a call from Phyllis Lee, who was from Ohio and helped get a few wrestlers their start, like Sean Waltman. Meanie said he worked for a year after graduating then went up to Al Snow’s school in Lima, OH.

Meanie said that Snow was “anal” as a trainer as he made sure you knew one thing before going to the next part. Meanie did say that he instilled a lot of confidence in him as Meanie grew up with bad asthma and his family never thought he would make it as a wrestler but Snow saw something in him.

His first match he wrestled as “Brian Estevez,” as he looked somewhat like actor Emilio Estevez. After that he was told that name was shit then he switched to “Brian Rollins” as an homage to singer Henry Rollins.

He then started to travel around to the independents in Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. It was in the MEWF when he met Raven and Stevie Richards. Meanie said there was a local guy who dressed as Batman that did not want to bump so Meanie took his place on the card. Meanie did a moonsault in the match that Raven complimented him on then after the show, Raven thought Stevie needed a sidekick and considered Meanie. Raven went to Paul Heyman with the idea and called Rollins the Blue Meanie from the “Yellow Submarine.” Meanie constantly puts over Raven for having a great wrestling mind.

When he first got to ECW, Meanie said there was a ton of veterans like Shane Douglas and Mick Foley and did not want to say anything dumb, because he said that he had a penchant of doing that, so he quietly changed into his attire. At first, Meanie said most of the locker room was standoffish but after a little while he gained acceptance from the veterans.

On who came up with the parody ideas, Meanie said that Raven came up with the Fabulous Ones idea then after that they kept on coming up with things. He talks about having to wear blackface and an afro wig to parody Michael Jackson and how he did not want to do it at all and even went as far as pleading with New Jack to say that he was offended by the gimmick with the hopes it would get squashed but Jack said he wanted to watch it happen. Meanie said that he loves New Jack.

Originally, the bWo was supposed to be a one night deal only but that took off and launched Stevie Richards singles career. After that, Meanie started teaming with Nova.

Meanie said that he got along with Chastity but that she had a lot of heat with people as she was saying the wrong things to certain people.

He tells a story of the Bluedust promo. He was supposed to buy blue paint and head to the studio to film a vignette but ended up forgetting it and Raven had to paint him in blue cake icing. Now that he was covered in icing, they wouldn’t let him go back into the car and had to walk down the street covered in icing to a park as he was getting bit by bugs. He then said he was half naked lying down on the grass and when they wrapped up the filming, a cop arrived. Meanie got startled and got up, exposing his bare ass, as he was trying to cover himself. The cop asked what they were doing as it was Meanie, Raven, Sandman, and the Sandman’s wife and son. Sandman then asked if they could finish two more takes as everyone wanted him to just shut up. The cop did not arrest them as Meanie jokes how he almost went to jail for the BlueDust promo.

Now, he is asked about showing up to the RAW tapings as part of the bWo gimmick. He remembers watching RAW as they were bringing up ECW on commentary and Lawler even mentioned him. Heyman then told them that they were showing up to RAW. Meanie said that he was nervous being on live TV and a few of the WWF guys ribbed them by sending them all over the place as they were looking for their locker room.

Meanie is asked about Stevie Richards. He said that they were really cool at first but there was tension between Stevie and Raven and after that, Stevie would get heat on him. He tells a story of how they were supposed to do a Kiss gimmick and wanted him to go tanning and have “Kiss” on his stomach. After that, Stevie started calling him up to do stuff that Raven asked him to do personally then Meanie talked about how Stevie is a paranoid guy. He said that Stevie started to get ribbed a bit by guys like Taz and Perry Saturn who called him “Superstar” Stevie Richards and while it was meant to be playful, Stevie took it the wrong way and bolted for WCW. After he came back to ECW, Meanie said that Richards came up to him and Nova and wanted them to cut his shirt for him as they both felt that he left them and is now coming back asking them to do this for him so they declined and Stevie pissed everyone off before leaving.

When asked about how he got signed by the WWE, Meanie said that Al Snow called him about coming to the WWE. Meanie said that in May of that year (1998) they wanted to sign him and give the gimmick of “RAW Boy” to him as a spoof of the Nitro Girls. He then said that someone gave the WWE the impression that he was going to be at RAW that day and his name was even on the lineup sheet as people were calling him that his name was on the lineup sheet for RAW when he was never told to be on the show. However, Russo was still interested and Meanie said that he was supporting his mother and grandma and needed to help with his grandma’s medical bills so he got Heyman’s blessing to go to the WWE.

Originally, Stevie was supposed to be brought in with him but he was recovering from neck surgery and they were scared he might get hurt. They were supposed to run in and make the save for Gillberg for their debut.

He puts over Goldust and says he is one of the funniest guys but that he had some issues at the time and one day at a TV taping he was told not to wear any shirts about Goldust as he knew then that he was getting let go from the company. After that, he sat around until Stevie finally came in and they teamed for a bit.

Meanie talks about how little he knew about how the WWE worked backstage as one day Jim Ross told him if he ever considered losing weight. Meanie said that he took it as advice but then talks about his childhood about having asthma and being bullied for his weight so still got somewhat defensive by that.

On his release, Jim Ross and Bruce Prichard came up to him backstage after a “Sunday Night Heat” taping and told him that he did everything he asked of the company and did not cause any problems but that he should go somewhere and “throw on a fresh coat of paint” and in the future he could try to come back. Meanie said he later realized that line about a fresh coat of paint was about his weight. Meanie said that he worked hard in the dates he had left and even got positive reports from the road agents. He then said that Russo told him that the “Save the Meanie” online campaign garnered so much email that it crashed the WWE entire email system and that he went to Vince McMahon about how fans wanted to see him then Jim Ross told him that he was going to remain with the company.

Shortly after that, Meanie said that he was traveling to Chicago in the middle of a snowstorm and that Kevin Kelly called him about doing “Byte This” and how he wanted to talk about the fans saving his job so he did the interview in the car and was asked about if he would now lose weight as Meanie and he did not think it was a big deal but he took advice from Bob Holly and Tori, who were both in great shape.

When the WWF asked him to go to Memphis, Meanie said that he was supposed to work on the Survivor Series but that they booked the Big Show to destroy him before the PPV and he was stuck with nothing to do and did not know he was even going there until he read it on 1Wrestling.com. Meanie then called up the site and they said Terry Golden from Memphis gave them a list of names heading down there and it was Mr. Hughes, Bobcat, Reckless Youth, K Krush (Ron Killings) and a few other guys. A few days later, Prichard called him up and said that he was going to Memphis and had to be there in two days. Meanie then had to pack up everything and get his ducks in a row before heading down but he got stuck in a blizzard and was unable to go. He said he even welcomed going there as it was better than sitting at home doing nothing. In Memphis, Meanie said that it was a whole new world down there. He also said that he was paying rent on two apartments and for his family with less money than before.

Meanie now talks about how he first met Jasmine. They were at the Milwaukee Metal Fest as Jasmine said he thought he was cool and asked someone about him who told her never to mess with the wrestlers. They then tell a story of some guy trying to talk trash about Meanie to Jasmin and that goes on for a few minutes until it gets dropped to resume Meanie’s story about Memphis.

He ended up leaving Memphis when his grandmother got really sick and he spoke with Prichard who told him to go home and take care of his grandmother. Meanie even said he could work for ECW a few days a week as he would be going back to Philly and would send tapes to the office to show his progress. Meanie said that there were problems with ECW at that time so he decided not to bother him. Meanie had to care for his grandparents as they were unable to ambulate.

On his release, he got a call from the company when he took his grandma to the hospital. When asked, Meanie said that he was not surprised as they were not happy he left Memphis. He also said that he felt he had to go home to take care of his grandparents and the company was not doing with him anyway so he was not mad.

Jasmine said that she was into ballet as a kid but that her grandmother grew up watching wrestling and one day she got her into it as Jasmin said she was a fan of the Ultimate Warrior, The Rockers, and Elizabeth.

She is now asked about how she got into the Pornography business. Jasmine said that she was working at a topless bar while in college. Jasmin then went on to say that she could have been a “zillionaire” in that type of work as a lot of those girls escort and have sugar daddies but she had a problem with that. Jasmine said that 90% of those girls “slut themselves out.” She said that she did calendars then a spread for Penthouse so she could increase her price when she danced. One of those shoots led to her getting a gig in a porno film.

In her first time on film, Jasmine said she was a little nervous but the guy she was shooting with a nice and didn’t try to put the moves on her and took her out to dinner. Jasmine said she was not about “charity fucks” as if there were no cameras, contracts, or box covers, she was not going to screw someone for no reason. She said her mentality was that if there was nothing to gain from doing that. She then talks about a lot of girls in the Adult Film industry are incapable of getting up in the morning to work a real job and do this to support their drug habits or “suitcase pimp” boyfriends. She said she was friends with the older women stars as they had their heads on straight. Jasmine said that she only did about 30 films and does not feel the need to do one ever again, feeling that she was able to get the most out of her career by doing the least amount of work.

Jasmine now talks about a few near death experiences she has faced. She dated a guy in the business who was an alcoholic and crashed their motorcycle then spoke about how she almost killed herself 3-4 times by overdose on prescription medication. She talks about experimenting with drugs as a teenager but denied the rumors of her being addicted to cocaine.

She said after the adult film industry she worked for a private investigator firm and loved that work, stating if she did not end up in wrestling she would be doing that right now.

When asked about Jenna Jameson, she said that they were friends until Jenna turned on her and does not keep in touch with her anymore.

About the Howard Stern show, Jasmine said that he is one of the nicest people she has ever met and at that time would have left her then boyfriend for him. Her and Meanie then joke around for a second as Jasmine talks up Howard for being up front and telling it like it is instead of beating around the bush.

Jasmine talks about not having a lot of friends in school and said she was quiet before going on a tirade about fat girls and how she hates them and that they are all “cunts.” She says that its okay for fat girls to wear shirts with their flubber hanging out and how they stare her down (guessing she is saying they are jealous) and how she was picked on for being skinny and better looking in school. She tells a story while in school of a “fat Jewish bitch” who blocked the door of the bathroom stall and said she wanted to she what she was going to do as Jasmine said she wished she had a knife to stab her and rip her heart out before joking about how at least she stabs people in the chest and not in the back.

She then talks about how a lot of girls were jealous in the Adult Film industry but knew she was better than them and how they were nothing more than the dirt below her shoe. Jasmine then said she left the business because she did not want to be associated with “high class whores who fuck on film as she was better than them and knew something better would come down the line.

Jasmine said the gangbang film was her idea and puts over the person who did it before her, Annabel Chong. She said that she respects Anna for cleaning herself up and going on to film school where she is now making documentaries. About the actual film, Jasmine said it was a “media event” and easy to do as she claimed 90% of the guys couldn’t even get an erection.

On the set, Jasmine said she was a bitch to deal with most of the time as she yelled at the guys who couldn’t get an erection saying she had a life outside of here. She then tells a story about how she was making a nail appointment by phone on the set and the director told her that she he had a priority to shoot as she fired back that her priority was her nail appointment and if this guy cant do his job she shouldn’t have to wait around. Jasmine then said she threw a tube of KY Jelly at his face and the guy called her a cunt then left, refusing to ever work with her again.

When asked about her worst on-set experience, Jasmine said when a “bitch”comes up to her while she is in her makeup chair and tries to talk to her. She then talks about some “85lbs crack whore” and his boyfriend were “sizing her up” as she flipped out and had them kicked out. Jasmine then talks about another girl pissed her off so he stole her hairpiece and spit and stomped all over it then put her stuff in the toilet then emptied out an enema all over everything else she had.

The misconception of the Adult Film Industry according to Jasmine is that everyone in the business is cool as they are all a bunch of fucking scumbags. She has no desire to ever return to a set again.

She talks about how Rob Black told her she was working for him in XPW when she wanted to go back to do another ECW show. Jasmine then said that company was filled with backyard wrestlers who did shitty moves.

Jasmine then talks about how she wanted to wrestle. She said that she helped get the company over and got lessons from Big Dick Dudley, who she managed. She then said that Black’s girlfriend got jealous and this lead to drama and Jasmine said that she was a valet for someone (Damien Steele) and they messed around but didn’t realize he was married and then that guy badmouthed her, which got her blacklisted from a wrestling school in Los Angeles that she wanted to attend. He then said this guy threatened her with a knife and was forced to have sex with this guy after he shoved her in a broom closet. She says that she is safe now in ECW and has Meanie to keep her safe. Jasmine then calls Black a mark who runs a promotion.

After that Jasmine talks about how she loaned a lot of money to her cousin, who has yet to pay her back and is now doing in-store appearances as well as some ECW shows to get some money.

She puts over Luna and Madusa as wrestlers and says that she is a “mark” for them.

During training, she was told to not take front bumps due to her implants and how she wanted to go to Rick Bassman’s UPW school but could not due to that guy (Damien Steele). She then worked a bit in Memphis and got a call out of the blue from Heyman to work for ECW. She puts over the locker room as being good people.

When asked where they see themselves in this business five years from now, they both think their careers will go strong. (In reality, they split up five years after this interview and did have their promotion, 3PW).

She talks about the adult film industry and again talks about how awful everyone was but says it was not a mistake as she used it to get to where she is today.

He talks about no longer being the Blue Meanie with the weight loss has it doesn’t fit so he is now the “Blue Boy” and they both thank their fans.

Final Thoughts: Well, this was the tale of two interviews. While seemingly a nice guy, Meanie was boring as fuck in his part of the shoot. He didnt really go into anything interesting other than Stevie Richards was a dick and the WWE told him to lose weight, which was a sensitive subject for him. Meanie had his comedy moments in ECW but here he was not too entertaining. And it wasnt all his fault as he was not asked a lot of interesting questions.

However, Jasmine’s part was quite the listen. Holy shit is she crazy and seemingly a nasty person to deal with too. She kept on saying how the porn industry was beneath her and the people were terrlbie and she would not want anything to do with them yet talked about how she dated guys in that business which contradicted some of what she had said in the interview. Also, her tirade on fat chicks needs to be heard to be believed. My god, I would not be surprised in the slightest if she actually does end up stabbing a fatty one day. Jasmine also had an ax to grind about the people in the industry but her constantly trying to say she was better than everyone was off-putting and when she mentioned being made fun in school, its not hard to see after watching this interview. As far as wrestling, Jasmine actually seemed to be able to understand some of the business and knew a lot of the jargon, so either she learned quick or Meanie gave her a lesson before the interview. Speaking of Meanie, I can just picture Jasmine walking all over him. He seemed like a quiet, passive guy whereas Jasmine seemed like the girl to take full advantage of that.

Overall, I’d recommend Jasmine’s part as there was never a dull moment. Again, while seemingly nice, Meanie’s part was dull.

Kayfabe Commentaries Timeline Series: 2008 WWE Blue as told by Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins)

This was released on December 22, 2014

The interview was conducted by Sean Oliver

It runs for two hours and one minute long.

For those wondering the “Blue” part of the title means that the interview only covers the Smackdown and ECW brands for this year.


Brian is asked about Batista. He says that at first he was intimidated by him and that he had a tone and demeanor that made him seem unapproachable but when he and Zack Ryder worked against him, he couldn’t have been more wrong about him and that he is one of the most generous and nicest guys. Brian also said that Batista is the only wrestler he knew that would go out of his way to learn everyone’s real name. Brian confirms Batista reputation as a ladies man when asked. Sean then asks him about Zack and he said that Zack began training three weeks after he began and they were suggested that they team together because they look alike. Brian then talks about his time training in Deep South for WWE Developmental under Bill DeMott, who was a drill sergeant and tough, but they both were so hungry to make it to the main roster that they would do anything asked of them. He is then asked about Zack’s YouTube videos as Brian said that Zack acts just like that with his friends but is very shy around those he does not know.

He is now asked about La Familia. Brian said that it was never a long-term plan but it went week-to-week to start. Brian talks about how he was with Zack as the Major Brothers and were dead in the water and convinced they were done. They pitched an idea to Michael Hayes, who they felt comfortable with, to be paired up with Edge. Hayes said he liked it but that they had to run it by Edge first. Brian said that to this day he does not know why Edge agreed as he went up to Edge to pitch the idea and asked for his email address to send him the plan in detail and from that Edge agreed. Brian was grateful that Edge took a chance on them and mentioned how he did not have to do that. Brian said that he heard from people that when he was with Zack as the Major Brothers that Hayes thought they gave off a “Von Erich” vibe and believes he went to bat for them. Brian calls Edge a “five-tool” wrestler.

On January 25th, the first episode of Smackdown aired in HD. Brian was asked if any performers were scared about HD. He said that he heard rumors about people getting worried and they did not find out until that day about the HD. They held a meeting for the talent about what not do to in HD as Brian recalls a video of Ken Kennedy’s spray tan sweating off of him during a match and how not to do that. Sean asks him about Kevin Dunn. Brian said that he had minimal interaction with him and says he heads straight into the production truck after the meeting and does not leave as he has his minions get him stuff. Brian describes one time he met with him when they wanted their entrance music changed and were told to go to Dunn. Brian talks about how he feels that entrance music is important then describes how he knocked on his door and Dunn was actually cool with them and a few weeks later they had new entrance music. Sean asks him some more about entrances as Brian said that they were told not to stand on the rope, as Randy Orton was doing that, then describes how when you are being told what not to do you end up looking awkward as you cannot react organically and jokes how they had a long period of guys getting into the ring and doing nothing.

Brian is now asked about the Undertaker debuting the Hell’s Gate (Gogoplata). Brian said that his fandom of MMA helped improve the product and cites an example of selling punches more realistically as opposed to the goofy way they did in the 80’s makes it better to watch, joking how people know its fake but don’t make me feel stupid for watching wrestling.

When asked about Eve Torres, who made her debut as a backstage interviewer several months after winning the Diva Search, Brian said that he liked her and thought that she was a hard worker. When asked how new girls are treated when they first arrive to the company, Brian laughs and said it is the same as a new girl in school and how the guys all talk about how hot they are.


They talk about Brock Lesnar making his UFC debut. Brian said that he was never a fan but watched when Brock fought due to the fact he was a former wrestler. Brian then said that he personally never felt that UFC was competition to the WWE and said that Vince has told them that in talent meetings before as well.

On February 7th, the WWE Dropped OVW as their Developmental Territory and replaced it with FCW. Brian said he was thrilled to be part of OVW when Deep South closed as they had a history of developing guys like John Cena and Randy Orton but when he got there it was terrible and a shell of what it once was. He said that he found out they closed down on a tour of South America when Colt Cabana texted him.

He is asked about the South America tour. Brian said he got sick from the water in Mexico and had to wrestle Batista and Finlay and told them he was sick, which he said was a mistake as they would press on his stomach during the match. Brian said the match was fun but he ran to the back afterwards and got sick in the bathroom. He then talks about how brutal the fans were and how they got pelted with batteries and garbage and recalls how one fan tossed a cup filled with piss in Edge’s face. Sean asks him about the nightlife and Brian said it was fun and hung around with Jesse, Festus, and Hornswoggle.

Brian is asked about how much money they make off of the action figures. He said that they do not make much off of them and how the stores like KMart and Target buy all of the action figures so if someone buys your action figure at the store, you do not get paid personally as the stores already bought them so if your figure stays on the shelf forever or sells out quickly, it doesn’t matter to the wrestler financially.

When asked about drug testing, Brian said that it is a terrible experience. When guys were getting busted using “fake penises” to cheat the test, they had a policy of being watched while they urinated and had to have the area from their nipples to their knees exposed. Brian did say that he has taken tests with top guys like Randy Orton, who he said were not exempted from testing.

Onto Floyd Mayweather hopping the railing at the No Way Out PPV and punching the Big Show. Sean asks if the punches were legit, as Show’s nose bled, as Brian laughed and said to watch the tape. Sean then asks about how the other wrestlers react when people from the outside come into the company as Brian said that he personally thinks that it wasn’t his spot to begin with and there are certain spots on the card for a reason. When asked about the Big Show, Brian said that he is a big baby who gets his feelings hurt easily but that he also means well and is a good guy.


When asked about Matt Hardy, who made his return after being out due to appendicitis, Brian said that he liked him a lot. He talks about how he would always tell stories and try to keep the morale up in the locker room. Brian also talks about how it is meeting someone you grew up watching and how cool it was to hang out with him.

Sean asks him about the WrestleMania Weekend Events that lead up to the show. Brian confirmed that you do not get paid any extra for doing that stuff and when asked how it felt, Brian said that it can be tough, especially if you are not wrestling on the show, but also said its your job and talks about John Cena and his crazy schedule.

When asked about whether or not you were required to be at the Hall of Fame Ceremony, Brian said not always as Axxess is going on at the same time then commented how some guys would purposely do Axxess so they did not have to sit through the entire ceremony. Brian did say that he made it a point to be there when Edge got inducted. This year, The Rock was there for his grandfather and father as Brian said that he killed it on stage.

He is now asked about Undertaker beating Edge for the WWE World Title at WrestleMania 24. Brian said that the whole show was sentimental to him. At first, they (Edge Heads) were not sure if they would be on the show and talks about how they ribbed them as they made them run down the ramp repeatedly, which was 120 yards, telling them that Vince needed to see it and they realized that no one was paying any attention to them when it happened. He then talks about sitting in on the discussion of the match with Hayes, Edge, and Taker, who told them to realize how special this was. Sean asks him about the payoff for doing a run-in at Mania. Brian said that he and Zack were waiting for the payoff, thinking it would be huge, and when it finally came it was for the same amount they would have gotten had they just sat in the back and ate catering during the show. Brian said it made sense as he ran in and took one bump as opposed to wrestling a 25 minute match.

Sean then asks him about the celebrities at the show. Brian talks about fans and said that Chili from TLC is always backstage with her kid when they go to Atlanta and are both huge fans. Brian said that Snoop Dogg was cool and that he wanted to get a look at Kim Kardashian but she spent all day in her trailer. He said that Floyd Mayweather was cool to be around and that his huge entourage were “throwing money around” all weekend.


He is asked about Natalya Neidhart making her debut. Brian said she was originally supposed to be with Harry Smith and Teddy Hart as the New Hart Foundation but that Teddy fucked it up and got fired. Sean then asks Brian about how a diva like Natalya feels about others without the in-ring talent or experience getting spots over her. Brian says that she is great but to keep in mind that this is not a sport like baseball, where the best nine guys get on the field, but that it is entertainment and not real so while it can be unfortunate, it is just the facts.

Brian is asked about their tour of Europe. When asked, he said the fans are more appreciative. Brian also loves traveling on the bus together with everyone. Brian then tells a story about how Matt Hardy was at the bar drunk and clowning around then Eve Torres ended up putting him in a choke hold and in fact choked him out. Brian said that the next day it was the buzz in catering and that Undertaker held a Wrestler’s Court and busted Hardy’s balls.

When asked about bringing back the King of the Ring, Brian said that as a fan it was awesome and thinks it was a great way to build up a guy then jokes about how it was ruined when Sheamus won and they gave him that “stupid, fucking outfit.” Brian also was shocked at the time that Regal won and Punk did not. He said it is fun and promotes wrestling and does not need any gimmicks.

Sean then asks him about David Taylor getting released. Brian said that he loved Taylor when he was his trainer in Deep South and says he is funny and a great storyteller off camera.


He is asked about Mick Foley doing the color commentary on Smackdown. Brian said that Mick would always go to the talent meetings and ask the talent to tell him things about themselves so he could say something on commentary. Sean talks about Mick complaining about Vince being in his ear during the show as Brian then talked about how he never understood exactly what Vince wanted in a commentator then said that Michael Cole has the toughest job as he has to keep everyone happy.


Edge retained the WWE World Title at One Night Stand. Sean asks Brian about the Undertaker’s health around this time. Brian said that he thought he was in awesome shape at this time and notes how Mark Henry referred to him as “Yoda.” Sean then asks if he noticed a decline in house show sales when Undertaker left and Curt said he didn’t and never thought fans came to see one person, just to see the WWE. Curt said that he liked how Undertaker “kept the law” in the locker room and that is missing today, with Cena being the closest replacement.

Brian is asked about Jimmy Wang Yang getting suspended for a wellness violation. When asked, he said that he did not know exactly what it was for but noted that Yang liked to party and was a good time. He said that he and Zack rode with Yang for a bit and said he was not a good influence. Sean asks what did they test for as Brian said everything.

The Draft episode was on June 23rd. Brian said that its a fun episode for the fans as the talent did not know where they would end up. He gives an example of when Michael Cole got drafted to RAW and how Jim Ross was legitimately shocked as he had no idea. Brian said that surprise element is missing from today. He then talks about how some of the diva’s would meltdown and cry because they had to switch travel partners.

He is now asked about CM Punk cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase to win the World Heavyweight Title from Edge. Brian said that he remembers that vividly as they were all in the Gorilla position when they were told of the plans. He said that Punk was happy. Sean then asks Brian what Punk was like at this time as he said they rode together and were good friends. He also said that Punk does not like to be bothered by fans and is also the person who speaks his mind, so if he thinks something is “fucking stupid,” he will tell you that to your face.


Brian talks about Jesse & Festus and how he loves both guys. They all rode together in Deep South and in OVW as well. Brian said that Jesse is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the past ten years but never got a chance to show it then says that Festus (Luke Gallows) is very fun to be around. Brian also said that the Festus character was a Vince McMahon creation. He said that the house shows with him were a night off and a lot of fun.

He is now asked about the Edge and Vickie Guerrero wedding. Brian said they were at the arena all day fully dressed. He said it was not fun having to wrestle in those tuxedo shoes as they were slippery. Brian said that Vince directed the whole thing. Sean then asks him about the jokes made at Vickie’s expense regarding her looks. Brian said that he felt they went out of their way to make fat jokes at her expense and he felt it was a shitty thing to do. He also said that Vickie never showed that it bothered her backstage.

Now, he is asked about winning the Tag Team Belts at the Great American Bash in Long Island. He talks about doing test-runs for the four-way matches the before the PPV and did not find out they were going to win them until the day of the show. Brian said that they were both ecstatic and talks about those who think that he is a “belt mark” for saying so by letting us know that all of the wrestles want to be a champion, no matter if in the WWE or some garage indy-fed. After the show, he went with Jesse & Festus, Mike Knox, Evan Bourne, and Hornswoggle to his local neighborhood bar with the belts and closed the place down then the next day, since they were Smackdown guys and did not have to work on RAW, they spent that Monday at the beach drinking and having a great time.

Sean asks him about the Miz and if he gets a bad reputation. Brian said that the Miz was like the Miz character 24/7 for a while but has started to mellow out. He recalls how they would be on long connecting flights and talk nonstop as the Miz character and drive everyone crazy. He then says that he is a good guy.

Brian is asked about Shelton Benjamin winning the U.S. Title and why he did not connect with the fans. He said he cannot say why it happened but said that Benjamin got a million chances and that you cannot blame the WWE for him not getting over with that being the case.

When asked about WWE Studios and the non-Wrestling products, Brian said they were awful and that any non-wrestling thing the WWE produces ends up being a “giant pile of dogshit.” He then tells a story of how he was with a dozen other wrestlers who all got put up in a hotel to audition for the role in Marine 2 that ended up going to Ted DiBiase Jr. He said that he couldn’t even get motivated enough to watch the original film. When asked about Vince and how involved he is with the WWE Studios projects, Brian said that he is very committed and thorough with the scripts. He also says that the stories are so bad and that they would always have copies of the DVD’s backstage at the TV tapings to give away. Brian then said that he heard that Vince actually wrote “No Holds Barred.” When Sean mentioned that Vince was not in the credits, Brian nodded his head and said that he heard that Vince did in fact write the film.

He is then asked about the lawsuit filed against the WWE by Raven, Chris Kanyon, and Mike Sanders in which they sued for being classified as independent contractors are deprived of necessary health benefits while also depriving the IRS of taxes. When asked if they were wrong in saying that, Brian said no but if you want to make money in wrestling the WWE is the only game in town so you have to play by their rules. Sean then asks him about a union as Brian said that the top guys making the big money are never going to mess with that to form a union.

Onl July 28th, the PG era in the WWE began. Brian said that they were told this would take place in a meeting backstage before the Great American Bash. He recalls how Vince was speaking at a podium when Michael Tarver, who had been used sparingly at this point, asked a question to which Vince replied “excellent question Shelton.” He then said everyone laughed and Vince could not figure out why. He then recalls at the Bash, JBL and Cena had a brutal Parking Lot Brawl match that was taped the day prior and they showed the finish live and he was watching backstage on the monitor with Mark Henry who said “since when his murder PG.” He said that he were all trying to figure out the rules at the time.


On August 2nd, actor Freddie Prinze Jr. joined the WWE Creative Team as part of the Smackdown brand. Brian said he met him at WrestleMania that year when he was a fan then met him backstage at a taping when he said he could not wait to start working with them and had no idea what he was talking about. Brian then said that he believed if Vince let him actually write stuff and step back it could have been awesome but he never let that happen. He said he lasted for two months then came back in 2011 to teach acting classes, which Brian said were amazing and found them very helpful.

He is asked about the Hell in a Cell match between Edge and the Undertaker that took place at SummerSlam. Brian is asked about the match and he said that Undertaker at a stunt coordinator that walked him through the match. Afterwards, Brian said that all he could smell was burnt hair and skin then after that Undertaker told Vince that he wanted to not have to walk around with his foot in a cst or neck in a brace and that he wanted some time off.

When asked if he was shocked that Great Khali got to challenge for the title at SummerSlam, Brian said that he was and talks about how he always has heard Vince is enamored with giants and that he gives them chances.

Brie Bella made her debut on August 29th. Brian said that originally, the Bella Twins were going to be part of La Familia as Vickie Guerrero’s nieces and that he and Zack would be dating them. He also said this was going to take place around WrestleMania.


He is asked about the Championship Scramble Match that took place at the Unforgiven PPV. Brian said that he enjoyed it and always got a kick out of the fact that Brian Kendrick was the Champion for “about twelve minutes.” Sean then asks Brian if he saw any potential in Kendrick as a singles wrestler. Brian gave him credit for reinventing himself and said that size will always be held against you in the WWE but that Kendrick did was partying a lot and was constantly getting scolded by John Laurinaitis. Brian then talks about what he said earlier about drug testing and how you would not get a strike for getting busted smoking pot but did get fined $1,000 and that later got bumped up to $2,500 but Kendrick was constantly getting fined for that and the office took it as a slap in the face.

On September 17th, Jeff Hardy was escorted from his flight in Nashville after the flight attendants deemed him too intoxicated to fly. Brian said at that time they all partied and drank but that is no longer the case nowadays. Sean asked if management tried to get him help and Brian said they did and would for anyone, especially someone who could make them money.

He lost the Tag Belts to Carlito & Primo on September 28th. Brian said that you are not told how long you will keep the belts as it is on a day-to-day basis. He then tells the story of how he originally was supposed to squash Jimmy Yang & Funaki then shortly after that they were told that Carlito & Primo were going to beat them with the belts. He said that the plans happen out of nowhere.


Brian said that they turned Big Show face to play off of the sympathy he received after losing to Mayweather at WrestleMania but that originally they wanted to keep him a heel.

When asked if the voting for Cyber Sunday was legitimate, Brian pauses and thinks before saying that he thinks so but has been leery of the voting in the past. He also talks about how it puts the wrestlers and announcers in a shitty position so you have no idea what you are going to be doing. Brian said it is not easy to prepare for. He said that the concept was probably dropped because it was the “shits.”

S.D. Jones passed away on October 26th. Sean asks him about the role of enhancement talent as Brian said he was that the last few years in the company. He then said that it spoils the fans but also at the same time the company needs to get ratings.


On November 5th, Super Crazy quit the company. Brian said he never had a lot of interaction with him but rode with Crazy and Kendrick and had a good time then at TV he asked Kendrick where Crazy was and got told that he went to quit as he could no longer afford to work in the WWE anymore as he was traveling from Mexico to the TV shows, were you only get $500 per show and not making enough money to make it worth staying. Sean then asks Brian about John Laurinaitis. He said that he was always cool with him and when he stepped down to a producer role he was a lot more relaxed and easy-going.

He is asked about being in the “RAW vs. Smackdown 09” video game. Brian said that he is not a video game guy and didn’t even own a system. He said that he did some motion-capture stuff when he was in Developmental and do all of the moves and said it was a blast. He said that was the year before and that he and Zack did most of the entrances for the game. Sean asks him about the video game check as Brian said that is the biggest one you get but that has changed a lot now. He recalls his first video game check went to his parents house and he told her to open it and she was floored to see how much he got paid.

Kenny Dykstra got fired on November 10th. Brian said that he was perceived as being a dick but once you talk to him you find out that he is a really good guy. He said that any little thing can get you heat and that if a higher-up official says something about a guy then everyone else will agree. Sean brings up a rumor that Vince did not like him because he had a “swimmer’s body” as Brian said he was so talented then talked about how he never heard the rumor about his body.

Brian is asked about the launch of the WWE Universe Social Network. He said that instead of using Facebook like “normal fucking people” they had to own everything and create their own thing, expecting fans to log on like a loser. He recalls how dumb Tout was and how “no one on the planet fucking Touted” and that they should use Instagram like everyone else. Brian talks about the site and how bad it was. He is asked about all of the banned terms like “belt” as Brian said you are never told about what not to say and questions why wasting your time about little stuff like that and just focus on improving the product. Brian said that he has no idea where this comes from and how half the time the rules are never explained.

Sean asks Brian about Shane McMahon and his role behind the scenes at that time. Brian said that he did a lot of work at the office. He also said that he was always cool and wanted to be one of the boys. When asked about his departure, Brian said that he was never told why. He also never heard of any sibling rivalry with Stephanie either and that he focused on growing the WWE globally as Stephanie focuses on Creative.

Edge returned at Survivor Series to win the World Championship. When asked if the rumor was true that the original plan was going to be Vladimir Kozlov vs. HHH but their house show matches were so awful that they had to make the switch to a three-way, Brian confirmed that they were horrible matches and that Kozlov never got wrestling. He said it was a bad idea to push him as he never knew how to work and felt bad for HHH as he had to carry him. As far as Kozlov vs. HHH as the original plan, Brian said that he believed the three-way was the plan all along.


Brian is asked about getting jobbed out with Zack. When Edge came back at Survivor Series, Vince asked them to work on new things as he was going to split them up. When asked if he was depressed, Brian said no and that he never wanted to be that guy who pissed and moaned about having to put someone over. He also said how you could tell when a veteran would half-ass it in the ring with you because they are doing the job and how ridiculous it is and to relax as it is not real fighting.

He is then asked about Jeff Hardy winning the belt at Armageddon. Brian said that he can connect with the fans at a level like no other and thought it was a cool moment. Despite that, Brian never felt that management was behind him but rather gave into his “overness.”

As the interview closes, Sean asks him about any special moments that stick out in his career. Brian talks about how he and Zack did a run in during a cage match between Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair and how after that happened they were backstage soaked in Flair’s blood and thought that was cool, despite how sick and demented that would come across to a non-wrestling fan.

Final Thoughts: A tremendous interview. Brian did not hold back at all. Plus, he was not bitter, which is a great combination. You can tell the guy is a huge fan and did appreciate his time in the WWE.

This timeline gives a great glimpse of what it is like to work for the WWE. This year was also notable as the company changed when it went to the “PG” programming.

Brian gave a good timeline on the events that took place on Smackdown for this year but the stories backstage were the selling point. He provided great insight in that department. He lets you know just how it is to work for the WWE.

Overall, I highly recommend this interview. I guarantee you will not be disappointed after watching.

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