TNA Bloodletting Continues

So to recap, last week they cut Joey Ryan, Crimson, Taeler Hendrix and Christian York.  Today, they jettison Tara and Doc.  Tara wasn't being used much anyway so not a huge deal, but Doc has been a pretty major focal point of the Aces angle and seemingly building to a feud against Anderson when one of them split off.  I'm not saying it's time for anyone in the company to panic yet, but SIX fairly known names getting axed in the span of a week?  That is the furthest thing from a good sign.  Although really they can ax most of the Aces crew and no one will care (Knux, Bischoff and Brisco are all set dressing at best) and you can always trim down referees and valets.  Like, does So Cal Val actually serve a purpose in the company?  They could probably fire Christy Hemme too and let JB do the ring announcing if need be.  Bill Watts would show 'em how to cut that shit to the BONE until they made money, I guarantee.    And just think – they have to run for another three months without that sweet PPV cheddar coming in to sustain them.
Not good.  Vince might wanna start making offers for the video library now.