Tag Tournament Blocks I-P RESULTS

Mostly as expected, although I thought the super-patriot team of Hogan and Edge would destroy Sheik and Volkoff, which is not what ended up happening.  Some mighty routs in this group, but also some surprisingly close ones, with the US Express getting upset in something of a surprise to me.  
More first round matches later tonight!  

Tag Tournament Round One, Blocks I/J/K/L/M/N/O/P

First round voting for the first 8 matchups is complete and there’s nothing here that anyone who has watched wrestling for more than a year couldn’t have predicted, although Flair & Batista scoring something of an upset over Kane & RVD was a bit of a surprise to me.    http://challonge.com/bodtag# The next eight groupings follow, and I can think of at least one of these matches that should be as close to a unanimous vote as we’re going to get.  But we’ll find out tomorrow! 
Tag Tournament Group I
Tag Tournament Group J
Tag Tournament Group K
Tag Tournament Group L
Tag Tournament Group M
Tag Tournament Group N
Tag Tournament Group O
Tag Tournament Group P