Rock Band Blitz!

Surprised we haven't gotten any threadjack discussion of this going, because I KNOW a bunch of people who are on the blog are players because they pop up on my "You beat [x]'s score!" list from time to time.  Really, there hasn't been a game that has basically hijacked my life like this since Angry Birds, showing why once again Harmonix are geniuses and we are their willing bitches.  Unfortunately the coin overall has left the game feeling a bit too easy in that regard, but is there a more satisfying feeling than FINALLY putting together the right collection of powerups on a song and hitting five stars?  I've been trying since day one with "Diamond Eyes" and it's maddening.  In a good way.  Although use pinball on Green Day's "Song of the Century" and watch five gold stars almost instantly pop up, it's hilarious.  

Another reason why they're geniuses:  I immediately went out and bought (new) copies of Track Pack 2, Green Day Rock Band and AC/DC Track Pack.  And it had to be new copies because otherwise the export codes don't work, so Harmonix makes money off those again.  Green Day in particular is a hell of a deal, $10 new (plus a $10 "fee" to export), so for $20 you get a staggering FORTY SEVEN new songs to occupy your life with.  That's an amazing value all things considered.  Not to mention all the DLC songs they're selling to people all over again (I have spent STAGGERING amounts of Paypal money on track packs since this game came out, and I'm usually the cheap f--- who won't pay for ANY DLC on general principles.)  I'm sure I'll eventually get sick of the game again, but certainly not as fast as I got sick of the plastic guitar craze, especially if they keep pumping out music I want to pay for.