Mike Reviews: Full Impact Pro – Fallout Night Two (13/11/2004)

Hello You!

I’ve had this DVD in my collection for a while but never given it a full watch, so I decided to watch it in aid of having something fresh to write about, seeing as I’ve never done an FIP review before. The Main Event is a match you might have either heard of before or seen some clips from, especially for one particular spot in it, so it should be fun to review it hopefully.

For those not au fait, FIP is a company based out of Florida that operated for quite a while as a sister promotion to ROH. The FIP Title was even defended on ROH shows sometimes, with Roderick Strong in particular having an impressive reign with it.

Most of the people on this show will have turned out for ROH, TNA or even WWE in some cases, so I’m hoping that it will be an enjoyable enough show to watch.

Let’s watch some chuffing wrestling!

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