Ghostwritten Wrestling Biographies

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Date: Feb 8, 2013 2:33 PM
Subject: Ghostwritten Wrestling Biographies
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Hi Scott, this is the author of I wish to thank you for all the plugs you have given me in the last couple of weeks, as it has really "Strapped the rocket" to my fledgling little blog. The last plug you gave, my articles on the best and worst wrestling biographies, seems to have struck a nerve with a good many of the readers of your blog, so, as a followup piece, I have written an article on my personal five favorite wrestling bio's with the aid of a ghostwriter, which can be found here:

I wish to thank you again for the plugs, and I hope this article can stir up similar interest as the last.


Hi Scott,
Suppose you are writing a book on the the great unanswered questions
of wrestling. You are given an infinite amount of Sodium Pentothal and
have the ability to interview anyone involved in wrestling ever. What
are some of the questions you would want to ask and to whom?
As an aside, who would you want to see write a "complete truth"
biography: Undertaker, Vince McMahon, or Jim Ross?

Oh, Vince McMahon by far.  Although I'd rather do it Jack Bauer style with the deal where you're forced to swallow a towel and then have it pulled out of your intestines again.  Far more entertaining that way.  I'd ask what the deal with Randy Savage was, whether he regrets destroying his only competition, and exactly how many times he HAS cheated on Linda.