A Better Wrestlemania Main Event Plug


> Most of us think that there are better options for the main event of

> Wrestlemania XXX than Randy Orton defending against Batista. But

> exactly how many are there? That is what I would like your readers to

> help me find out.


> I whomped up a program to randomly match up an Elimination Chamber

> participant (the champion heading into Wrestlemania) against a Royal

> Rumble participant (the challenger) 177 different possibilities for

> the Wrestlemania XXX main event. With a click of a button, you choose

> whether you believe that this matchup would be a better main event, a

> worse main event, or that you have no opinion. Every new vote will

> bring up a new matchup, and after you've voted at least once, you will

> be able to see all of the results in real time as voted upon by your

> peers.


> Anyway, if you feel like wasting some time to give us some data

> points, you can access from

> http://www.joepetrow.com/betterthanortonbastista/


> Vote early and vote often!


> – Joe

Cesaro defending against El Torito was my fave.

Matches that could have been better had they stopped sooner

I'm rewatching Cena vs Rock II and finding it would have been better had the match ended with the spot where Cena ran the ropes, and Rock popped up like the year previous, only this time to be out smarted and get caught in the FU. From a story perspective I thought it made better sense to end the match there since Cena had been going on about the reason the Rock beat him the year before was because he out smarted him, yet this time it was Cena who got the upper hand. Mind you there are other ways the match could have been better, but this has always been a glaring example to me.

Anyway it got me thinking. What are some matches that stand out to you that would have been rated higher had they ended in a certain spot?

And back to Rock vs Cena. Is it out of the realm of possibility that we will see a third match?

If Rock's insurance company has anything to say about it.  And they do.
As for the main question, I can think of TONS of matches where they peaked and then kept going too long, although to their credit it doesn't happen that often in WWE main events because they tend to be pretty well timed for TV and PPV reasons.  Off the top of my head, I think Rock-Hogan went a bit too long and probably could have ended with the Hulk Up, Rock Kick Out, Rock Bottom sequence.  The extra stuff with the People's Elbow felt like overkill.  I know there's numerous others but that one really stands out to me.  

QOTD 54: I could live my life a lot better than I think I am. I guess that’s why they call me….

The Working Man. One of the cool things about the SCSA podcast is that he seems eternally grateful for the fact he’s not a ‘working man’ and appreciates every single listener who busts their proverbial hump driving trucks, digging ditches, and so on. I also saw this video by Mike Rowe about how we don’t appreciate manual laborers as much as we should:

Are you a workin’ man? Hard labor or white collar? Are you satisfied, or do you feel a job should satisfy you? Have you ever had to hire someone? What do you think makes for a great job candidate?

I ask because there is a broadcasters job fair tomorrow and I’m pretty serious about going – but am nervous. My current job pays most of the bills, is relatively low-key (Shit I’m writing this *at* work), but it doesn’t satiate the soul in a way I think a creative job would.

So I’m torn – I doubt I’ll get a job offer that will match what I’m making here, and I’m not sure if I want to toss overboard this gig for something a little uncertain. That’s of course, implying a broadcaster wants to hire me.

Resume / Interviewing / Cover letter tips welcome!

Better for Business

I’m going to throw you 2 different ideas.

You gotta give me what you think (or thought) would have been better for (future) business.
Sort of like the Quick N Dirties Scott gets from time to time, but WITH A TWIST!
1. HBK/Bret II @WM13 OR Austin/Bret  @WM13
2. Goldberg/Nash @Starrcade 98 OR Goldberg/Hogan @Starrcade98
3. Raven jobbing at Wrestlepalooza 97 OR Raven going over at Wrestlepalooza 97
4. Jericho winning WWF Ttile in 2000 OR Holding off until Dec ’01
5. Hogan/Koloff WM2 OR Hogan/Bundy WM2
6. Hogan/Piper WM OR Tag Match
7. Slaughter/Hogan @WM7 OR Heel Warrior/Face Hogan @WM7
8. CM Punk returning 3 weeks after leaving with the title OR CM Punk coming back after a Royal Rumble, while Cena is “fake” champ.
9. Taz never signing with WWF OR Taz leaving in ’99
10. Blog Otters OR whatever you can think of in 10 seconds.
1. Austin/Bret
2. Shit, at that point, I guess Hogan/Goldberg. Goldberg didn’t really need the belt.  
3. Dreamer, wasn’t Raven already going to WCW after the match anyway? Gotta try to put the guy over who is staying. My mind is a little foggy about that time period.
4. Holding off until December 2001.
5. This one is tough as the WWF already had Sheik/Volkoff as evil heels but Bundy wasnt exactly the greatest. I guess I will just go Bundy as even in 1986, the evil stuff was starting to become tiresome.
6. The WM tag match. The whole celebrity involvement with Mr. T was money. That nade sure that WrestleMania wasn’t a disaster.
7. Heel Warrior vs. Hogan. Slaughter hadn’t drawn anything since 1984 and him as the Iraqi sympathizer wasn’t going to boost business in 1991.
8. Punk coming back after the Rumble. Stretching the angle out longer would have really worked out better.
9. Taz never signing with the WWF. He was a better fit for ECW.
10. Whatever I can think of in ten seconds. I thought of BoD Nation in three seconds and I would take that, even as lame as that sounds.