Fwd: Elimination Chamber unsplits the belts

Assuming the WWE is going to try and damage control shit best they can, for the backlash they are facing, why don't they just fucking unsplit the belts? 
Bryan wins at EC, even after Sheamus tries to backstab him for HHH and wins the belt. HHH then pulls some bullshit, tries to strip Bryan of the belts again but Vince FINALLY shows up and stops HHH and orders HHH/Bryan at WM for the belt and HHH's job is on the line if he loses (which he does).

Meanwhile, Bryan, in terms of mind games, decides to torment HHH by tossing HHH's infamous vanity belt (the Smackdown title) into the river and reminding the world how HHH is a spoiled brat who had everything handed to him, even the world title. HHH goes batshit insane with anger and rage and orders a new Smackdown title made and Orton/Batista end up fighting for that belt at WM, after Batista gets pissy that Vince has overruled him getting a title shot at WM in order to use Bryan to get rid of Hunter
Bryan wins against Hunter, retiring him, and give us twenty good minutes (after about five/ten minutes of the crowd chanting YES after Bryan's victory) being given the utter burial treatment in backstage skits (complete with hiring Jericho back for the night or at the very least, having Edge and Christian be the ones ringleadering HHH and Stephanie being put through torment and humilation as they are forced out of the arena and into a garbage truck, never to be seen again) during the middle of the show. And Batista then can win the Smackdown title in the main event, be exclusive to Smackdown, and they can use Batista isolated over there to cover up in post production how much people don't like him compared to Bryan.

Jesse Baker

I really don't think they're going to split the belts again, and I really don't think it's a good idea anyway.  Also I don't see HHH going along with that kind of humiliation.  Or anything else written ever happening.  But the rest was fine.  

Classic Belts, New Wrestlers

WWE.com upped yet another feature, this time with current superstars posing with Classic Belts. And it's pretty awesome. 
Granted, this draws painful attention to the superiority of previous belt designs to pretty much every title they have now. But it's worth it for the nostalgia boner. Anyhow, keep doing what you're doing, friend.  

I wish they would have expanded it to stuff like the Hogan 86 belt and Attitude Era Gold Eagle, but this was pretty cool.  Cesaro with the European title needs to happen, though.  
Daniel Bryan with the classic winged eagle?  MEANT TO BE.

Champions and Their Belts…err “Championships”


Seeing Brock smash Triple H'a World title on Monday's Raw got me thinking.  I know in the past we've seen The Rock and I believe Chris Jericho's trophy cases with titles that they've won.  My question is, are those the actual belts they won?  Does the champion get to keep the belt they won or do they get a duplicate copy from WWE or purchase their own copies? 
And speaking of champions and their "championships," do champions get to travel and take home their belts?  I remember Mick Foley's story when he won the WWE Title and him pulling the belt out as his kids saw him win the thing on TV and also CM Punk's imfamous refridgerator picture.  Do they still get to take home the belts?  And if so, say for example Dolph Ziggler "forgot" to bring the belt with him to Raw, do they have copies backstage?

OK, belts.  I get this one a lot, so let's go over it.
When you win a belt, you get the option of buying a replica copy for yourself, which is what most top tier guys do for the trophy case.  There are actually two sets of belts:  The "hero" belts that you see on TV, and the lower-grade versions that are made to be carried around the airports for house shows.  The higher end TV belts do not stay with the wrestlers and are literally props for a TV show that travel as a part of the set dressing, but on the road, yes, guys will still travel with the crappy road belts.  And yes, they have several copies just in case someone loses it at the airport or leaves it in a cab after a night of partying or whatever.  The exception is the new WWE title, which was apparently so expensive and painstaking to produce that there are only about 3 copies of it made:  The TV version, the road version, and a spare version.