U.S. belt

With all the hoopla surrounding the I.C. and U.S. title matches at Mania and with WWE supposedly trying to bring back some prestige to each, wouldn't it be a good time to make a new U.S. belt? Its been over 10 years since WWE brought it back and its been the same belt since day one. Ive always thought the design was horrible.

Just like they did with the I.C. belt, they should bring back the classic design, from the late 80's.

Great looking belt. Nice and shiny.

I like shiny things.

You're right.  I have the perfect design.

Belt Questions

Hi Scott,

Questions about your favourite belts –

1) Best World title belt

2) Best mid-card belt

3) Best tag belts

I pick the Big Blue belt worn by Austin circa 98 for world, the black I-C strap with red wwf logo (savage/steamboat) and the money inc tag belts with "World" in black instead of red. Your picks?


Wow, those are some super-specific picks.  OK, let's see:

1.  The original jewel-encrusted version of Flair's Big Gold Belt.  The WWE's toy belt version really killed the prestige after a while, but if you go back and see the original you really appreciate all the work that went into it.  

2.  The Nikita Koloff/Lex Luger version of the US title.  Probably just nostalgia talking, but that's the one I always associate with the title.

3.  Probably the NWA tag team titles from the same period.  And they lasted a LONG time, all the way into the NWA appearances on RAW in the 90s and I think into the TNA era as well. 

OK, so probably nostalgia was tinting my views here, I'll admit. 

Shawn dropping the IC belt in 95

One thing I've always wondered: if the Syracuse incident never happened, what was WWF's original plan with Shawn and the IC belt prior to WM 12?

​He was always losing the belt to Dean Douglas.  The Syracuse incident just gave him a convenient excuse not to lose it in any meaningful way to him.  ​

Flair Taking Home the Big Gold Belt?

Hey guys,

Pretty timely with the rumors that Flair is taking home the World Heavyweight Title for good, here's my interview with Dick Bourne, author of "Big Gold"- the most detailed, researched book I've ever seen come out of wrestling. 
Bourne talks Mid-Atlantic memories, J.J. Dillon, Bob Caudle, and oh yeah, the Naitch…
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World belt and brand split


Will we ever see a situation in which the WWE and world belt will no longer be unified, and if so will the belts get back to being on the same equal footing as they were in the early years of the brand split?

And speaking of brand splits am I the only guy who actually misses it? I felt it kept things fresher and really I just miss how special it was to see a raw and smackdown guy interacting around mania time (Angle/HBK anyone?)

​There was a point where there would have been an interesting angle and some money in blowing it up with an invasion story, but that point was about 8 years ago and instead it just dragged on as another storyline they never paid attention to.  ​It's really better for all that they just killed it completely.  

Ric Flair and a Tag Belt Question

Good evening,

I hope that all is well.

I have a question for you RE: Ric Flair and the tag belt he used as a stand-in for the Big Gold Belt in 1991. I was always under the impression that it was really just a tag belt they gave him, but I recently discovered some photos (attached for reference) that make it very clear that it was actually a custom belt made for him by Reggie Parks. It is in the style of the tag, but with a black banner/stones over ‘tag team’ and the words ‘wrestling champion’ as opposed to ‘wrestling championS’

My question is, if the WWF went to the trouble and expense to make this belt for Flair (which they were blurring anyway), why use a design fans would instantly recognize as the tag title?

Hope you can shed some light on this one,
Have a great weekend and thank you!

Dang, I always just thought it was the tag belt, too.  

Vince can have a strange attention to detail sometimes, I guess.

Buy the belt!


I haven’t actually had a chance to watch RAW yet, but I think the final version of the new belt could grow on me.  It’s certainly not as horrific as the ugly spinner piece of crap, and the interchangeable plates are a clever idea.  And hey, $450s is a pretty reasonable price for an official replica belt.  Hopefully it won’t clash with Cena’s jorts too badly.

Addendum:  As noted, I haven’t watched either the PPV yet, but given they wanted to debut the new belt and Punk had possession of the old belt, am I the only one who can put two and two together?   Why did we not have a Curt Hennig tribute angle with a hammer or a Steve Austin tribute with a bridge?  Seems like it would fit perfectly with Punk’s character right now.  Plus I would RELISH the chance to watch someone smash that fucking piece of shit spinner belt into a thousand pieces.  RELISH IT.  

Fwd: Smoking Skull belt was a shoot!

———- Forwarded message ——- http://www.wwe.com/classics/from-the-vault-championships/page-2 Had no idea that Stone Cold pulled a legit fast one on the WWF with that title belt! ——————— I don't know about that story.  We had seen designs for the belt long before it debuted.   And how are the WWF titles, in use for twenty years straight, obscure?

CM Punk’s New Belt?


Apparently this belt has been around for a while, and belt nerds call it the lovechild of the Pride Grand Prix belt and the current spinner belt.  Given the current monstrosity is almost SEVEN (!!!!!!!!) years old now and not aging well, it's more than past due for anything to replace it.