NXT 09/14/2010 #30

It’s the second episode of NXT Season 3 and we’re in Detroit, MI. Vickie Guerrero “The Billy Jean King of NXT” introduces Dolph Ziggler (with the I AM PERFECTION theme) who is her boyfriend and current IC Champion. Anyway, AJ Lee shoved Kaitlyn into Vickie last week to end last week so Vickie demands revenge.

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NXT 09/07/2010 #29

It’s the first episode of Season Three: The One With The Women Divas. This was definitely not part of my viewing schedule in 2010 as I’d stop watching somewhere around Season One (but watched Season Two’s Finale after people told me how bad it was) so this is all new to me.

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What’s the Deal With the Bellas?

Hey Scott,

So I’m not an un-fan of the Bellas, per se, but I’m kinda shocked at their longevity, not to mention their prominence in WWE. How are they still in the WWE, considering the average life of a Diva is about 2-4 years. Is this just ’cause of Cena & Bryan? I can understand that keeping them on the roster but I just don’t see Vince making them a focus point of WWE based solely on who their sleeping with. Does he actually see something in them?


​In this case it’s pretty clearly Total Divas that keeps them in a position of prominence, and really they did leave for a pretty good chunk of time during the horrid Kelly Kelly vs. Eve Torres era, so it just feels like they’ve been around non-stop for the past 5 years. That being said, I’m pretty sure that if Cena ever dumped Boobs Bella their push would disappear as well. But really, I don’t know how "prominent" you can call their push recently, as all the Divas are pretty much one five-minute segment and done. My bigger issue is that we still have TWO MONTHS to go before Nikki beats AJ’s record so they can finish their petty burial of her and move onto something else. Like, is Paige EVER going to find someone to help her?