When did the hate begin?

Hey Scott,

I've been going through your old rants(courtesy of http://www.freewebs.com/wrestlinglists/archives.htm) and I wanted to ask just when was it that your dislike of Triple H really began. You seemed like a fan during his run in 2000 and not a lot of hate came through in your 2001 rants. But when he returned, almost immediately, I did sense a lot more hatred towards him. I wasn't reading your rants at the time so maybe there was hatred that just wasn't really covered in your rants. So what was it that turned you against Triple H by the time he returned in 2002?

Probably when he started banging Stephanie for realz and came back with an additional 50 pounds of water weight.  Then put himself over Jericho at Wrestlemania and every other show from then on.  Although really I absolutely hated the initial push to the main event in 99 when he clearly wasn't on that level but F--- YOU he was going to get that belt whether any human being in the arena liked it or not.  The period where I really loved him basically ran from the shotgun wedding until the quad injury, and everything else has been tolerating him at best.  This of course is separate from him having awesome matches, much like with classic Shawn Michaels where I detested the person but loved to watch the performance most of the time.  However, HHH seemed to confuse having awesome matches SOME of the time with the ability to have awesome matches ALL of the time, with any opponent or situation, and that is of course decidedly not so.  

When does TNA begin to panic?


Ratings just came in for Impact and it got a 0.8. When will TNA begin to panic? 0.6? 0.4? Ratings are steadily decreasing. Will they abruptly end the Aces and Eights? Or could we see even MORE Hogan on TV even in a wrestling role? If the Slammiversary buys are lower than expected, what big shake ups do you expect?

Thanks and enjoy your beautiful weekend

I find that TNA doesn't usually panic-book, the panicking is usually done by Spike.  Hulk's probably gonna be like "Three and a half years isn't enough time for a company to turn around with me on top, brother, we're gonna need another couple of title reigns for me to really see which way the wind blows when it comes to Hulkamania in 2013."   Apparently we're building to Hulk v. Bully at Bound for Glory as it is, which is just…no.  Just no.  
I'm gonna throw it out there, because I can't unsay it afterwards, but maybe they should fire Bischoff and Hogan and bring back Jeff Jarrett.   I think they really need to get back to Jerry Jarrett's philosophy of cutting the talent pay down to nothing and booking soap opera Memphis stuff, because keeping 8 guys on retainer for doing run-ins week after week is not paying dividends with Aces & Eights.  This isn't Ted Dibiase and Syxx where we actually give a s--- about anyone beyond Evil Team 3D and maybe Mr. Anderson as a serious main event threat.  You can also scrap the entire X division at this point, because if Kenny King is your champion and best worker, well, you know.  And that's nothing against Kenny, but come on.  
They need an overhaul for sure, and not a Hulk-related one.  

Cena-Taker: Let the Fantasy Booking Begin!

Obviously Cena v. Undertaker is the money match at WM30 and there’s been lots of discussion in my inbox, so let’s hit a couple: So I’ve been racking my brain with regard to the inevitable Title vs. Streak match at Wrestlemania XXX between Cena and Taker. Of course, the easy and logical (albeit predictable) thing to do is put Taker over. He wins the title in his last match, retires with it and a perfect 22-0 record at Wrestlemania. This is certainly the safe way to go and probably the most likely. HOWEVA… Let’s say…Cena wins. With help. From the Shield. Undertaker loses his last match. Fails to win the belt. 21-1 at Wrestlemania. What better way to FINALLY do the Cena turn than to cost the Phenom his most prized accolade? Obviously, it’s not likely to happen, but what a great storyline that could be. Say you’re the booker. Which finish do you go with? It’s hard to go wrong with either. I would probably let Taker decide. If he wanted to go out on top, great. If he was fine with putting Cena over and ushering in something completely different and unexpected that could really help the company out, even better. I guess I’m saying I’d go with #2. What say you? The streak’s not ending and Cena’s not turning heel…hold on, I’m getting a beep. Hey Scott, this story for the Undertaker’s streak at WM 30 just came to me today, thought I’d run it by you and see what you think. So, the Undertaker being undead/unbeaten at WM is tired of existing, like a vampire who has lived too long and just wants to die, but can’t. He’s went through all these opponents at WM, but none of them have beaten him. So, he turns to the one man who would truly have a chance of beating him/ending his existence at WM-Super Cena. This sets up an inner struggle with Cena played out on T.V. leading up to the event. Cena wants to beat the Undertaker at WM and cement his existence as the greatest superstar of all time, but he also doesn’t want to be known as the man who sent the Undertaker out of the WWE forever. The match itself would bring back some of the original elements of the Undertaker character, i.e. the zombie sit-up, the no-selling, etc. Somehow, the match ends with the streak intact, but the Undertaker is set free from his zombie existence and disappears forever, sending off the greatest character in WWE history. So, what do you think? I don’t know about the set free from his zombie existence stuff, but I’m intrigued by the idea of Taker not wanting to carry the burden of the streak and looking for someone to beat him.  Kind of a reverse Shawn Michaels deal, where Taker keeps picking a fight with SuperCena, who naturally is reluctant to take the match knowing that he’ll inevitably have to RISE ABOVE THE STREAK and beat him. 

Comics – Where to begin?

Scott –

The flux of Marvel and DC movies has created interest in comics everywhere.  I've never read a comic in my life, but the movies have intrigued me enough to where I quickly rush home to Wikipedia to get more information on these characters/worlds/villians, trying to find easter eggs in the movies, etc.  As you would imagine, Wikipedia isn't always the most consistent source.

My question is…as a potential first timer reading comics…where in the world do I start?  With so many deaths and restarts happening all the time in every franchise, I would love an opinion from you and/or your bloggers on where someone with no real history with any characters (besides movies) can get an accurrate start.  Thanks.

Phew, that's a toughie.  Usually comics are something where you start reading as a kid and form your attachments based on those early memories of it.  The whole problem for newer readers to comics in general is that sequential art is not something that necessarily lends itself well to easy figuring.  It's not like a standard book where you just read the words left to right, there's a lot of figuring out if things are moving up and down or side-to-side depending on how the page is laid out and such.  The second problem is that the comics industry is such an insular group to begin with — I'm a pretty hardcore comics guy and even I don't like hanging out in comic shops.  That's why I buy everything digitally now.  Which might actually work well for you, because if you check out comixology.com there's a wide variety of free comics you can check out to sample stuff.  The thing is, you never know what you like until you read some stuff and figure out what you like.  If you're just interested in the standard capes and tights stuff, DC and Marvel are generally your best bets, and they're falling all over themselves to welcome new readers at this point.  DC in particular just did a whole month of "#0" issues a year after rebooting the entire universe (don't ask), and any of them are a good starting point for that particular title. Marvel is also doing a similar deal with Marvel Now, although on a much smaller scale.  Most of Marvel's books have an incredibly handy "Previously on Lost…" type of recap at the beginning that makes it easy to jump in, regardless.   

Generally speaking, the safest bet is Watchmen.  Everyone's got a copy, whether comics nerds or not, and it's basically one of the greatest comics stories ever done.  You can find it at any bookstore for a reasonable price, too.  If you're wanting to sample a normal monthly title, try Batman.  You'll already know the characters from the movies, it's a great book and very new reader friendly, and everyone loves Batman anyway.  Superman frankly sucks right now so unless you want to delve into the classic stuff, I'd avoid him.  There's also Justice League, which has the big seven heroes that everyone knows and is the biggest selling comic on the market right now.  On the Marvel side, everyone is connected to either the Avengers or X-Men at this point, and Uncanny Avengers (combining the two teams!) just launched, plus it's got Captain America, Thor, and Wolverine and everyone knows who they are.  
Hope that helps as a start.

Von Erich mania about to begin again?

The sons of Kevin, Marshall and Ross, made the front page of the Dallas Times today in an article about there debuts.
Looks like they will be in Japan for a few months touring. They look in fantastic shape and Marshall, the youngest son of Kevin even wrestles barefoot like his father!


Maybe they'll even get into WWE developmental so that they can have their names changed be the sons of Johnny Rodz and Frankie Williams and then they can feud with each other and trade wins 50/50 on NXT for the next three years.