Roman Reigns / Baron Corbin

Hey Scott,

Do you think the fans that dislike Roman Reigns would have been more accepting of him if post-Shield he received more of a Baron Corbin characterization and/or push? You know, he comes out, doesn't say anything, does that thing where he cocks his fist for the Superman punch, knocks the guy out, wins, and walks away.

I feel like they need to bring Vince back for commentary so he can fully explain to the viewers about Roman's meaty thighs and beautiful hair, much like Big Show didn't get over until Michael Cole fully explained how big his hands are.  Or how Tamina didn't get over until they explained how she was Jimmy Snuka's daughter.  MONEY LEFT ON THE TABLE.

And for a general answer to the question, almost literally ANYTHING would be more effective than how they've booked Reigns thus far.