411mania’s “The Comics 8 Ball 3.17.14: Top 8 Comic Book Copycat Characters”

Hi Scott,

Thought this might make for some fun BoD discussion.  Call me maybe… I mean, crazy, but I'm detecting just a whiff of anti-Marvel sentiment. But only just.


Eh, I feel dumber having just read that one.  Saying Hawkeye, for example, is a ripoff of Green Arrow specifically when both guys are based off the Robin Hood archetype is just ignorant.  
Anyway, speaking of comics, what the hell is going on with Hawkeye's shipping schedule right now?  It was delayed for something like four months, which killed all the momentum that it was building up, and then they shipped the Kate issue out of order.  And now there's another random issue from Christmas that just came out featuring animated dogs.  Yeah, the Pizza Dog issue was great and whimsical, but COME ON.  This story hasn't moved an inch forward in what feels like a year, with Fraction just going back and retelling the same stuff over and over.  It used to be my most-anticipated title and now I don't even know when it's coming out most times or what I'm going to get out of it.