RIP Ox Baker

Here is an Ox Baker moment that had to be shared. Apparently, Ronnie Garvin had removed Ox’s teeth the week before, and smashed them in the ring. This had created a problem for Ox outside the ring.

Jesse Baker On “The Bryan Danials thing”

You know, if the WWE REALLY is out to bury Bryan, why don't they at least fucking try and make it less obvious. 
Armchair Booker Mode On
Say Kane backstabs HHH and Steph by way of giving Bryan his own interview segment (tying it in with him taking Miz's interview segment, since Miz/Bryan have an unresolved blood feud) and basically allows him to use it to vent against the Authority. That way, Bryan is not actively competing but basically allowing to repeatedly getting over on HHH by calling him out on his bullshit (they can even allow for the first installment of said interview segment involve Bryan reducing HHH to tears ala Quagmire calling Brian out on his shit on Family Guy in terms of HHH FINALLTY showing ass as far as Bryan flat out nailing HHH on his bullshit in ways even HHH can't shrug off, even having Bryan throw Rock's recent super success into HHH's face for extra knife twisting).   
Bryan makes HHH cry and HHH goes away for several weeks and we get Bryan having his talk show bit, servicing other storylines and Kane being an asshole to Steph, who can't get the show cancelled no matter how hard she tries to browbeat Kane. Meanwhile we get Miz being treated like a punching bag loser, beating by Orton and generally treated like a bitch and showing up during Bryan's talkshow from time to time, to rant and rave about how Bryan is a usurper, stealing his talk show segment from him as well as his "spot" in the hirarchy in the WWE.
Finally, when HHH comes back, he has Miz (who HHH sees as an agent to destroy Bryan) destroy Bryan's set and tries to destroy Bryan, but is stopped by Bryan's guest for that week's episode: Hulk Hogan. Miz meanwhile vows revenge, leading to him recruiting Shawn Michaels as his second, setting up Bryan/Hogan vs Michaels/Miz at WM, with Bryan and Hogan winning…..
This way, Bryan remains strong and given a major place on the card without being reduced to a lowly flunky, can get his full revenge on HHH (who will finally be made to show ass via Bryan being the one who does what no one else, not even CM Punk could not do, and basically destroy HHH and cause him to admit his failures as a human being on every level imaginable, Bryan gets an undercard match with legit heat/storyline motivation (the unresolved Miz/Bryan stuff), and Shawn Michaels gets the humiliation of being made Hogan's bitch again.