The Plight of the Badass

Hey Scott,

I've been watching NXT and I would like to say that Finn Balor is an amazing talent and a guy that exudes star power. This make me happy, as it sounds like they want to call him up and I'd love for Raw to have some cool wrestlers on it. But I also got to thinking about other can't miss prospects, specifically Cesaro. Cesaro certainly isn't dead and buried, but he's had a couple pretty crappy years now and I think I know why. Cesaro and Balor are badasses, they're clearly super talented at wrestling and look like they should be building pyramids out of the skulls of their enemies. They're almost too cool, and that makes it really strange when they're forced to interact with losers like Miz or Ziggler or Ambrose.

And it's not like this is a plight of talented wrestlers losing to not-so-talented wrestlers. Sami Zayn is great at looking good in defeat because he's the "normal dude" with tons of heart he can be beaten, But Cesaro is a superman, Balor is the DEMON KING. The way they wrestle and they way they hold themselves means they can't, as Jim Cornette said about Batista, be throwing armdrags in the second match. How is a guy as obviously physically powerful as Cesaro not in the main-event? Like where with total goons (i.e. Fandango) you ask yourself "Can I imagine him wrestling Lesnar at Mania without laughing my ass off" with Cesaro and Balor I ask myself "Can I imagine them trading wins with Titus O'Neil without letting out a long, sad, sigh"?

TL:DR version? Cesaro and Balor are almost setting themselves up for failure because they aren't characters I can see at every level of the card. They're too badass for WWE.

​Cesaro interacted just fine with Zayn and Regal in NXT. The mark of great wrestlers like him and Balor is that they can adapt to whatever situation they're needed in.  It also makes the breakup of the Real Americans all the stupider, because that would have given Rusev TWO opponents to have good matches with. 
Also, I feel like you should watch more old school NWA.  You'd probably enjoy the work of the Andersons.