Giving it away in a different sense

> Hey Scott!
> Who would you say are/were the worst guys when it comes to not keeping face/letting their body language reveal that they are not winning a certain match? I seem to recall HBK and Jarrett being two examples, but perhaps there are others.
> And for fun let's reverse it: can't keep it in that they are winning.
> Keep on keeping on!
If there's anyone with a more blatant grumpy job-face than Randy Orton, I haven't seen him.

Daniel Bryan’s father passes away

Excerpt from

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan’s (Bryan Danielson’s) father
has unexpectedly passed away. Bryan was made aware of his father’s
passing after returning from his honeymoon with Brie Bella. Despite the
news, Bryan has insisted on performing for the WWE Universe tonight
(April 21) and will be on Raw. WWE extends our deepest condolences to
Bryan and his family.

Matt Borne passes away

Doink was one of the more original, and great characters of the WWE. A shame they went the safe route with him after a while.

He was a bit before my time, but I loved using him in the RAW game for the SNES. Especially his super-move where he’d roll you into a ball and punt you out of the ring.

WWE planning to do away with PPVs

…at some point in the future, anyway.

Well, the thing is that if they do get the network off the ground and they DO get, say, 2 million subscribers or as an outside dream 4 million, they'll be able to burn money instead of coal to heat Titan Towers and have enough left over to eat money sandwiches for work every day for the rest of their lives.  WWE will literally be all profit and they can tell the PPV industry and eventually USA to go fuck themselves once and for all.  

Now, obviously I give this network a 0.0001% chance of launching and an even slimmer chance of getting anything above the paltry 100,000 or so subs that the Classics on Demand channel has, but absolutely there is money here. I just don't think it's attainable.  But hey, I know nothing about the TV industry outside of what I read, so maybe they can pull it off.  I hope they do, because it would be pretty awesome to pay $13 a month and get all the PPVs and old Nitros and stuff.

Brad Armstrong Passes Away At 51

Source posted the following today…

WWE is saddened to learn of the passing of Brad Armstrong, 51, one of
four sons of “Bullet” Bob Armstrong. Brad Armstrong last participated
in the ring for the ECW brand in 2006. WWE understands that Brad saw his
physician last week for a medical issue and was found unresponsive this
morning. WWE extends its sincerest condolences to the entire Armstrong

I wonder how far away from this dvd announcement we are…..

Watching Raw tonight and seeing Vinnie make fun of JR for no apparent reason made me nostalgic for all the other times JR got made fun of…for no apparent reason. So I came up with a match listing for the DVD the WWE is most likely to release some day….

Dude, don't EVEN give them any ideas…

Slobberknocker:The Best Of Jim Ross' Most Embarassing Moments

WrestleMania 9 Highlights (Ross Debuts…In A Toga) – 4/4/93
RAW – JR Introduces Fake Razor Ramon & Fake Diesel – 9/23/96
RAW – Undertaker Makes JR Kiss McMahon's Ass – 11/26/01
RAW – Kane Sets JR On Fire – 7/14/03
Unforgiven '03 – Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler VS Al Snow & Jonathan Coachman – 9/21/03
RAW – Jim Ross VS Triple H – 4/18/05
RAW – McMahon Family Fires JR – 10/10/05
RAW – Dr. Vince "Heiney" McMahon Performs JR's Colon Surgery – 10/24/05
ECW – JR Has A Beer With The Sandman – 9/26/06
RAW – JR kisses Michael Cole's foot – 4/18/11
RAW – Jim Ross VS Michael Cole Rap Battle – 12/12/11
Smackdown – Hornswoggle dresses as JR – 6/8/12
Bonus Other People Making Fun Of JR Blu-Ray Disc
Nitro – Oklahoma's Debut – 11/15/99
Nitro – Jerry Only VS Steve Williams (Steel Cage Match) – 11/29/99
Nitro – Oklahoma VS Madusa (Evening Gown Match) – 1/12/00
Souled Out '00 – Oklahoma VS Madusa (Cruiserweight Title Match) – 1/16/00
Nitro – Madusa Attacks Oklahoma – 2/7/00