WWF Sam Houston Coliseum August 28th, 1987

August 28, 1987

Your hosts are Bruce Prichard, Mike McGuirk, and Pete Doherty

This was the WWE 24/7 version of the show, which omitted the Terry Funk vs. Chavo Guerrero match.

Also, this was known as the “Paul Boesch Retirement Show.” Boesch had promoted the WWF in Houston once the UWF went under in April of 1987 then retired shortly after that.  A lot of legends like Verne Gagne, Lou Thesz, and Stu Hart among others were in attendance as well.

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WWF Wrestling Challenge August 16th, 1987

August 16, 1987

From the Lacrosse Center in Lacrosse, WI

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action tonight will be Superstar Billy Graham, Koko B. Ware, and Rick Rude

Barry Horowitz vs. Superstar Billy Graham

Graham overpowers Horowitz, who is doing all of the work here. We get an insert promo from Butch Reed telling Graham he is proud after attacking him during the posedown and will attack his injured hip. Back to the match as Graham hits a backdrop then catches Horowitz in a bearhug for the win (1:40).

Thoughts: Graham was essentially immobile here as Horowitz bumped his ass of to make things look passable. This crowd was not that into Graham.

Craig DeGeorge gives us an update on the “Battle for Bam Bam” as he tells us he can do dropkicks and cartwheels. We then get a clip of Freddie Blassie who is unable to tell us which manager would be best for Bam Bam. A waste of Blassie here if you ask me and it did nothing to intrigue of the storyline.

One Man Gang w/ Slick vs. Billy Beauman

Gang attacks Beauman to start as the announcers talk about Gang being fined for attacking referees and wrestlers a few weeks ago after one of his match. Gang destroys Beauman as Slick is shown in an insert promo telling us that he will sign Bam Bam and put him together with Gang. Back to the match as Gang continues to beat the crap out of Beauman until putting him away with the front suplex (2:52).

Thoughts: They are gearing up Gang for the house show circuit against Hogan as he was being portrayed as a monster. I liked Gang here and too bad he couldn’t have done more with that character.

Gene Okerlund is with Jake Roberts and asks him about his recent surgeries while mentioning how the Honky Tonk Man hit him with his guitar. Roberts then tells Honky he is an easy man to find and he has been stirring up while awaiting a rematch. He tells us that his biggest goal is to abuse the Honky Tonk Man, like he did to him. As usual, solid stuff from Jake.

Clips of the Don Muraco/Bob Orton split, with Gorilla officially telling us that they are done as a team. Too bad no one cared as they were booked as afterthoughts for this feud.

Brian Costello vs. Koko B. Ware

Koko hits a monkey flip and a pair of armdrags to start. The crowd is behind Koko here, who is now working the arm. Koko hits a dropkick after blocking a reverse rollup and follows that with a powerslam as the announcers mention Koko singing the title track of the “Piledriver” album. Costello backs Koko in the corner and tries a headbutt but that fails as Koko drops an elbow then goes back to the arm. Koko keeps playing to the crowd, who is really cheering him on, then there is a big miscommunication spot as Costello ducked his head while Koko ram him over. Koko then hits a missile dropkick while landing on Costello before getting the win with the Ghostbuster (3:24). Koko dropped Costello right on his head with that one.

Thoughts: The last 30 seconds or so of the match broke down with Costello fucking up left and right. I don’t think Koko was too happy here. Anyway the crowd was firmly behind Koko, who got the biggest face reaction on the show.

Okerlund is now with newly crowned WWF Women’s Champion “Sensational” Sherri Martel. She tells all the women in the WWF that this belt belongs to her while egging on the others to try and beat her. Sherri then tells us that she has the best body and is the best wrestler and can cook the best as well. She closes by telling us she is so happy that she parties every night with the belt. Given her history that was probably a shoot. Good promo by Sherri. We were not used to them by the WWF women’s wrestlers at this point either.

We are shown the Hart Foundation vs. Jim Powers & Paul Roma match from the 8/8 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling” where Mr. T as the enforcer overruled the match in the favor of Powers & Roma when he saw Hart cheat on a rollup.

DeGeorge is on the podium with “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase and Virgil. DiBiase cuts off the introduction and says that everyone knows who he is and that he is wealthy. He then tells the crowd he is better than the crowd as they are poor, unlike himself. DiBiase then tells the crowd they all have a price and he will show us how generous he is by giving away $300 then calls a lady up as he makes fun of her for looking poor. DiBiase tells her she can make $300 by barking like a dog then tells her to get down on all fours and bark in front of him. She obliges and barely makes any noise so DiBiase tells us that he wants to hear a high-pitched bark. The lady does so and earns $100 then gets another $100 each of two other barks. DiBiase then asks Virgil if she earned the money as he says no as DiBiase agrees and calls the crowd all a bunch of poor “dog faces” and “suckers” as the woman walks away without any money. This stuff really was genius. A simple and effective way to get heel heat and a great gimmick for house shows.

Now, we are shown David Wolff as he talks about producing the “Piledriver” album. He mentions calling Rick Derringer then talks about how well the wrestlers sung as he hypes it up.

“Ravishing” Rick Rude w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Sonny Rogers

Johnny V. has replaced Heenan on commentary. Before the match, Rude tells the men in the audience to be quiet so the ladies can see him remove his robe. Match starts with Rude slamming Rogers then taunting the crowd as he flexes. He then catches Rogers with a clothesline as we get an insert promo of Rude, with the camera zoomed in on his abs as he opens his robe. Rude then picks up Rogers and makes him submit to the backbreaker (0:57).

Thoughts: They are no starting to build up Rude’s heel persona as he begins his ascension up the card. Rude looked good in the ring here.

Lanny Poffo & Mark Richards vs. Kamala & Sika w/ Mr. Fuji & Kimchee

We get an insert promo from Fuji to start but we see a photo of Bam Bam in its place as he tells us Bam Bam can be a “volcano.” Poffo tags out after getting roughed up then Sika hits Richards with the Samoan drop and holds him down so Kamala can hit a top rope splash for the win (2:00).

Thoughts: Not much to this as Kamala & Sika were afterthoughts at this point.

Okerlund is with Mr. Fuji, who tells us that Killer Khan loves to be tortured. Khan comes out as Fuji tells us that all the “little Hulksters” will see Hogan get tortured. Okerlund keeps asking Fuji about Khan’s training as Fuji tells us that he teaches him martial arts and hits him hard when he screws up as Khan is hitting himself. Fuji cut a more serious promo than usual here. It was alright I guess.

The medics are shown taking Richards out of the ring on a stretcher.

Next week in action will be Ted DiBiase, Randy Savage, Demolition, Brutus Beefcake, and the Junkyard Dog.

Final Thoughts: Not a bad show at all. We saw the TV debut of DiBiase’s fan out of the crowd gimmick. We also got to see newer acts like the One Man Gang and Rick Rude pushed as well. The WWF was starting to build a nice collection of upper card heels at this time, which was a desperate need.

Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Saturday: RoH The Tradition Continues 10/16/03
Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 8/22/87
Tuesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/23/87
Thursday: Highspots Shoot Interview with Brickhouse Brown
Friday: WWF Sam Houston Coliseum (Paul Boesch Retirement Show) 8/28/87

WWF Boston Garden August 15th, 1987

August 15, 1987

From the Boston Garden in Boston, MA. 
Your hosts are Lord Alfred Hayes and Jimmy Hart
Barry Horowitz vs. Dingo Warrior

For those who are unaware, Dingo Warrior would later go on to become the Ultimate Warrior. He had the same appearance but came out to “The Warrior” by Scandal and was billed from New York. He would not make his TV debut until a few months later. Match starts with Warrior shoving Horowitz around. He sends Horowitz through the ropes with a shoulderblock but the fans are not impressed as they chant “boring.” Horowtiz stalls for a bit then re-enters only to get knocked down again. Warrior hits a hiptoss then easily breaks out of a full nelson as he applies one of his own. Horowitz puts his feet on the top rope to break the hold so Warrior just drops him. Warrior then chops Horowitz in the corner but misses a corner splash as Horowitz beats on Warrior for a bit. Warrior fights right back and hits a slam but misses an elbow drop as Horowitz covers for a one count. My tape is fuzzy but I see that Horowitz misses a dropkick then gets clotheslined. Horowitz begs for mercy and hits Warrior low. However, Warrior catches Horowitz with a press slam then gets the win with a splash (4:41) 1/4*. 
Thoughts: Warrior looked impressive physically but was awful in the ring. He was even too bad to be featured on TV at this point. Horowitz was a true pro here and took some nice bumps to prevent it from being a disaster.

Nikolai Volkoff w/ Slick vs. “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff

No Orndorff for Heenan here (Heenan was in Philadelphia for the show at the Spectrum) and he had not officially turned yet on television but was cheered loudly by the crowd in Boston. Volkoff attacks Orndorff with the flag then chokes him out against the ropes. Volkoff hammers away until Orndorff fights back and knocks him down. Orndorff takes Volkoff down with a kneelift then rakes the eyes as the referee backs him away. They go back and forth for a bit eventually fighting over a wristlock. Voloff grabs a side headlock and works the back until he misses a charge. Orndorff works the arm but whiffs on a clothesline and ends up in a bearhug that ends up looking like some sort of Kama Sutra position. Volkoff gets a nearfall with a rollup after using the ropes for leverage then puts Orndorff in a Boston Crab. Orndorff turns that into a rollup and lands a few strikes. Volkoff then wants a test of strength and they both fight over that for a minute as the fans start a “boring” chant. They brawl in the corner and Orndorff wins that. He then hits a dropkick and an elbow drop but misses a second attempt. Volkoff misses a charge as Orndorff hits an elbow smash from the top then gets the win with a clothesline (8:57) 1/2*. 
Thoughts: This match sucked. Orndorff still looked really hurt and Volkoff was just useless here. It was like he refused to bump or something as this match was all restholds and basic strikes. Both guys were really floundering in the WWF at this point but would get some use in the coming weeks.

Lord Alfred Hayes is backstage with Ted DiBiase and Virgil. DiBiase says he is the newest living legend in Boston and tells his opponent, Sivi Afi, that he looks like he “stepped out of a coconut tree” and that he is nothing more than a steppingstone. 

Sivi Afi vs. “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil

Slick has now replaced Hart on commentary. DiBiase is billed from Hyannisport here. Match starts with DiBiase cheapshotting Afi after a break. They then trade arm wringers until DiBiase retreats to the corner. DiBiase then comes back with a few armdrags and a hiptoss as some of the fans applaud (Boston had a small, vocal heel section at the shows) as some guy calls him an “asshole.” DiBiase is in complete control here as he hits another flurry of offense. Afi comes back with a crossbody for two but runs into a clothesline. DiBiase puts the boots to Afi then beats him up in the corner. He hits an elbow smash from the second rope then slams Afi’s head off of the mat. He now grabs a chinlock but misses an elbow drop as Afi fights back. Lord Alfred sells this comeback like the biggest moment in wrestling history. He tries a crossbody but DiBiase catches him with a powerslam then applies the Cobra Clutch and turns that into a legsweep to get the win (6:28) *1/4. After the match, DiBiase tells us that he seriously considered staying at his Summer home but being the gracious man that he is, he decided to come in order to not disappoint the fans. He then tells the fans that all the sports legends in Boston pale in comparison to himself. DiBiase then tells us he is rich and we are poor so he will be generous because everyone has a price as he offers $300 to a fan for kissing his foot. Virgil then takes off DiBiase’s boot as a woman all dressed up comes in the ring and kisses his foot for the money. 
Thoughts: A really long squash match. DiBiase looked good and got some cheers. The main thing though was that they got over his post match antics as building up his character was the most important thing and it worked on this show.

Hayes is with Jimmy Hart and the Honky Tonk Man, who is part of the six-man elimination tag match tonight. Honky promises to defeat Bruno Sammartino in the match. 

Elimination Match
Hart Foundation & Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Tito Santana & Jake “The Snake” Roberts & Bruno Sammartino

Johnny V. has now replaced Slick on commentary. Roberts clears the heels from the ring with Damien. The match finally gets underway with Bret and Santana as Honky refused to get into the ring with Bruno. Bret misses a charge in the corner then gets pummeled by the babyface side. Roberts tags and works the arm of Bret, who slips out of a DDT attempt and takes a breather outside. Neidhart tags in and grounds Roberts with a test of strength but Roberts kicks out. Roberts then gets trapped in the wrong corner as Neidhart holds up Roberts for Honky. The heels use quick tags in order to neutralize Roberts and that lasts for a few minutes until Honky gets hit with a kneelift then misses a charge. Roberts hammers away on Honky, who is begging for mercy. He flattens him with a clothesline then plays up to the crowd until Honky pulls the ropes on him. Jimmy Hart goes over to Roberts, who backs him up but Honky hits Roberts with the megaphone while the referee was distracted and he gets counted out for the first elimination (7:04). Bruno gets in as he gets trapped in the corner by all three heels until Santana makes the save. The ref orders him back to the apron as Bruno gets triple-teamed in the corner. Bruno dodges a charging Neidhart and makes the tag to Santana as the crowd erupts. He hits Bret with a crossbody that Neidhart breaks up then Bruno comes in as the match breaks down. The Hart Foundation try to double-team Tito, who ducks a double clothesline then hits Bret with a flying forearm as Bruno tripped up Neidhart and gets the pin (10:11) as the crowd goes nuts. Neidhart and Santana are in now as Neidhart takes control after a knee smash. Santana gets worked over in the corner and tries to escape. Neidhart tags back in and cuts him off to hit a slam but misses an elbow drop. Santana stomps away then hits a slam but Jimmy Hart trips him up then Neidhart covers for the pin (12:19). Neidhart and Honky try to ambush Bruno but he ends up destroying them both. However, Bruno gets outnumbered as Honky now takes control of the match. He tags in Neidhart and as Honky distracts the ref, Bruno ducks as Hart accidentally hits Neidhart with the megaphone then Bruno covers for the pin as it is down to Bruno and Honky (14:02). Honky immediately attacks Bruno and pounds away in the corner then stops to taunt the crowd. He hits a few kneedrops then they end up in a criss-cross as Bruno knees Honky in the face and gets the win (15:05) ***. After the match, Bruno chases Hart out of the ring as the crowd goes nuts for Bruno. 
Thoughts: Fun match that was all action and easily the best on the card. It did die down at the end and it would have been nice to see Honky and Bruno got a bit longer but still a good time. The Hart Foundation and Honky were really over as heels here.

Brady Boone vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Slick is back on commentary to witness this classic. Sharpe works over the back of Boone to start. Boone comes back after dodging a charge then hitting a few armdrags. Sharpe ducks outside for a breather to rile up the fans. Back inside, Boone gets two off of a rollup as the announcers put over his agility. Boone bounces off of Sharpe but slides underneath him and hits a dropkick. Sharpe bails once again after getting hit with a few armdrags but comes back inside and knocks Boone down as Slick tells us the One Man Gang will beat Hulk Hogan as he puts over his offense. Boone manages a reverse rollup but Sharpe immediately attacks his back. He rams Boone into the corner a few times but gets caught with a monkey flip. Boone hits a pair of dropkicks but misses an elbow drop as Sharpe uses clubbing forearms on the back. Boone then takes Sharpe down and leg drops him in the nuts as Sharpe now begs for mercy. Sharpe hits another clubbing forearm after Boone ducked his head then tosses him to the floor. He knocks Boone off of the apron with another forearm smash then taunts the crowd. Boone comes in and hits a jumping back elbow smash and a few kicks that result in a nearfall. Dropkick gets two. The referee backed Boone out of the corner as he would not break and that allows Sharpe to load up his forearm sleeve and hit Boone for the win (9:43) *1/4. 
Thoughts: Man, this was dull. At least Boone did some athletic stuff but the crowd sat on their hands for this one. I’m pretty sure that 95% of Sharpe’s offense consisted of forearm smashes. Poor Boone couldn’t even beat Sharpe. The guy came along about 15 years too late as he was far too short to get a push but could work and very athletic.

Hayes is now with Little Beaver and Hillbilly Jim, who will be facing the One Man Gang tonight. Jim puts over Gang and says that if Slick tries to interfere, Little Beaver will prevent him. 

One Man Gang w/ Slick vs. Hillbilly Jim w/ Little Beaver

Johnny V. is back on commentary. Jim takes his time slapping hands with the fans as Johnny makes fun of Little Beaver. He actually said he looked like a dropout from Harvard University and that made me laugh for some reason. Beaver then goes inside and bites Slick in the ass as the crowd goes nuts. Jim then has Slick’s hat and teases tossing it into the crowd until he gives it back. Match starts with Gang shoving Jim around a few times. They collide a few times until Jim catches him with a boot. Gang then grabs a side headlock as Beaver heads into the ring but gets ordered back outside as he stands on the apron but he then comes back in and interferes as Gang is now pissed off. Back to the match as they battle over a test of strength for a long time as Beaver sneaks back in and whacks Gang in the ass with his moccasin. Jim then sends Gang into the corner as Beaver bites him in the ass. Jim hammers away but Gang fights back and knocks him down. Gang chokes him out against the ropes then distracts the ref as Slick interferes. Beaver comes back in after seeing this and that allows Gang and Slick to double-team Jim. Slick cheapshots Jim outside as Hayes is disgusted while Johnny brings up a perfectly valid point how he did not complain when Beaver did the same things. Gang misses a corner charge as Jim holds Gang’s legs up while Beaver comes in and hits a splash. The ref chases Beaver around then Jim runs into a big boot. Gang beats on Jim then Beaver comes back in to whack him in the ass. Slick chases around Beaver then gets decked by Jim as Gang comes after him. Jim rolls into the ring just before the ten count to get the win via countout (12:47) 1/4*. After the match, Gang tosses Jim then beats down Beaver before hitting him with a splash. Christ, that looked more painful than when Bundy dropped the elbow on him at WrestleMania III. Jim then rolls inside as Gang leaves with slick to check on his friend, who is not moving on the canvas. Jim then picks him up and carries him to the back. 
Thoughts: This was a garbage comedy match, featuring a guy that was being groomed to face Hogan on the house show circuit. Having a midget whack him in the ass with a moccasin, and be the focal point of this, was ridiculous. The fans were into it at the beginning but that died down soon. Gang did get some heat back at the end but why bother protecting Jim, who was barely on TV at this point?

Rougeau Brothers vs. Dino Bravo & Johnny V. 

Valentine was also at the Spectrum show, facing Brutus Beefcake. Before the match, Jacques tells us that Brutus Beefcake wants us to know that he has given Johnny a new name, which is “skinhead.” The crowd chants that at Johnny as the match is underway. Jacques dropkicks Johnny to the floor to start off the match. After some stalling, Bravo tags in as Raymond hits him with a crossbody for two after Johnny broke up the pin. Bravo yanks Raymond down by the hair and stomps away but is unaware a tag was made and eats a double dropkick. Jacques gets two with a splash but gets caught with an inverted atomic drop while attempting a monkey flip. Johnny tags and stomps away then distracts the ref as Bravo chokes Jacques out from behind. Jacques is getting double-teamed then Bravo grabs a bearhug as the fans rally behind him. Jacques eats a double elbow smash then the match breaks down after Raymond is sick of the cheating. The ref orders him back as Bravo hits Jacques with a side slam. Leg drop gets two. Jacques continues to get double-teamed as Bravo hits another side slam but misses an elbow drop as both men are down. He makes the tag to Raymond, who beats the crap out of Johnny V. Bravo breaks up a pin attempt then tries to break up another one but accidentally leg dropped Johnny. Jacques then dropkicks Bravo to the floor as Raymond covers Johnny for the win (8:47) *. 
Thoughts: Basic tag match that was even worse when Johnny V. was in the match. And having the crowd chant “skinhead” at Johnny seemed odd and for all I know an inside joke or sorts. Bobby Heenan said he was a despicable person so maybe he was racist too? Who knows that is just me throwing something out there. Anyway, the New Dream Team/Rougeaus feud has run its course.

Final Thoughts: Not a good show. The WWF had four shows this day, with Hogan vs. Savage the main event in both Fort Wayne, IN and Springfield, IL. So, as you saw here, the talent was spread on thin. Besides the elimination match and DiBiase, nothing was worth watching. I guess if you are curious to see the Ultimate Warrior before he made it to TV you can watch that but this card sucked as a whole. A lot of these matches were shown on the 8/31/87 edition of “Primetime Wrestling.”

Here is my schedule for the next several days: 
Thursday: RF Video Shoot Interview with Rey Mysterio (2015)
Friday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/16/87
Saturday: RoH Tradition Continues 10/16/03
Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 8/22/87
Tuesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/23/87

WWF Superstars of Wrestling August 15th, 1987

August 15, 1987

From the Dane County Coliseum in Madison, WI

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, and Vince McMahon

This week we will have the in-ring debut of the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase (well, as the “Million Dollar Man” character anyway). Also in action will be Randy Savage, Sherri Martel, and Jake Roberts.

We see a limo pull up to the arena where Virgil gets out and opens the door for Ted DiBiase.

Steve Lombardi vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage w/ Elizabeth

Vince was fawning all over Elizabeth here. Jesse thinks that Savage is getting a bit soft for letting Elizabeth walk in front of him instead of behind as they are more blatant in their attempt to turn Savage face. Savage backs Lombardi against the ropes then gets attacked from behind when complaining to the referee. We see an insert promo of Elizabeth saying she was not in the running to manage Bam Bam because Savage was the premiere wrestler in the WWF. Back to the match as Savage hits a kneelift but misses a charge as Lombardi follows with a clothesline for a nearfall. Savage then gets dumped to the floor to a mixed reaction but he fights back. Savage slams Lombardi to the floor and follows out with a double axe handle then heads back inside where he hits the flying elbow smash for the win (2:38).

Thoughts: With Vince praising Savage while Jesse was criticizing him, the face push is well on its way. The fans were basically treating him like one and add that to the fact he was facing a heel jobber it was easy to figure out. Plus, Savage was not bullying Elizabeth here either.

WWF Update with Craig DeGeorge. This week’s subject is the One Man Gang as they show clips of last week’s show in which Gang laid out a referee and other wrestlers with his front suplex. We then see Jack Tunney telling us that Gang has been fined $10,000 and will be placed on a 30 day probation period and if he does something like this again, “more severe action” will be taken. Slick is then shown saying $10,000 is a “whole lotta mo-nay” for a first offense then he laughs it up with Gang about this not being a problem. They are hyping up Gang to feed to Hogan.

We are now shown Michael Caplan of A&R Epic Records as we learn about the Wrestling Album titled “Piledriver.” We will hear a whole lot about that for the next several weeks.

Sherri Martel vs. Angie Minelli

Before the match, Martel grabs the mic and tells us all she will be known as “Sensational” Sherri. The match starts with Sherri working the arm of Minelli then yanking her down by the hair. Minelli fights back and hits what Vince calls a “really sloppy” forearm before taking Sherri down with a monkey flip. We are then shown an insert of the French commentary team, which includes Frenchy Martin, as Martel then hits a suplex then finishes of Minelli with an awful-looking splash for the win (2:33).

Thoughts: It appears that they are going to push the Women’s division again. Its been over  ayear since a women’s match has been shown on TV. This was the birth of Sensational Sherri. The match was nothing much to Vince seemed a little harsh on Minelli for some reason. She wasnt that bad.

Gene Okerlund runs down the 8/22 Madison Square Garden show card.In a production change, the graphics of the matches are now shown on the screen in sync with Okerlund. We then hear from Ricky Steamboat, who will be facing the Honky Tonk Man for the IC Title in a Lumberjack Match. He runs down Honky for stretching the rules and cheating to retain the title when they faced off last month. Much better than the typical Steamboat promo from this era. And the previous match they had was awesome.

We see a clip of the Honky Tonk Man singing his song for the Piledriver album. Honky rips on Elvis Presley then expresses anger over Hulk Hogan being on the cover of the album.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Dave Wagner

The crowd goes nuts for Jake here. He beats on Wagner as we get an insert promo from Danny Davis, saying things are getting out of hand in the WWF as evidenced by Jake using his snake after his matches and that if he was the referee, this would never happen. Back to the match as Wagner gets tossed to the floor then rammed into the ring post. They head back into the ring where Jake hits a kneelift then shortly after that gets the win with the DDT (2:37). After the match, Jake brings out the snake while Jesse leaves the booth, saying that he has an interview to conduct.

Thoughts: Jake was insanely over here. The bit with Davis seemed more geared towards his feud with Mr. T and the other WWF officials rather than Davis but that ended up being dropped fast when Mr. T was fired.

Okerlund runs down the 9/11 card at the Meadowlands before bringing out Brutus Beefcake, who will be facing the Million Dollar Man. Beefcake tells us he is burning like a “wildfire” and unable to be put out as he cuts a generic promo about Virgil and DiBiase.

Jesse is backstage with Johnny V. in the “Battle for Bam Bam” segment as we learn that Bam Bam has declined Johnny’s services. Johnny does not take to kind to the news.

New Dream Team vs. Brady Boone & Sonny Rogers

Johnny V. is not out here for the match. Bravo beats on Boone in the corner. Boone flips off of Bravo’s chest then tries a monkey flip but gets caught with one painful looking inverted atomic drop. Johnny V. finally runs out and is still pissed as he slaps the apron repeatedly. Valentine tags and hits Boone with a suplex as we are shown the Spanish broadcast team, including Tito Santana. Boone fights back with a dropkick then tags Rogers, who fails to do anything. Bravo tags and softens up Rogers until he tags Valentine, who gets the win with the figure four (3:02).

Thoughts: The New Dream Team was a flop and this was really just filler. Also, it was the beginning of the end for Johnny V. as once the Beefcake feud ended, he was a complete afterthought.

DeGeorge is at the podium with Rick Rude and Bobby Heenan, who tells us that Rude has the greatest physique in the whole Heenan Family and that everyone has welcomed him with open arms. DeGeorge then asks the whereabouts of Paul Orndorff as Heenan gets defensive and says he is on vacation. DeGeorge then brings up how Orndorff fired Heenan two years ago as Heenan promises to bring out Orndorff next week and claims Orndorff will tell Rude that he has the best physique in the Heenan Family. The seed is planted for the Rude/Orndorff feud.

Rick Martel vs. Barry Horowitz

Martel starts by using his agility to gain the advantage against Horowitz. We are then shown Heenan and the Islanders in an insert promo making fun of Martel and the Islanders as they threaten to put him out of wrestling. Back to the match as Horowitz is working the arm. Martel then comes back with a dropkick and an armdrag but Horowtiz uses a turnbuckle smash after an eye rake. Martel then fights back with a hiptoss then gets the win with a crossbody from the middle rope (2:28). After the match, the Islanders come out and surround Martel, eventually beating him down. However, Tito Santana runs out to the ring, wearing his announcing attire, and clears the ring. After the Islanders retreat, Santana walks Martel to the back.

Thoughts: The match was fine but the more important thing here was what occurred after the match as we saw what led to the formation of Strike Force.

Radio host Kal Rudman is here putting over the Piledriver album, specifically the production. Rudman also did some of the backstage interview segments at the Philadelphia Spectrum shows. They are going all out here to promote this album.

The British Bulldogs are here to tell us that Matilda does indeed talk then the camera zooms in on the dog as a voiceover says “headbutt, Dynamite.” This was really awful.

“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil vs. Jerry Allen

Before heading into the ring, DiBiase tells the crowd to beg him for some money as he throws some on the floor and makes them fight over it for his amusement. Match starts with DiBiase beating on Allen. He hits a slam and a backdrop as Jesse is impressed with his skills. Allen ducks a chop and comes back with a crossbody for two. However, DiBiase hits Allen with a stungun then puts on a Cobra Clutch then hits a Russian leg sweep for the win (1:51).

Thoughts: DiBiase looked good here but the crowd did not react as much as you would think. They were not all that loud. Not a good sign. That would change but it took time for him to get over with the crowd.

Next week in action will be Ken Patera, Butch Reed, Kamala & Sika, and Koko B. Ware. Plus, more on the “Battle for Bam Bam” and Paul Orndorff appearing to confront Rick Rude and Bobby Heenan.

Final Thoughts: An action-packed show this week. We saw how Strike Force was created, the birth of the Sensational Sherri character, the news about the Piledriver album, the beginning of the Rude/Orndorff feud, and how they are starting to push Savage as a babyface. A lot of stuff happened here.

Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Tuesday: WWF Boston Garden 8/15/87
Thursday: RF Video Shoot Interview with Rey Mysterio (2015)
Friday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/16/87
Saturday: RoH The Tradition Continues 10/16/03
Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 8/22/87

WWF Superstars of Wrestling August 8th, 1987

I do not have the 8/2 or 8/9 editions of Wrestling Challenge so we will be skipping over them.

August 8, 1987

From the Civic Center in Glens Falls, NY

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, and Vince McMahon

In action this week will be Jake Roberts, Demolition, Hart Foundation, George Steele, and the One Man Gang.

Jesse Ventura is backstage with Jimmy Hart in a segment titled “The Battle for Bam Bam.” Jesse wants him to tell us the news as a nervous Hart tells us that Bam Bam Bigelow has rejected him as a manager but that he still manages two champions.

Joe Mirto & Don Muraco & Cowboy Bob Orton vs. Hillbilly Jim & Tito Santana & Junkyard Dog

Match starts off with a brawl between everyone except JYD, who stands off to the side. The match settles down as Jim overpowers Mirto before tagging out. JYD hits Muraco with some crawling headbutts as the crowd barely responds to that. Muraco ducks out for a breather and argues with Orton before tagging out. Orton and Santana fight over a lockup then Orton takes control and tries for a tombstone piledriver but Santana breaks the hold. Muraco tags and now tries the superplex but Orton pushes Santana on top as Muraco gets pinned (3:02). After the match, Orton and Muraco argue. Orton then slaps Muraco as that triggers a brawl that ends up outside and then into the crowd.

Thoughts: The Muraco/Orton split seems to be final here. The crowd didnt react much to this but they clearly made Orton out to be the instigator here.

WWF Update with Craig DeGeorge. This week’s subject is Superstar Billy Graham and how he got attacked by Butch Reed during their posedown from last week. They focused on Reed attacking Graham’s surgically repaired hip and Graham fighting back. We then see Slick and Reed, who promises to send Graham back into retirement.

Demolition w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Sivi Afi & Brady Boone

Ax beats down Afi to start. We then see an insert promo of Fuji telling us he will sign Bam Bam. Boone tags in as Smash destroys him. Boone slingshots in with a dropkick and does a few flips but gets caught with a backbreaker. Boone fights back with a kneelift but gets caught with a stungun then Demolition puts him away with the decapitation (2:52).

Thoughts: Another impressive showing for Demolition and more confusion about who will actually manage Bam Bam.

Gene Okerlund is with Jim Brunzell. He reminds him how Blair and himself have beaten the Hart Foundation twice in a row as Brunzell proceeds to cut a painfully dull interview that leads to nothing. This was a counterproductive segment as it made the Bees out to be the dullest team of all-time instead of title contenders.

A clip of the Million Dollar Man giving a lady in the crowd $100 to wipe the sweat off of him as a voiceover tells us we will all do what he asks as everyone has their price.

George “The Animal” Steele vs. Dusty Wolfe

Wolfe’s mullet was tremendous tonight. Steele stands outside of the ring as he is introduced. He immediately attacks Wolfe and tosses him to the floor. Back inside, Steele bites open a turnbuckle then grounds Wolfe with a hammerlock then puts him away with the flying hammerlock (1:48). After the match, George scares off the referee while Vince cackles like an idiot.

Thoughts: The crowd loved Steele’s antics and this was the best use of him.

Okerlund is with Bobby Heenan and King Harley Race, who says he put the gold around his waist. Heenan then tells Hogan that his days are numbered. I dont think people were buying Race as a threat here.

Hart Foundation w/ Jimmy Hart & Danny Davis vs. Paul Roma & Jim Powers

Before the match, Howard Finkel introduces Mr. T as the special enforcer for this match as the fans go nuts. They teased a confrontation between Mr. T and Danny Davis here too. Match starts with the Hart Foundation working the back of Powers. We get an insert promo from Davis, who tells us that the officiating in the WWF stinks. Vince puts over Roma & Powers and notes their improvement. Powers sidesteps a charging Hart and tags Roma, who runs wild. The fans get into this a bit s Roma looks good out there. Hart blocks a monkey flip then rolls him up while putting his feet on the ropes and gets the pin.  However, Mr. T comes into the ring and tells the referee what happened then Finkel informs us that the decision has been reversed as Powers & Roma have won the match (2:56). Powers & Roma then clear the Hart Foundation from the ring with dropkicks as they stand tall with Mr. T.

Thoughts: A huge win for Roma & Powers. This was supposed to lead to Mr. T being there manager but according to Roma in his shoot interview, Mr. T no-showed a bunch of dates and as a result, Mr. T was gone.

DeGeorge is at the podium with the Islanders and Bobby Heenan. They bring up how Zenk quit, without mentioning him by name, as Heenan says Martel should follow suit and go back to Canada and find a job shoveling snow or sweeping the street. The Islanders then declare themselves as the number one tag team.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Barry Horowitz

Horowitz backs Roberts into the corner but eats boot on a charge. Roberts uses a short-arm clothesline and roughs him up until he hits the DDT for the win (1:09).

Thoughts: Not much to this to be honest.

One Man Gang w/ Slick vs. David Stoudemire

Gang stomps on Stoudemire and slams him down as we get an insert promo from Slick saying he has signed Bam Bam. Gang then hits Stoudemire with the gordbuster for the win (0:58). Jesse notes how it will be interesting to see him face Hogan as Gang then shoves the ref and hits another gordbuster to Stoudemire then another to the referee. A few more referees come into the ring but Gang chases him off. Some of the jobbers run out to save Stoudemire but they also get hit with the move as Gang then taunts the crowd to a scattering of boos.

Thoughts: They put Gang over as a monster here to mixed crowd reaction. Then again, the crowd was flat for this show, which was the last of the taping. This was the beginning of Gang’s push as he would soon be facing Hogan at house shows.

Okerlund is with Jimmy Hart and asks him about his plans. Hart brings out the newest copy of “WWF Magazine” that features the Honky Tonk Man on the cover. Honky finally comes out with his guitar as Okerlund runs down the list of competitors for his title. Honky then cuts a generic promo about how people want a lot of things but no one will get his IC title. Less entertaining than most of Honky’s promos.

In action next week will be in-ring debut of the Million Dollar Man, Jake Roberts, Randy Savage, and more news on the “Battle for Bam Bam.”

Final Thoughts: The show was okay this week. Next week with DiBiase making his debut as the Million Dollar Man should be fun. And Hart not being a manager for Bam Bam furthers that story along.

Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 8/15/17
Tuesday: WWF Boston Garden 8/15/87
Thursday: Shoot Interview TBD
Friday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/16/87

WWF Superstars of Wrestling August 1st, 1987

August 1, 1987

From the Civic Center in Glens Falls, NY

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, and Vince McMahon

In action this week will be Brutus Beefcake & The Rougeau Brothers, Ken Patera, and the Honky Tonk Man. Plus, the posedown between Butch Reed and Superstar Billy Graham and more

Bubba Kirk & Rick Renslow & Dave Wagner vs. The Rougeau Brothers & Brutus Beefcake

The Rougeaus hit Wagner with a double dropkick. Renslow comes in for a cheapshot and gets hit with a double dropkick himself. Beefcake and Kirk tag in as we get an insert prom from the New Dream Team as they tell Beefcake he will not get away for what he did to them. He hits a back suplex then tags out as the Rougeaus get the win with the Rougeau Bomb (1:54). After the match, Beefcake cuts Kirk’s hair then spray paints a giant “B” on his chest.

Thoughts: Not much to the match other than Beefcake cutting the hair of Kirk at the end. This also continues the feud the three winners have against the New Dream Team.

WWF Update with Craig DeGeorge. We see a clip of the Fabulous Moolah losing her Women’s Title to Sherri Martel at a House Show in Houston. Martel got the win after rolling through a slam attempt.

Bobby Heenan heads to the ring with King Harley Race and Hercules. He tells us that he has been in pain for months due to Ken Patera but will no longer worry about that as he can relax as he has found the newest member of the Bobby Heenan family, “Ravishing” Rick Rude. As he heads inside, Rude removes his robe then flexes as Jesse is in awe.

Mario Mancini & Rick Hunter & Jerry Allen vs. King Harley Race & Hercules w/ Bobby Heenan

Rude starts the match as he powerslams Allen, the man we fought in his MSG debut a week prior. Race tags and beats on Allen as we get Heenan in an insert promo saying that Rude will also help him sign Bam Bam as they are good friends. Back to the match as Hunter gets roughed up until Rude puts him away with a slingshot suplex (1:38). Jesse also puts over Rude as a National Arm Wrestling Champion.

Thoughts: Solid TV debut for Rude as the WWF continues to add more talent to the roster. Hercules and Race were just their are garnish, to borrow from Dusty Rhodes.

Gene Okerlund is with Hulk Hogan, who will be facing Killer Khan at the Cow Palace on August 25th. Hogan flexes to the side of the camera then he tells us how after Khan spit mist in his eyes, he spoke with Oliver North to devise a battle plan to take care of Khan and Fuji. Goofy promo from Hogan. Well, goofier than usual.

A Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase vignette airs. He asks the clerk at the hotel for the finest room but is informed that the Honeymoon Suite has been reserved for months and the people have already checked in but Virgil throws her enough money to let them have the room. We then see Virgil ordering the just married couple out of the room as DiBiase is off to the side telling us its not the clerks fault as she has her price, just like us. He also adds that in ten years that couple would probably want separate rooms. When we get back to the show, Jesse is laughing saying that guy probably didn’t know what to do on his wedding night.

Ken Patera vs. Terry Gibbs

Gibbs sneak attacks Patera but that fails as Patera rams Gibbs head into the corner. Patera then roughs him up until he finishes him off with the bearhug (1:21). Patera poses to the crowd after the win, getting a decent reaction.

Thoughts: Quick squash as they are still trying to put over Patera. Its not really working.

Okerlund is now with The Islanders. Haku puts over the leadership they are receiving from Heenan and will get the belts. Tama then tells us what Heenan wants is what they get and they will get the belts. I never heard Haku speak for this long during a promo. It was odd.

Joe Malano vs. Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart

Malano is built like a swimmer who stopped training a year ago. Honky stomps on Malano after hitting a back elbow match. Hart is then shown in an insert promo saying that he will sign Bam Bam, who will be making an announcement about this next week. Honky stays on the attack and takes Malano down with a clothesline before hitting the Shake, Rattle, and Roll for the win (2:22). After the match, Honky thanks the crowd then sings and dances for them as they boo.

Thoughts: Honky’s heel act was quite enjoyable.

DeGeorge is now on the podium with Rick Martel. He asks Martel about his partner, who quit, as Martel tells us it was hard to take. They will not mention Zenk by name. Martel then tells us he is not a quitter and does not care if he is by himself as he will fight the Islanders for what they have done. He then puts over the crowd for being behind him. They are going to continue this feud without Zenk and even here it seemed set up to give Martel a new partner.

Howard Finkel welcomes Okerlund to the ring as he is the host of the posedown. Both competitors eventually make it to the ring. Okerlund goes over the rules, which has the guys do four poses each, and tells the fans that they are the judges, which will be based off of their noise. They pose and it is boring until Reed attacks Graham, going after his hip. Graham fights back and tosses Reed to the floor. Graham goes nuts in the ring, as do the fans, while we see Reed and Slick head up the aisle. The segment wasn’t much but the crowd was really into it and it was a smart idea to have this take place in a WWF town like Glens Falls.

Outback Jack tells us about the dangers of Killer Khan’s mist, comparing it to mace.

Killer Khan w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Eric Cooper

Khan immediately knocks down Cooper then stomps away. Fuji is shown in an insert promo telling us he will sign Bam Bam because he signs all of the “big men.” Back to the match as Khan sprays mist into the face of Cooper then hits a backbreaker setting up for the top rope knee drop and the win (1:13).

Thoughts: Quick match to put over Khan and his mist. The only thing Jack did good in the WWF was putting over Khan’s mist.

Okerlund is with Mr. Fuji, who tells Hogan to be on his toes when he faces Killer Khan. Demolition then walk in as they talk about their match against Ken Patera & Billy Jack Haynes. That match never happened as Patera got hurt and was replaced by George Steele. These Cow Palace matches actually took place before a “Wrestling Challenge.” The Demolition interview was unmemorable and they are usually entertaining with Okerlund.

Next week in action will be Jake Roberts, Demolition, Hart Foundation, George Steele, and the One Man Gang.

Final Thoughts: Not a bad show at all. Rude made his TV debut, DiBiase had another great vignette, and they are at least doing a good job of building up Khan as a challenger to Hogan by focusing on the mist. Also, they made a big advancement in the Bam Bam storyline as they made it appear that Hart was the frontrunner, with an announcement next week.

Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Thursday: RF Video Shoot Interview with Kevin Steen
Friday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/2/87
Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 8/8/87
Tuesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/9/87

Ring of Honor Wrath of the Racket August 9th, 2003

August 9, 2003

From the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Dayton, OH

Your hosts are Ray Murrow and Chris Levy

The show starts with Lucy filming Ace Steel and Colt Cabana goofing around backstage as they compare the Field of Honor tournament to the film “Field of Dreams.” They then see Homicide and Julius Smokes play craps in the corner as Cabana plays the geeky white guy while asking them about the Field of Honor. Smokes tells him that its for the cream of the crop and that there is nothing worse than a “bitch-ass wigga.” A painfully unfunny comedy segment. These Cabana/Steel segments trying to find out what exactly the Field of Honor is went on throughout the entire show.

AJ Styles and Amazing Red are talking backstage. Red is really, really bad on interviews. Anyway, AJ tells the Prophecy that they do not respect them and to try and take away their belts. Red is trying to no-sell his injury by saying he is okay. AJ leaves as the SAT’s asks Red about his injury and he downplays that as well. Amateur hour stuff from these guys as AJ was a mediocre promo guy and Red was one of the worst I have ever seen.

Fast Eddie & Don Juan vs. Carnage Crew vs. Deranged & Hydro w/ Special K vs. SAT’s

Masada is replacing DeVito in the Carnage Crew tonight. Special K beats on Loc to start. Loc comes back with a Saito Suplex. Jose chops Eddie a bunch then hits him with a dropkick as the fans lightly applaud that sequence. Don Juan and Masada work a decent sequence that sees Juan bust out one of the most unique inverted atomic drops you will ever see. Hydro comes in and works with Joel, who looks even worse than usual as he can barely take any of the moves. Everyone trades high-impact moves now as some of it is sloppy but generally okay. The SAT’s then nearly drop Deranged but make up for it with a crazy double-team pendulum swing facebuster that looked like it killed the poor guy as the crowd is up on their feet. Jose blocks a spike piledriver attempt from the Carnage Crew then takes Masada off of the top rope with a hurricarana in another awful-looking spot. Hydro gets a nearfall off of a German Suplex but gets cut off on the top rope as the SAT’s hit him with the Spanish Fly. The TWA guys break up the pin then dive outside onto the SAT’s but in the ring, Dixie hooks the leg of Loc as Deranged hits a rana then has Dixie hold his hand for leverage during the pin as he scores the upset victory (9:04) **. After the match, Deranged looks into the camera and tells us that weed is good for us as Loc is swearing about the loss.

Thoughts: Fast-paced action that was hit or miss. The segment seemed to be designed towards a Special K/Carnage Crew feud so at least there was some point to this match.

Special K remains in the ring as they start a rave then Jim Cornette comes out with his tennis racket. The fans are going nuts for him. However, his microphone does not work so he had to head back near the ramp and used a mic that was plugged in as Cornette calls the guy an idiot before laying into Special K. He tells Special K that if he wants any shit out of them he will squeeze their head. He then runs down the scramble match and how it was like a blender as he welcomes what he calls a traditional tag team. The Midnight Express theme hits but out comes Dunn & Marcos, who do their schtick, then Cornette makes fun of them until they get ambushed by Christopher Daniels and Danny Maff. They drag Dunn & Marcos into the ring where Cornette tells them to hit the Rocket Launcher and they do. Cornette then whacks them with the racket as the fans mostly applaud. Daniels then grabs the mic to officially announce Cornette as a member of the Prophecy. So they have established why Cornette is here now. The segment was fine, if not a little lame.

BJ Whitmer cuts a promo about getting a title shot tonight against Samoa Joe and how he watched wrestling in Ohio with his dad growing up. This was pretty bad as Whitmer completely lacked the intensity to make this work. The verbiage was fine but Whitmer had no idea how to cut a promo.

Chet “The Jet” Jablonski w/ Brock Guffman vs. Nigel McGuiness

Winner of this match gets a shot at the HWA Heavyweight Title. Jablonski actually spent three years (05-08) in WWE Developmental and had a decent look. Guffman was a fat guy in a buttoned short sleeve shirt and a fleece vest. Quite the look. He told us that this is their time to shine and how they earned the right to be here in a passionate speech. Jablonski works the arm to start the match. He gets two off of a spinebuster as there was some miscommunication on that one. McGuiness comes back with some European Uppercuts but gets caught with a T-Bone suplex. They fight over a test of strength until McGuiness breaks that up with a Mexican armdrag. McGuiness now takes control as he targets the back then puts on the STF. Jablonski reaches the ropes then takes McGuiness down with a lariat but comes back and puts on the STF then a chinlock that Jablonski breaks up. He hits a Fisherman’s Northern Lights suplex that gets two then they trade pinfalls until Jablonski with an Emerald Frosion for two. Jablonski then misses a top rope senton as McGuiness rolls him up and uses a bridge to get the win (6:43) *3/4. After the match, both guys raise their hands in unison as the crowd applauds.

Thoughts: Neither guy really impressed all that much here. They kept it basic for the most part. The crowd was somewhat receptive to them but that could have been due to the fact they were in the local territory.

Chris Sabin vs. Homicide w/ Julius Smokes

The match starts as they trade moves on the mat. The pace picks up as Homicide hits a few armdrags after an Irish whip sequence then slows back down when he works the arm. Sabin then hits a few armdrags and a clothesline until they wind up in the corner during a lockup. Homicide headbutts Sabin down then hits monkey flips him out of the corner. Homicide is operating at half-speed tonight. Sabin fights back and hits a Michinoku Driver for two. Homicide is in control but Sabin avoids a baseball slide then pancakes Homicide on the mat. Shining Wizard gets two. Brainbuster gets two. Homicide comes back with a STF but Sabin hits a neckbreaker for two. He climbs up top but gets cut off then Homicide takes him down with a rana for two. Sabin rolls through a crossbody and hits a catatonic backbreaker for two. Homicide tries a Cop Killa after a reversal sequence but Sabin escapes then Homicide kicks him low and hits the move for the win (9:02) *3/4. After the match, Homicide calls Steve Corino a “pussy motherfucker.”

Thoughts: Really disappointing match. Homicide was going at half-speed here but later on in the show we will know why that was the case. And besides that, these guys lacked chemistry together in a major way.

Alex Shelley & Jimmy Jacobs vs. Ace Steel & Colt Cabana

Steel and Shelley go back and forth to start the match. Shelley is thoroughly outwrestling him here by the way. Jacobs tags and hits the bulldog as a few fans start the “Huss” chant. He hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors then gets two with a flying forearm. Steel lights up Jacobs with chops then tags Cabana, who hits a chop. Jacobs comes back with a dropkick then bites Cabana. Steel breaks up a pin attempt after a double team move. Steel makes a blind tag as Cabana distracts Shelley long enough for Steel to take him to the floor with a dropkick. Steel gets two with a slingshot suplex as Shelley is now getting destroyed by the Second City Saints, who are doing some solid tag wrestling. Shelley then takes them down with a neckbreaker/DDT combo before making the hot tag to Jacobs, who runs wild. Shelley gets up as he also goes nuts but gets dropped on his head after a nasty German suplex from Cabana. Jacobs takes Cabana down with a rana but Steel catches him up top and hits Jacobs with the Spinal Shock. Shelley tries a another neckbreaker but Steel breaks that up and the Saints put Shelley away with a neckbreaker/Colt .45 combo (11:18) **3/4. After the match the Saints dedicate the win to CM Punk.

Thoughts: Solid match. Shelley stood out the most here as he was by far the smoothest worker in the ring and could play the underdog babyface role well. This was to establish the Saints as a bit more than the goofballs part of Punk’s crew.

Matt Stryker vs. Justin Credible

Both guys butt heads before the match. Credible pretends that he got punched with a closed fist as he yells at the crowd to get some heat. Credible then cheapshots Stryker, who fights back, then bails. Its clear that they are trying to get Stryker over as a face here. Credible bullies the referee then goes up the ramp to speak on the mic as he swears at the fans and refuses to come back until he is shon respect but Stryker follows him through the curtain as they head into the ring. Both guys trade chops then Stryker sends him flying off of the apron with a forearm smash. Stryker whips him into the railing as he is far more aggressive than usual. They are brawling behind the bleachers as Stryker is getting the best of Credible until he gets tossed back over the guardrail. These two are beating on each other as Credible is busted open. Back in the ring, Credible tries to set up Stryker for a cheapshot but it fails. Credible blocks a Death Valley Driver attempt and sends Stryker back to the floor. He slams him down then taunts the crowd as he then rolls Stryker back inside. He puts him in a headlock as the crowd rallies behind Stryker as he fights out. He crotches Credible against the post then hammers away. Quebrada gets two. He tries a flying body press but Credible catches him with a super kick. Credible heads up top and hits a crossbody but Stryker rolls through and gets two. Credible escapes from a pair of DVD attempts and hits a tombstone but Stryker kicks out as Credible is in disbelief. He repeats the move but Stryker escapes then Credible counters another DVD attempt with a crucifix but Stryker rolls through that and finally hits the DVD for the win **1/2 (11:31).

Thoughts: Fun match. You would not notice it in the WWE as much but Credible really carried things here as far as working the crowd and getting them into the match. They were into Stryker here. The match itself was far from a masterpiece but it was enjoyable. And Credible did put over the guy, even if it was someone who probably was not worth pushing much.

Les Thatcher, replacing Gary Michael Cappetta tonight, interviews the Prophecy. Daniels promises AJ Styles & Amazing Red that their title reign will end tonight. Cornette tells us that he has been around a lot of the “next big things” and how he is in Ring of Honor for the Prophecy as he puts them over. Maff then orders Thatcher to leave as Cornette asks the Prophecy to see a tape of how Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson got the Tag Titles from the Rock & Roll Express in 1987 as he has an idea to use from that match tonight. They are going a bit too overboard with the Nostalgia act here. It was probably designed this way for the fanbase but to have a slapped-together tag team pretend to be like the Midnight Express was not going to work out all that well.

Steel and Cabana are backstage with their awful comedy routine trying to get the scoop on the “Field of Honor.” Even worse than them was Chris Sabin, who was terrible in his backstage role. He was almost as bad as Red at talking.

The Prophecy run out and ambush the Amazing Red and the SAT’s at the gimmick table. Cornette calls Red a “crippled midget” as the referees attend to him. Red is clutching his knee as he struggles to get helped to his feet. The fans start cheering for him as AJ arrives to help him out as well.

Four Corners Survival Match
Slyk Wagner Brown w/ April Hunter vs. Hotstuff Hernandez vs. “Black Nature Boy” Scoot Andrews vs. Michael Shane

Match starts with Hernandez no-selling Shane’s offense. He then beats on Shane for a minute and uses an impressive overhead throw. Shane hits him low then tags Andrews, who returns for the first time in a year. Brown tags in as he sports the blond hair. He botches a move then locks on an armbar. Hernandez tags and he chops Brown in the corner then crushes him with a slingshot splash for two. Andrews tags back in and works the arm of Brown as all three men take turns beating on him as the announcers talk up the Field of Honor, speculating that it might be a tournament. Shane has Andrews in a headlock as we are informed that the Amazing Red will be unable to compete tonight due to his injured knee. Hernandez catches Andrews off of the top then hits him with a spiral bomb. Brown gets two with a blockbuster then hooks on a reverse headscissors that triggers a wacky submission spot to pop the crowd. This match is lacking right now and needs to pick up. Hernandez brushes away a missile dropkick from Brown then slams his down as both men are down. They tag as Andrews and Shane trade punches that leads to a contrived car crash spot that Brown nearly ruined with his sloppiness. We are now alerted that AJ Styles will be able to choose a partner to replace Red tonight as this match has been a backdrop for the announcers to promote everything else in the company. Hernandez takes out everyone with his tope as the crowd goes nuts. In the ring, everyone trades big moves then Brown almost breaks his neck trying a shooting star press. He pulled a Brock Lesnar circa WrestleMania 19. The action picks up a bit then Shane hits Andrews with a Fisherman’s DDT for the win (16:34) **.

Thoughts: This went on for far too long. It was a throwaway match between 4 guys barely doing anything in the promotion. Brown did not impress in his debut and I have no idea why Shane got the win as they could at least have given it to Hernandez, who was over with the crowd.

Slim J vs. Jimmy Rave

Apparently, Slim is no longer part of Special K. That was not explained here though. We are informed that the winner of this will be invited into the mysterious Field of Honor. They start the match going back and forth. Rave flattens Slim with a clothesline but gets kicked low when he followed him out. Rave blocks a springboard attempt as they head back inside and trade a bunch of high impact moves without rhyme or reason. Slim hits a double underhook tornado piledriver and follows that with another creative slam but Rave comes back with a German suplex and a powerbomb as the crowd is not feeling this match. At all. Rave locks on a crossface off of a tilt-a-whirl as the crowd chants for Slim to tap and he does (8:57) *1/4.

Thoughts: Just a collection of moves here without a bit of psychology. Slim J was notable for grabbing his junk throughout the match. That was his gimmick. Rave gets to be the first person announced to the Field of Honor and seeing how he was low on the totem pole, it did not get you all excited for that.

RoH World Title Match
BJ Whitmer vs. Samoa Joe (Champion)

Whitmer is sporting a faceguard here due to a broken nose suffered at the hands of Homicide. Match starts with some back and forth stuff until Joe puts Whitmer in a single leg crab that he really stretches him out with. Joe wins a battle of strikes but Whitmer sends him down shortly after that. They slap each other then Whitmer tosses of the face guard where they continue their slap battle. Whitmer gets two with a back suplex then chops Joe in the corner. Joe comes back by planting Whitmer with a uranage then beats the crap of him. Joe follows Whitmer outside and roughs him up. Whitmer reverses an Irish whip that sends Joe into the guardrail then does it a few more times as the crowd approves. Joe chops Whitmer back then sets him up in the chair for the ole kick then does it again as the crowd also approves this. Back inside, Whitmer escapes from an Island Driver and comes back with a super kick. He heads up top and hits a flying forearm to the back of the head for two. Northern Lights Suplex gets two. Whitmer tries and fails to put Joe away a few more times then Joe takes Whitmer down and knees him in the face a few times as he locks on the Coquina Clutch. Whitmer is able to reach the ropes then Joe comes back with a rolling cradle that draws an applause from the crowd. Whitmer then comes back with the Exploder 98 that dropped Joe right on his head but that only gets two. He hits the backdrop driver but Joe is able to kick out of that. Whitmer hits a pair of knee strikes but Joe comes back with an enziguiri. Joe then hits a few suplexes before getting the win with a straightjacket suplex (12:21) ***.

Thoughts: Good match but I don’t think anyone was buying Whitmer as a threat here. This match did help get him over a bit though.

Cabana and Steel are goofing around backstage as they run into Nigel McGuiness and make fun of Dunn & Marcos, who stand up for themselves. Cabana says he has to find Rob Feinstein to learn about the Field of Honor. Its getting tiresome watching these things.

RoH Tag Team Championship Match
Christopher Daniels & Danny Maff w/ Jim Cornette & Allison Danger vs. AJ Styles & Homicide w/ Julius Smokes

AJ and Homicide immediately go after their opponents. They then brawl all over ringside then AJ and Homicide pull the guardrails forward and fly out with dives as the crowd goes mental. Cornette & Danger get trapped in the ring as AJ and Homicide use the rowboat on them. The match settles down as AJ and Homicide take turns beating on Daniels. Maff tags in but does not fare to well as AJ catches him with a powerslam. Daniels is back in as AJ takes him down with a rana. Homicide is in and gets two with a T-Bone but Danger grabs his leg and that allows Maff to suplex him. Maff then knees Homicide several times but misses the cannonball as Homicide fights back but gets caught in the wrong corner as the Prophecy now takes control of the match, mixing in illegal tactics but not much in terms of double-team moves. Homicide tries to mount a comeback but Daniels takes him down and puts on the Koji Clutch as Maff prevents AJ from breaking up the hold but Homicide is able to stick his foot on the rope. They set up for the Rocket Launcher but took too long as Homicide was able to roll away then he tags AJ, who runs wild. AJ was great here. Maff catches AJ with a release German suplex. AJ comes back and tries the Phenomenon but they botched that badly so AJ ends up with an inverted DDT. Daniels attacks AJ as they go back and forth for a bit. AJ hits the Pele kick but Maff hits him with a facebuster of sorts then they hit the Rocket Launcher but Homicide breaks up the pin and runs wild. Maff and Smokes go at it on the floor then Homicide accidentally takes out Smokes with a tope. Back inside, Daniels hits Homicide with the Angels Wings but AJ breaks that up. Daniels shoves AJ into the ref then has Cornette toss him the racket but AJ boots Daniels and hits him with the Styles Clash on the racket as the ref gets up and counts to three (18:18) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Match was good and best of the night but it was missing something to make it more than that. Daniels and Maff also wrestled as two singles guys teaming up as opposed to an actual team as the only double-team move they did was the Rocket Launcher.

After the match, Cornette gets pissed off as he shakes hands with AJ and Homicide but blaming Daniels for the loss. Daniels and Cornette scream at each other until Daniels attacks him from behind. Maff then slams Cornette down as they both beat on him until Amazing Red limps in and takes them out with a tennis racket. Red becomes a victim of the numbers game until Samoa Joe runs in and clears the Prophecy from the ring. Cornette then raises the hands of Red and Joe as he grabs the mic with the fans chanting “RoH.” Cornette then says its not often he says this but he was wrong as he puts over Ring of Honor. They went from Cornette doing a nostalgia act to then putting over the company at the end. Yeah, that didnt work out all that well.

Homicide calls out Steve Corino in a pre-taped promo as Smokes does his routine during and afterwards.

Joe is in the locker room congratulating BJ Whitmer then tells him that he will sacrifice everything for this belt. He even said that Paul London sacrificed his career by facing him just before going up to the WWE and how Dan Maff faced him after burying his father but it wasn’t enough. He then asks who is the next to make the sacrifice and ends up questioning if CM Punk, Christopher Daniels, and Low Ki will have what it takes. Good, intense promo from Joe.

Steve Corino is then shown saying he did not think it could get lower than now. He says that we are all “smart” and “read the sheets” as he calls out those thinking that the riot was a work. This drags as Corino tells us that Japan matters more than Ring of Honor because they do not complain on the internet then tells Homicide he will be there to fight on August 16th and will even bring his kid in, the one that Homicide brought into the feud.

Cabana and Steel finally see Feinstein. They hang up his phone as Cabana asks about the Field of Honor as Feinstein angrily tells him that it is a tournament and that he is invited. Feinstein then leaves as Cabana declares that this is the greatest day before leaving then the camera drops as Lucy was attacked. The camera then shows a piece of paper that read “Trust Never Sleeps” before the show ends. The end would be followed up upon for future shows.

Final Thoughts: Even after expecting a let down from the fantastic “Death Before Dishonor” show, this show felt below expectations. The long running “Field of Honor” bit being revealed as a tournament was a waste seeing how it was assumed the whole time and the Cornette stuff was okay at first as a nostalgia act but him turning on the Prophecy and putting over RoH felt too forced and a lot of the matches were really just filler. And there were too many bad promos/backstage segments. Not much to recommend from this show.

Monday Nitro – August 30, 1999

Nitro #203
Date: August 30, 2015
Location: Nassau
Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, New York
Attendance: 10,605
Commentators: Bobby
Heenan, Tony Schiavone
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
We’re two weeks away
from Fall Brawl and I don’t think we’ve had any matches announced
yet. What we do have though is Sid Vicious as the focal point of the
company and Sting, Hogan and Goldberg suddenly as best friends
against the combination of Sid and Rick Steiner. I keep thinking
this show can’t get worse but they keep surprising me. Let’s get to

Disorderly Conduct
vs. Dave Taylor/Steven Regal
we’re starting with a match and just bring in Sid already. Mike
jumps Regal to start but gets taken down by a drop toehold. It’s off
to Taylor vs. Tom with Dave hooking a butterfly suplex….and here he
Four powerbombs to Mike
and Tom later and Sid is still ranting about being the Millennium
and Lodi aren’t allowed in the building until Lenny reminds security
that he’s the Cruiserweight Champion. It’s not funny or interesting
when you watch it either.
Recap of last week’s
major events.
Nitro Girls.
for a Sid discussion as Tony compares his streak to Goldberg’s.
Goldberg won the US Title in his 75th
match, even though Sid is now up in the 80s. Thankfully that means
they won’t be stupid enough to have him beat Benoit for the title or
anything like that……right?
The Demon will be here
Here’s Luger to say he
doesn’t buy Hogan’s turn around. Tonight he’ll show irrefutable
evidence that Hogan is lying.
Berlyn arrives with
security and his version of Lana.
Video on KISS and the
Scotty Riggs vs.
Lash LeRoux
takes him up to the ropes and smacks Lash in the face as the mind
warped fans want Sid. Scotty nails that great dropkick but gets
monkey flipped over for his efforts. A jawbreaker and running knee
keep Lash in trouble as it’s clear to see why neither of these guys
went anywhere. Lash gets two off a sunset flip but takes a pair of
clotheslines. Cue Vampiro and the Clowns to watch as Lash gets two
more off a northern lights suplex, only to eat a Fameasser for the
So they interrupt Regal and Taylor after about two minutes but this
match gets twice that long? Neither of these guys give me any reason
to keep watching, which is exactly why they’re on in the unopposed
hour designed to make people stick around when Raw comes on. WCW
really needed some major roster cuts around this time to get rid of a
bunch of these guys.
says Riggs owes him something.
Here’s the Revolution,
now with their own shirts. After a lame attempt to get the crowd to
care from Shane, Saturn issues a challenge for the TV Title at Fall
Brawl and Benoit issues an open challenge for the same show. I
really don’t see this ending well for either guy.
Nitro Girls.
Kaz Hayashi vs. Lodi
Cruiserweight Title now has a bow and tassels. He also seems to have
a thing for Kaz, which Lodi is totally cool with. Lodi accidentally
clotheslines Lenny to the floor, allowing Kaz to botch a
headscissors. A slingshot DDT looks far better and gets two with
Lenny putting the foot on the ropes. With the match starting to go
well, we get a split screen countdown clock for the Mayhem video
game, which comes out in October. This will stay up for about half
the match.
earns him a big dive from Hayashi but Lodi gets up and dives onto
both of them. Could this be, dare I say, a sign of things to come
for Lodi? Back in and Lodi powerslams him for two but Kaz escapes a
German suplex and scores with a quick brainbuster. Kaz goes up but
Lenny crotches him down, setting up a middle rope bulldog for two
more. Lenny comes in…..and gets small packaged for the pin? Sure
why not.
So let me make sure I’ve got this straight: they managed to job the
Cruiserweight Champion in a match he wasn’t even in? Even WWE can’t
pull off that kind of nonsense. The match was actually entertaining
with Lodi more than keeping up with the high flier Hayashi. It would
seem that Kaz is going to challenge for the title next. That’s fine
based on his skills, but this is a pretty big downgrade from Kidman,
Mysterio, Guerrera and Guerrero.
and Lodi lay Kaz out post match.
Hogan to a massive New York reaction. I’ll give the old WWF towns
this: they’re the most loyal fans in the world. If you’re ever over
there, you will be until the end of time. It was his son that made
him believe in the power of Hulkamania again brother and he would
NEVER stab Sting in the back. He can’t wait to see this proof from
Luger, so he’ll be sitting in the back, eating fruit (his words) and
waiting. Luger better not try to frame him either.
and Flair have new home videos. I only mention this because a piano
starts playing, distracts them, and then stops abruptly.
Parka/Blitzkrieg vs. Rey Mysterio Jr./Eddie Guerrero
stoic look during Rey’s high energy entrance makes me chuckle. La
Parka’s skeleton is red and he starts with Mysterio. First up
though, it’s time to dance. Rey slaps La Parka in the face and sends
him to the floor, bringing in Eddie to throw his partner to the floor
for a tornado DDT. Blitzkrieg takes Eddie down and hits a rolling
senton followed by a moonsault for two, only to walk into a
tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for the same. Back to Mysterio for a
Lionsault on Blitzkrieg before he pulls La Parka down by the mask. A
chop puts Rey down and a Hart Attack with Blitzkrieg kicking Rey
instead of clotheslining him gets two.
and the Clowns come out again as heel miscommunication allows the hot
tag to Eddie. Everything breaks down and Eddie hits a gorgeous top
rope hurricanrana to Blitzkrieg. Blitzkrieg misses a handspring into
a moonsault and gets caught on the top, allowing Eddie to launch Rey
into another hurricanrana. Eddie tosses Rey over the top onto La
Parka, setting up the Frog Splash to Blitzkrieg for the pin.
Really, really fun tag match here which somehow didn’t even make it
four minutes. This continues the trend of letting talented high
fliers get into the ring and jump around for a little while. That
hurricanrana from Eddie was absolutely perfect and some of the high
flying looked great. And somehow it’s all designed to get the Clowns
over, because WCW.
video, followed by Berlyn and his Lana (Uta Ludendorf), flanked by
security. Through the interpreter, Berlyn brags about Germany being
awesome and says his wrestling is art. Fan: “WE WANT ALEX WRIGHT!”
It’s so loud that everyone in the ring looks over at him. A
consortium of German businessmen have turned him into the perfect
wrestler and his first victim is Buff Bagwell.
represents everything bad about America and will be a good first
victory. The interpreter acknowledges that Berlyn speaks English and
has indeed been here before, but that language is beneath him. She
forgets her line and says losing is…….it is not acceptable!
She’s no Lana.
Brawl video, featuring Savage, Nash, Hart and Steiner.
A banged up Luger comes
out and says someone in red and yellow attacked him and went through
his bags. No word on if the evidence was taken, or why Lex Luger is
in a major storyline in 1999.
Tag Team Titles:
Kendall Windham/Barry Windham vs. Prince Iaukea/Kenny Kaos
REMOTE match of the week. Kendall takes Prince up to the ropes as
Tony describes the champs as a new duo. That’s up there with Gorilla
Monsoon calling Carlos Colon a youngster. Iaukea fires off a quick
dropkick but eats a boot to the face. A jumping DDT knocks Prince
silly and Kendall throws him outside. Back in and a knee drop
retains the titles. No one ever made a tag.
match Barry says the champs have no competition, including Harlem
Heat. This brings out Booker and Stevie for a lot of kicks, one
leading to the referee counting a pin on Kendall. The Rednecks come
out and beat down Harlem Heat, including hog tying Booker. The feud
continues for some reason.
are Luger and Sting to present Lex’s evidence. The evidence is a
picture of Hogan standing next to a white Hummer, proving that he was
the one that tried to kill Nash. We’re still on that story??? Hogan
comes out and says the obvious, that this doesn’t prove anything.
Sting believes Luger and questions Hogan, but here’s DDP to nail
Hogan before running off. Sting asks Hogan why he should believe
Nitro Girls.
Van Hammer vs. Buff
bell rings and that means it’s time to pose. Buff grabs an armdrag
and we’ve got Germans. The distraction lets Hammer choke Bagwell (to
be fair though, anything shiny, including Berlyn’s head, is going to
distract him) but Buff scores with a hiptoss and clothesline. Buff
goes up top and gets slammed down from the top by the neck. That’s
quite the painful looking move. They head outside for a quick
beating from Hammer before we hit the chinlock. Our hero hits Hammer
low and gets two off a cross body, setting up the Blockbuster for the
So let me make sure I have this straight: we’re supposed to care
about a guy who used a Blockbuster to win a boxing match beating a
guy who used to be a peace loving hippie to set up for his match
against what might be a Neo Nazi and used to be a dancer. This is
one of those stories that you don’t want to see, and then when you
explain it, your head starts to hurt.
of Nash being crushed by the Hummer, nearly three months ago.
Insane Clown Posse CD
Mike Enos vs. Evan
some reason Evan wears jeans to the ring and takes them off to
wrestle. Evan scores with a pair of dropkicks to start and a third
sends Enos to the floor where Karagias hits a fourth dropkick. His
springboard dive is caught in midair though and Mike throws him over
the shoulder to walk him up the steps and back into the ring. That
kind of power display is always impressive. Granted it’s not as
impressive as knowing how many seconds there are until Mayhem comes
fans are begging Sid to come out and end this match. Well Enos was
in the match when Hall jumped the railing to debut so why not have
Sid do it here? Evan hammers away and gets countered into a big
powerbomb followed by a powerslam. Mike picks him up off the cover
though and hits a wicked piledriver. Good grief Vampiro and the
Clowns are back. The Clowns distract the referee, allowing Vampiro
to kick Mike in the head, giving Karagias the pin.
The match wasn’t even that bad but my goodness I don’t want to see
Vampiro and the Clowns any more. They’ve been out here three times
now and we had to see them plug their CD. At the end of the day,
they’re not wrestlers and they’re not driving the ratings through the
roof, so why does WCW insist on driving them down our throats and
give them all this TV time?
gets in his face and says Evan owes him. Cue the Demon, who says
this isn’t the time for Vampiro. Do they even know what this is
supposed to mean?
Hugh Morrus/Brian
Knobbs vs. Dean Malenko/Shane Douglas
this feud needs to keep going. Knobbs calls the Revolution a bunch
of crybabies and you know it’s time for a fight. The First Family
takes over and give Douglas the Pit Stop. Morrus and Knobbs hit
running splashes in the corner until Dean comes in, presumably out of
boredom. Everything breaks down and Malenko puts Brian in the
Cloverleaf, only to have to deal with Jimmy Hart. Morrus and Knobbs
take Dean down on the floor but Hugh misses No Laughing Matter to
Douglas. Shane even dives off the top to take out all the heels but
it winds up being a double countout.
have the Windhams as the Tag Team Champions (which is an even bigger
headscratcher) talking about how they have no competition, but
Malenko and Douglas, one of the only face teams on the roster not
names Harlem Heat, is busy going to double countouts with Brian
Knobbs and Hugh Morrus. We could also have Mysterio and Guerrero
challenge for the titles, but they’re busy fighting a pair of
non-wrestler Clowns. The more I step back and look at this company,
the more my head throbs.
keep fighting to the back and I hope this doesn’t go on to Fall
brings out Hogan to continue this thrilling story about him standing
next to a car at some point in his life. He mentions his son (who
should never be allowed near a car) and promises to deal with Luger
next week. Instead, he wants to deal with DDP calling him out every
week. He’s right you know. Starting with this show, Page
has…..actually he didn’t call him out as much as hit him from
behind. Hogan is a liar. Anyway, Goldberg is supposed to face Page
tonight but Hogan wants to take his place in the match. Goldberg
comes out and suggests a handicap match, which Page comes out to
accept. Another bait and switch.
Title: Disco Inferno vs. Rick Steiner
the match, Disco says he’s living la vida loca and is pretty fly for
a white guy. Dang 1999 was a weird time. Rick comes out and decks
Disco with a Steiner Line before ripping at his face. The German
suplex sends Disco flying and the Steiner Bulldog ends this in a
puts on the armbar but Saturn runs out to superkick the champ to the
US Title: Chris
Benoit vs. Jerry Flynn
wants the champ to be checked for weapons but it’s a RUSE as he kicks
Benoit in the head. Another kick is countered by the dragon screw
leg whip because Benoit doesn’t put up with cheating. He drops Flynn
over the top rope to send him outside, setting up a nice baseball
slide. Jimmy Hart offers a distraction to keep earning his paycheck
and Flynn kicks the champ’s knee to take over. He unleashes the
kicks but Benoit avoids a big running boot in the corner and fires
off chops. Benoit rolls some Germans but the First Family runs in
for the DQ.
So the Revolution vs. the First Family is more than just the tag
feud? Great, the stupidity is spreading. Here’s the thing: you have
three members of the First Family in action tonight and they all
escape without getting pinned or submitting? Including to the United
States Champion? How does this make me care about seeing them again?
Am I supposed to care about Hugh Morrus, Brian Knobbs and Jerry
Flynn? This company’s priorities are so screwed up.
Revolution makes the save and Benoit challenges Sid for Fall Brawl.
So much for the open challenge.
Goldberg/Hulk Hogan
vs. Jersey Triad
does the intros and Kanyon does his usual schtick. Bigelow hammers
Hogan down to start, like 1987 means nothing to him. Hulk comes back
with right hands and the Triad is knocked to the floor. The fans
want and get Goldberg, who gets to suplex Kanyon. A gorilla press
into a World’s Strongest Slam crushes Kanyon again but a Bigelow
distraction lets Page come in with a top rope clothesline.
Bigelow pounds away on
his back as the Triad starts taking turns. Kanyon’s Russian legsweep
into an elbow from Page is good for two, but Goldberg comes back with
a double clothesline. The hot tag brings in Hogan to clean house as
Tony acts like this has never been done before. Hogan boots and
legdrops Bigelow for the pin as Page hits Goldberg with a chair and a
Diamond Cutter. Goldberg pops up and Page is terrified.
Here’s the problem with this match: did it ever feel like Hogan or
Goldberg couldn’t beat these three on their own? This was just a
workout for Goldberg and Hogan before they can get on to something
more important. It really shows the gap between the levels of
competition as the main event scene is miles ahead of even former
World Champions like Page. This was a glorified squash with Goldberg
being nice enough to sell for about a minute.
jump to the back where Sting is asking security if Hogan is in his
locker room. My goodness I know Sting is seen as stupid at times but
this is ridiculous. Anyway he goes into Hogan’s locker room to find
Randy Savage and Gorgeous George to end the show.
More than any other episode, this show was incredibly frustrating and
showed that WCW doesn’t care about going forward as much as it cares
about keeping the old guys happy. There are so many talented people
locked in feuds designed to either keep them busy so they can’t move
up the card (Revolution) or so they can babysit niche celebrities who
want to wrestle (Eddie and Rey).
the other side of the card, there’s the story of who was driving the
Hummer and is Hogan really evil. That actually isn’t the worst story
in the world and I’m kind of interested in seeing where it goes. The
problem I have with it is how Lex Luger is the only person showing
the slightest bit of common sense or continuity. Hogan has screwed
over every major name on the roster at some point (the Fingerpoke of
Doom and beatdown of Goldberg was less than eight months ago) and no
one but Luger is questioning Hogan whatsoever. That’s hard to
accept, at least so quickly.
the company is running out of gas and is dying for some fresh blood
at the top. However, they’re content with Hogan, Goldberg (who is
fresh enough), Sting, Steiner and Sid as their top names while the
rest of the roster is shackled to whatever stupid stories they can
come up with. It’s very clear that Benoit is going to drop the US
Title to Sid, because Benoit’s push was clearly just until WCW could
find a way to get the title back into the main event talent’s hands
so they could “draw” with it. You can see the future coming from
here and it’s terrifying.
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Thunder – August 26, 1999

August 26, 1999
Location: Municipal
Coliseum, Lubbock, Texas
Attendance: 6,928
Commentators: Mike
Tenay, Larry Zbyszko
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
date might ring a bell for you because Smackdown is making its debut
(other than the pilot) at the same time this show aired. WCW feigned
interest in this show by booking two big matches: Harlem Heat vs.
Brian Knobbs/Hugh Morrus and Chris Benoit/Perry Saturn vs. Sid
Vicious/Rick Steiner. In other words, yes, WCW thought Rick Steiner
and Sid Vicious were real draws. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.
Public Enemy vs. Sid
Sid is doing a double shot tonight. Rocco bails into the corner to
start, leaving Grunge to go after Sid on his own. A big boot drops
Johnny and clotheslines drop both he and his partner. Sid takes his
time chopping and choking both guys before ramming their heads
together. This show needs Heenan to make the joke about how that
wouldn’t hurt Public Enemy. Sid isn’t phased by a double clothesline
and a double chokeslam ends this quick.
Coach Buzz Stern clip from last week.
West Texas Rednecks
vs. Filthy Animals
man tag with Konnan and Hennig on the floor. The Rednecks don’t have
the title belts here because this is taped in advance and WCW just
needed to have this match here to mess up continuity. Rey and
Kendall get things going with Windham raking the eyes and snapmaring
Mysterio down.
up and Rey turns on the speed, sliding under the ropes and hitting a
nice springboard Thesz press. He hammers away in the corner but
Kendall catches him in an atomic drop and tags in Barry. I still
can’t get over that Barry Windham is in his second title reign in
1999. Kidman comes in as well for some dropkicks until Barry sends
him to the floor instead of, you know, wrestling him. Eddie
distracts the referee by mistake and the Rednecks triple team Kidman.

slams Kidman him a few times and it’s off to Duncum for a
clothesline, a shoulder breaker, and another clothesline. I’m
starting to see why he never went anywhere. Off to Kendall for a big
boot before it’s back to Barry, who walks into a Bodog as we take a
break. Back with Barry taking Eddie down with a jawbreaker, setting
up a belly to back superplex from Kendall. Duncum throws Eddie to
the floor for a beating as this match is somehow dragging about seven
minutes in.
hits the superplex that used to have Ric Flair in major trouble but
only gets two here. Back up and Eddie grabs a quick headscissors,
allowing the hot tag to Mysterio. Rey speeds things up with a sunset
flip and Kidman adds a cross body to put Duncum down for two. Not a
bad spot actually. Everything breaks down and Hennig pulls Rey
outside, only to eat a baseball slide from Kidman. Eddie kicks Barry
low, setting up the springboard hurricanrana from Mysterio for the
The ending was better, but the Rednecks are the least interesting
group of heels I’ve seen in years. They’re working the old southern
style which can work well against high fliers, but the Windhams and
Duncum are just not very good. Kendall and Duncum never went
anywhere and Barry hasn’t been worth watching in at least eight
years. Boring match here that could have been a lot better with more
talented heels.
Rednecks beat on the Animals until Harlem Heat makes the save.
Call the Hotline!
case two matches weren’t enough, here are Sid and Steiner for a chat.
The now 74-0 Sid says he and Steiner are the pioneers of WCW.
Indeed they were about ten years ago. They’ve been hearing a bunch
of midgets talking about starting a revolution. The two of them are
going to enforce their policies, and the first one is to not let the
revolution get started. They’ve already taken out Hogan, Sting and
Goldberg so the Revolution should be no problem.
is still coming.
Cat vs. Prince
is in a cowboy hat and says he’s the sheriff around here. Oh geez
there’s a bad comedy sketch in there somewhere. Cue Prince, but
Miller wants the singer. After some Purple Rain references, Miller
says he can beat Iaukea in less than three minutes. The Prince
starts fast and knocks Miller to the floor, where Cat threatens to
walk out.
Prince’s back turn, Miller tries to dive back in but lands at
Prince’s feet in a funny bit. Normally that would be a problem but
Iaukea is so horrible on offense that Cat kicks him down twice and
drops the dancing elbow. The sequence works so well that he tries it
again but the elbow misses this time. A dropkick and Samoan drop are
good for two but Onoo puts Miller’s foot on the ropes. Prince, ever
the nitwit, yells at Sonny and gets kicked with the ruby slipper for
the pin at 2:59.
Heat vs. Hugh Morrus/Brian Knobbs
was supposed to be for the titles but Harlem Heat lost them on
Monday, so the entrances are edited out and everyone is in the ring
for a big brawl to start. Things settle down to Brian clubberin on
Booker until Booker realizes that he actually has talent and kicks
Knobbs in the face. It’s off to Stevie vs. Morrus with Ray getting
stomped down in the corner. Stevie elbows everyone in sight and tags
out to Booker before he has to actually do something.
won’t stand for that though as he fires off a few kicks before
handing it back off to Stevie. A cheap shot from Knobbs lets the
villains take over and Booker dealing with Jerry Flynn makes it even
worse. Knobbs splashes Stevie in the corner and it’s off to Morrus
for a chinlock. After two and a half arm drops, Stevie fights up but
charges into a knee in the corner. Brian comes in for a double
shoulder block but charges into a boot in the corner. There’s still
no tag though as Morrus comes in and decks Booker like a good
double teaming ensues with Hugh tripping Stevie so Knobbs can drop an
elbow. We hit a chinlock before more double teaming goes badly for
the First Family as Knobbs misses a charge. Booker comes in off the
hot tag and cleans house with a bunch of kicks as everything breaks
down. With the referee losing track of everything, Flynn low bridges
Booker to the floor, just as Stevie sends Knobbs outside. Flynn
kicks Morrus by mistake, setting up Booker’s missile dropkick for the
I know I said the Rednecks were dull in the ring but they’re Lou
Thesz and Kurt Angle compared to Morrus and Knobbs. The match was
dull with everyone waiting on Booker to get the hot tag. I don’t
know what Booker is supposed to get out of pinning Hugh Morrus, but I
guess since he’s associated with Jimmy Hart and Brian Knobbs it makes
him the second coming of Jerry Sags? I’m not sure if that’s an
insult to Morrus or not.
Week in WCW Motorsports.
More Coach Sawyer, this
time with him making his students lift weights.
Disorderly Conduct
vs. Dean Malenko/Shane Douglas
freaking tag match. Shane gets taken down by Mean Mike’s wristlock
to start but nips up and takes Mike into the corner. Much like
Stevie, Shane wants his partner to do most of the actual wrestling,
though he does help with a double suplex. Malenko stomps on Mike in
the corner before drop toeholding him down, setting up a Douglas
elbow. Di….did the Revolution just lift a spot from Knobbs and
gets in a cheap shot from the apron and a double hot shot puts Shane
down. Disorderly Conduct basically does the same things the First
Family did in the previous match because seeing it once just wasn’t
enough. A front facelock doesn’t go anywhere so Tom heads up, only
to get pulled down into an atomic drop and the belly to belly suplex.
Malenko comes in and cleans house, setting up a quick leg lariat and
the Cloverleaf makes Tom tap.
Well at least it was shorter than the previous match. This show is
bordering on a disaster with all the lame tag matches and nothing
interesting happening. Shane and Dean are a decent tag team, but I’d
like to see them do something of note. I mean, we can’t have them
fight the cowboys and win the titles of course because that might be
good for them, but there has to be something out there.
Clown Posse video.
Clip of Saturn vs.
Steiner from last week.
comes out and says he wants to beat up Goldberg, Hogan and Sting to
get the title back. This took three minutes.
Dallas Page vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
seen Chavo in awhile. Page makes a Free Willy joke about Chavo’s
mom, but Chavo says Page’s mom freed Free Willy. So Page’s mom is a
10 year old boy? It must make sense to Page as he lunges at Chavo in
the corner and catches him with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Chavo gets sent
to the floor and into then over the barricade. Page changes his mind
and throws Chavo back inside and we take a break. We couldn’t take a
break in the tag matches?
with Chavo trying to speed things up but walking into a spinebuster.
A wicked spinning Rock Bottom gets two as Page picks him up off the
mat. Page chokes a lot and nails Chavo with a right hand to block a
sunset flip. The fireman’s carry into a Diamond Cutter ends this
Yeah that’s high but Chavo took some good bumps and I’m a fan of the
TKO. I’m assuming they’re building Page up for a match at Fall
Brawl, even though he’s been a tag guy for months now. This wasn’t
anything interesting but I’ll take an extended squash over another
dull midcard tag match.
Vicious/Rick Steiner vs. Chris Benoit/Perry Saturn
threatens to leave if the crowd isn’t completely quiet. Right. The
brawl starts on the floor until Benoit takes Sid up to the apron.
Steiner breaks up Chris’ suplex attempt to give the old guys control,
only to have Benoit counter a clothesline into the Crossface on Sid.
You know Sid isn’t going to tap out so Steiner makes the save and
we’re already in the chinlock.
up and for once, the good guys actually cheat from the apron with
Saturn kicking Rick in the back of the head before coming in off the
tag. I can’t quite say it’s a hot tag this early in the match. Sid
tries to save his dog faced buddy, only allowing Benoit and Saturn to
destroy Steiner even more. Benoit grabs an armbar but Sid copies
Saturn and nails Chris from the apron. Steiner does his face grab
and we take a break.
with the villains taking turns choking until Sid puts on a camel
clutch. Steiner comes back in and takes Benoit down with a nice
amateur move (I’m as shocked as you are) before putting on an ankle
lock. He sends Benoit outside for a beating from Sid before the big
man puts on a chinlock. Chris fights to his feet and makes his
comeback by actually slamming Sid.
runs to the top for the Swan Dive but Sid rolls away to put both guys
down. It’s a double tag to Saturn and Steiner with Perry taking over
and hitting his nice springboard clothesline on Sid. Steiner gets
tired of not beating people up though and decks Saturn, only to get
caught in the Crossface. Sid powerbombs Saturn at the same time
though and kicks the referee in the head. Charles Robinson runs in
and counts the pin on Saturn.
REVOLUTION??? We sat through Sid beating former World Tag Team
Champions on his own and then he and Steiner team up to beat the US
Champion and Saturn? While HHH is defending the WWF World Title
against the Rock no less. I keep looking at these matches and
wondering how they can validate these decisions and I can’t fathom
that they just keep going with it.
Sid powerbombs Benoit
to make sure you know he’s better than the US Champion too. Malenko
and Douglas run out and for some reason Sid doesn’t get to destroy
them as well.
For shaking my head, which I was actually doing after watching this
show. Sid Vicious had two wins and a promo in the span of two hours
and for what? To build him up to get beaten by Goldberg in the
second biggest match on a pay per view? That’s why we’re sitting
through this Sid mega push? WCW is willing to crush its
Cruiserweight division and probably the midcard for the sake of
building up an opponent for Goldberg. I’ve heard of cutting off your
nose to spite your face, but this is ridiculous.
Speaking of Goldberg,
where was he tonight? Or Hogan or Sting for that matter? They
certainly weren’t here, because why would WCW need the three most
popular guys in the company on a night when the WWF, who has beaten
them eight months in a row now, is debuting its version of Thunder
with a World Title match in the main event?
To put this in
perspective, when Smackdown moved back to Thursday nights and wanted
to put on something special, Daniel Bryan opened and closed the show.
When WCW was putting out its big guns to draw a good rating (which
you could tell was happening since they had matches announced in
advance), not only did they screw one of them up by having the
defending champions lose the belts early (because they clearly
couldn’t have lost them here), they put Sid on to open and close the
show. Therefore, WCW in 1999 views Sid Vicious as their Daniel
Bryan. I never thought I would say that, but it seems to be the

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Monday Nitro – August 23, 1999

Nitro #202
Date: August 23, 1999
Location: MGM Grand
Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
Attendance: 8,940
Commentators: Bobby
Heenan, Tony Schiavone
Reviewed by Tommy Hall

It’s the KISS show!
Yes indeed. After all this time, it’s the most hyped up event WCW
has had in months. The band will be performing tonight and this is
supposed to be the big weapon to fight back against the fallout from
Summerslam 1999. Now to be fair we also have Sting vs. Hulk Hogan
for the World Title, which is a major ratings draw. I’m sure that’s
why they’re going it for free with one week’s notice instead of at
the pay per view. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of
Sid’s path of destruction. He’s off to a good start too as he’s
basically crushed the cruiserweight division in just a few weeks.
KISS video.
There will be a new WCW
President announced soon.
Chase Tatum vs.
Mikey Whipwreck
Mikey hammers away in
the corner but gets his head taken off by a clothesline.
Chase….well I can’t say hits because only one foot connected and it
was nothing resembling a dropkick, so we’ll say Chase does a
disservice to dropkicks everywhere. Thankfully Mikey hits a decent
one….and Sid comes out for the powerbombs.
time is different though as Sid has a guy with signs, counting up the
wins on the streak. He winds up being 68-0 by the end of the
segment. The worst part is this could be an interesting story but
it’s freaking SID doing this stuff.
Kidman runs into
Kimberly in the back and apologizes to her for last week’s issues.
Kimberly says she’ll calm Page down.
arrives and sees Page attacking Kidman, only to have a staredown with
the Triad. I thought he was feuding with Sid.
the Triad for a chat. Page praises Kanyon for helping train him and
says Kidman can’t breathe the same air as Kimberly. He wants
Goldberg tonight though, because why bother hyping up a match like
that? Page promises to blow the roof off of Goldberg. I’m not sure
what that means but I have a feeling it’s going to be a letdown
compared to Halloween Havoc from last year.
comes out with something to say. He thanks Hogan for the title shot
tonight because he’s back in black. Hasn’t he been in black for like
three years now? Cue Lex Luger for the first time in months after
that brief return in the spring or whenever it was. Luger talks
about Sting being there for him when he was recovering from a
motorcycle wreck and how Sting is the bedrock of WCW. Everyone is
clapping that the red and yellow is back but Luger isn’t buying Hogan
being friends with everyone again. Sting thinks Luger should
understand this after 14 years: he’s taking Hogan on no matter what.
A handshake ends this worthless return.
Tenay is in the parking
lot when Bischoff pulls up in a Hummer. Mike asks if Bischoff is
going to be the new President but Bischoff laughs him off and asks if
Tenay got that rumor off the internet.
Cat vs. Buff Bagwell
this needed a rematch. Feeling out process to start with Buff
slamming Cat down and dropkicking him to the floor. Back in and
Miller kicks him down before hitting his dancing elbow. To really
mix things up, Miller tries another dancing elbow bus misses this
time. See, he’s versatile! A low blow puts Bagwell down again and
throws him to the floor for some Sonny kicks. This brings out Lex
Luger of all people to scare Onoo off, meaning we miss the
Blockbuster to give Bagwell the pin. Why can’t Sid come out and
powerbomb these guys for a change?
Berlyn is coming.
DJ Ran/Nitro Girls.
Goldberg vs. Diamond
Dallas Page
is quite the first hour main event. Bigelow comes out with a
trashcan and the Triad starts triple teaming Goldberg early on, only
to have Kanyon get ripped in half by a spear. Bam Bam eats a spear
as well, sending Page running off. Goldberg challenges him for next
week and there’s no match.
Video for the new West
Texas Rednecks song Good Old Boys. It’s Jeff Jarrett’s 1996 music
with lyrics, which makes me wonder why they didn’t put Jarrett with
the Rednecks when he showed up. If a guy from Minnesota can be from
West Texas, why not a guy from Nashville?
Nitro Party video.
Those are still a thing?
Cruiserweight Title:
Lenny Lane vs. Juventud Guerrera
won the belt last week on Thunder and crawls around on all fours to
start, because he’s strange you see. Lenny goes behind him to start
and thrusts his hips so Juvy kicks him low, because everything for
this character has to be related to sex in some way. Some Lodi
interference fails so Juvy dives onto him, only to get taken down by
a very nice corkscrew dive from the champ. Back in and
Lenny….plays with his pigtails and skips around before covering.
We get the idea already
WCW. A pair of shoulder breakers and a powerslam get two for Lenny
and it’s time for Lodi to get in some shots. The fans think Lenny is
gay, which really is the only thing we know about him so what else
are they supposed to chant? He plants Juvy with a running Liger Bomb
and celebrates with his brother/lover, drawing a much more offensive
chant from the fans. Back up and Juvy hits a quick Juvy Driver and
loads up the 450, only to have to dive at Sid for the DQ.
Stop it, please. I mean that on both counts if that’s not clear.
Stop the ridiculous gay story with these two and stop having Sid
destroy the cruiserweights because they’re nothing more than target
practice. We get the idea, but does he have to beat up former and
current champions? You can’t have him beat up jobbers or really low
level guys instead? Of course not, because this is WCW where ONLY
old heavyweights matter.
is the man, powerbombs a go-go, 71-0, thousands of remotes change the
are the Rednecks to perform Good Old Boys live. Hennig takes a few
shots at KISS, because they’re trying to turn their stupid musical
performances and guests into a story.
Nitro Girls.
Dean Malenko/Perry
Saturn/Shane Douglas vs. Hugh Morrus/Barbarian/Brian Knobbs
dropkicks Morrus to start, followed by Shane coming in for a double
back elbow. It’s quickly off to Barbarian, who charges into a boot
in the corner and eats a middle rope clothesline. Since no one can
stay in this match for more than thirty seconds, here are Knobbs and
Malenko to keep the slow pace going.
actually stick with Dean getting beaten up for a bit with everyone
hitting some clubbing, yes CLUBBING I SAY, forearms to the back.
Knobbs dives into a raised boot and the hot tag brings in Saturn.
It’s a superkick and t-bone for Knobbs, but Rick Steiner comes in,
walks RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REFEREE, and bulldogs Saturn to give
Knobbs the pin.
So now Steiner is costing the Revolution a match against the First
Family. As in the low level stable that should be cannon fodder for
Goldberg. I know WCW’s answer is that they gave Benoit the US Title,
but do they really need to give the Barbarian and Brian Knobbs a TV
win over a team like the Revolution? Again, I’d pay so much to hear
them validate this stuff.
runs out and challenges Steiner for later tonight.
Berlyn is still coming.
Insane Clown Posse
vs. Billy Kidman/Rey Mysterio Jr.
hammers on Kidman to start but eats a dropkick to put him to the
floor. A whip into the barricade keeps 2 Dope (I feel so stupid for
having to type that) in trouble and it’s off to J. vs. Mysterio. Rey
destroys him with ease and hits a quick Bronco Buster on Shaggy, only
to get jumped by J. Shaggy gets two off a guillotine legdrop with
Kidman making the save. J. heads outside and Rey tries a big flip
dive, only to have J. be WAY out of position, leaving Rey to mostly
crash. Vampiro breaks up the Shooting Star but Kidman sends Shaggy
into Vampiro for the pin.
Not bad for the most part here and thankfully they didn’t have the
Clowns go over the former World Tag Team Champions. This was every
major complaint I’ve had about the Clowns wrestling since they
debuted and I don’t see it getting better any time soon. Thankfully
they kept it short though, which is the best thing you can say about
one of these matches.
comes out for the save.
Here’s Hogan for the
big push towards his match with Sting. He doesn’t know why Luger
doesn’t trust him and promises to never swerve his family, including
Nitro Nick. This was a waste of time.
US Title: Rick
Steiner vs. Chris Benoit
is defending, likely because Steiner isn’t even carrying his belt.
Well to be fair, it is worthless remember. Rick slugs him down to
start but eats a German suplex to put him down. Serves him right for
disgracing a title like that. Benoit dives right into another suplex
though and Rick starts his choking/raking the face offense.
The champ (as in the
guy who actually wears a belt) is sent ribs first into the buckle but
gets his boots up in the corner, setting up some Rolling Germans. He
heads up top but Steiner pulls him in the way of the Swan Dive,
drawing in Saturn to go after Rick. This brings out Sid to lay out
Saturn, because cruiserweights just aren’t enough for him anymore.
Benoit chases them off and I guess the match is thrown out.
I’m happy whenever I get to see Steiner dropped on his head over and
over as I keep hoping it might beat some sense into him. Thank
goodness they didn’t make him a double champion here, which was an
actual worry I had during this match. Oh and thank goodness Sid is
now involved in I think a fourth story because we just weren’t
getting enough of him.
Benoit challenges Sid
and Steiner to a match against himself and Saturn for Thunder. Two
1. That match was
already set up on Thunder.
That match will be going head to head with the debut of Smackdown,
featuring HHH vs. the Rock for the WWF World Title. Therefore, yes,
WCW does think that Sid and Steiner are big enough draws to compete
with the WWF’s main event guys. I didn’t want to believe it but
somehow, that seems to be the case.
Tag Team Titles:
Harlem Heat vs. Barry Windham/Kendall Windham
reiterates his hatred for fruit booties. Harlem Heat is defending
and Booker cranks on Kendall’s arm to start. It’s quickly off to
Stevie who gets taken into the Windham corner as Heenan seems to
think Barry is Bobby Duncum Jr. Booker comes back in for some double
team punching to Barry’s head. There is no energy to this match,
likely because the Windhams are such heatless challengers.
Stevie clotheslines
both rednecks and everything breaks down. The Windhams nail their
stable mates by mistake and Booker ax kicks Kendall, followed by the
missile dropkick. There’s no referee though Curt comes in with that
stupid cowbell and knocks Booker silly to give Kendall the pin and
the titles.
I’m not sure if I hated the match or the booking more. The match was
really dull stuff because Barry doesn’t care and Kendall is Kendall.
That being said, who thinks this is a good idea? You reform Harlem
Heat and have them drop the belts just a few weeks later, of course
with Booker taking the pin because we can’t have Stevie get pinned
Vampiro vs. Eddie
Tony mentions an
upcoming search for a new Nitro Girl which will give us a pretty well
known blonde. Eddie gets hammered into the corner to start and
thrown across the ring with a good looking release belly to belly
suplex. Back up and Guerrero just explodes in the corner with chops
and punches away. I’m still trying to figure out why these two are
fighting. I know they’ve been fighting for weeks now but I have no
idea why and commentary is busy hyping up whatever they can think of
to talk about instead of talking about the match.
A spinning kick to the
chest drops Eddie again but he comes back with a superplex. He loads
up the Frog Splash but we’ve got Clowns. Insane ones at that, and
Eddie is so annoyed at them being on the show that he slips off the
top instead of diving at them. With J. offering a distraction,
Vampiro sends Eddie head first into Shaggy for the pin.
Can you blame Eddie for leaving soon? He comes back from a major car
crash that put him out for months and gets to job to Vampiro for the
sake of appeasing some niche celebrities like the Insane Clown Posse?
The match wasn’t bad with Vampiro, as in the wrestler instead of the
wrestling imitators, getting to show his skills, only to have a lame
ending with Eddie going down thanks to Shaggy. Yeah, all those years
and the classics with Mysterio but he gets to lose to a guy named
after a Scooby-Doo character.
Kidman and Mysterio
come out for the save.
Nitro Girls.
WCW World Title:
Hulk Hogan vs. Sting
is defending of course and this means KISS will be main eventing the
show. They shake hands to start because these two have never had a
single issue ever. Neither guy can get an advantage off a lockup but
they shove each other away and start jawing with each other. Hulk
(still called Hollywood by Tony) grabs a wristlock but Sting counters
into one of his own. They’re mirroring each other very well so far.

A test of strength
gives Hogan control but Sting small packages him for two. Sting
fires off right hands in the corner but misses the big elbow that
always misses. Both guys head outside for a brawl with Hogan being
sent onto the announcers’ table. Sting is being way more aggressive
here than usual, which would seem like plans for a heel turn. I
can’t help but laugh at this, because turning Sting heel would be
like trying to make fans boo the Easter Bunny.
They take it back
inside and Sting gets two off a Vader Bomb. Somehow Hogan sells it
more than he ever did when Vader himself did it back in 1995. We hit
the chinlock for a bit until Hogan Hulks Up, only to miss the big
leg. The Stinger Splash connects but a second hits boot. The third
hits buckle and Hogan is ready to go, only to have Sid and Steiner
come in for the DQ.
The worst part of all this is the match was actually getting good
(well as good as these two can get in 1999) until the ending. It
wasn’t like the match was over and they ran in to prevent the
obvious. In theory this sets up a tag match next week, because we
haven’t seen enough of those lately.
brings up the problem at the moment: Goldberg is feuding with Sid
(and apparently the Triad), Steiner is feuding with the Revolution
and Hogan doesn’t have a big challenger. In theory it would be Sting
challenging at the PPV, but that’s what we just saw here. The
non-conclusive ending leaves an opening for a rematch, but I’ve never
liked a TV match setting up a major pay per view rematch.
and Luger come out for the save, because you need four former World
Champions to deal with Sid and RICK STEINER. Hogan offers Sting one
more title shot, likely at Fall Brawl.
time for the real main event and Tony promises a brand new KISS
inspired wrestler debuting before the end of the show. Schiavone is
apparently a huge KISS fan and gets to do their introduction, right
around the time that HHH is pinning Mankind to become WWF World
Champion. They perform God of Thunder and a spiked coffin is brought
out on stage. It opens up to reveal…..Brian Adams in KISS
attire. I’ve heard this is the lowest drawing segment in Nitro
history and the lowest overall rating for the show since a one hour
episode in May 1998.
More Sid, more offensive booking, more referees not needing to be
there, more focus on celebrities and not wrestling, more hot shotting
of big matches, more young guys getting beaten up by old guys that
should be jobbers. In other words, it’s everything wrong with WCW
rolled up into one show.
Old Boys is a really appropriate name for the entire show. It’s all
about pushing the guys that used to be big names because screw anyone
that wants to get a push around here. I mean, BARRY WINDHAM as a two
time champion in 1999? There are a few interesting things here and
there, but I have zero desire to sit through all these horrible
things to get the glimmer of hope that WCW won’t destroy them all. I
know the destruction is coming, but it’s nice to believe that there’s
a chance something might get better.

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Thunder – August 19, 1999

Date: August 19, 1999
Location: Municipal
Coliseum, Lubbock, Texas
Attendance: 6,928
Commentators: Mike
Tenay, Larry Zbyszko
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
Despite it being 1999,
we’re somehow watching Sid Vicious Championship Wrestling. This past
week on Nitro was all about Sid running in and ruining as many
matches as he could before losing the main event by DQ. Somehow this
means he’s still undefeated before we get to his showdown with
Goldberg to end this streak once and for all. Other than that, we’re
building up to Sting vs. Hogan on Nitro on just seven days notice, as
opposed to their big match which had fifteen months. Sign of the
times indeed. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of
the new streak (my apologies to RD Evans) which now stands at 61-0.
Silver King vs.
Just have him come out
right now. King dives at Psychosis and grabs a quick DDT to put
Psychosis down. He tries the same thing again but gets caught in the
corner, allowing Psychosis to knock him down for a legdrop. The
announcers talking about Sid really doesn’t give me much hope for
this match’s future. King gets sent out to the floor for a suicide
dive but he doesn’t seem to notice all that much. Back in and King
plants him with a tilt-a-whirl slam before stopping to dance.
Psychosis avoids a moonsault and yeah here’s Sid for the DQ.
Rating: D+.
Why do I even bother watching these matches if they just exist for
the one main event idea WCW has going on right now? Psychosis and
Silver King are just out there wasting time until Sid comes out to do
his thing. The match didn’t have time to go anywhere but Silver King
wasn’t the best choice to carry a match.
gets on the mic and says this is all because of Goldberg because he
wants to be mentioned along with Babe Ruth and Michael Jordan. He’s
going to “shake all over” when he reaches Goldberg’s mark. We’re
not done with him tonight are we?
Greene vs. Shane Douglas
now the Revolution gets to rise up above jobbers
who somehow once got a World Title shot. Feeling
out process to start as they trade arm holds until Greene charges
into boots in the corner. Douglas
suplexes him down and slaps on a quickly broken chinlock. They
head outside for a bit with Greene going into the barricade. I’m
sure Shane is so glad he stopped being ECW World Champion to do
matches like this one. Back
in and we hit another chinlock as I guess Shane is spent after three
minutes of work. Greene
fights up but eats a clothesline, setting up the Pittsburgh Plunge
for the pin.
Rating: D.
I’ve never been a fan of Douglas and this really didn’t change my
opinion. I really don’t
know why I’m supposed to be cheering for him in the first place. He
popped up and decided he was part of the Revolution and now he’s on
Benoit, Saturn and Malenko’s level? It doesn’t help that he really
isn’t on their level in the ring and is just there as a talker.
West Texas Rednecks will have a new video on Nitro.
Rick Steiner for a chat. Gene says all of the Revolution wants a
shot at the TV Title, but Steiner instead threatens to beat up the
Revolution’s mothers. No
one can out smart him (well heels are supposed to lie) so tonight
there’s an open challenge for any member of the Revolution. Steiner
is going to kill one of them isn’t he?
on Coach Buzz Stern, which is Glacier in a stupid high school coach
gimmick. He’s really tough you see.
Regal/David Taylor/Chris Adams vs. Dave Burkhead/Bobby Blaze/Adrian
takes Burkhead (I’ve never heard of him either) down
to start before bringing Taylor in for a European uppercut and a tag
off to Adams. The Brits are moving fast tonight, likely so Sid
doesn’t come in and powerbomb them all. Adams
and Regal cheat like all evil Englishmen before Chris enziguris
Burkhead to the floor. Riveting
stuff so far. Regal peppers
him with more uppercuts and allows Dave to tag off to Blaze. We
get the old spot of Blaze trying a sunset flip and Regal grabbing his
partner, only to have Robinson kick the arms apart to give Bobby two.

beats up Byrd for a bit and the Brits start fast tagging again. Byrd
gets choked on the mat by Regal’s knee as Taylor comes in for even
more uppercuts. No wonder that move became so common. Blaze
tries to come in like the jobber schnook that he is, allowing Byrd to
be dragged back to the corner. The
sequence is so good that they do it again on the floor…..as Rick
Steiner and Sid come out to destroy the jobbers.
Rating: C-.
I was kidding when I said they were hurrying before Sid came out! So
far, the only thing on this show not related to Sid or Steiner has
been the Al Greene match, or about five minutes of the entire show.
How can they sit through the meetings setting up this show and think
this is the best course of action? I know it’s just a six man
squash, but did they really need to do this again? You know Sid
isn’t done tonight either.
powerbombs everyone and has Robinson count pins, TWICE. Apparently
they represent Goldberg, Hogan and Sting as Sid wants to stand beside
Steiner. This is one of the main stories in WCW right now people.
Over in WWF we were seeing the rise of HHH to the top of the company,
but WCW is offering Sid and Steiner destroying the world.
is coming. Sid will powerbomb him too.
the Revolution with something to say. Douglas
takes charge and asks the fans if they’re ready to see a change in
WCW. The people in the back are shaking in their boots over these
guys and it’s time to take this company back. Saturn promises to
beat Steiner tonight and he won’t even have to bite him to get there.
Title: Lenny Lane vs.
Rey Mysterio Jr.
from Monday when Sid interfered. Before
the match, Mysterio tells Lenny to tell his boyfriend to ride the
Hershey highway all the way back to the funny farm. I’m
stunned that didn’t get the gimmick shelved. A
series of standing switches starts things off and of course Lenny
starts liking it.
hurricanranas him into the ropes and a big suicide dive puts Lenny
into the barricade. Back in
and the West Coast Pop is dropkicked out of the air, followed by a
faceplant for two. Lenny
hits a shoulder breaker into a powerslam for two more as Rey is in
trouble. Lane is similar to Disco: talented in the ring but no one
can see past the gimmick to see how good he is. Lenny
prances around the ring and gets sunset flipped for two, only
to whip Rey chest first into the buckle.
go very old school with an airplane spin but Lane is dizzy too. So
he’s not only an over the top stereotype but he’s also stupid. Lane
goes up top but gets staggered and falls backwards into an atomic
drop. He sells it harder
than Honky Tonk Man ever dreamed of and backs into referee Johnny
Boone in the corner, freaking Boone out because homophobia is funny
you see.
comes in right next to the referee because being homophobic also
seems to make you blind. The champ easily dispatches Lodi but stops
to pose on the ropes. A guillotine legdrop sends Lenny to the floor
and Lodi gets drop toeholded into Lenny’s crotch. Back
in and Lenny gets two off a Skull Crushing Finale. He sends Rey into
Lodi so they bang heads, allowing Lenny to roll Rey up for the pin
and the title.
Rating: B-.
The worst part of this is that it was a good match. Lane
was a good worker but he’s stuck in this horrible and offensive
gimmick and that’s all people are going to remember. I’m so glad Rey
finally lost the title because he never defends the thing and the
rest of the division is just stuck fighting each other for no prize.
Good match, but the spot with the referee was horrible.
Filthy Animals come out to say “sorry bro. We should have been
here to help you but we were too busy trying to understand Konnan’s
Brawl is coming.
Team Titles: Harlem Heat vs.
Scott Norton/Horace
is defending of course. Norton
shoves Booker around and gets kicked in the face for his efforts.
Arm holds go nowhere so it’s
off to Stevie for a slam on Horace as we take a break. Back
with Booker sending Horace into Norton’s boot and nailing him with
the ax kick, only to have Norton keep him from the corner. The
slow pace continues as Norton beats Booker down with whatever
combination of clotheslines and chops he can come up with. Horace
comes back in and breaks up a sunset flip with a rake to the face
before tagging back out. This man is getting a paycheck for this
work people.
challengers slowly hammer away on Booker as this is starting to drag.
Booker rolls out of
Norton’s powerbomb attempt and gets ax handled down to keep him in
trouble. Never the
brightest guys in the world, Norton and Horace try a double
clothesline and get forearmed in the head, allowing for the hot tag
to Stevie. Ray cleans house
and everything breaks down with Horace planting Stevie with a side
slam and splash, but Nick Patrick is with the other two. Everyone
gets back in and Stevie whips Horace into Booker’s missile dropkick
for the pin.
Rating: D.
This was really dull by the
end as you knew Horace and Norton weren’t taking the belts and they
didn’t have the most thrilling offense. Hopefully they’re done with
this Harlem Heat vs. the NWO nonsense soon as it’s a waste of
whatever Harlem Heat can do. The
match could have been worse, but it was just such dull stuff.
is still coming. Nothing has changed in the last hour.
the First Family with something to say. Hart
wants them to win the Tag Team Titles and Flynn actually says the
First Family needs no introduction. That would be because no one
wants to see them introduced but that’s another story. Barbarian
rambles about something that I can’t comprehend a single word of and
Knobbs/Morrus issue a challenge for the titles next week.
Title: Saturn vs. Rick Steiner
is defending because WCW lived in a random and chaotic universe.
Rick actually does something
worthwhile by telling security to throw out a fan that tossed a drink
at him. Pesky twerp. The
champ drives him to the ropes and hammers away to start and nails a
big Steiner Line. It’s already time for the choking because the
right hands and the Steiner Line are about all he’s got to start.
ducks another Steiner Line and kicks him to the floor for some
swearing from the champ. Back
in and Rick drives him into the corner and chokes even more because
Steiner doesn’t know how to do anything else. They
head outside with Steiner whipping him into the barricade and steps
as we take a break. We really have to come back to this destruction
for the sake of pushing Rick Steiner?
with Steiner in control because he’s not going to sell like these
young schmucks. He rakes
Saturn’s eyes and DDTs him before putting on something like a
surfboard. Saturn fights up
with a neckbreaker and kick to the face, followed by some right hands
to the face. Not that it matters as Sid comes out to shove Saturn
into a belly to belly for the DQ.
Rating: D.
This was a Steiner squash with a thirty second comeback before Sid
came out for the DQ. I’ve
ranted enough about WCW sacrificing the rest of the entire roster for
the sake of pushing Sid and Steiner for whatever reason, so let’s
complain about the young guys getting beaten up by Steiner. Does WCW
really think that Steiner is the future of this company instead of
someone like Saturn? I know Saturn isn’t the second coming of Steve
Austin but he’s probably going to be more valuable than Rick “I
can’t do anything more than choke and clothesline” Steiner. At
least he is in a logical mindset, which isn’t where WCW shines.
comes out for the save and issues a challenge for next week before
the old guys charge and get dispatched. Sid
promises to pin both guys twice next week to end the show.
Overall Rating: D+.
The weird thing here was they actually treated Thunder like something
that mattered. We have two matches set up for next week and a title
changed hands. When does that EVER happen on Nitro, let alone
Thunder? Unfortunately the good things here were dragged down by Sid
interfering in literally half the matches. If
you get that down to one match at most and keep having things
actually matter on this show (and I don’t mean a PPV main event match
every week. The stuff they had here was fine), it feels SO much more
important and therefore easier to sit through. Just
get rid of Sid though. Please.
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Monday Nitro – August 16, 1999

Nitro #201
Date: August 16, 1999
Location: World Arena,
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Attendance: 7,218
Commentators: Tony
Schiavone, Bobby Heenan
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
Road Wild has come and
gone and thank goodness for that. It was three hours of bad
wrestling with nothing happening and a bunch of celebrities not
making enough of a splash to validate taking the spots from the other
guys. We’re heading towards Fall Brawl now and I can’t imagine that
show being any worse than Road Wild. Somehow I have a feeling I’ll
be surprised though. Let’s get to it.

Tony is immediately
praising Hogan for his glorious win Saturday. He also throws in that
Sid is now 55-0 since returning. I’m guessing the idea is parodying
Goldberg’s streak going so high so fast, because why shouldn’t they
mock something they came up with and got over so strong? Sid gets a
World Title shot tonight.
Stills of Sid beating
Sting at the PPV, leading into this match.
Guerrera vs. Lash LeRoux
They trade crowd
reactions to start and I don’t think most of them know who LeRoux is.
Feeling out process to start with Lash dropping down into the splits
and nailing Juvy with a clothesline. As thrilling as this is, the
announcers mention that we’re getting Rick Steiner vs. Brian Knobbs
for the TV Title tonight. There are no words. Anyway Juvy loads up
a hurricanrana but gets countered into a powerbomb which is countered
into a pinfall reversal sequence. I won’t bother telling you who
gets the last near fall as Sid comes in to chokeslam Juvy and
powerbomb Lash twice.
Sid wants a double
cheeseburger with onions. Or maybe Goldberg. You never can tell
with his interviews.
Regal vs. Scotty Riggs
Regal knocks him back
with a European uppercut, Riggs knees him into the corner, Sid comes
down for the usual power moves for the no contest.
Hogan vs. Nash video.
Enos vs. Cat
Miller guarantees
victory in less than four minutes. I see no computer or Terri to say
that’s correct so I don’t buy this stat. Instead of running away to
prove Cat wrong, Enos goes right after him with a clothesline and a
very nice powerslam. Despite being a heel, he asks if the fans want
to see him punch Miller in the face, allowing Cat to nail him in the
throat. Now I know this might shock you, but Cat fires off a bunch
of kicks and Enos comes back with a series of generic power moves,
including a clothesline and press slam. Sonny offers a distraction
and Miller hits a big kick for the pin at 3:39.
D. Sid run-in, Sid run-in, Cat
match. That’s their big way
to make us care after the mess at Road Wild. Also, no Bagwell for
his revenge after Miller attacked him after their match on Saturday.
I do however like Enos as a
power guy who does a simple job but does it well. He
isn’t going anywhere of course, but he’s a good choice for a match
like this, which went about as high as it was going to.
is coming.
cut to the back where Sid is beating up Silver King and La Parka,
including powerbombing La Parka onto a bag of popcorn.
Title: Lenny vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.
is defending for the first time in months. No
contact for the first minute and Lenny keeps dancing at Mysterio to
play some mind games. He offers Lodi a hug and the champion nails
him with a forearm. A reverse powerbomb gets two for Lenny but Rey
sends him to the floor and takes Lodi out, only to have Lenny go up
for a big corkscrew dive. The fans are actually shocked as that
might be the first time Lenny has ever hit a big move. They’re also
stunned that Sid comes in AGAIN to lay out all three guys, giving Rey
the DQ win.
Sting comes out for the
save with Hogan limping behind him. The superheroes clean house and
Hogan says Sting can have a title shot next week if he retains the
title tonight.
Enemy vs. Insane Clown Posse
We’re officially in
ECW. We have to be. No other major company could possibly think
this is an acceptable idea to air on national television. Raven (in
his last television appearance with WCW before walking out when
Bischoff offered anyone a release) wants to know where his pyro is.
The Clowns jump Public Enemy while they’re stacking tables but are
easily knocked to the floor. It’s Shaggy in trouble first with
Grunge elbowing him low before a double tag brings in J. and Rocco.
The Violent Clown
elbows the Flyboy (I feel like an idiot typing that) before it’s back
to Grunge. Raven grabs Johnny’s foot so J. can…..well Tony called
it a clothesline but it looked more like Luger’s running forearm
smash. Grunge comes back with a double clothesline and the hot tag
brings in Rocco to really clean house. A top rope hurricanrana
plants Shaggy and it’s table time. Of course Rocco overshoots the
table and barely drives Shaggy through it, almost completely missing
the bottom table. Not that it matters as the referee gets taken out,
allowing Vampiro to Nail Grunge in his Coffin, giving J. the pin.
D-. Public
Enemy isn’t the best team ever. I don’t think it’s a stretch to call
them one of the least technically sound mainstream tag teams of all
time. The key thing though is they’re actual wrestlers. They’ve
been trained and have some experience, but still aren’t all that
great. However, they make the Clowns look like the Steiner Brothers
circa 1991 because the Clowns aren’t wrestlers. They’re as qualified
to be wrestlers as 7 year olds pretending to be police are qualified
to patrol the streets. At
least the Filthy Animals could carry a match, but this was horrible.
Ran is back. Joy.
Girls. A bit more actual joy.
Harlem Heat in street clothes for a chat. They’re back together
after Stevie got tired of being with four “fruit booties who
couldn’t get the job done.” An open challenge is issues and Booker
promises to “turn this mutha out.” I
really think this speaks for itself.
is here in two weeks.
get what’s left of the Black and White for the first time in a good
while. Horace accepts the challenge for tonight, which actually
makes sense for a change. Norton
promises to take care of Stevie Ray. Adams says he and Vincent will
challenge Harlem Heat tonight….and the team beats him down for no
apparent reason, ripping the t-shirt off his back.
Okerlund brings out
Kidman for a chat and calls him a chick magnet. Gene Okerlund should
not know what a chick is. Kidman says that he, Konnan, Guerrero and
Mysterio are a bunch of filthy animals that love to party and chase
the chicks (it sounds better coming from him). In a TOTALLY
spontaneous line that is in no way designed to set up the next match,
Gene asks if Kidman has seen the Nitro Girls pay per view. Of course
he has and Kimberly is his favorite Nitro Girl. Cue DDP to start
spelling respect before he slaps Kidman in the face and plants him
with a spinning Rock Bottom.
Diamond Dallas Page
vs. Kidman
A snapmare sends Kidman
across the ring and Page slowly stomps away. An elbow drop with some
shouts to the fans (the People if you will) gets two for Page but
Kidman snaps off a headscissors. That’s the extent of his offense
for now though as Page kicks the knee out to kill the crowd again.
The helicopter bomb plants him again but Page pulls up at two. Tony
forgets the name of the referee Page laid out at Road Wild and just
trails off in the middle of his sentence. That might be better for
all of us. Page loads up a fireman’s carry for the Diamond Cutter
but Kidman spins out into a rollup for the pin.
Rating: D.
This was an angle instead of a match but they still managed to be
dull in the process. Kidman was treated like a guy way out of his
league here, continuing this stupid idea that cruiserweights are
nothing compared to the bigger guys. I’m assuming this leads to the
Triad vs. the Animals, which wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world.
It’s not a good idea mind
you but it could be worse.
Diamond Cuts both guys to negate the upset. Kimberly
has to come out and call Page off.
Here’s the Disco
Inferno to declare himself a superstar, a sex symbol and an icon.
The Filthy Animals have been calling him every day because he’s the
future of this company. Cue Benoit to say prove it.
Title: Chris Benoit vs. Disco Inferno
Benoit immediately
takes him down with a hard chop and the big belly to back suplex. A
dropkick puts Disco down again and Benoit is on a roll. The
Crossface sends Disco running to the floor and the fans are all fired
up for the first time all night. Back in and Disco nails his
swinging neckbreaker and clothesline, followed by the middle rope
elbow and Russian legsweep.
They head outside with
Benoit going into the steps, but Disco stops to dance. You can’t say
he isn’t dedicated. He sends the champ into the barricade and gets
in a bit more dancing. Back in and Benoit flips out of a belly to
back suplex before planting him with a German suplex. Disco’s Last
Dance is countered and the Three Amigos knock Disco sillier (but
doesn’t mess with a bit of that hair). Benoit Swan Dives him to
retain the title.
C+. As usual, when you give
Disco the right opponent, he can pull off a pretty decent match. I
was hoping for one of those jumping piledrivers to really make this
close, but what else can you ask for from a five minute match on a
show featuring celebrity clowns? It’s
also nice to see Benoit survive his first title defense as this
company wouldn’t shock me if they jobbed him out immediately.
vs. Barry Windham
of the Rednecks but Hennig are out with Barry. Goldberg
beats up all of the seconds and pins Barry in thirty seconds with the
usual. Well he’s back.
is still coming. They’re seriously going through with it.
Norton vs. Harlem Heat
Stevie throws Vincent
around to start but botches a press slam, nearly dropping Vincent on
his face. It’s off to
Norton vs. Booker with Stevie staying in for a double back elbow.
That’s it for Flash as he
brings in Horace. You know, I remember about three years ago when
Hall, Nash and Hogan were taking over the company and wrestling
world. Somehow that’s evolved into this trio fighting in a dull tag
match and getting beaten up 3-2. Booker
drops Horace with kicks but goes after Vincent to give Horace a
enough of the talent though so it’s back to Stevie who kicks Horace
in the face. Why overcomplicate the offense? The
cheap excuses for the NWO get in some cheap shots from the apron,
allowing Horace to take over with a DDT. A big shoulder sends Stevie
down and the NWO starts taking turns. Norton
loads up the powerbomb but here’s Brian Adams for the save. The
referee, not even distracted, doesn’t do anything about the
interference as Adams cleans house. In the melee, Booker missile
dropkicks Horace to give Stevie the pin.
D+. So let me get this
straight. Booker T. and Stevie Ray, perhaps the most successful WCW
tag team of all time, freshly reunited and the new Tag Team
Champions, needed help to beat Horace, Vincent and Norton? Also,
we’re supposed to care about Brian Adams all of a sudden? At least
this should lead to the end of the Black and White. They just need
to be put out to pasture at this point anyway. By
this point I mean a year and a half ago of course.
camera follows Adams as he gets into a limo with a KISS license
plate. It’s bad enough that they had to do these stupid celebrity
appearances but now we have to give them stories?
Title: Brian Knobbs vs. Rick Steiner
I say let’s get this over with. It’s
a brawl to start with Steiner dropping him with an early Steiner
Line. They’re quickly to the choking before the brawl heads outside.
Rick upgrades his choking
with the dog collar before they head back inside for another Steiner
Line. So far, if you count
punches and kicks, Steiner is at four moves. Brian
slams him down but his middle rope splash hits leg. I’ve always
thought that would hurt the leg as
much as the guy trying the
splash. Hart offers a
distraction with the collar but Brian is sent into him, setting up
the Steiner Bulldog (hey he hit five!) to avenge
Wrestlemania VII and retain.
D-. Of all the people they have
in this company, BRIAN KNOBBS got a TV Title shot? You couldn’t
throw some low level schmuck out there who might be able to do a
single decent looking move? This may be a stretch, but Brian may be
a worse illustration of nepotism than David Flair. At least with
Flair there might have been some potential there, but everyone knew
what they were getting with Knobbs but his friendship with Hogan kept
getting him work.
Girls. Tony asks why Heenan never applauds them. Heenan: “It’s
impossible to clap with one hand.” First, no it isn’t.
Second…..I need a minute.
Bam Bigelow vs. Saturn
big bald guy drops Saturn with some early clotheslines but gets
kicked outside, setting up a great looking Asai moonsault. Back
in and Bigelow just launches Saturn across the ring because Bigelow
is old and therefore doesn’t have to sell. He charges into a boot in
the corner though and fires off right hands, only to be shoved into
the referee. Saturn nails
an AJ Styles style springboard forearm and nails a decent t-bone
suplex. Cue Kanyon (why couldn’t this be Kanyon vs. Saturn? Too
entertaining a prospect?) to shove Saturn into a bearhug, but Shane
Douglas comes out to shove Kanyon onto both of them, giving Saturn a
D+. I know they’ve taken their
time getting here but the Revolution finally seems to be taking hold.
Benoit winning the title and getting to defend it in a pretty solid
match was a good sign and they even won a match over an older guy. I
have zero confidence that it’s going to last, but at least it worked
for one night.
and Malenko come out to save Saturn from a beatdown.
World Title: Sid Vicious vs. Hulk Hogan
No word on what Sid’s
record is after after all those beatings but he jumps the champ at
the bell. Hearing Heenan suck up to Hogan continues to disgust me.
If Hogan can be the same character he was in the 80s, why can’t the
Brain? Well other than a complete lack of caring that it. Sid very
slowly stomps on Hulk and drops a leg, sending Hogan popping back up
to his feet. Ever the lunkhead, Sid stands in the corner with his
back to Hulk, allowing the champ to hammer away.
Sid bails to the floor
and thankfully doesn’t go off to buy a hot dog and a Coke. Back in
and he can’t ram Hogan into the buckle but Hulk can do it to him.
This riveting spectacle heads outside with Hogan nailing Sid with a
chair and throwing him into the audience. For a change of pace, Sid
hits Hogan with the chair and throws him onto the announcers’ table.
He even one ups the champ by pouring water over Hulk AND the
announcers! Tony: “HE SOAKED US WITH WATER!”
Back in and we hit a
nerve hold because Sid worked so hard already. The fans chant
Goldberg, but the water in Heenan’s ear makes it sound like Hogan. A
clothesline breaks up the comeback and Sid fires off some right hands
as Tony tries to explain how Hulking Up works. The chokeslam gets a
delayed two and I think you know what’s coming. That’s right: Rick
Steiner breaking up the comeback because WCW wants us all to watch
F. You know, I grew up a
Hulkamaniac. In the twenty five years plus as a Hulk Hogan fan, I’ve
sat through a lot of nonsense. Over
the years, very few things have made me as embarrassed as this
nonsense. It comes off like a Hogan impersonator doing all of Hulk’s
greatest hits on a carnival circuit, but instead it’s the real thing
on national TV. The matches aren’t any good, the live fans respond
to a degree, but the TV audience collectively does not care.
doesn’t make things any better either. I know he never was exactly a
ring general, but this is setting a new standard for him too. He
clearly doesn’t care anymore and is just out there for a check, but
some of the stuff he does makes you wonder if he’s trying to make the
matches even worse. This
was two old guys (even though Sid is in his late 30s here)
embarrassing themselves for a check and the company letting
themselves die for whatever stupid reasons they come up with this
week to validate it.
Trash fills the ring as
Hogan is beaten down until Sting makes the save. Hulk covers Steiner
for a three count and bell before handing Sting the belt to end the
D. This
was the Sid Vicious show and for the life of me I don’t know why. I
get that they’re setting up Sid vs. Goldberg for the battle of the
streaks, but my goodness do they have to have him mess up that many
matches to get to the point? He wouldn’t break up Enos vs. Miller
but he can break up Regal getting to hurt Scotty Riggs? Then
to cap it off they have him lose the main event via DQ? It’s like
they’re parodying the Streak and wrecking the midcard to get there.
this show was bad, it was a different kind of bad than recently.
Lately the shows have been bad because of how horrible things were,
but in this case it felt like there were a good many bright spots
being dragged down by the bad. The Revolution is starting to take
hold and getting rid of the Black and White is a good thing.
However, we’re looking
towards the old guys dominating the main event for what feels like
months to come and KISS next week. As
usual, this company could be good if they would get out of their own
way, but it just seems to keep getting worse.
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Thunder – August 5, 1999

August 5, 1999
Location: Lacrosse Center, Lacrosse,
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Larry Zbyszko
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the go home show for Road Wild and the big story is Hulk Hogan
returning to the red and yellow for the first time in over three
years and pretty much guaranteeing victory on Saturday. Chris Benoit
has also won the US Title and finally broken through at least some of
the glass ceiling he’s been hammering away at for years now. Let’s
get to it.

We see a package on
last year’s Road Wild, set to what sounds like Wrath’s old music.
Given that this is WCW, I’m shocked they didn’t bring in some C list
musician to perform a special song live.
Opening sequence.
Rick Steiner vs.
Spyder would go on to become NWA North American Heavyweight Champion
and may have been Eddie Guerrero’s bodyguard from the LWO days.
Steiner’s big insult for Goldberg this week: he’s a bald headed
dirtbag. He also insulted your title but that’s not important enough
to mention here. Rick hammers away in the corner to start before
ripping at Spyder’s face. We’re in regular Steiner territory here.
A big release German suplex sends Spyder flying and Rick tosses him
outside for good measure. He’s sent into every steel object on the
floor, setting up the Steiner Bulldog and that stupid arm hold for
the win.
Rick Steiner is a horrible wrestler. His offense isn’t good, he
can’t talk, his finisher is stupid and for some reason he’s being
rewarded for these performances. If I’m someone like Booker T. or
Perry Saturn, why am I even bothering at this point? At least
there’s some hope with Benoit, but I have very little confidence in
WCW to push two young guys at a time.
on Goldberg vs. Steiner. Has Rick beating Goldberg down months ago
been brought up at all during this feud, or are we just supposed to
remember it?
Jimmy Hart and Brian
Knobbs are excited for the career match. Uh….good for you guys.
Video on Nash vs. Hogan
with both careers on the line. That’s not really fair to Hogan as
he’s putting up two things against Nash’s one.
see Hogan going back to the red and yellow from Nitro. This show is
another big commercial isn’t it?
Video on Page vs.
Benoit for Chris’ first title defense. The match is No DQ, likely so
we can have a lot of interference so Page won’t have to work too
hard, even though he’s more than capable of doing so.
Video on Sting vs. Sid
Vicious, which was a big match ten years ago and still is now because
they’re still spring chickens in this company’s eyes.
We see Sid promising to
destroy everyone to become the Millennium Man.
Sid Vicious vs.
Disorderly Conduct
waited twenty minutes to get to this match? I’m not even going to
bother suggesting that this is going to be a big surprise or anything
because Sid squashes are actually entertaining in some weird way. He
attacks Mean Mike and Tough Tom on the floor before throwing Tom
inside for a kind of spinebuster. Mike is kicked off the apron and
Sid settles down by just punching (with that weird overhand punch
with the big follow through of his) and slapping Tom in the face.
The cobra clutch slam to Tom and powerbomb to Mike are enough for the
fast pin. Total squash, but I’m not feeling the cobra clutch slam.
It just doesn’t fit Sid.
chokeslams Tom like he should have done during the match. He wants
Goldberg, but instead of a match that could be fun in a car crash
sense, we have to sit through a Goldberg vs. Steiner match that’s
going to be more painful than an actual car crash. Yay us.
T. can’t believe that Hogan or Nash will be gone after Saturday.
Somehow this is the most interesting moment of the night.
Video on the Dead Pool
vs. the yet to be named Filthy Animals, complete with clips from
their brawls on Monday.
Benoit does the same
thing Booker, Hart and Knobbs did earlier.
Here’s the same video
that opened the show. This is such a waste of my time, even when I’m
fast forwarding through the packages.
Heat is ready to take the Triad to 110th
Here’s the full Booker
T. vs. Kanyon match from Nitro because this show is just a big recap
with some squash matches anymore.
This Week In WCW
Motorsports. For goodness sake come on already.
The West Texas Rednecks
vs. the Revolution has been added to Saturday, even though it was
fairly obvious.
Hey, you know what
would be good right now? Wasting my time with more clips from Nitro,
especially if it was a waste of time in the first place. It’s Hennig
confronting Chad Brock because…..I really don’t care enough to come
up with a reason at this point.
Barry Windham/Bobby
Duncum Jr. vs. Shane Douglas/Dean Malenko
we’re halfway through this show. Look back at what we’ve seen so far
and tell me how we could be halfway through this show. The Rednecks
come out to I Hate Rap, probably so the fans don’t realize that Good
Old Boys is Jeff Jarrett’s old music with lyrics. Windham starts
with Malenko but gets stomped into the corner and armdragged a few
times. Very Steamboat-esque there.
makes a rare mental mistake and gets kicked in the face. It’s off to
Douglas vs. Duncum with the Revolution staying in for a double elbow
to the jaw. What revolutionary cheating. Duncum misses a boot and
gets taken down, only to have Shane get caught in the wrong corner as
we take a break. Back with Hennig saving Duncum from the Cloverleaf,
allowing Windham to suplex Dean in a variety of ways. Not quite 1004
ways but it was up there. A low blow puts Malenko down again and
it’s back to Duncum.
nails a nice shoulder breaker and wraps his legs around Malenko’s
head while tagging in Barry. A hard double clothesline puts Malenko
down and it’s back to Duncum, who quickly misses a charge in the
corner. Shane comes in off the hot tag to clean house with a double
noggin knocker and a Thesz Press of all things for two on Bobby. The
Rednecks try to interfere but Douglas grabs the Pittsburgh Plunge on
Duncum for the pin.
Match of the night here by about a thousand miles. Douglas looked
better here than he has in the rest of his matches since his return,
but just like the first praise for the match, that’s not really
covering much ground. This was just a way to set up the six man on
Saturday, which is fine in theory but I’m not the biggest fan of
having most of the people in a match in another match two days
earlier. I’ll make an exception on this show though as a watchable
tag match is the best thing I’ve seen in nearly an hour and a half.
Post match the Rednecks
destroy the Revolution, including Saturn attempting to make a save.
Perry gets hog tied for his efforts.
Page is intrigued by
the career match too.
Berlyn is still coming.
LONG video on Nash vs.
Hogan in case the first five or six mentions tonight didn’t get your
Video on Rodman vs.
Savage. It’s 1999 and Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan and Rick Steiner are
in the three biggest matches on the PPV card. That tells you almost
everything you need to know about WCW at this point.
Clips from Nitro and
the Tonight Show for Savage vs. Rodman.
Randy Savage vs.
Evan Karagias
Savage, wearing what he
considers street clothes (they’re very shiny), asks if we want to
know who was driving the Hummer. “The baddest person on the
planet, the bodyguard for Gorgeous George and the insurance policy?
Well don’t worry about it because I’m going to take care of it.”
Evan says he doesn’t like the way Savage has been treating the girls,
especially Mona. They don’t deserve to be treated like that,
especially by a legend like Savage.
Macho thinks Evan has a
lot of guts but promises a Miss Madness 2000 contest, which Mona can
enter to get her job back. Savage wants to give Evan props but kicks
him in the ribs like everyone expected him to. That’s as close as
anyone is going to get to a rub from Savage right now. They quickly
head outside with Evan being rammed into the barricade and throw back
inside. Mona comes out to cheer for Evan, who avoids a charge into
the corner.
scores with a dropkick and some right hands to send Savage to the
floor but he grabs Mona for a shield. She gets away though and Evan
hits a nice dive to take Savage out. That’s about it for Evan though
as Savage posts him and drops the big elbow. He picks Evan up at two
and goes up again, drawing in Mona to try and protect Evan. Savage
dives anyway so Mona has to dive out of the way. Macho yells at Mona
so referee Johnny Boone jumps on his back, earning himself a
piledriver for the DQ.
That’s about the extent of a rub that you’re going to get from Randy
Savage at this point….and it could have been much worse. Evan got
in some solid offense and had Savage sweating for a bit, which is a
lot more than most guys at his level would get. No it wasn’t really
competitive or anything, but when you watch guys like Steiner
destroying people, Savage looks like the most generous guy in the
world by comparison. Savage’s talk before the match wasn’t bad
either and Karagias looks better coming out than he did going in.
Savage drops a third
elbow and counts his own pin.
close out the show with the six man from Monday in its entirety and
two more Road Wild ads.
For infomercial, because that’s all this show was. This was a big ad
for Road Wild, which has one of the most obvious main events I’ve
seen in years. You could trim this show down and it would serve as a
perfect pre-show on Saturday. This was a big waste of my time and
took away what little interest I had in watching the show on
Saturday. Let me put this in perspective for you: the best thing
about this show was the tag match. The second best thing about this
show? How well Karagias looked coming out of a squash. Just think
about that one for a minute and you’ll see what I put up with on
these shows.
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Monday Nitro – August 9, 1999

Nitro #200
Date: August 9, 1999
Location: Idaho Center,
Boise, Idaho
Commentators: Bobby
Heenan, Tony Schiavone
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
at a milestone show here and there’s a pretty well known main event.
At the moment we have the battle of the old guys with feuds ranging
from Kevin Nash vs. Hollywood Hogan, Rick Steiner vs. Goldberg and
Sting vs. Sid Vicious. That sounds like a reason to mix those guys
up in a big match. Oh and we have country music with Chad Brock.
Yeah I don’t remember him either. This is also the go home show for
Road Wild. Let’s get to it.

Quick recap of the end
of last week’s show.
Tony is back on
commentary with no reason given for his absence. He does however
have an announcement: Dusty Rhodes is now head of the WCW
Championship Committee. Wasn’t he last seen as part of the NWO?
Norman Smiley/Lash
Leroux/Prince Iaukea vs. Vampiro/Insane Clown Posse
Raven is in the corner and has officially named the team the Dead
Pool. Do they like chimichangas? Vampiro and Lash get things going
with some chops back and forth. Tony is back to his old standard by
randomly talking about Nash vs. Hogan. Off to the Prince for his
selection of right hands but Vampiro hits a kind of throwing
powerbomb. You would think Norman or Lash would have done something
given that he powerbombed Iaukea out of their corner, but my guess is
they’re trying to figure out why the Insane Clown Posse is wrestling
a match in Idaho.
Violent J. (called Jack
Jeckyl by Tony. To be fair that’s what it says on his jersey) hits a
decent suplex before playing Neidhart to Vampiro’s Hart in a Hart
Attack. Shaggy comes in for a bad looking DDT but Prince sweeps the
legs to take over. To make things worse, Shaggy’s shorts are falling
down. Norman tries to come in to help Iaukea but it just allows
Vampiro to hit him low.
J. drops a leg to the
chest but hurts his head with a headbutt to the Prince. At least he
knows his stereotypes. They head outside with Vampiro throwing
Iaukea into the steps. Back in and Shaggy misses a guillotine
legdrop, allowing the hot tag to Norman. A big old spinning slam
drops Shaggy and everything breaks down. The fans are actually WAY
into this one. Vampiro suplexes Lash down and J. adds a moonsault
for the pin.
The Clowns are an interesting case as they actually have some
training so it’s WAY better than when celebrities have matches on
Raw, but I’d still be hard pressed to call them good. They can do
some very basic stuff like suplexes and the moonsault was acceptable,
but they’d be lost trying to do more than a four minute match without
people there to help them. Case in point, this match worked for the
most part because the Clowns weren’t in a good chunk of it and the
wrestlers carried it. The crowd helped a lot too as they were into
the match, but the wrestling was nothing great.
The Revolution is in
the back with Dusty and ask him when things are going to change
around here. Dusty says in due time but gets cut off by David Flair
and Torrie Wilson. Dusty is called an old man so Benoit slaps the
Crossface on David. Apparently the way to make things change is
through violence because that earned Benoit a US Title shot. It’s
about time someone realized David and his dad had no authority
anymore and they could get the US Title off of him in about 10
Curt Hennig/Barry
Windham vs. Public Enemy
Rednecks have a new song called Good Old Boys, which is nowhere near
as catchy. Tony starts talking about Chad Brock and actually gives
us a reason for him to be here: he used to train at the Power Plant
and actually was in an eight man tag on Saturday Night back in 1996.
That still doesn’t make me want to see him but WCW never really cared
what fans thought. Hennig throws Rocco around the ring to start but
eats a boot in the corner.
to Grunge who has the same luck as Hennig when Windham blasts him
with a lariat. Kendall actually does something by tripping up Grunge
to keep the Rednecks in control. We hear about Brock even more as
Johnny and Curt double clothesline each other. It’s a double tag as
Public Enemy takes over with their usual brawling before a flip dive
puts Barry through the table. Not that it matters though as Curt
nails Grunge with the cowbell for the pin.
The Rednecks seem to be in decline as there isn’t much for them to do
anymore. If the best they can come up with is having Curt feud with
the country singer coming in to perform, they need to just disband
the team now or let Hennig and Windham be a regular tag team. It was
a fun idea while it lasted but there’s nothing for the team to do
right now.
Little Jeanie vs.
tries to tell us how easy it is to order a WCW PPV as this is
sounding more and more desperate every week. Jeanie never did
anything that I can find. Apparently Mona was a powerlifter in her
younger days, which isn’t something you would expect out of someone
her size. They hit the mat to start and trade some hammerlocks and
armbars. Jeanie isn’t half bad out there and takes a decent monkey
flip to send her outside.
match stalls for a bit as they trade places, only to have Jeanie
choke a bit on the way back in. Mona gets two off a sunset flip and
the fans give her a good reaction. Granted it likely has something
to do with the short skirt flipping over but a pop is better than
nothing. Back up and a dropkick to the head sends Jeanie into the
corner. For a sweet ending, Mona puts on an Indian deathlock but
grabs Jeanie’s shoulders and rolls her over, bridging the legs into
the air for a pin.
Shockingly good match here and I’m surprised Jeanie never did
anything else. She needed some work but with more experience and
some polish she could have been something decent. Mona of course
would have her success in the near future and it’s easy to see why
off this match. This was a big, nice surprise.
Brandi Alexander, a
chick that Mona beat up before, comes in but takes a clothesline from
Video on Hogan vs.
Hogan is in the back
when his son Nick comes in. Hogan is in the NWO gear and Nick wants
to know why his dad didn’t wear the red and yellow that Nick packed
for him. We hear a noise though and Hulk runs out of the room, only
to get laid out by Nash, Sid and Steiner. They beat him out to the
ring but Sting and Goldberg make a quick save.
This is apparently
enough for Hogan to put his career on the line on Saturday and makes
a challenge for a six man tag. Nash says it’s on, but Sting wants
Nash’s career on the line too. That’s cool as well, but Goldberg
tops them all. He says Steiner doesn’t have anything to put on the
line at Road Wild so he’ll just have to beat Steiner up.
there any question why the title was retired soon after this? I mean
good grief it’s one thing to not acknowledge that someone is a
champion but to flat out say that the belt is worthless? The worst
part: you know Goldberg never got any flack for that backstage. Why
would he anyway? The title has been dying a brutal death since
Steiner became champion and just brutalized everyone he’s fought in
meaningless matches.
belt could be used for people like the Revolution, Booker T.,
Bagwell, even Disco Inferno or Cat. But instead it’s being held by a
guy no one cares about while Goldberg says the belt doesn’t matter.
Stupid decisions like this are among the biggest reasons WCW went
under: they didn’t care about anyone but the old guys and they think
people care about guys like Rick Steiner because he was a big deal
nine years ago. I really can’t get over that stupid line. I agree
Goldberg is above the TV Title, but did he have to point out that
it’s worthless in general?
Title: David Flair vs. Chris Benoit
this can make me feel better. Heenan’s tongue is falling out of his
mouth over Torrie’s outfit. Little Naitch is ejected as referee and
Nick Patrick will be taking over. Isn’t he almost just as corrupt?
Flair immediately bails to the floor and tries to leave, only to be
thrown back in by Malenko and Saturn. Douglas was there too but he
was too busy reminding us of how great he was in ECW to actually
bails again but is surrounded on the floor. A snap suplex sends the
champ flying and Benoit slaps him a few times. Benoit is just toying
with him here. Kanyon tries to do a hilarious looking run in (the
look on his face was priceless as he looked like he was trying to
save a baby from a burning building) but gets stopped by Saturn,
allowing Benoit to drop the Swan Dive for the pin and the title.
This is a hard one to grade as it’s clearly not about the wrestling
but they did exactly what they were supposed to out there. Benoit
FINALLY wins a singles title and gives David exactly what he
deserves. Granted it’s about three months too late for it to have
the impact they were going for but at least it finally happened.
comes in and Rock Bottoms Benoit but thankfully the Revolution runs
in for the save before Page can ruin the moment. Benoit issues a
challenge for Saturday in a No DQ match.
Savage to reveal who is going to guard George on Saturday, who also
drove the Hummer. Gene introduces George as being with him but
Savage is alone. After a quick President plug, he promises to kill
Rodman on Saturday. Gene gets to the point by asking about the
Hummer driver…..and Savage ignores him. One more line about
Saturday and we’re done. As I ask myself every week, why do I even
bother watching Thunder if they’re going to tease stuff like this and
then never follow up?
Adams/Dave Taylor vs. Eddie Guerrero/Rey Mysterio Jr.
Eddie and Taylor to get things going, but first they have to see who
the fans are behind. The stalling continues as we’re nearly two
minutes into the match with barely any contact. Taylor actually
snaps off a headscissors and dropkick to send Eddie to the floor,
drawing some solid booing. You would have thought Eddie would start
that way but instead he headscissors Taylor down to take over.
to Rey, who is in an orange prison uniform because for some reason in
the 90s, that was considered cool. Adams runs him over with a
shoulder and a powerslam gets two. He misses a top rope splash
though and Rey hits a Lionsault, on the same night that Chris Jericho
was debuting on Monday Night Raw. Adams pops back up with that sweet
superkick of his for two before catapulting him into the wrong
Dave finally charges
into a boot in the corner and the prison enthusiast rolls over for
the hot tag to Eddie. Everything breaks down and Eddie dives through
the ropes to take out Taylor. Adams is all alone, setting up a
Mysterio top rope hurricanrana, followed by the Frog Splash for the
What is with this show tonight? They’ve been nailing the wrestling
all night with everyone clicking in the ring. Mysterio and Guerrero
being a good tag team isn’t a surprise given how much they’ve worked
together in the past. Adams and Taylor were fine in this role as two
guys that can work well with anyone. If this was what Nitro was like
until a big main event, I’d have far fewer complaints.
of complaints, cue the Dead Pool to jump Mysterio and Guerrero, only
to have Kidman make the save. Six man on Saturday it seems.
brings out the Rednecks, who imply they were with the Dixie Chicks
and Shania Twain last night. Apparently they were scheduled to
perform Good Old Boys live but Chad Brock has replaced them.
Seriously, this is the best thing they can come up with? Ignore the
fact that the fans booed Brock’s name in general but cheered when
Hennig promised to beat him up. Why do I have a feeling this was
vs. Disco Inferno
halfway through the show, Tony sends out get well wishes to Scott
Hudson. Gee that’s nice of him. Did we ever get a reason why Tony
was gone in the first place though? Kidman starts fast with a
dropkick and the slingshot headscissors, potentially causing lethal
hair damage. Disco pops back up and throws him over the top before
grabbing a Russian legsweep back inside.
chinlock is broken in about five seconds and Kidman nails a quick
clothesline. Disco continues his hot pace (maybe he has a fever?)
with a swinging neckbreaker and a hot (I’ve got something here!) shot
for two. Kidman comes back with a Sky High, which is a move I really
would like to see someone use as a finisher full time. And I mean
someone that matters, not Titus O’Neil.
Kidman ducks his head
though and eats the AWESOME jumping piledriver. I know he was a
comedy guy but he always had one of the best piledrivers I’ve ever
seen. It’s only good for two though so, in another recurring theme
tonight, he tries it again, only to have Kidman faceplant him. The
Shooting Star is ready but Vampiro runs in for the DQ.
Disco looked great here and continues to be one of the most
underrated WCW guys in the ring. Vampiro coming in makes sense and
keeps setting up their match on Saturday, though they could have
spaced the matches out better on the card. By having them back to
back, it runs the risk of overloading people on one feud, and you
know there’s a big crowd to see wrestling clowns.
Vampiro plants Kidman
with a super Nail in the Coffin. I’m not a Vampiro fan but that
looked GREAT, especially Kidman’s head flying up after impact and
falling back onto the mat. Disco actually tries to make the save but
eats a superkick, drawing out Eddie and Rey for the real save. Disco
offers Rey a handshake but Rey is a hugger, sending Disco running
away in fear. If a small man in a prison uniform tried to hug me,
I’d be a bit nervous too.
The announcers chat
about Saturday’s main event.
Scott Norton vs.
Buff Bagwell
runs Delicious over to start and shoulders him to the floor. A
clothesline misses though and Buff hits some dropkicks (clearly
inspired by his match with Riggs on Thursday) to knock Norton
outside. Back in and Bagwell actually uses a dragon screw leg whip.
Well that’s some psychology at least.
shrugs it off though and hits his shoulder breaker as we see Cat
putting on the red shoes up on the ramp. Bagwell fights out of a
neck crank and a cross body actually works. Cue Cat to distract the
referee so Onoo can nail Bagwell with the briefcase, giving Norton
two. That’s enough to make Miller call his Mama, or come into the
ring for a DQ. Ignore the lack of actual contact of course.
Well the good match streak had to die somewhere. This was about as
bad as you would have expected as Bagwell just isn’t there in the
ring. It makes sense that he was great as a tag guy because he can
talk well enough to get on people’s nerves and then hit the
Blockbuster for a good looking finish.
Speaking of the
Blockbuster, Onoo takes one as Norton chases Cat to the back.
for the REAL main event in any event in the country (except whatever
the Rosemont Horizon was called at this point because they’re smart
enough not to have this nonsense over in that company), here’s…..A
a break and the song is starting. You know those musical acts that
are said to not need an introduction anywhere in the world but for
some reason they’re introduced anyway? As in like Elvis, the Rolling
Stones, Bruce Springsteen etc? Well apparently Chad Brock is
important enough to not actually introduce whatsoever.
He sings, people don’t
care, Hennig comes out and jaws with him, the Rednecks and the
Revolution come out for a staredown, I’ll never got those seven
minutes of my life back.
As if that’s not
enough, KISS is coming in two weeks.
Nitro Girls. They
haven’t been around as much lately. You know who has been though?
Chad Brock.
Kanyon vs. Booker T.
history’s sake, the Millennium Clock ended right about now. All
respective partners are out here with them. It’s Booker in control
to start with a back elbow to knock Kanyon to the floor so Stevie can
get in some cheap shots of his own. He doesn’t have this whole face
thing down yet.
in and Kanyon extinguishes half of the Heat with a knee to the ribs
and we hit the chinlock. Booker fights up with the usual as they’re
clearly flying through this. The barrage of kicks set up the 110th
Street Slam but Kanyon pulls the referee in front of a clothesline.
The rest of the Triad stops Stevie, allowing Kanyon to nail Booker
with the belt, setting up the Flatliner for the pin.
The match went so fast that there was only so much they could do out
there. I’ll let you make your own complaint about Brock taking up
their time. This was little more than another way to set up the Tag
Team Title match on Saturday, which is about all you can do for a
match like that. I’ve seen worse though.
Rodman to Voodoo Child, so maybe we’ll find out who was driving the
Hummer here. Rodman says that this Saturday, George is going to
learn that she’s his BEEP. You mean the woman that Rodman, in theory
the face in this feud, as in the guy that has kidnapped George and
attacked from behind, kidnapped and may have raped? Savage runs out
and Rodman, your hero and mine, runs away in fear.
Hogan vs. Rick Steiner/Sid Vicious/Kevin Nash
team comes out to the Wolfpack theme but Nash has a Black and White
logo on his shirt. I’M SO CONFUSED! Remember that if Nash’s team
loses, his career is on the line Saturday. Goldberg comes out to
Crush Em, which I like but it doesn’t have the same impact as his old
we get the big, famous moment here though as Hogan returns to the red
and yellow for the first time in over three years. Tony loses his
mind as you would expect him to. To their credit, the fans go NUTS
in one of the final legitimate shows of emotion you’ll ever find in
WCW. I take no shame in admitting that it gave me a big smile too as
I grew up a Hulkamaniac and he belongs in the red and yellow. Also,
has there ever been a better three man face team in WCW?
and Steiner get things going and the worthless champion is shoved
down. The big boot connects about a minute in and even Heenan is
fired up to see Hogan. Some more right hands drop Steiner and the
giants take punches of their own. Hogan beats up all three villains
on his own and they take a breather on the floor. With Hogan
dominating, the fans chant for Goldberg. You know, the guy in a
match with someone that has nothing to put up on Saturday.
gets the tag and the pop of the night as Nash comes in to face him.
Nash hammers away but eats a superkick and suplex as the fans get
even louder. You can see Hogan saying “Yeah they popped louder for
me brother. I heard them chanting HO-GAN too.” Sid walks into a
powerslam and it’s off to Sting, who seems almost out of his league
for once. He lays Sid on the top rope for the Stinger Splash but the
top rope version gets two to stop the crowd dead.
referee gets in the way of Nash’s Snake Eyes as someone has exposed
the buckle. That earns him a ref bump and Sting hits a pair of
Stinger Splashes into the exposed buckle and a third into a more
modest buckle. Steiner comes in with a chair but there’s the spear.
Hogan takes the chair and cleans house, including knocking Nash
willy. Another referee comes out to say Nash is out for the win,
putting his career on the line Saturday.
It’s a very fun match and Hogan coming back in the red and yellow is
a big moment. We had a top level WCW face team against the three top
heels (since Flair has disappeared) and the crowd went nuts. That
brings me to my one big issue with the match: wouldn’t this have made
more sense next week?
Next week’s main event
would be Hogan vs. Sid for the title, so couldn’t they have swapped
that to this week and had the six man after the PPV? With this,
whatever they do on Saturday is going to feel like a letdown from
this and you get Hogan putting on the red and yellow again after he
defeats his “biggest challenge” (work with me here) thanks to the
power of the Hulkamaniacs. This took away the drama because you know
Hulk Hogan isn’t losing to Nash in this kind of a match. Still
though, good moment and a really fun main event.
Easily the best Nitro in months, but this company is clearly running
on borrowed time. The main event scene is dying for some fresh blood
and putting Hogan in the old colors is only going to keep him going
for so long. Benoit getting the title is a bright spot and at least
a sign of hope, but I’m still stuck on that TV Title line. It’s
going to take some time to get that back to credibility and Rick
Steiner holding it isn’t going to help that. Midcard title problems
aside, this show was solid action (mostly) in front of a red hot
crowd. They still need to cut back to two hours, but not being
horrible is a good start.
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Thunder – August 5, 1999

Date: August 5, 1999
Location: Lacrosse
Center, Lacrosse, Wisconsin
Commentators: Mike
Tenay, Larry Zbyszko
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
coming off an actually decent episode of Nitro, even though it was
dominated by the over 40 crowd. Ok maybe I need to be more specific
as that could be a lot of different episodes of the show. In this
case, it ended with Nash powerbombing Hogan through the table, likely
setting up a six man tag soon down the road. In addition to that, we
have a lot of musical performances to plug because that’s what WCW is
about anymore. Let’s get to it.

of course open with a recap of the end of Nitro.
Iaukea vs. Chris Adams
If Sid doesn’t break
this up before it gets to three minutes, all hope is lost for this
company. They actually slug it out to start with Adams taking over
with a clothesline, sending Iaukea out to the floor for a breather.
That’s kind of heelish of him. Not that I care due to Prince Iaukea
being perhaps the least interesting wrestler of all time, but it’s
definitely noticeable. Back in and Iaukea goes to the eyes to make
sure we know he’s a heel. A legdrop gets two on Adams and Iaukea
backdrops him down for good measure, only to have Sid come out to
nail Adams for the DQ.
Adams takes a powerbomb
and Nick Patrick is forced to count a three count. Iaukea takes one
as well and Sid promises to lay out all our heroes. If he has to,
he’ll take out the entire locker room to break Goldberg’s streak and
become the Millennium Man. I’m sure this has nothing to do with
Jericho’s millennium clock which was about to wrap up around this
time. Also, isn’t Sid feuding with Sting at the moment?
Video on Sting vs. Sid.
I need to be more patient.
Video on Bagwell vs.
the Cat.
Bagwell vs. Scotty Riggs
Before the bell Buff
grabs the mic and says the American Males are over, so it’s time for
Scotty to start riding his own coattails. Had anyone actually
thought of the American Males in the last two years to make that
comment necessary? Bagwell picks up the mirror to really set Riggs
off and the match starts in a hurry. Of course, Riggs may try to
start fast but gets atomic dropped, punched and dropkicked out to the
floor. The more I see of Bagwell in the ring, the more I’m unsure if
he should have gotten that big push. Other than the Blockbuster, the
guy just had NOTHING special in the ring.
Riggs bails to the
floor just like Iaukea did earlier (must be a boring wrestler thing)
but Buff sends him right back inside. Back in and they trade
dropkicks with Bagwell hitting the second one, followed by a swinging
neckbreaker. Ten right hands in the corner get the crowd into things
a bit and send Riggs over to the corner for his mirror. Since
referees are worthless in this company, Riggs blasts him in the
throat with the mirror to take over.
Elbows and more
dropkicking abound because Scotty Riggs really doesn’t know how to do
much else. Oh wait apparently he can check the mirror some more.
Riggs chokes on the ropes and slaps on a chinlock to kill some time.
We get the usual escape before Buff avoids a dropkick. Gee I wonder
how he knew it was coming. A double clothesline puts both guys down
and Buff takes over, even though he had control just a few seconds
earlier. Buff hammers away but eats a jawbreaker, allowing Riggs to
put him on the top. Oh come on dude now you’re just asking for it.
The Blockbuster connects for the easy pin.
D. Why in the world is Riggs
still employed??? By this point it’s firmly established that there’s
nothing interesting to him and giving him such a generic gimmick
suggests that there’s nothing they can do with him. The match wasn’t
even that bad from a technical standpoint but it was so boring with
WAY too many dropkicks. What did WCW see in these two as a team?
They’re both as lame as the other.
on Harlem Heat.
announcers chat about Goldberg for a bit. He’s tough you see.
on the Triad vs. Harlem Heat.
Dallas Page was on the Late Late Show. As interesting as it sounds.
vs. Eddie Guerrero
should help. Eddie, a face
at the time, isn’t interested in shaking hands. Instead he backdrops
Kidman to the apron but gets caught in a middle rope ankle scissors
to take him down. That’s fine with Guerrero who goes after the knee
to take over. Back to the
apron and this time it’s a slingshot ankle scissors to send Eddie to
the floor as we take a break. Back
with Eddie holding Kidman in the Gory Special before switching over
to the Gory Special 2000 (basically an Eye of the Storm but by the
neck. I’ve never heard it called that before) for two.
great looking hurricanrana gets the same on Kidman but Eddie makes
the mistake of trying a powerbomb. The Shooting Star is countered
and Eddie takes him down with a superplex. The fans are WAY into
counting along with the referee. Back
up and Kidman hammers away but charges into a tilt-a-whirl
backbreaker for two. Another
powerbomb attempt goes badly for Eddie as Kidman hurricanranas him
out to the floor.
Vampiro to plant Eddie with the Nail in the Coffin behind the
referee’s back. Kidman wakes up and, as Larry points out, can’t he
take a wild guess at what happened? Apparently he can as he dives
onto Vampiro instead of hitting the Shooting Star. Eddie and Vampiro
beat Vampiro up as the match is thrown out.
C+. Of course this was good,
but unfortunately it’s there to set up a story for the Insane Clown
Posse because of some mainstream exposure that most wrestling fans
didn’t care about. This is another match that could have done far
better with more time and an actual ending, but that goes for almost
all cruiserweight matches.
Rey Mysterio remembers
that he’s a cruiserweight and comes out to help in the beatdown.
Kidman powerbombs Vampiro down and Eddie nails the Frog Splash for
good measure.
Limit Soldiers vs. Lenny Lane/Lodi
Swoll and Brad
Armstrong here with the former in his last match (other than one on
Saturday Night) in WCW. Brad and Lenny, complete with pigtails here
get things going with Lenny doing the talk to the hand thing. We
stop again because it’s time for a brother hug. Brad finally grabs a
hammerlock, probably being wondering how he managed to get here. Off
to Lodi vs. Swoll, who shrugs off an armbar attempt. Lenny tries the
same hold, only to have both Swoll clothesline both guys out to the
floor. Granted he hit them in the chest but somehow that’s a major
step in the right direction.
Thankfully it’s back to
Brad who clotheslines Lodi to the floor, only to get tripped down so
the, ahem, comedy team can take over. Lenny hammers Brad, Lodi
hammers Brad, Swoll tries to make a save but backs down, hours of
fun! Well at least it feels like hours. Lane nails Lodi (a
commentary joke waiting to happen) and the hot tag brings in Swoll.
Let’s get this over with. Swoll cleans house and everything breaks
down, and the palm thrust is enough to end Lodi.
F+. Brad Armstrong, I feel so
sorry for you. He had to
get stuck in this horrible gimmick, basically babysitting Swoll
because the guy can’t do something as simple as a clothesline without
screwing it up. The guy needed a lot more training and a WAY better
finisher before he might be ready for
a low level show. He comes off like a big muscle guy who saw
wrestling on TV and wanted to do it without knowing what it entailed.
As usual, the power of nepotism means we have to suffer through his
push, which thankfully is ending here. Lenny
and Lodi are the same guys they’ve been for weeks and it keeps
getting worse.
vs. Hogan video.
Week in WCW Motorspots.
T. vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
could be good if they let it last more than a few minutes. Bigelow
shrugs him off to start and Booker needs a new strategy. He
tries a dropkick instead (clearly inspired by Scotty Riggs) and
knocks Bigelow to the floor. For some reason it takes Bigelow a good
while to get back in and we take a break. Back
with Booker fighting out of a chinlock and Bigelow running into a
raised boot. The flying
forearm has Bigelow reeling and the Ax Kick connects, only to have
Page break up the Hangover for the DQ.
D+. Yeah they really didn’t
care here and it showed badly. Matches like this one might be the
most frustrating to sit through as it’s clear that the wrestlers just
want to get out of there and get on with the angle stuff after the
match. Harlem Heat vs. the Triad is good enough and might end the
Triad’s title reign, but
matches like these aren’t going to make me want to see the blowoff.
eats a 3D post match as David Flair comes out with spray paint. They
paint a diamond on Booker’s back until Stevie comes out, only to take
a Diamond Cutter of his own. So
wait, why is the Triad still associating with Flair? Ric has no
power and David is worthlesss, so why would they want a liability
like that in their corner? In
theory it’s either overconfidence or money, but a quick promo would
help a lot. Of course I don’t think WCW remembers that Ric is out of
power yet so the promo might make things worse.
see Hogan going through the table again.
vs. Nash video, the same one from about thirty minutes ago.
on Rodman vs. Savage.
brings out Randy Savage for a chat. Okerlund
asks where George is but Savage is uncharacteristically silent. He
isn’t worried about all the people that are out to get him because
Rodman and Nash are dust on his shoulders and Hogan is dust
off……a rather personal place. Savage
has a major announcement to make. Gene: “Save it for the Hotline!”
That sounds like a line
from a parody sketch. This
coming Monday, Savage is going to reveal George’s bodyguard for Road
Wild and it’s the same person that was driving the Hummer. I smell
either a swerve or nothing happening and this never being mentioned
Dallas Page was on Hollywood Squares.
Dallas Page vs. Chris Benoit
rematch where Chris picked
up the win. No Kanyon this
week, as Page explains that he’s breaking in (not into in case you
misread that) a million dollar home in Jersey. He
calls the fans stupid, just like Benoit’s mama. There’s a good
history between these two and they’re capable of having good matches
but the feud is built off your mama jokes?
comes a-charging and knocks Page out to the floor, setting up a big
plancha to wake the crowd up a bit. Back in and Benoit nails the
snap suplex but has to go outside to fight Bigelow. The
distraction works as Page nails Benoit from the apron and whips him
into various steel objects. Why is it always steel? I know it
sounds good but was there never any other metal available to make
things from?
in and the helicopter bomb and Rock Bottom get two each and Page
slaps on an abdominal stretch. Benoit
finally hiptosses out and it’s time to roll some Germans with the
third sending Page flying. Cue
David again to slide Page the US Title. The Swan Dive hits the gold
and Page covers the unconscious Benoit for the pin.
C. I’m
not sure where they’re headed with this but they need to get the
title onto either Page or Benoit in the very near future. The longer
Flair holds it the weaker the other matches get because just like the
TV Title on Steiner, the belt is basically being held hostage and
there’s nothing for these guys to fight over. Yeah Benoit and Page
can have good matches, but I need more to care about than some jokes
I heard on the bus in sixth grade.
on Goldberg vs. Rick Steiner.
vs. Rocco Rock
in theory at least as the graphic said Public Enemy. Rocco
stalls on the floor to start, which is probably his best bet. He
finally comes in and eats a shoulder block followed by the big press
slam. Grunge comes in and
gets the same sort of a beating. Back to Rock who hammers away in
the corner but gets launched across the ring. A powerslam plants
Rocco but Grunge slides in a chair. They take turns blasting
Goldberg in the back with the chair before setting up a table in the
corner. That’s fine with Goldberg (and the referee) as he spears
both guys through the table, setting up the Jackhammer on Rock for
the pin.
D. The
match sucked but the idea made sense. This was Goldberg being
himself and the fans continued to eat it up. I’m sure that’s the
idea behind putting him with Steiner because….well you see…yeah
there’s no logical reason to do that. The guy is over but they’re
not going to put the TV Title on him, making the Road Wild match just
a way to give Goldberg a win that really doesn’t mean much, which he
gets almost weekly anyway. Also, was there a reason this wasn’t a
handicap match?
D+. As
has been the case for weeks now, WCW is just trying to steady the
ship while WWF is on a cruise around the world. Around this time,
Raw may be at a very low level on the quality scale, but it’s through
the roof on an entertainment scale. That being said, all Raw has to
do at the moment is be more entertaining than Nitro and Thunder and
it’s doing that by a landslide.
other major issue for WCW at the moment is where do they go from
here. There’s really nothing on the horizon for them unless they’re
going to do Goldberg vs. Hogan again, which would be more interesting
with Hogan in his old style. However, it’s really hard to promote
that as your main event when WWF is riding Austin and Rock for all
they’re worth and has so much talent waiting to break through to the
next level. Until WCW
starts moving forward, this war is going to be completely one sided.
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Monday Nitro – August 2, 1999

Nitro #199
Date: August 2, 1999
Location: Sioux Falls
Arena, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Bobby Heenan, Scott Hudson
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
I’m really starting to
feel sorry for the wrestlers in this company. They have to work hard
and try to carry this show to something resembling wrestling while
the old guard just won’t shut up and get out of the way. There’s
room for the older generation in a company because the young guys
have no credibility without wins over established names, but there
comes a point where it’s time to pass the torch. Unfortunately that
was well over a year ago. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of
last week’s main event stuff in case you’re having a hard time
staying awake this week.
Recap of Hogan vs. Nash
with Goldberg basically as a plot device.
We see Harlem Heat
reuniting on Thunder.
Heat vs. Kanyon/Bam Bam Bigelow
with Page not in wrestling gear. Before the match he makes more your
mama jokes about Benoit. He goes one step further though by saying
David Flair is a better US Champion than Benoit could ever be. Oh
you know it’s on now. Well at least Harlem Heat’s music is on, minus
the pyro. Also in an amusing bit: Booker told Stevie to take off the
black and white to reform the team. Naturally tonight, they’re in
black and white.
leaves so Booker and Kanyon can have a Raise the Roof contest.
Booker cranks on the arm and nails a dropkick before it’s off to his
brother. Kanyon is mediocrekicked outside and Bigelow comes in for a
power brawl. It’s Bigelow hammering him down until Stevie actually
blocks a suplex and takes Bigelow over with one of his own. Booker
and Kanyon come back in to try and make this a bit more interesting.
Seriously if you have those two in a match, why would you ever let it
be Stevie vs. Bigelow?
Anyway, Bigelow offers
a distraction so Kanyon can poke Booker in the eye. Another suplex
puts Booker down and Bigelow adds the top rope headbutt for two.
It’s not quite Benoit, but then again maybe Bigelow’s mama was worse
than Chris’. Booker fights up again and hammers away before nailing
the flying forearm.
The hot tag brings in
Stevie for big boots all around as the fans just not care.
Everything breaks down and Stevie breaks up Greetings From Asbury
Park. Not a Springsteen fan I guess. The Harlem Sidekick sends
Kanyon to the floor and Booker goes up top, only to have Page come
out and get on the apron. This brings out Benoit for a save,
allowing Booker to dropkick Kanyon for the pin.
This one is a mixed bag for me as the match was a nice change of pace
from the stuff I’ve been sitting through lately, but at the same time
I’m really not liking the idea that Booker T. is back in the same tag
team he was stuck in for about four years. Harlem Heat used to be
great, but I really don’t want to see the team again in late 1999.
Booker is the guy that
should be the US Champion, but instead we’re sitting through an angle
designed to make Ric look corrupt, even though he doesn’t have the
power anymore. Is there a reason why Sting hasn’t done something
about that yet? Does WCW even know that Sting has been in charge for
like two weeks now? If they do, why hasn’t he like, done something
Benoit wants a match
later with Page.
and Lodi ask Ernest where he shops. Because they’re gay you see and
Did I mention this story is getting on my nerves?
Chad Brock will be
performing next week. I don’t know who he is either.
Here’s President Sting
with something to say. He wants Sid and Steiner out here tonight but
needs a partner. The fans chant for Goldberg and Sting seems to
think that’s quite a jolly idea. He’ll be back here at 9pm to get
Goldberg’s answer.
Sonny and the Cat
(sounds like a 1970s Saturday morning cartoon show) come out to rip
on Buff’s bunny slippers deal last week. Tonight he’s going to whip
someone without his red slippers, so he wants Lenny and Lodi out here
right now. If they show up, he’ll tell them where he shops.
Apparently this is a match.
Cat vs. Lenny Lane/Lodi
now wearing glitter and sucking on lollipops. Miller rams their
heads together to start and throws Lodi to the floor before beating
on Lenny. Lane goes outside as well and we have a chase involving
Onoo. Back in and a pair of Feliners drop the brothers so Miller can
pin Lane.
Ok, time to pause for a
second. Let’s take a look at this. We have two men who are
apparently gay, even though I don’t think it’s actually been said
yet. On top of that, they follow almost every gay stereotype in the
book, ranging from bright clothing to glitter to shopping. Then
apparently they’re stupid enough that Miller can beat them both up in
less than two minutes because they’re weak fighters. Oh and they’re
brothers because why not make an incest joke too.
in the world is the point of this storyline? If there’s any reason
behind it other than to make fun of gay people, I certainly can’t see
it. I tend to think that a lot of official statements and complaints
from groups due to something they find offensive are stupid and a
case where they need to just grow thicker skin, but this deserved
every single lawsuit, complaint and raking over the coals that WCW
Compare them to the
version that came three years later: Billy and Chuck. Now I’m not
saying Billy and Chuck were some great leap forward for gay rights,
but they were done roughly 19,000% better than Lenny and Lodi. To
begin with, they won the Smackdown Tag Team Titles twice. In other
words, they actually WON something. Have Lenny and Lodi won a single
match between the two of them since this story started?
top of that, and most importantly of all, they weren’t treated as
something horrible and worthless. Yeah they were played for comedy,
but the comedy felt much more lighthearted with them. Lenny and Lodi
are seemingly getting beaten up because they’re easy targets. Billy
and Chuck came off as stupid, but harmless for the most part. This
story though comes off as offensive, low brow and really, really
hateful. I could have gone with this story until they were suddenly
brothers, because that changed this from something amusing to WCW
trying to shock people and get a rise out of them.
Gene, who suddenly loves Hogan again. Okerlund always was a fickle
guy. Anyway here’s Hogan in the black and white and a necklace made
of paperclips (seriously) but minus the beard. Apparently the chicks
have been all over him since he shaved. Sounding like Hulk instead
of Hollywood, he talks about bleeding last week and how the cameras
had to pan away before kids got scared. Oh come on that cut was so
lame that even the Maryland State Athletic Commission wouldn’t have
stopped the match. Anyway, Nash is a woman and Hogan is SHOOTING.
Nash can have his title shot tonight if he wants one.
comes out to get Goldberg’s answer. We see Goldberg looking at a
clock and heading towards the ring, only to run into Rick Steiner
before he gets through the curtain. Steiner lures him into a room
where Sid is waiting with a snow shovel. Goldberg gets blasted in
the head a few times but Sting runs into the back.
goes as well as you would think it would as Sid and Steiner beat
Sting down as well before dragging him back to the ring. Sting
fights back but eats a chokeslam, only to have Goldberg run out for
the save. You would think a SNOW SHOVEL TO THE BACK from a 6’10
300+lb monster would have more effect than it did in Home Alone but
whatever. Goldberg wants to fight and I think we have our main
event. This was actually a really well done segment and set up the
match quite well. Unfortunately the match is going to be a disaster
but the build was good.
Karagias vs. Disco Inferno
speeds things up to start with some hiptosses and dropkicks. You can
tell there’s something here as the announcers actually stop prattling
on about the main event to hype Evan. Of course as they do that,
Disco comes back with his usual barrage of clotheslines and atomic
drops, followed by a middle rope forearm to the face for two. A
second attempt misses though and Evan comes back with some right
hands and a powerslam. Evan grabs a nice snap suplex but Disco
actually uses his experience to hold the ropes to avoid a dropkick.
The Last Dance is enough for the pin.
Hokey smoke that was actually entertaining while it lasted. It’s so
rare for a match like this to have some thought put into it. Yeah
it’s a basic story with Evan being full of fire but Disco using his
experience to catch him trying for one too many moves, but the fact
that there’s something to a match this short says a lot. I’ve said
it time and time again: when you cut out all the nonsense and over
thinking of a match and just let guys tell a story, it’s going to be
entertaining because most wrestlers on this level are talented enough
to make a match work.
thinks David should only have to defend the title when he feels like
it because he’s already beaten everyone. Ok then.
Video on David Flair’s
US Title reign.
KISS is here in three
Nitro Girls.
Sid says…..something
in a whisper that I couldn’t understand other than the word Goldberg.
Morrus/Jerry Flynn vs. Dean Malenko/Shane Douglas
youth movement is officially dubbed the Revolution. Dean tries a
Cloverleaf in the first ten seconds but Morrus makes a fast save.
The Revolution quickly clears the ring and stands tall. Well not
really but you get the idea. Back in and it’s Morrus gorilla
pressing Shane, which I’m sure is Ric Flair’s fault somehow. Shane
escapes and dropkicks Hugh down, but that’s enough wrestling for
Shane so it’s back to Malenko for a rollup.
Dean isn’t cool with Shane showing up and jumping into this group
with people who have put up with WCW’s nonsense so he tags him right
back in. Hugh nails a clothesline but takes too long loading up No
Laughing Matter, allowing Shane to slam him down. A double tag
brings in Malenko to hammer away on Flynn, only to take another
clothesline. Jimmy Hart gets involved by tripping Malenko to the mat
before Flynn starts kicking.
run through the gauntlet of all the standard face in peril spots from
the sunset flip broken up by a tag, the referee not seeing the tag
and the heels taking turns with really basic moves. Flynn misses his
kick of the match and Dean dives over to make the tag. Douglas
cleans house with right hands and a powerslam on Flynn for two.
Everything breaks down and the Pittsburgh Plunge is enough to pin
Sweet they have a really simple name now and they even beat a nothing
tag team! Clearly they’re ready to move to the top of the company
and take over the industry. This push seems to be too little too
late as we had to sit through Bagwell’s push just dying and the Triad
going over the Revolution time after time, save for I think a three
day title reign for Benoit and Saturn. At the end of the day, these
guys could light the world on fire but it’s never going to matter
because WCW is too busy booking musical acts for the show instead of
paying attention to guys working hard to entertain the people.
Malenko takes the
Hardcore Trophy from Hart and says he’s bringing this back to Fit
Finlay where it belongs.
Speaking of the musical
acts, KISS is still coming in three weeks.
Goldberg Megadeath
Nitro Girls.
In a bizarre segment,
Rick Steiner comes out, throws Scott Hudson into the ring for a belly
to belly, and is taken out by security as we take a break.
come back with Bischoff joining commentary as Hudson is taken into an
ambulance. Great, now we get another hour and a half of Bischoff
babbling about doing the right thing, which makes me think of
Stephanie McMahon’s stupid interviews where she just goes on and on
about whatever her latest endeavor is and how important it is while
no one else in the world has any idea or cares what the heck she’s
talking about.
comes out for his match and Bischoff immediately starts talking about
how Saturn and the Revolution will be taking the company into the
next generation. I’m sure that’s why you booked Bagwell vs. Piper in
a freaking boxing match a few weeks back and are giving us Hogan vs.
Nash at Road Wild while the Revolution doesn’t actually have a match
if that wasn’t enough, Hennig comes out before the match and rips on
Chad Brock for not being a real country singer. So the Revolution
can’t get a feud but the freaking country singer can get one? Again,
you can see why this company is about to die from here. Maybe Benoit
and company should put out a record and get on the radio if they want
a spot in the main event. Or they should stop having good matches
and turn 40.
Hennig sends Duncum in to fight and Saturn plants him with a Death
Valley Driver immediately. Saturn wants Hennig in there right now
because he isn’t a real cowboy. Time for a replacement match.
vs. Curt Hennig
is all over him like over the hill wrestlers on an episode of Nitro
and quickly knocks him into the corner for some right hands to the
face. Possibly too drunk to feel pain, Hennig knocks him out of the
corner and nails a quick neck snap. Curt hits his knee lift as
Bischoff talks about Hennig in the WWF for no apparent reason. A low
blow puts Saturn back down (just make them legal. I don’t remember
the last week that went by without one of those happening.) but he
rips Curt’s shirt off. Back up and Saturn nails a quick spinwheel
kick and the Death Valley Driver but the Windhams run in for the DQ.
This was just story development as I’m assuming we’re setting up the
Rednecks vs. the Revolution at Road Wild. That being said, it really
wasn’t the best match in the world but again, that’s due to the lack
of time. I kind of which they could have taken out Kendall Windham
instead of Duncum because Bobby actually has some potential rather
than just a famous last name, but this went five minutes and didn’t
manage to bury any talent or put the first 20 rows to sleep so
they’re improving.
Rednecks try to tie Saturn up but the rest of the Revolution comes in
for the save.
Video of Benoit getting
screwed out of the US Title last week.
Benoit vs. Diamond Dallas Page
this over a your mama joke. They spit at each other to start until
Page nails him in the ribs and grabs a quick belly to back suplex.
Benoit will not be outsuplexed by anyone so he slaps on the
Crossface, sending Page scurrying to the floor. Back in and Page
nails a quick neckbreaker but the Diamond Cutter is stopped and
Benoit grabs the snap suplex.
a year and a half back when these two and Raven were tearing up the
midcard over the US Title? Well now Benoit is still the same guy he
was before and Page has just been going through the motions for
months now, basically wasting all of his time built up as a top guy.
Anyway Page elbows him in the face and hits that very nice helicopter
bomb (that should be a finisher. It worked in No Mercy so it works
in real life) for two.
low blow keeps Benoit in trouble and a spinebuster gets yet another
two. Page goes up top for the sole purpose of getting crotched and
superplexed to put both guys down again. Benoit rolls some Germans
but, say it with me, Page hits him low to escape. A Rock Bottom gets
two for Page but Benoit plants him with a DDT. The Swan Dive
connects as David Flair comes out, only to get knocked off the apron.
The distraction lets Page grab a rollup but Benoit reverses into one
of his own for the pin.
Pretty good, hard hitting match here as Benoit gets a pin over a
former World Champion. Like I said it’s a far cry from their great
US Title match on Thunder the previous year, but it’s always good to
see Benoit get something like this. It wasn’t even that overbooked
with just the Flair interference near the end. Now if only Benoit
gets to keep this momentum going.
And of course it lasts
all of 8 seconds as Benoit eats a two Diamond Cutters plus one off
the top as the Triad comes in. David taunts Benoit with the belt,
apparently continuing their…..I’m not sure what to call it because
a three minute beating with a screwy ending doesn’t sound like much
of a feud.
Here’s Savage on his
own to talk to Okerlund. He’s suspended his campaign for President
(oh darn the luck) because he has to hurt Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and
Dennis Rodman. He wants Rodman out here right now but gets the
former Miss Madness instead. Mona begs to be back on his team again
so Savage shoves her down to her knees. Savage looks at her and says
she’s still fired.
Rodman with the No Limit Soldiers and oh dear goodness why are they
mixing these stories? Rodman says George is his now, presumably
because once you’ve gone black you never go back. Rodman: “Once
you go black, you never go back.” Mona hits Savage low and Rodman
comes in for the same offense he had back in 1997 and the fans love
it as we go to a break.
Why are these two
feuding? That’s a serious question. One night Savage just started
talking trash about Rodman and now we’re watching this mess every
week. As has been my issue for months, why isn’t this ANY ACTIVE WCW
WRESTLER fighting Savage and getting this rub by association? It
worked wonders for Page last year but now it’s all about Dennis
Rodman for the short term celebrity moment. If nothing else, have
some young guy fight with Rodman. Also, who am I supposed to cheer
for here? The kidnapper or the woman beater?
vs. Eddie Guerrero
has Raven and the Clowns with him. It’s amusing hearing Heenan talk
about the Insane Clown Posse when he clearly has no idea who they are
and would love to rip on them if not for Bischoff sitting next to
him. Eddie stomps him into the corner to start as Bischoff tries to
apologize for the comments made in the previous segment. I’d prefer
he just apologize for the previous segment but I’d rather not hear
him talk about doing the right thing again.
A clothesline turns
Vampiro inside out but Raven trips Eddie up to take over. Eddie is
sent outside and knocks a cameraman over as the Clowns get in some
cheap shots. They whip him into the steps before Vampiro and Eddie
trade chops back inside. Vampiro gets armdragged off the top and
dropkicked over the top, only Shaggy. Eddie hits a great looking
dive to put them down again but Raven shoves him off the top, setting
up the Nail in the Coffin for the pin.
Good grief stop with the celebrities! We have Brock, Rodman and the
Clowns all on the show plus KISS coming in to perform in a few weeks
and getting two separate videos so far tonight. They have such a
huge roster but insist on bringing in those people to keep taking
spots and going further and further into the hole against Raw. But
hey, Bischoff is saying how great the Revolution is so that has to
mean something right?
The Clowns beat Eddie
down post match but Mysterio comes out for the save.
Berlyn is coming. I
actually liked that character.
Hogan comes out for
commentary with Bischoff. Oh this is going to hurt.
Steiner vs. Goldberg/Sting
first gem is about wanting to pass the torch to Sting. There’s a
LONG rant about Starrcade 1997 in there but I want to get this over
with. It’s a big brawl on the floor to start until Sting suplexes
Sid over the top and back into the ring. That lasts all of four
seconds before they head back outside and switch things up. I guess
these old guys can’t handle having a match at this point. Steiner
sends Sting into the buckles back inside before tagging Sid in as the
match actually gets going.
takes his second chokeslam of the night but Goldberg makes a fast
save. That’s enough for Sting to start a comeback but a splash on
the mat hits knees. Sid’s legdrop hits the mat though and Sting
loads up the Scorpion, only to have Steiner break it up. Everything
breaks down again with Goldberg being sent to the apron. Naturally
it’s time to cheat but Hogan takes a chair from Rick and blasts him
in the head with it, drawing a DQ.
Standard angle disguised as a wrestling match here with Goldberg
never actually tagging in. It’s a shame that the main event is being
hogged by these guys but that’s a broken record at this point. This
is clearly setting up a big six man followed by three singles matches
at the PPV. In other words, Goldberg went from World Champion to
gone for months to the TV Title against Rick Steiner while Hogan and
Nash have the main event title program because Nash felt like turning
heel. This really shouldn’t surprise you.
Nash to powerbomb Hogan through the announcers’ table to end the
show. It’s a good thing there were no monitors on the table and that
it was clearly gimmicked.
I hate to admit it but they’re getting a little better. Maybe I’m
just numb to how bad WCW is at this point but I didn’t hate this
episode. I hated things about it but the wrestling was mostly fine
and the stories actually advanced. Granted the stories are mostly
about the celebrities and old people but they are indeed advancing.
At this point it’s more that you have to just accept what you’re
given with WCW because the chances of them getting it right get
weaker and weaker every week.
Revolution stuff continues to frustrate me every week. You can see
them chomping at the bit to take over, but they’re clearly running on
a treadmill, perpetually stuck being the guys waiting to take over
instead of ever actually taking over. Those spots are saved for the
guys that were draws before and will be draws in the future because
once you’re a draw, you’re ALWAYS a draw, but apparently you can’t
become a draw for some reason. Even Goldberg, who was the hottest
guy in the world not named Austin last year, is looking more like a
catalyst to get to the real main event of Hogan vs. Nash. Better but
still weak show here.
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