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The current mantra among fans is that the writers are handcuffed by having to please Vince and Vince only (or, conversely, that Vince rewrites the show to please himself and himself only).  I won't say that's false because God knows I've seen enough of Raw to know it's true.  But I've also seen a bunch of people who use things like EWR to re-book the WWE going forward, and it's made me wonder: don't most people who have the book in an organization — real or fictional, global or local — do whatever the hell they want and hope the fans agree with them?

​Yes, but the difference is that typically if fans DON'T agree with what they're doing, other bookers changed the product to suit them better. The WWE product is literally getting to the point where it's trolling the fanbase and eroding ratings in the process.  I can't see USA putting up with this for much longer.  ​

WWE’s Target Audience

I recently watched the shoot interview Matt Stiker did with RFVideo, and something he said caught my attention. While dicussing the WWE product, he said that WWE isn’t aiming itself towards “guys in their 30’s who wear black t-shirts”. As someone who fits all of those criteria, I had to agree. I don’t watch the show regularly, but do read reviews in some twisted need to stay current. I’ve honestly found much better product on the indies (shameless PWG plug!). Is WWE doing what’s best for business? What are your thoughts on this? Agree, disagree?
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Us guys in our 30s who wear black t-shirts give our money to UFC on PPV instead, which by the way did 1.1 MILLION buys on that dying industry last time.  That’s probably why WWE is so anxious to move to the Network, since they’re fixing a problem they created themselves.  People will buy something they want to see.  

Fwd: Question For The Blog: Target Audience

Hi Scott, occasional commenter 'pbreathing' asking…

What is the target audience for WWE right now?

* If you follow merchandise, the people bankrolling the whole company are those aged 7-12, wearing the John Cena shirts. Their parents money, sure, but that's where the impetus/enthusiasm is.
* If you look at the PG on-screen product and the constant engagement with social media, I'd place that at 12-16-year-olds. Older kids than that want edgier entertainment.
* If you follow advertising, it's traditionally been the demographic of 16-25, going back to the Monday night wars.
* If you look at the way they try to hit the mainstream market with Wrestlemania headliners (Lesnar and Rock, and to a lesser extent DX and Undertaker) you're relying on the memories of those aged in their 20s and 30s.

Is a big part of the problem at the moment that they're trying to appeal to everyone at once, in different ways, and satisfying no-one?


Oh absolutely.  They switch wildly from serious angles to broad comedy to soap opera romances, trying to be everything to everyone.  It's a major issue with the death of the territories and smaller promotions in general, because it used to be that as a fan you had a CHOICE if wanted those different elements.  WWF used to be big cartoonish superheroes and Crockett was blood feuds and manly moustaches.  Now WWE has to satisfy everyone and it's just not happening.  That used to be the idea behind Smackdown, by appealing to those different demographics in different ways to create the illusion of that difference.  Now it's all just one big hodge-podge of mediocre.