Word association

Hi Scott

Humour me for 2 minutes and run through these 10 words/phrases and say which WRESTLER comes to mind first.  Don't think about it – just whoever immediately pops into your head. I think it will not only tell us a lot about your fandom, but also something about wrestlers with genuine legacies.  So…

1.  WCW

​Ric Flair.  ​
2.  Intercontinental Title

​Honky Tonk Man.  ​
3.  Canada

​Bret Hart.
4.  ECW
​Paul Heyman.
5.  Attitude Era

​Steve Austin.  
6.  Wrestlemania

​Shawn Michaels.  ​

7.  Tag Team
​Hart Foundation.  
8.  NWA Champion

​Harley Race.  ​

9.  Raw
​Vince McMahon.  ​

10.  Starrcade

​Dusty Rhodes.  ​

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​Kofi Kingston.  ​