Samoa Joe article plug

> Striking while the iron's hot, pointing out some of the absurdities of Vince Russo's recent statements about star-making (shocking, I know), juxtaposing that with the debut of an ex-TNA guy who Russo let rot.
> Addendum question: Meltzer says Joe's maintaining his free agent status to work other indies (a la Rhyno and Kendrick), but WWE of course can take priority. Do you see an endgame where Joe is given a main roster deal sooner or later? Pretty sure that's where its headed, yup. 

Pro-Wrestlemania 31 article plug

Hey Scott,

I wrote my first pro wrestling article over at the entertainment blog I write for, and I decided to write about why Wrestlemania 31 might actually be a worthwhile show this year. It's probably not my best work, but I figured the WM conversation needed a positive argument or two, even if it reads as devil's advocacy. 

If you could help out with a plug, that'd be great. If not, no harm, no foul. Enjoy your Mania weekend!


Wait, Wrestlemania is this weekend?  I thought it was Fastlane.  

Variety Article about WWE/NBCU

Hey Scott,

Longtime blog reader.   Came across this interesting article in Variety today about WWE and NBCU doing more inter promotional work together.  Looks like Triple H is going to do a "Terminator" entrance at WM to help promote the new movie…figured I'd share (if it's not old news) 
Ah, so THAT'S why Arnold is going into the Hall of Fame this year.  Great, now we have to hear about fucking "brand synergy" and all that other double-speak from the WWE suits even more than before.  I wonder how low the ratings and ad revenues are gonna drop before NBCU starts seriously questioning the wisdom of this last deal.  

Interesting Article on the financial situation in wwe

Hey Scott, I don't know if you've seen this yet but its an interesting read about the damage all of WWE's extra projects have done to the WWE's cash flow. The basic premise is that the reality shows, movie ventures, the network etc have used almost literally all of WWE's on hand cash without bringing anything as far profit back in. This is going to cause the WWE to suspend paying dividends on their stock for very soon. That's extremely significant because the absolute largest draw that stock has is its consistent divided payout. Without that who is going to want that stock? It will be far less valuable. People love to bring up how booking decisions won't hurt the stock price, but not having cash to pay dividends because you wasted it all on bad ventures (not saying the network but certainly the film studio and if divas really is a cost as the analyst here says…wow) is going to hurt it badly.
Here's the link: Thanks
​A lot of it seems to veer towards the obvious (you mean the movie and TV division WASN'T a great idea?) but I didn't realize that Total Divas was such a money sink. ​

article that might interest your readers

Hey Scott –

It's Mark from Chasing Amazing and "Gimmick or Good" (at CSBG) fame (or lack thereof). Anyway, I wrote a list for that looks at famous comic book rumbles and then finds WWE Royal Rumble analogues. Probably need to read it to fully absorb the gimmick, but thought your readers would have some fun with this:

​Certainly apropos for the day.  ​

Survivor Series statistics article

Hi Scott,

Just wanted to share this article I researched and wrote breaking down the 71 traditional Survivor Series elimination matches that have taken place throughout the years: It's in a similar vein as the Royal Rumble stats WWE loves to trot out every January, so any stat junkies out there (don't know if you're one of them) might appreciate it. 

I'm actually a little surprised WWE doesn't take advantage and plug some of this stuff, like Orton having eliminated the most wrestlers, or Ultimate Warrior's outstanding record surviving since they have been using him in self-promotion a lot. But then I realize it's WWE and come to my senses.

Anyway, thought you might enjoy. Take care and have good one.

Scott Carlson

WWE Primer article

AV Club dipping their toes yet again. I am always afraid to read the comments on these things–just for my own aggravation, but they usually tend to be MOSTLY okay. 

Article is fine, (though Masked Man does this stuff way better). Not sure why they skewed so modern, instead of a blend of classic eras and now. But whatever.

​Yeah, that's a decidedly modern look at the product.  I'd never recommend someone jump in too heavily right now because three hours is a HUGE commitment unless you're already invested.  I'd say NXT is a better starting place, personally.  Or even going back to 93 and watching the old RAWs in order, where you get the serialized aspect and can binge on it.
Although one of the best comments in that article was the guy who said that wrestling fandom is like being in an abusive relationship where every once in a while the abuser grabs you by the neck and yells WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE in your face, and even though you don't have a good answer you still stay anyway.  ​

Article on 4 Sides Vs 6 Sides

Hi mate. Hope yourself and the family are well. My regards to your little lass. I hope she's healing well

I've done written an article about TNA letting the fans choosing the ring. Would you please be able to post it on the Blog of Doom for me? I'd like to get the Doomers opinions

Link below

Keep it real!


​Not a comment on your article, which was good, but if there's a more mind-numbing waste of time than debating a six-sided v. four-sided ring in TNA, I can't think of anything off-hand.  ​Clearly the wrestlers hate it and fans don't particularly give a shit about the promotion in general, so why is this even a thing?  Again, nothing against your article.  I just hate TNA.

Article on NXT and potential issues

Hey Scott,

Know you're a big NXT booster, as am I, but thinking about the treatment of Emma on the main roster, I sense the NXT diehards may be alienated by the main WWE brand over time.

What say you


I'm just happy that HHH is committed to putting NEW faces on the shows now, and that they've gone dozens of guys cycling through developmental to keep fresh faces.  Bo Dallas is probably gonna bomb, but at least it's something different and he'll bomb in a totally unique and different way than other guys.  

I just wish they would have jettisoned CJ Parker with the other dead weight.  

Last Warrior Article For A While

Hey Scott, longtime reader (you answered a question of mine about Punk potentially ending the streak last Mania)/BOD lurker, but I posted some Warrior memories on my usually baseball-centric blog, if you'd be willing to plug:

Thanks for letting me bother you again, and keep up the good work.

What Culture Article Plug Request: Bold Predictions for WM 30

Hi Scott,
With WrestleMania a few days away, I wanted to offer up this article I posted to What Culture with some bold predictions for this Sunday. These aren't the typical "pick the winner" prediction, but some off-the-wall ideas that aren't out of the realm of possibility and could make WrestleMania that much more memorable. Would be interested what you or the rest of the BOD'ers think of them:
Scott Carlson

Plug request: What Culture article on Attitude Era stars

Hi Scott,
Longtime reader, semi-infrequent poster (as Joe Boring). I wanted to share with you an article I wrote for What Culture about Attitude Era superstars who might be able to contribute to today's WWE (even if we're talking a couple appearances). If you have the chance to read it and think it's worth sharing with your readers, I'd really appreciate if you can plug it on your blog.
Thanks in advance, and if you have any thoughts about the list, I'd always love to hear them.
Scott Carlson

Plug: An article on getting the RIGHT training

Hi Scott,
Was wondering if you'd be able to plug my article/interview that I conducted with three UK wrestlers on the importance of training in British wrestling (and wrestling in general, I suppose)? It's bigger message is about getting the RIGHT training…
I'm not sure if this is a problem in the US, but here in the UK there seems to be a lot of people that think that they are wrestlers after having the bare minimum training… it's worrying.
I hope that this article can be seen by as many eyes as possible to spread awareness that not just any Tom, Dick or Harry can do this – you have to really WANT it, COMMIT to it and find training from reputable sources…
HUGE appreciation if this is possible to plug!
Keep up the great work on the blog!

It's a huge problem here, in fact.  One of the many things that is slowly but surely eroding the indy scene and thus the potential pool of future stars.  

Another well-thought out article on the network




> While they don't quote you in this one (and really, everyone should quote Scott Keith. I try to at least once a day), they raise an excellent point. If 800,000 – 1,000,000 homes are buying 2-3 ppvs a year, the Network is a no-brainer for those homes. I don't believe you're a regular ppv purchaser; I know I'm not. Yet we're both ready to buy the network RIGHT THE HELL NOW. Do you think 1,000,000 subscribers is out of the realm of possibility?


> – Joe

Not at all. It's the renewals after the first 6 month cycle that will be the true test.

Paul Heyman article

Here is an excellent article describing the on-screen character of the manager, promoter, commentator, et al that we love to hate. Heyman/Dangerously portrays a misogynist to the Nth degree and improves the quality of programming in doing so. While some men shy away from his true distaste for women in prominent roles women despise the character to the core. That, to me, is what makes Paul Heyman a fascinating player on the wrestling stage. Enjoy!