Idea To Turn The WWE Around

Hello Scott, I have been thinking about this, discussing it with people, and I
have a crazy idea how WWE can turn around their declining business. I know it
sounds unusual, and probably not the kind of thing the Creative Team would do,
but just hear me out.

Instead of pushing HHH's and Stephanie's friends, or guys that are related to
The Rock, WWE should watch and see who the WWE Universe(what we old-timers
used to call "the fans") are reacting to. Push the people the WWE Universe
want to see, rather than the guys who HHH is frotting.

Another bizarre idea is this: if some young Action Soap Opera Pure
Entertainment Superstar starts getting a good reaction from the WWE Universe,
DON'T cut the legs out from under him, and have him go on a lengthy losing
streak. No, if the guy is getting a strong reaction, take that as something
positive, and try and build something, and potentially money-making, out of
that genuine reaction.

Do you think this could work?

Only if the writers are allowed to do a wrestling wedding or two in there somewhere to keep them occupied.