QOTD 162: How you got to teach a course in anything is totally amazing!

One of the funnier things about being a wrestling fan is that you’re never sure when someone is completely full of shit during an interview.

While Kevin Nash is an infinitely entertaining personality to listen too, his reputation as a meddler makes you take everything he says with a grain of salt. Though his “It’s FAKE, Bret” line from the Stone Cold Podcast is awesome.

Thus, lets talk about the bullshitters, opportunists, manipulators, and liars we love to hate in our crazy little not-quite-sport.

On average, who in the wrestling world do you find to be full of the most shit by volume? Why?

1. Eric Bischoff – Just can’t stand the guy for some reason. He’s like ‘Tony A” to Paul Heyman’s “Tony B” – better looking, more ‘professional’, better dressed, etc. But for whatever reason I have a hard time listening to a word he says.

2. Shawn Michaels – Unlike Bish’ I don’t mind listening to Michaels talk, but I always get the sense there’s something he’s omitting / always covering his own ass. If you saw the Bret. Vs. Shawn Rivarly DVD you can tell that even though they buried the hatchet, Bret was just a biiittttt irked that Shawn was able to absolve himself of his sins by saying “Hey man I was in a dark place”. He may have gotten clean, but he still seems to be a sneaky bastard (in a cool way).

3. Hulk Hogan – Hogan’s important, sure, but outside of the Warrior documentary I didn’t really find a lot of what he said to be super insightful, mostly because you always get the sense he’s ‘in character’.


Also if you want to 1) See a bunch of your favorite wrestlers lying through their teeth 2) Get some nostalgia going 3) and watch a good documentary (that’s fake), let me suggest you watch “The Unreal Story of Professional Wrestling” which is so bad it’s good. See below:

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Does “Pay Your Dues” Mean Anything Anymore and Did it Ever?

With wrestlers basically coming into the company, usually getting start and stop pushes, until someone catches fire and people really only staying on TV if they're marketable, does "Pay Your Dues" have any meaning?

It used to mean something like, "You gotta work your way to the top" or something but it's been used vaguely to answer questions like, "Why is Wrestler X not getting pushed" to "Why is Batista carrying D-Von's bag?"

Nowadays, they just throw a guy out there, have him win about 3-5 matches and if Vince thinks he's marketable, he'll stay at some position Vince thinks fits. Otherwise, he's DOA or left to play the Midcard Shuffle. Where does "Pay Your Dues" fit in?

I think it's actually the stop-and-start push now that has replaced "paying your dues."  The idea now is that you get pushed to a certain level, and then they make you lose all the time to see how you react.  If you survive without throwing hissy fits or retiring from the business in frustration, you get re-pushed, ostensibly for real this time.  Kind of like Daniel Bryan, although Shawn Michaels did an interview recently where he not-very-cryptically talked about meeting with Vince and learning that Vince doesn't particularly think that Mr. Bryan can draw money.  Could be part of the storyline, I dunno, but RAW kind of bombed on Monday and it doesn't portend well for all involved.  Personally I think the short-term losses are worth the long-term benefits of putting the belt on him and making a bigger star in the process, but they are running a business and I get why this sort of thing might make people gun-shy.

Let’s Not Jinx Anything, But…

From the new Observer…
"For those who think the company doesn’t see Bryan as a main eventer, right now the penciled in main event for Money in the Bank on 7/14 in Philadelphia is Cena vs. Bryan, with Bryan not being a heel, as the title match. As you should be aware, everything is subject to change. It’s pretty much a sure thing Bryan will be cheered in that match, given the city, and they are fully aware of that. The impression is they won’t try and make him a heel but that’s certainly something that can change. I sense the goal for the next two months is try to make Cena a “legend” by beating Rock, surviving Ryback and then having a match of the year with Bryan."
Now for the love of god no one talk about this so they don't swerve us because too many people know.