Taker at WM. Whats the point anymore?

The Streak is over so what really is the point of Undertaker at Wrestlemania anymore?  I get a match with Sting would have been something as far as icon vs. icon but with Bray?  It seems like just another match.  Is Taker just gonna job out at Wrestlemania now once a year to give an imaginary rub to guys who could have used it by actually BEATING THE STREAK?  And if he beats Bray so what?  Its not like it’s the start of another streak and Bray loses to a 50 year old guy.  Nobody really wins no matter which way they go.  So again what exactly is the point of this match?

​To build momentum!  Create separation!  Move towards fulfilling their legacy at the Hall of Fame!  WRESTLEMANIA SIGN!
Yeah, I got nothing either.  ​

Who gives a shit about Shawn Michaels anymore?

Why the fuck should we give a fuck about Shawn Michaels vs Danial Bryan?

Let's face it. Shawn has become a pathetic joke. He exist SOLELY so Undertaker or anyone who HHH's feuding with, to beat the shit out and in the case of HHH, he's basically a human shield that exists solely so SOMEONE has to get the shit kicked of of them by his opponent, since HHH won't let himself look weak.

He's weak on the mic, has zero character (and hasn't had one in AGES worth a shit) and quite frankly, the idea of him being offered to Danial Bryan as a consolation gift opponent after three months of consistent burial, is a joke.

I'd rather see Bryan get the honor of beating Undertaker (with the added bonus of Undertaker reminding HHH that Undertake has made him his bitch countless years in a row when he publicly tells HHH he won't wrestle HHH again at WM and for him to force HHH to eat shit and let him fight Bryan, who is Undertaker's preferred opponent, with the Undertaker basically BURYING HHH by telling him that HHH is jealous of Bryan because Bryan worked hard to get to the top, whereas HHH had to fuck his way to the top and still the fans fucking hate him and cheered Brock Lenser beating the shit out of him and ruining his big "retirement" moment awhile back).

Bonus points if they stick HHH in the humiliating role of being chained to Kane during the match Jim Cornette style and a situation where HHH his life savings (and Steph's) that Undertaker will beat Bryan and have HHH cry like a bitch over the fact that Bryan did what HHH couldn't do: end the streak. HHH goes away (and we get a couple of filmed vignettes of HHH and Steph living on the streets as homeless scum, with Vince having successfully revoked their parental rights to their kids for extra shits and giggles as far as taking their kids away from them and HHH finding out that everyone remembers him as Rock's bitch boy).

You know what's still awesome?  Superior Spider-Man.  Love me some Dan Slott.

Does “Pay Your Dues” Mean Anything Anymore and Did it Ever?

With wrestlers basically coming into the company, usually getting start and stop pushes, until someone catches fire and people really only staying on TV if they're marketable, does "Pay Your Dues" have any meaning?

It used to mean something like, "You gotta work your way to the top" or something but it's been used vaguely to answer questions like, "Why is Wrestler X not getting pushed" to "Why is Batista carrying D-Von's bag?"

Nowadays, they just throw a guy out there, have him win about 3-5 matches and if Vince thinks he's marketable, he'll stay at some position Vince thinks fits. Otherwise, he's DOA or left to play the Midcard Shuffle. Where does "Pay Your Dues" fit in?

I think it's actually the stop-and-start push now that has replaced "paying your dues."  The idea now is that you get pushed to a certain level, and then they make you lose all the time to see how you react.  If you survive without throwing hissy fits or retiring from the business in frustration, you get re-pushed, ostensibly for real this time.  Kind of like Daniel Bryan, although Shawn Michaels did an interview recently where he not-very-cryptically talked about meeting with Vince and learning that Vince doesn't particularly think that Mr. Bryan can draw money.  Could be part of the storyline, I dunno, but RAW kind of bombed on Monday and it doesn't portend well for all involved.  Personally I think the short-term losses are worth the long-term benefits of putting the belt on him and making a bigger star in the process, but they are running a business and I get why this sort of thing might make people gun-shy.