What PPV did you anticipate the most?

Simple: Which PPV made you go "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!" to the highest degree?
The actual quality of the PPV is negligible, just which one had you chomping at the bit the most? For me, it was Wrestlemania 21. While it didn't live up to all my expectations (the title matches and the disappointing Eddie/Rey match), I remember being psyched beyond belief for it. First, it was going to be my first WrestleMania that I would be attending. 
And then it turned out that event on paper was STACKED: You had the company's two biggest rising stars FINALLY getting a chance to end two endless and maligned heel title runs (Cena/JBL, Batista/Guess wHHHo), a legit dream match in Angle vs. Michaels, a SIX-MAN ladder match with a year-long title shot opportunity on the line (I think it was called the Win a Year Long Title Shot Ladder Match), a legit contender to end Taker's streak with another rising star in Randy Orton, Eddie vs. Rey, and Stone Cold dropping by Piper's Pit. I think once the card became set, I pretty much had the HOURS counting down towards WrestleMania in my head weeks in advance. 
Even now, when I watch the clip of JR and King running down the card on the RAW before WM21 (here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHVVS3aZCQU&t=0m27s), I still get chills just from remembering how pumped I was for it. Even the pomp and circumstance around it was great, from the hilarious movie spoofs to the epic-looking match card graphics and theme music. 
So while I change my shorts, what say Scott Keith and the Commentators of Doom?

I guess we'd probably have to delineate between the modern era and the old days, because when I was a teenager they were all like Christmas, especially Wrestlemania.  Once I got old enough to be buying them myself and being forced to make a decision, the one that stands out most is Starrcade 97 and then Summerslam 98.  We were just insanely pumped for those shows, although the payoff was much different in each case.  Can I also add UFC 100, where we were literally driving all over the city looking for a sports bar that wasn't so packed that we could actually get in?  Because I'd add that one too.