Inside Scott’s (In)Box 4: Best / Worst Announce Teams

Jason Bellomo writes: 

fans talk about the WWE announce teams being subpar (which seems to be a
correct assessment, especially when comparing the current product with
the older stuff on the network). If you had your choice of anyone
(currently alive and well) to comprise the RAW and Smackdown announce
teams, who would you pick? 

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Well Jason, I’ll respond to you with the team that really set the wrestling world on fire. The team that made wrestling feel legitimate in ways that are nearly impossible to describe, but also too countless to count. 

Worse announce team


I was watching some of Mysterio's WCW cruiserweight matches last week and it occured to me that WCW's announce team back in the heyday was just as bad as WWE's current Raw team. So, in your opinion, who's the worst announcing team: current WWE Raw (Cole/Lawler/JBL) or mid-90's WCW (Tony/Heenan/Dusty)?

Are those my only choices?  Because teams like Rod Trongard and Lord Alfred Hayes on MSG shows were soul-suckingly awful.  But anything with JBL on it wins by default because he's tremendous .