Show To Make Your Friends Angry

Hi Scott,

MikeyMike from the BoD here. We've often had discussions on what wrestling matches or shows you'd show your friends to get them hooked on wrestling.

Conversely, what are some shows that you would show a friend to make sure they hated it so much they'd never watch again? Felt that this would make good blog discussion.

​Bash 91's scaffold match would be a good start, given the match makes no sense within its own context and is completely embarrassing to watch.  The other extreme is something like the Sabu-Terry Funk barbed wire match, where it's so sickening even for actual fans that non-fans would probably run away screaming.  Also, that match where the Mountie wins the title from Bret Hart, because you'd have to be really stupid or possibly brain-damaged to accept that as something that could happen.  ​