Even Anderson Silva is Juicing

Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz Fail Drug Tests for UFC 183

Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz have failed drug tests related to UFC 183, according UFC officials and a report on Tuesday. UFC officials dropped the bombshell in an o…
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I bet his kids will REALLY be disappointed in him now.  The Diaz one is non-news, but this is a major bonehead move on Silva's part.  Probably force him into retirement now for good.  

September Classics: Ric Flair vs. Arn Anderson – Fall Brawl ’95

Well, since some of us mentioned it earlier this week when I posted the Pillman-Johnny B. Badd match, Fall Brawl ’95 was also highlighted by a very good match between longtime Horsemen stablemates Ric Flair and Arn Anderson. Of course, this angle all led to Sting looking like an idiot. Brian Pillman makes his heel turn here, then the three join forces with some fourth guy named Benoyte to reform the stable.

Ric Flair vs. Arn Anderson 9/17/95 by HookLineSinker4

What if Arn Anderson had come over to the WWF without Tully?


A recent thread about the potential return of Sting that turned into a bit of a chat about late-80s, early-90s wrestling kind of got me thinking.

What if Arn Anderson had come over to the WWF as a singles wrestler and got a bit of a push – one at least as strong as the Brainbusters did?  Tully was clearly the weak link on that team and Arn was well suited to the WWF of that era – or of any era for that matter.  He was a good worker, was built enough, in good shape and could talk his ass off.  Was basically Jake Roberts with more muscle and less baggage, and Jake was over something fierce.  

So, what scenario do you see if Arn comes into the WWF at that time?  Would he have gotten over like Hennig did as Mr. Perfect?  Perhaps more?  Maybe a Bad News Brown-esque character?

Wait, what?  Tully Blanchard was the weak link?!  In what universe?  Arn wouldn't even have gotten a look without Tully, I guarantee.  

Ken Anderson and Mickie James done with TNA


"Oh no, we're losing Mr. Anderson, let's just shut down the promotion right now", said no one, ever.
Mickie James should totally try to get on Total Divas and shill her CD, though.  The bitchy drama would write itself.  


I know everyone was building up Weidman before the fight but I don't think anyone actually expected someone to knock out Silva's cocky ass after his clowning.  During the first round while Silva was doing his bullshit after getting his ass kicked for the first few minutes, I was practically yelling at Weidman to take him down and make him pay for being such an ass, and then he just KNOCKED HIM THE FUCK OUT instead.  Silva may be great, possibly the greatest ever, but you can only stick your chin out so many times before someone is going to hit you and end it.  That was truly a historic moment and probably the greatest finish I've seen.  You literally couldn't have scripted a more poetic end to Silva's run.  Good thing my actual money WASN'T on Silva after all tonight.  
Congratulations Weidman, you've just made yourself the biggest star in MMA.

Great Match of the Day: Karl Anderson v. Hiroshi Tanahashi

I’m sure from time to time, I pimp matches online to people and call them MOTYC’s and what not, when in reality they’re more of the “pretty good” variety as opposed to the “HOLY SHIT” variety. But this Tanahashi vs. Anderson match is the real friggin’ deal. A legitimate front runner for MOTY. So glad I avoided W.O.N. & spoilers for the last week.. Goddamn this match is amazing…

You know, if NJPW would produce an English commentary version of these and air them at a decent time, I’d be more than happy to drop $20 on one of their IPPVs, because they’ve all delivered thus far. And this match was far better than that overrated **1/4 Bryan-Punk indy geekfest from Over the Limit.  Who wants to see submission moves in 2012? 

Anderson Silva has murder on his mind

i don't know if you saw this, but I've never heard of Anderson talking this kind of smack EVER! I thought Chael was able to talk, but maybe Anderson is trying to top him in that area as well.

This fight is going to be EPIC.