Mike Reviews: ECW Anarchy Rulz 1999 – 19/09/1999

Hello You!

Welcome to Anarchy Rulz 99, an event that is often looked upon fondly by fans of the now departed company. Certainly this show was one of my more treasured and regularly watched wrestling VHS’ back in the day, although I’m watching it on WWE Network this time just for the ease of being able to type everything up on the laptop. I’m not sure when this one was moved over to the Network, but it features some dubbed themes for the wrestlers that I’ve never heard before, some which suit them and others which don’t.

Scott sadly didn’t go back to recap this show as part of his revisit of ECW on TNN, but he did watch it back in the day and you can read what Scott from twenty years ago thought about it by clicking HERE. This review actually caused Scott some backlash from the ECW faithful back then, which led to possibly my favourite ever rant of his in the form of Netcop Vs The Mutants From Philly. This featured perhaps one of the most brain dead and hilarious emails that Scott has ever received from a reader, so I’ll post the link for it HERE.

Maybe if we all politely pester Scott he’ll go back to look at this one or again (or at least do a 2019 Scott Sez on his previous write up)? This show actually created quite a buzz online at the time as it was not only ECW’s first Pay-Per-View since getting national TV but it was also widely regarded as a good show with a big surprise appearance that got everyone talking? What was that big surprise? Well read on and you can find out!

So without further ado, let’s all recline in our favourite broken chair and nibble away on some shards of table as we take things to The Extreme!!!

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