WWE ruins Lesnar-Rollins already?

Hi Scott.
I don't like Brock Lesnar fighting from behind. How hard is it to let Seth Rollins be a chicken shit heel? I mean, the story tells itself. Brock is a killer. Rollins is scared to death, yet he finds a way to hold onto his title via cheap DQ or countout. Thus, we get a SummerSlam rematch where Lesnar destroys Rollins in a callback to last year. Instead, WWE has the audacity to play the injury card with Brock and renege on the whole 'Seth is on his own and the pressure is on' deal after one week. Rollins now has a decided advantage in the feud! I don't want to live in a world where Lesnar is an underdog. Your thoughts, Sir?
​I don't know what they're doing or what they're building towards, and I'm not getting any sense of a compelling story that actually makes me want to watch the product.  What exactly is Seth's deal supposed to be?  The Authority is protecting him, but throws Lesnar at him? People were cheering Brock's destructive force of nature act, so they turn him babyface and have him get overwhelmed by loser heels? Like, what is the damn story supposed to be?  Also, while we're at it,  I'm supposed to get behind the build towards Roman Reigns winning the big one by having him get outsmarted by Bray Wyatt pretending to kidnap his daughter?  They bend over backwards to protect Dean Ambrose in that ladder match finish and then he just goes out and does a job to Kane on TV?  ​

​I honestly have no idea who out of this group of midcarders is supposed to draw 100,000 people to Wrestlemania. ​

Idea for the title that may have already been thought about

I'll admit to not being much of a dirt sheet reader so I'm not sure if this idea has been considered.

Anyhow you have a guy of Bryan's choosing be able to defend the title for him. As months go on this guy gets even more attached to the belt. Thinks of himself as the actual champion. One Raw Bryan returns to take his title back. As he goes to take it back, he's blind sided with a shot right to the head. Boom, insta feud.

Either way as long as I get Bryan vs Lesnar next mania, and Cena challenging for Taker's streak I'll be happy (What, they actually threw away the streak before doing one of the last true main event matches they still had? Well Vince deserves losing all that money now.)

​You know you just described Stevie Ray stealing the TV title from Booker T, right?  Although in that instance WCW kind of forgot that he was supposed to be the "fake" champion after a while and just had him defend it for real.  ​

TNA gone from Universal Studios already

Well, that was fast!

So their options now are to tape on the road (too expensive) or find another home base soundstage to tape for extended periods of time.

Is the fat lady warming up or will they find some solution to this quickly impending problem?
The level of basic incompetence with this company continues to astound me.  I guess they can always try for the ECW Arena or move back to the Asylum, but options are running out fast.  Plus you know that with the WWE TV negotiations upcoming and Spike being in the running that Vince wouldn't be above getting them thrown off the station just to fuck with them.  I had heard Vegas as the other option when Dave was discussing it a few weeks back, but apparently it's cost-prohibitive.  Back to the Nashville Fairgrounds, I guess.