WWF Television 4/28/84: Championship Wrestling & All-Star Wrestling

WWF Championship Wrestling
April 28, 1984
Your announcers are Gene Okerlund and Vince McMahon

Rene Goulet vs. Tito Santana
Tito backs Rene into the corner. He fights out of a headlock and gets an armdrag. He grounds Rene then goes to work on the arm. Rene escapes but Tito dodges the monkeyflip attempt and flips Goulet over. He hits him with an Atomic Drop but Goulet accidentally collides with the ref. Goulet gets an elbow smash from the second rope after a cheap shot and fires away in the corner. He gets a snapmare but Tito escapes from a chinlock with an armbar. Gouelt gets a reverse rollup but Ttio gets another armdrag. Goulet uses come cheap heel tactics until Tito fights back. He gets a backdrop, which gets two. They trade hip tosses until Tito comes back with the flying forearm for the win (6:00) *1/4.
Thoughts: This match was longer than the usual for this program. Nothing particularly exciting but the crowd really loved Tito.
WWF Update with Vince McMahon. The spoltlight is on Rowdy Roddy Piper. Vince talks about how he is a great manager and wrestler as they replay his Piper’s Pit segment with Andre the Giant from last month.
Pete Sanchez & Salvatore Bellomo vs. “Dr. D” David Schultz & “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff
Piper is not here tonight. The “Paula” chants are deafening. Orndorff gets a dropkick then tags Schultz. He grabs a headlock but Bellomo still manages to tag out. Sanchez fights out of a headscissors then Bellomo complains to the ref, allowing the heels to cheat. They take turns roughing up Sanchez until he is able to make the tag. Bellomo challenges Orndroff but gets destroyed. He dodges a charge from Orndorff and tags Sanchez. However, Orndorff beats him up then tags Schultz. He gets a pair of bodyslams then gets the elbow drop from the second rope for the win (5:12).
Thoughts: An extended squash that did not impress. Orndorff and Schultz are not gelling as a tag team. They have little chemistry together and are just two singles wrestlers who are thrown together.
Tiger Chung Lee vs. Sgt. Slaughter w/Terry Daniels
Tiger gets a cheap shot off of a clean break. Sarge decks him and he rolls outside. He goes back inside and Sarge grabs a headlock as the camera shows Daniels, still in his Marine uniform, holding the flag in the aisle. Sarge beats on Tiger for a while. He dropkicks him then runs his face along the ropes. Tiger begs for mercy in the corner but gets a cheapshot and takes the advantage. The crowd is screaming “U-S-A” at this point and Sarge makes a comeback. Turnbuckle smash by Sarge. He gets a gutbuster then delivers a double stomp. Tiger manages a thumb to the eye but Sarge catches his foot on a kick attempt then destroys him with a clothesline, getting the win (4:17). After the match, Slaughter gives a flag to a kid in the stands.
Thoughts: Slaughter was extremely over with the crowd. They are eating up his Patriotic act. Surprised to see him win with a clothesline though.
Piper’s Pit with Captain Lou Albano. They gush all over each other for a bit. Piper mentions how Albano made Cyndi Lauper the #1 star in the music industry and they show his part in the “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” video. This segment was really just an excuse for Vince to promote one of his stars who was part of a popular thing outside of wrestling. Doesn’t that sound familiar.
Steve Lombardi vs. Iron Sheik w/Freddie Blassie
The camera shows all of the anti-Sheik signs in the crowd. Nothing was overly racist this time. Sheik grabs the mic to proclaim how Iran is number one as the crowd throws trash into the ring. Lombardi bounces off of the Sheik, who then yells at the crowd. Lombardi manages to get a sunsetflip but Sheik stomps him down. He slams Lombardi then tosses him outside. Blassie pokes his cane off of Lombardi’s head, then laughs directly into the camera. Sheik slams Lombardi on the floor then rolls him back into the ring. Sheik gets a few suplexes then makes Lombardi submit to the Camel Clutch (2:52). Sheik stomps Lombardi after the match. 
Thoughts: Looks like they are attempting to push the Sheik again. The crowd hates him so it is a good idea to make him a strong heel.
Israel Matia vs. Ivan Putski
Matia stalls to begin the match. Putski gets a slam then Matia does his bit about complaining to the ref about a hairpull. Okerlund begins to name off all the muscles in the human body and how Putski’s are the best as Matia gets a knee. He runs the ropes but Putski gets the Polish Hammer for the win (2:33)
Thoughts: The match was nothing and Putski is well past the point of usefulness.  
Next week, the featured match is Princess Victoria vs. “Cowgirl” Wendy Richter. Also, Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch will team up and Piper’s Pit with Rocky Johnson.
Final Thoughts: The show itself was forgettable but they seemed to make the matches longer and a bit more competitive. I am interested in seeing Murdoch & Adonis team up though.
WWF All-Star Wrestling
April 28, 1984
Your Hosts are Vince McMahon and Gene Okerlund.
Tito Santana vs. “Dr. D” David Schultz
Piper is not present for this match. They shake hands to start then do some matwork. Schultz gets a rollup for two. They fight over a test of strength and Schultz throws a knee. Schultz pulls Tito down by using his hair and works the arm. Schutlz gets some elbows but Tito fights back. Schult backs into the corner and Tito stomps away. Kneedrop gets two. Schultz pushes Tito outside but gets dragged out. Tito fights back and Schultz prevents him from going back into the ring. The ref eventually counts to ten and the match ends in a double count-out (6:13) **
Thoughts: This really played out like the beginning of a twenty minute match but it was decent for what it was. Schultz and Tito seems like a good feud for the IC title.
WWF Update with Vince McMahon. The spotlight is on the Iron Sheik. They show him squashing a jobber then mention his shopping spree and how “American Pigeons” crapped on the cars that he bought.
“Cowgirl” Wendy Richter vs. Princess Victoria
Victoria is dressed like Pocahontas. They go at each other before the bell. Victoria grabs a headlock but Wendy reverses. They then roll around and have a catfight, ending up on top of the referee. The crowd loved that. Clothesline by Richter, who follows that with a splash that gets two. She uses Victoria’s pigtails to choke her out, just as Mean Gene predicted. It is a rare occurrence when Okerlund says something of importance on commentary. Victoria tries a headlock but Richter counters with a back suplex. She stomps away then picks her up and drops her throat first on the ropes. She puts her in a surfboard for a bit. Wendy stops Victoria’s comeback attempt and hits a shoulderbreaker for two. Wendy pulls the hair but misses a charge and flies outside. Victoria snapmares her back into the ring from the apron. Reverse rollup gets two. She gets a flying chop then rolls up Richter and uses a bridge for the win (6:02) **12
Thoughts: A really good TV match. This was all action. It may have been a bit one-sided in Richter’s favor but still fun to watch. I never knew that Richter was originally a heel in the WWF so that was interesting to see here.
Israel Matia vs. B. Brian Blair
Blair starts by grabbing a side headlock. He hits a shoulderblock then goes back to the headlock as a faint “boring” chant breaks out. Matia backs Blair into the corner and rakes the eyes. Blair fights back and does another headlock takeover as the boring chants get louder. Another eye rake by Matia. He knees Blair and they trade punches. Blair gets a dropkick and a slam. He catches Matia with an abdominal strectch and gets the cradle for the win (3:52).
Thoughts: This match was boring and the headlock spots killed the crowd. Plus, Blair has next to no charisma and the crowd never cared much for him to begin with.
Replay of Sgt. Slaughter vs. Tiger Chung Lee from Championship Wresting
Replay of Piper’s Pit with Lou Albano
Salvatore Bellomo vs. Paul Orndorff
Orndorff beats the piss out of Bellomo. He then misses a charge and sells the elbow. Bellomo hits a few punches and then a dropkick. Orndorff gets a kneelift then drops an elbow. He grabs a chinlock as we see Piper head down to the ring. Bellomo escapes the chinlock but Orndorff takes him down with a jumping knee smash. He shakes hands with Piper then stomps Bellomo. He tosses him to the floor as Piper yells at him to get back in and fight. Orndorff knocks him down with a running boot from the apron. He rolls him back in but Bellomo fights back. He gets a headbutt to the mid-scetion then beats him in the corner. He comes off the top rope with a crossbody block but Orndorff reverses and gets the win (5:03)
Thoughts: Another extended squash but I have no idea why Orndorff needed to win with that move. He should have killed him dead with the piledriver.  
Tony Colon vs. Ivan Putski
Putski hits Colon with a hiptoss, who complains to the ref about his hair being pulled. They engage in a terrible looking punching battle that end with Putski working over the arm. Putski no-sells a forearm shot then knocks Colon out of the ring. Colon goes back in and Putski disposes of him with the Polish Hammer (3:12).
Thoughts: This was pretty bad, even for Putski’s standards. Crowd was silent throughout the match.  
Vince plugs next week’s featured bout, which is Bob Backlund vs. Rene Goulet.
Final Thoughts: We had a really good women’s match and the Tito/Schultz match was fun while it lasted. It had two bad squash matches from Blair & Putski, but overall, a better show than Championship Wrestling.

WWF TV 2/25/84: Championship Wrestling & All-Star Wrestling

Championship Wrestling
February 25, 1984
Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Gene Okerlund
Vince and Gene run down the card and mention how Tito Santana had recently defeated Don Muraco in Boston for the Intercontinental Title. Vince then narrates some clips from the match

 Goldie Rogers vs. Tito Santana
Crowd cheers loudly for Tito as he comes out with the belt. Before the match, ring announcer Joe McHugh then introduces Andre the Giant as he congratulates Tito. He then pats Goldie on the shoulder and Goldie is scared and ducks out on the apron. Match starts with Tito backing Goldie into the corner. He beats on him for a bit until he finishes with the flying forearm (1:13).
Thoughts: This was all about establishing Tito as the IC champ. Having the clips before the match and Andre congratulate Tito made it seem like an important accomplishment. Nice segment.
Okerlund is with Andre the Giant. Gene says the competition in the WWF has never been better as Andre says that he is undefeated and you have to beat him to be #1. Andre then says how his main goal is to make the fans happy then he announces how he will return in the Summer after touring the world. A decent little segment to explain Andres absence.
Rudy Diamond vs. “Dr. D” David Schultz w/Roddy Piper
Schultz takes Diamond down and uses some matwork to ground him. He elbows the back of Diamond’s head then grabs a headlock. Slam gets two. He slams him again and climbs the middle rope, dropping the elbow for the pin (1:40). After the match, Schultz and Pier look into the camera as Schultz asks for some competition.
Thoughts: Solid squash match. After building up Orndorff well for the past several weeks, they are now doing the same for Schultz. He was a good worker and a stable of Piper, Orndorff, and Schultz is certainly impressive.
Vince shows us black-and-white footage of Bob Backlund wrestling in high school. Vince states how Backlund is still a top contender and that his feud with the Iron Sheik is far from over. Not a bad way to re-introduce Backlund, who has been gone for the past few months.
Salvatore Bellomo & Frankie Williams & Rocco Verona vs. Wild Samoans w/Capt. Lou Albano
All three Samoans are here. Samula starts by grabbing Williams in a headlock. Williams breaks then gets an armdrag and a backdrop and the fans are going nuts. Samula ducks a charge but Williams escapes from the corner and tags Bellomo, who gets a mule kick and some punches. He tags Williams but he ducks his head after an Irish whip and gets hit with a DDT. Verona and Afa tag in and Afa destroys him. Tag to Sika, who gets the Samoan Drop for the pin (2:19)
Thoughts: Decent amount of action for a quick squash. This is the first time I have seen Williams on offense and he was horrible. Crowd was digging it though.
Steve Lombardi & Ken Jugan vs. Mr. Fuji & Tiger Chung Lee
Lee beats down Lombardi. Jugan tags in and Lee beats on him until he hits a shoulderbreaker for the pin (1:06)
Thoughts: Useless squash. Fuji never even tagged in and barely even did anything at this point in his career. Lee does 90% of the work in their matches.
Piper’s Pit with the Masked Superstar. Piper says that Superstar is the only pro who has never had his masked removed. Superstar refers to his mask as his title and states he will do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Not much of a segment. Just two heels bonding.
Eddie Gilbert vs. Iron Sheik w/Freddie Blassie
The crowd is screaming for Sgt. Slaughter. The two slug it out and Gilbert grabs a headlock. Sheik whips Gilbert into the corner then sidesteps a crossbody attempt and applies the Camel Clutch for the win (1:44).After the match, Slaughter runs out and chases Sheik and Blassie away. He then grabs the mic and declares war on the Iron Sheik. He closes by leading the crowd to the “Pledge of Allegiance.”
Thoughts: A nice way to keep this feud going, which gets the crowd crazy. Slaughter is over huge with them and all of the Patriotic stuff is clicking. The match itself wasn’t much at all.
Ron Shaw vs. Ivan Putski
Putski seems to shrink with every appearance. Shaw is noticeably taller than him. Putski gets a hiptoss then shoves him down. Shaw fights back but Putski quickly regains control and beats him in the corner. Shaw tries to fight back again but Putski finishes him with the Polish Hammer (1:43).
Thoughts: The crowds are caring less and less about Putski. His offense is not believable as his opponent needs to comically oversell in order for it to work and he is shrinking by the day.
Bill Dixon vs. Jose Luis Rivera
Vince notes how Rivera has been undefeated on Championship Wrestling. Rivera works a side headlock as Vince mentions how Tito Santana will be a guest on Piper’s Pit next week. Dixon lands a few shots but Rivera comes back with a knee. Slam by Rivera gets two and he goes back to the side headlock. Dixon whips Rivera into the corner but he lands on the apron and slingshots back in with a dropkick. He hits another dropkick before getting a sunset flip for the pin (2:54).
Thoughts: Crowd was absolutely dead for Rivera. They built him up on commentary as being undefeated on the show but no one seems to care. The match itself was fine.
Vince then tells us that Rivera will face Greg Valentine in next week’s main event.
Thoughts: Good show. The Sheik/Slaughter feud has been great and they built up Tito as the champ as well as starting the re-introduction process for Backlund. They are building up the newer talents as well. The squash matches were fine for the most part  
All-Star Wrestling
Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Gene Okerlund
They show the same highlights from the Santana/Muraco title change from Championship Wrestling.
Ron Butler vs. Tito Santana
Tito wins a lockup then shoves Butler into the corner. He works the arm then lands several shots to the face. Backdrop by Tito then sets up the flying forearm (1:57).
Thoughts: A quick squash to put over Tito.
Frankie Williams vs. Masked Superstar
Superstar grounds Williams by using matwork then tosses him around the ring. He grabs a chinlock but quickly breaks with a hiptoss then he chokes out Williams with the ropes. Superstar tosses him around some more before hitting a clothesline then the swinging neckbreaker for the pin (2:17).
Thoughts: Good squash. Superstar completely dominated and looked like a legitimate threat.
Same clips of Backlund wrestling in High School as they showed on Championship Wrestling.
Goldie Rogers vs. Salvatore Bellomo
Goldie breaks a lockup but gets taken down with an armdrag. He complains to the ref about a hair pull then fires away. Bellomo blocks a turnbuckle smash and takes Rogers down with a snapmare. Flying headscissors and then they blow a spot which looked like it was either a dropkick or another headscissors as Bellomo did something similar to a ballerina twirl. Slam by Goldie and he chokes him out with the ropes. Another slam and an elbow drop gets two. Sal fights back and gets a standing dropkick and shoulderblock, which sets up the mule kick for the win (3:12).
Thoughts: A fairly competitive match. Rogers wasn’t a bad worker so it was decent. Bellomo sucks though and the mule kick is a crappy finisher.
Tiger Jackson & Haiti Kid vs. Dana Carpenter & Pancho Boy
Carpenter is like a foot taller than the rest of the midgets. Dana gets an elbow smash but Tiger comes back with a dropkick. Tag to Haiti Kid and he gets a dropkick. Dana gets a press slam and tags Pancho. Haiti no sells an turnbuckle smash and chops down Pancho. Dropkick by Haiti and Pancho tags out. The faces double-team Dana for a bit until he fights back. He gets a few dropkicks but Tiger gets the advantage and manages to tag. Turnbuckle smash by the Haiti Kid and then gets a snapmare for the win (3:20)
Thoughts: The action was surprisingly solid. I have no idea what happened at the end as their seemed to be some confusion. I’m pretty sure the pinfall was not supposed to be off of a snapmare.
Replay of the Mr Fuji & Tiger Chung Lee squash from Championship Wrestling
Replay of Piper’s Pit with Masked Superstar from Championship Wrestling
Replay of Eddie Gilbert vs. Iron Sheik from Championship Wrestling
S.D. Jones vs. “Dr. D” David Schultz w/Roddy Piper
SD grabs a side headlock then they engage in some matwork. Shoulderblock by Schultz and he works a nerve hold for a while. SD finally breaks the hold and gets a hiptoss. Schultz begs for mercy in the corner as SD stomps away. Schultz comes back with a headbutt to the midsection and throws some forearms. Elbow smash gets two. SD then manages to get a small package for two. He punches Schultz out of the ring. Back inside, SD gets a headbutt but Schultz gets a slam then drops the elbow from the second rope for the pin (6:56) *1/4.
Thoughts: A basic match. Schultz didn’t look dominating but held control for a majority of the match with a nerve hold. One of the longer matches on these shows.
Bill Dixon vs. Tonga Kid
Tonga works the leg until Dixon reaches the ropes. He grounds him by using headscissors then gets a leapfrog and a dropkick before going to a headlock. Dixon gets a knee then a backdrop. Slam by Dixon but Tonga comes back with a headbutt then finishes with a missile dropkick (3:14).
Thoughts: Tonga was probably the most athletic worker they had in the company at this point. He was built like a cruiserweight and showed flashes of his potential at times.
Next week’s featured match is Tito Santana vs. Rene Goulet.
Final Thoughts: The Superrstar squash was fun and Tonga looked good but the rest of this was forgettable. Its not a bad show to watch if you miss out on Championship Wrestling as it recaps the important parts, but it is the lesser of both shows.

WWF TV 2/18/84: Championship Wrestling & All-Star Wrestling

Championship Wrestling
Your announcers are Vince McMahon and Gene Okerlund
Ring Announcer Joe McHugh announces the death of David Von Erich and they have a ten-bell salute. A graphic of David is shown.

Ron Butler vs. Ivan Putski
Putski overpowers Butler, who is bigger than him. Putski no sells a shot to the abs and then takes down Butler with a clothesline. Butler with an eye rake and lands a few shots. Putski fights back and whips Butler, who lands on the apron. Putski slingshots him back in the ring and gets an atomic drop, setting up the Polsih Hammer for the win (2:51). After the match, Putski grabs the mic and yells “Polish Power.”
Thoughts: Crowd is getting quieter each time Putski appears. His offense is bad and the comical overselling from his opponents doesn’t make him appear to be strong but rather old and slow.
Rudy Diamond vs. Paul Orndorff w/Roddy Piper
Orndorff beats on Diamond and gets a flying knee. Front slam by Orndorff is followed by a clothesline and the piledriver finishes (0:46).
Thoughts: Another dominating squash by Orndorff, who continues to impress.
Rene Goulet & Paul Vachon & Goldie Rogers vs. SD Jones & Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas
Brawl almost takes place before the match but the heels escape. Faces all take turns working on the arm of Goulet. Rene then bites Rocky and tags Vachon. Vachon with a few shots until Rocky hits him and tags Atlas. Vachon hits Atlas a few times then he tags Jones. Goldie tags in and gets headbutted by Jones. Atlas tags and press slams Goldie before hitting the splash for the pin (2:04).
Thoughts: Dull six-man tag. Goldie was billed from Hollywood but is Canadian. He had long hair and a beard and is quite short. Unfortunately, Goldie passed away this past July.
Frankie Williams vs. Greg Valentine w/Capt. Lou Albano
Before the match, McHugh announces Jimmy Snuka, who is injured, and he comes out and waves to the crowd. Snuka waves and goes in the ring and offers Valentine a handshake, but he brushes him off. Valentine beats on Williams in the corner. A slam is followed by a few elbow drops and then the figure-four finishes the match (0:42).
Thoughts: A brief squash but it did set up a potential angle for Snuka and Valentine.
Piper’s Pit with Tony Garea. Piper tells Garea that winning the tag-titles five times just means that he has lost it five times. He mentions Rick Martel as the only partner he had more than once. Piper points out that he is the reason his team always loses the tiles. Garea is pissed and says he will never be caught dead wearing a skirt and walks off as Piper mentions that Garea resorted to the lowest common form of humor. Piper upsetting Garea was a bit amusing but it was not a memorable Piper’s Pit.  
Iron Sheik w/Freddie Blassie vs. Sgt. Slaughter
Beofre the match, the two engage in a flag-waving battle. The crowd is going apeshit. Sheik hits Slaghter from behind as he is saluting the American flag. Sheik loads his boot and stomps away. Sheik now takes off his belt and whips Slaughter. Sheik hammers away until Slaughter pumps himself up and Sheik bails. Sheik gets drenched with a drink thrown from an audience member and he yells “Iran number one.” Slaughter is in the ring with the flag and crowd yells “USA.” Not an official match but it furthers the feud between Slaughter and Sheik and the crowd is buying into it 100%.
Rocco Verona vs. Masked Superstar
Superstar tosses Verona around and applies a chinlock. He gets a front facelock for a bit then tosses him outside. Superstar kicks him into the guardrail then continuously knocks him off the apron with forearms to the chest. Back in the ring, Superstar chokes him out then takes him down with a clothesline before hitting the swinging neckbreaker for the pin (4:02).
Thoughts: This lasted far longer than it should have. Superstar is good but they could have gotten the same point across in half the time.
Bill Dixon & Charlie Fulton vs. Tony Garea & B. Brian Blair
Blair is wearing a white jacket with “USA” on the front. Blair and Fulton start off with some decent looking matwork. Fulton gets a rollup for two then tags Dixon. Blair puts Dixon in a hammerlock and tags Garea. As usual, Garea works the arm then tags out. Blair works on Dixon and tags Garea. Backdrop by Garea then tag to Blair who gets the cradle out of the ab stretch for the pin (2:45)
Thoughts: The team of Garea & Blair is as dull as it gets. They have no chemistry working together.
Next week’s main event is Iron Sheik vs. Salvatore Bellomo
Final Thoughts: The Sheik/Slaughter stuff was great and Orndorff’s squash was impressive. However, everything else was boring.
All-Star Wrestling
Ron Butler & Rene Goulet vs. Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson
Atlas tosses around Goulet then does the same to Butler. Double team to Goulet but he tags Butler who punches Rocky for a bit. Rocky gets whipped into the corner but lands on the apron and slingshots back in with a sunsetflip for the win (3:33).
Thoughts: Another squash for the Tag-Champs. They really aren’t that impressive of a team but the tag-team depth in the WWF is quite shallow at this point so there really isn’t anyone else who is more worthy than they are.
Steve Lombardi vs. Masked Superstar
Superstar tosses Lombardi around then keeps him grounding with some matwork. Gene goes on about Superstar’s credentials and calls him “verbally articulate” Superstar tosses Lombardi to the floor as Gene neglects to answer another fan mail question. Back inside, Superstar with a bearhug but Lombardi fights back with a few forearms that are Kris Lewie-like in execution.. Superstar takes him down with a clothesline then finishes with the swinging neckbreaker (3:50).
Thoughts: Another longer than necessary squash for the Masked Superstar. Lombardi was a really shitty worker when he first started.
Goldie Rogers vs. Ivan Putski
Putski tosses around Rogers then gets a back suplex. Goldie lands a few shot but Putski comes back with some forearms then goes for a chinlock. Putski is busted open and hits a terrible looking atomic drop before grabbing a side headlock. He didn’t even bother to use his knee for the move. Putski breaks cleanly and hits some windmill punches after an eye rake by Goldie and finishes with the Polish Hammer (3:42).
Thoughts: No different than Putski’s squash from Championship Wrestling.
Israel Matia vs. Eddie Gilbert
They trade hammerlocks until Gilbert gets a drop toehold. Gilbert grabs an armbar then takes down Matia and gets an armdrag. Gilbert goes back to the armbar until Matia counters. Matia gets a turnbuckle smash and stomps away. Matia punches away and bitse the forehead but Gilbert comes back with punches then finishes with a jumping back elbow smash for the win (2:54).
Thoughts: Gilbert was a good worker at the age of 22 but he was a step above a jobber at this point.
Replay of Championship Wrestling’s Greg Valentine squash match and confronation with Snuka.
Replay of Piper’s Pit with Tony Garea from Championhship Wrestling.
Replay of Iron Sheik vs. Sgt. Slaughter from Championship Wrestling.
Ken Jugan vs. Paul Orndorff w/Roddy Piper
Orndorff yells at the ring attendant, telling him he better hang up his jacket correctly asPiper instructs him on how to carry the jacket. Orndorff beats the piss out of Jugan then tosses him to the floor. Piper yells at Jugan to get back in and fight. Jugan rolls in and gets tossed again, this time Orndorff comes out and slams him to the floor. Back in the ring, Orndorff with a backbreaker then stretches him out. Orndorff yells about his lack of competition and takes down Jugan with a clothesline. Piper is yelling like a maniac for Orndorff to hit the piledriver and orders him to jump a he performs the move and Orndorff absolutely kills Jugan with it to finish the match (2:24).
Thoughts: One of greatest squash matches I’ve seen from these shows so far. Orndorff was a total prick here and Piper yelling at Jugan and screaming like a lunatic was just fantastic to watch. Also, I give credit for Jugan as he took an ass kicking here. The poor guy was abused by Orndorff. Anyway, they have been doing a really good job at making Orndorff a viable threat.
Ron Shaw & Butcher Vachon vs. Tony Garea & B. Brian Blair
Garea and Shaw start off and trade hammerlocks and full nelsons. Tag to Blair and he works the arm of Shaw for a while. Vachon tags in but Blair boots him then gets a slam and elbow drop get two. Vachon forearms Blair but he manages to tag Garea. Vachon gets in an eye rake and some punches before tagging out. Garea gets the advantage on Shaw and all four men are now in the ring. They whip the heels into each other and Garea catches Shaw in an abdominal stretch and makes him submit (2:54).
Thoughts: Boring and the crowd was completely silent. The abdominal stretch as a finisher is lame, even in 1984.
Next week’s main event is Eddie Gilbert vs. Iron Sheik.
Final Thoughts: The Orndorff squash was great but everything else was forgettable. Not much else to say.

WWF TV 2/11/84: Championship Wrestling & All-Star Wrestling

Championship Wrestling
Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Gene Okerlund
Show starts with Vince and Gene running down the card and then showing us the locker room celebration that occurred after Hulk Hogan beat the Iron Sheik for the WWF Heavyweight Championship.


The Iron Sheik is in the ring waiting for his match when Sgt. Slaughter’s music hits and he comes to the ring. Slaughter gets into the ring and faces off with the Sheik. After the Sheik pushes back, Slaughter eggs on Sheik to hit him in the face. Slaughter eventually leaves the ring. Great segment as the crowd was about to explode when the two faced off.
Ken Jugan vs. Iron Sheik w/Freddie Blassie
Sheik stomps Jugan as the voiceover plugging the hosue shows mentions that Sheik will be facing Hogan in a Texas Death Match for the title. Sheik hits a belly-to-belly for the pin as the crowd starts a loud “We want Slaughter” chant. Sheik grabs the mic and says “Iran number one” before tossing Jugan outside.
Thoughts: Just a match to make Sheik look strong.
Gene Okerlund is with Slaughter. Sheik is still in the ring with Blassie. Slaughter calls Blassie a traitor and states that the two were the biggest “maggots” of all time. Slaughter goes off about troops being killed in Iran then challenges Sheik for a match next week on TV. The crowd is insane at this point with a deafening “USA” chant that has the Sheik angry. What a segment as the feud between these two is really starting to take off.
Steve Lombardi vs. Paul Orndorff w/Roddy Piper
A fan holds up a stenciled sign that reads “Pretty Paula.” Orndorff tosses Lombardi outside then rolls him back in the ring. Orndorff with a clothesline and then the piledriver for the win (1:00).
Thoughts: Another match to make Orndorff look strong as he is been destroying jobbers for a few months at this point. The crowd hates him too.
Mr. Fuji & Tiger Chung Lee vs. Ivan Putski & Andre the Giant 
Lee and Putski start out. Putski gets a backdrop then some punches. Lee coems back with a nerve hold that Putski easily escapes from. Heels then get some double team moves behind the ref’s back. The heels do some more illegal double team stuff until Andre gets fed up and attacks them. He gives them the double noggin knocker and then chops Lee out of the ring and the heels then leave, losing by countout (2:51)
Thoughts: Short but this wasn’t going to be much of a match anyway. Still, it was a bit lame for the advertised bout this week.
Rudy Diamond vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/Capt. Lou Albano
Valentine gets an inverted atomic drop off of a lockup. He follows a backbreaker with several rapid-fire knee drops. Valentine gets a drop toehold and works the leg as Vince breaks the news that Sheik has accepted Slaughter’s challenge for next week. Valentine gets a back suplex and then the figure four for the win (1:35)
Thoughts: The hammer continues to impress since his return to the WWF.
Israel Matia vs. Tito Santana
Matia does his stupid hair pull spot (He is bald and always complains to the ref about his hair getting pulled). Tito grabs a side headlock to start. Matia backs him into the corner but gets whipped and caught in a hiptoss. Dropkick by Tito who then takes him down with a side headlock. Tito gets a slam then finishes with the flying forearm (2:28).
Thoughts: Tito is looking good but this wasn’t a stand-out squash or anything
John Callahan & Frankie Williams vs. “Dr. D” David Schultz & “Rowdy” Roddy Piper
This is the WWF TV in-ring debut for Roddy. He has the Superman logo on the front of his shirt. The crowd is teasing Rowdy about his kilt as he takes it off to reveal green trunks. Piper with a few punches and quickly tags Schultz. Suplex by Schultz and a tag to Piper, who repeatedly slams Callahan’s head off of the mat. Piper gets a gutwrench and pulls up Callahan at the two count. Lifting chokehold by Piper and then Schultz comes in and whips Callahan, who then gets caught in a sleeper by Piper for the win (2:46).
Thoughts: Piper and Schultz make for an entertaining tag-team. Piper has nuclear heat and so does the people associated with him. Piper looked good enough in the ring.
Butcher Vachon vs. Salvatore Bellomo
Here is a match that no one wants to see. The two trade counters until Vachon rakes the back. Bellomo comes back with a snapmare and then rakes the eyes with his boots. Bellomo gets a dropkick as the announcers hype up next week’s Slaughter vs. Sheik match. Vachon stomps Bellomo and then gets a backdrop. Bellomo leapfrogs over Vachon and gets the mule kick for the pin (3:41)
Thoughts: Two glorified jobbers in a nothing match. The mule kick is one crappy finisher. Vachon might be the worst worker in the company at this point.
Final Thoughts: Good show as the build towards Sheik vs. Slaughter has been awesome. Also, having the match on TV next week makes that a must-see show. The newer heels like Piper, Schultz, Orndorff, and Valentine are all looking impressive too.
All-Star Wrestling
Video of Hogan’s MSG Title Celebration
Entire recap from Championship Wrestling’s Sheik/Slaughter confrontation
Bob Bradley & Rene Goulet vs. Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas
Rocky runs over Goulet then gets a sunset flip. Goulet eggs on Atlas and Tony tags in. Goulet with a slap to the face then fails to lift him up. Atlas presses Goulet then places him gently no the top rope. Bradley tags and gets a few clubbing forearms before getting dropped. Tag to Rocky who gets a pair of dropkicks for the win.
Thoughts: The tag-champs still don’t impress me much. Match was fine for what it was.
John Callahan vs. Paul Orndorff w/Roddy Piper
Orndorff tosses Callahan then rolls him back in the ring. Clothesline and then the piledrivers finishes at (0:40)
Thoughts: The same exact formula in his match this week on Championship Wrestling.
Tony Colon vs. Brian Blair
Colon gets a few shots in but Blair fires back. He gets a slam then grabs a side headlock. Colon breaks that with an eyerake then gets a turnbuckle smash. Blair kicks back then gets a suplex. Blair with what looks to be a teardrop suplex then back to the headlock. Colon whips Blair who jumps on the second rope and comes back with a crossbody that gets two but the bell rings. After the ref and Blair himself states it was a two count, the match restarts. Blair then catches Colon In an ab stretch then turns it into a cradle for the win.
Thoughts: Blair is solid in the ring but the crowd doesn’t care about him. He debut a few weeks ago but really doesn’t have a much that stands out about him.
Rudy Diamond vs. Greg Valentine w/Capt. Lou Albano
Diamond is African-American and wrestles barefoot. Valentine tosses Diamond into the ropes and works the leg. He brings him on the mat and works the leg some more before Diamond submits to the figure four.
Thoughts: Another squash against Diamond. Really not much to this at all.
Piper’s Pit with the Wild Samoans and Capt. Lou Albano. Piper mentions how they were robbed of the tag-titles and demands justice. For those who don’t know, the current champs, Atlas & Johnson, won the belts from the Samoans after Capt. Lou accidentally hit one of his men with a chair and then panicked as the ref counted to three. Anyway, Piper complained about the illegal man getting the pinned and Albano wanted a rematch. A weak segment to be honest. The change was a few months back and the heat against the Samoans has started to chill.
Charlie Fulton vs. Tito Santana
Tito with a backdrop and a side headlock. Damn, Tito loved the side headlock in 1984. Fulton gets a shoulderblock but Tito catches him with a hiptoss and back to the side headlock. Tito gets another backdrop and hits Fulton with the flying forearm and pins him using a bridge.
Thoughts: Fine for what it was, which is a basic squash match.
Eddie Gilbert & Frankie Williams vs. “Dr. D” David Schultz & “Rowdy” Roddy Piper
Roddy and Eddie start off and they engage in a test of strength. Both men tag out and Dr. D murders Williams. He gets him a chinlock then a blind tag to Piper. The heels use some more illegal double team moves as Gilbert is going nuts. Kneelift by Roddy and he wails on Williams until Gilbert runs in to break that up as Schultz gets on the middle turnbuckle and drops an elbow on Williams for the win. The crowd is booing like crazy as the heels beat their opponents. One guy loudly and clearly calls Piper a “fucking pussy.” Piper and Dr. D walk up the ramp and look directly into the camera and call out Hogan.
Thoughts: Schultz and Piper were fantastic after the match, especially while they were looking into the camera. Just two men who are great at being heels. The stuff with Gilbert was fine and a continuation of Piper’s Pit were Roddy made fun of Gilbert’s dad. At least they are making attempt to have Gilbert stand out a bit from the rest of the jobbers.
Butcher Vachon vs. Ivan Putski
Wow, these might be the two worst workers in the company. Vachon breaks a lockup and uses a low blow and some chops. Putski fires back with windmill punches, causing Vachon to go outside and grab a chair. He drops the chair as the ref yells at him. Back in the ring, Vachon gets an eye rake but gets shoved down as Putski takes revenge on Vachon with a back rake. Putski smashes Vachon into the turnbuckle then hits the Polish Hammer for the win.
Thoughts: Weak, but not as bad as I thought it would be. The crowd is getting less vocal when the older wrestlers are in the ring.
They plug Sheik vs. Slaughter for next week.
Final Thoughts: This was certainly a show that you could have skipped over and not missed a beat in 1984. The Piper/Schultz squash was easily the best thing.

WWF TV 2/4/84: Championship Wrestling & All-Star Wrestling

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Gene Okerlund

Championship Wrestling
Butcher Vachon & Rene Goulet vs. Andre the Giant & Tito Santana
Apparently, Vachon & Goulet are replacing last week’s advertised opponents, Masked Superstar & Mr. Fuji. This is quite a big step down in star power. Goulet and Tito start off. Tito backs Goulet in the corner then takes him down with a pair of flying headscissors, then keeps the hold on Goulet for a minute. Goulet escapes but Tito goes back to the headscissors a few more times. Goulet whips Tito to the ropes and he gets kneed by Vachon from behind. Andre complains to the ref as the heels hit Tito with a double suplex. Vachon beats on Tito for a bit but he manages to tag Andre. Andre roughs up Vachon then tags Tito and launches him at Vachon, getting the pin (4:14).
Thoughts: Boring match. The advertised opponents of Mr. Fuji & Masked Superstar have much more star power than these two stiffs.
SD Jones vs. David Schultz w/Roddy Piper
Schultz gets backed into the corner and complains to the ref. He ducks outside and consoles with Piper. Jones chases after him but gets stomped when he re-enters the ring. Schultz gets a slam but Jones blocks a turnbuckle smash and follows with a headbutt. He charges at Schultz but eats boot. Schultz gets a slamthen follows that with an elbow drop from the middle rope for the win (2:45).
Thoughts: Squash to further establish Piper and anyone else associated with him as a major heel.
Bill Dixon & Ken Jugan vs. B. Brian Blair & Eddie Gilbert
Blair is already aligned with Gilbert, which isn’t a good thing as it means you are a step above the Ken Jugan’s of the world. The faces work the arm of Dixon, using quick tags. Blair beats on both men and dropkicks Dixon down. Both men tag out and Gilbert takes down Jugan. Blair tags back in and hits two suplexes. After some more quick tags, Blair finishes the match with the ab stretch into the cradle (3:12).
Thoughts: The team of Blair & Gilbert wasn’t that spectacular. Just a bunch of quick tags and wristlocks from the two.
Pancho Boy vs. Tiger Jackson
Tiger mocks Pancho and runs all around the ring. The voice over plggung the house shows mentions that Tito Santana had won the Intercontinental Title and that Magnificient Muraco will have his rematch in a Texas Death Match. Tiger ducks a chop and hits a dropkick. He takes Pancho down with a flying headscisor and finishes him off with a jumping elbow drop (1:38).
Thoughts: Nothing more than filler. I guess you could say that Jackson was being booked as the main attraction of the Midget division but the only thing about this match that was memorable was how they broke the news that Tito won the belt. .
Steve Lombardi vs. Iron Sheik w/Freddie Blassie
The camera shows all of the anti-Sheik signs in the crowd including “We Smell Camel Breath” and a young girl with her grandma holding up a “Camel Jockey” sign. Yes, this was all acceptable in 1984. Sheik further agitates the crowd by praying. Lombardi gets destroyed by chops then Sheik hits a back suplex and locks in the Camel Clutch for the win (1:41).
Thoughts: Total domination by Sheik. They were trying to build him up again after he lost the belt to Hogan.
Back from commercial break and Sgt. Slaughter’s music hits. Sheik and Blassie are going up the aisle and they cross paths. The two initially refuse to move out of the way and a brief argument ensues. Crowd is really into Slaughter, despite him still being a heel.
John Callahan vs. Sgt Slaughter
Crowd is still fairly pumped for Slaughter. He takes down Callahan with a snapmare. Slaughter’s name comes up on the screen prematurely then he locks on the Cobra Clutch for the win (0:48).
Thoughts: The slow face turn for Slaughter continues as he makes quick work of his opponent.
Bob Bradley & Israel Matia vs. Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas
Atlas runs over Bradley and tags Johnson. Vince tells us that the reason Fuji & Superstar didn’t team up tonight was that Fuji will only have Tiger Chung Lee as his partner. Next week, those two will face Andre the Giant & Ivan Putski. Back to the match, not much is going on until Bradley misses a splash. Rocky tags Atlas who gets a press slam and a splash for the win (2:32).
Thoughts: A basic squash for the tag champs, who are really not much of a team to be honest.  
Next week will feature Iron Sheik, Sgt. Slaugher, David Schultz, B. Brian Blair, and the Piper’s Pit.
Final thoughts: Outside of the Sheik/Slaughter confrontation, this was a boring show. They did not promise on the advertised main event and the squashes weren’t impressive.  
All-Star Wrestling
SD Jones vs. Paul Orndorff w/Roddy Piper
Damn, the heel heat for Orndorff is off the charts. He complains to the ref about a hair pull then grabs a side headlock. After some matwork, Orndorff retreats to the corner and stalls for a bit. He hits SD and stomps him down. Kneedrop gets two. SD blocks a turnbuckle smash and rams Orndorff in the corner as the crowd goes nuts. Orndorff retreats outside and gets hit with a headbutt when he re-enters the ring. SD misses a falling headbutt and Orndorff hits some elbow to the back of the neck before finishing him off with a piledriver (3:45).
Thoughts: Orndorff was just hated by the crowd and they are building him up quite nicely as a heel. Wrestlers today can only wish they could get the reaction as a heel that Orndroff gets here.
Tony Colon vs. Ivan Putski
Putski takes Colon down and the two locup again. Ptuski with a hip toss and a back suplex. He applies a chinlock then whips Colon to the ropes and finishes with the Polish Hamer (2:05).
Thoughts: Putski receives a decent amount of cheers but its obvious to see that he is getting phased out.
Eddie Gilbert & Ken Jugan & Frankie Williams vs. Wild Samoans w/Capt Lou Albano
Samula is here, making this a six-man match. Eddie is stuck with two of the most pathetic jobbers in the company. Sika and Eddie start out and Eddie eventually knocks him down with a dropkick. Sika backs Eddie into the corner but he escapes and cleans house on all three Samoans. Albano yells at his team and Gilbert works the arm of Samula, who just tagged in. Tag to Williams and he lands a few punches but drops his head in a backdrop attempt and gets headbutted down. Afa tags in and gets a headbutt and follows that with a Samoan Drop for the win (3:48).
Thoughts: Gilbert looked good here but that is about all. No idea why this had to be a 6-man match though as Jugan never even tagged in.
Salvatore Bellomo vs. Israel Matia
Oh boy, what a treat! Matia, who is bald and somewhat resembles Bad News Brown facially, complains to the ref about a hair pull. Bellomo sends Matia outside with a few dropkicks. Matia re-enters and they do some matwork until Matia gets the advantage briefly until Bellomo takes him down and gets a falling headbutt. Matia charges at Bellomo in the corner but he counters it into a sunsetflip for the win (3:02).
Thoughts: A jobber vs. jobber match. Bellomo is just slightly above Matia in the pecking order.  
Tony Garea vs. Masked Superstar
Superstar starts out by beating on Garea until he comes back with two shitty looking dropkicks. Garea works the arm, as usual, as Vince reads Gene another fanmail question that he ignores regarding Buddy Rogers being beat up by Capt. Lou at MSG. Superstar knocks Garea outside and kicks him down. He throws him into the railing then delivers a running knee to the head. Garea tries to re-enter the ring and does so successfully. He takes down the superstar and delivers several kneedrops. He hits him with a crossbody but Superstar rolls through and gets the win (5:15). After the match, Superstar beats on Garea and puts him in the tree of woe. Andre the Giant then runs out for the save and Superstar fakes going to the back and then jumps Andre from behind. Andre eventually gains the advantage and then chases the Superstar to the locker room
Thoughts: Nice build for a Superstar vs. Andre feud. The match itself wasn’t much and Garea is really just here to put over people at this point.
Piper’s Pit with Eddie Gilbert. Roddy brings up the fact that Gilbert is just 22 and tells him how he was a light heavyweight championship and compares that to Gilbert, who was recently in a car accident and had his neck broken by the Masked Superstar. Piper then insults Gilbert’s dad and insists that he is stupid for letting his son wrestle after his accident. Gilbert sticks up for himself but Roddy keeps on cutting him off and this ends eith Piper walking away, stating how Gilbert can’t control himself and that is why he cant win anything. Piper was great here and the crowd just hates him at this point. The trio of Orndorff, Piper, and Schultz is fun.
Replay of the Iron Sheik/Sgt. Slaughter confrontation from Championship Wrestling.
Bill Dixon vs. B. Brian Blair
Blair gets a few drop toeholds and stretches Dixon out on the mat. Dixon backs Blair into the corner and hits an elbow. Blair bounces off the ropes with a forearm and shows some fire. He gets a dropkick and a slam then follows with an elbow drop. Back suplex by Blair as Vince promises us that next week we will see Hogan’s title celebration in it’s entirety. Blair then gets a backbreaker and finishes with the ab stretch into the cradle (3:02).
Thoughts: Blair showed some emotion out here and looked good as a result.
Next week’s show includes Greg Valentine, Paul Orndorff, Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson, Tito Santana, and Roddy Piper in action.
Final Thoughts: The Andre/Superstar feud is a good start and the first Piper’s Pit was interesting. Other than that, the show was fine.

WWF TV 1/28/84: Championship Wrestling & All-Star Wrestling

I will be doing these TV shows in order along with the MSG and other arena stuff.   
Championship Wrestling 1/28/84
Your Announcers are Vince McMahon and Gene Okerlund
Replay of Hulk Hogan vs. Iron Sheik at MSG on 1/23/84 shown in its entirety. For the record, I reviewed that show last week using the WWE 24/7 version, which replaced Hogan’s actual theme music for that match (“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor) with his “Real American” theme song.
Bill Dixon vs. Tito Santana
Dixon is a fat guy in a singlet with a beard. Dixon gets in some brief offense before Tito blocks a hiptoss. After a back drop, Tito comes back with a dropkick then finishes with the flying forearm (1:17) NR. 
Thoughts: A bit surprised that Santana sold that much for such a short squash.  
Steve Lombardi & SD Jones vs. Wild Samoans w/Capt. Lou Albano
Samula is not here. Afa beats on Lombardi as Vince reads a fan mail question from Iowa addressed to Okerlund about which tag-team could compete for the title. Okerlund answers by stating there are many teams then goes quiet, completely ignoring the poor prick’s question. Lombardi then gets kicked out of the ring and Afa follows him outside then rams him into the post. SD comes over and walks the injured Lombardi to the locker room. SD then comes back into the ring and hits the Samoans with the double noggin knocker before getting knocked down. Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas run out for the save but the Samoans clean house before Capt. Lou walks them to the back. The referee rules that the Samoans win by DQ due to outside interference (4:06) NR.
Thoughts: This was all about advancing the feud between the Samoans and the champions. The Samoans came out of this looking a lot stronger than the champs. For those who don’t know, Steve Lombardi became the Brooklyn Brawler in the late 1980’s.
Gene Okerlund brings out the Tag champs. Rocky says they are fed up with the Samoans as Atlas barely speaks English in some rambling promo where he proclaims that he is white, black, blue and American. Anyway, the crowd ate it up so it worked.
Vince encourages fans to write a letter so there question can get answered on air. Maybe if you aren’t from Iowa, Okerlund will actually answer your question.
Victory Corner host Robert DeBord welcomes Roddy Piper. DeBord is aguy who looks to be in his late 30’s and wears glasses. He says that Victory Magazine will now be called WWF Magazine.  He then says that a new article, Piper’s Pit, will be appearing in the magazine. Piper grabs the mic and then calls out DeBord for being “Stupid,” stating how he doesn’t have the guts to stand up to anyone then says how he will ask questions that he has the guts to ask and that when he will talk, people will listen. Great segment by Piper. He had the crowd loudly against him at the end when they weren’t very responsive in the beginning. Also, they were shifting away from the old WWF. No more of the face announcer sucking up to the other faces and being afraid of the heels. The heel interviewer was a fresh concept in 1984.
Frankie Williams vs. Greg Valentine w/Capt. Lou Albano
Williams is a fat, middle-aged jobber. The ring announcer notes that this is Valentine’s first apeearance in a “very long time.” This is actually Valentine’s first WWF appearance in a few years. Valentine starts with a takedown. He gets a Russian leg sweep then beats the piss out of Williams. Valentine works the leg and drops a knee to the groin. Okerlund mentions how there has been a lot of changes in the WWF over the past few weeks as Valentine hits a suplex then finishes with the figure four leglock (2:12) NR.
Thoughts: Good squash match. Valentine looked great and it made for an effective return. The crowd acted legitimately surprised to see Valentine walk through the curtains.
Tony Garea vs. Paul Orndorff w/Roddy Piper
Crowd with a very loud “Paula” chant. The crowd is also throwing trash in the ring. Orndorff starts by beating on Garea but misses a charge in the corner. Orndorff sells the arm and Garea goes to work. Orndorff gets free and hits a slam but misses an elbow drop. Garea goes back to work on the arm but Orndorff counters with a waistlock suplex. Okerlund begins to read a telegram from Bob Backlund congratulating Hogan on his title win. This is like the 80’s version of a Tout I guess. Piper distracts Garea, allowing Orndorff to hit him from behind with a running knee. Orndorff heads up top and gets the flying knee drop for the win (2:40) NR.
Thoughts: Despite the fact Orndorff probably shouldn’t need help putting away Tony Garea, this match further strengthened Orndorff and Piper as a heel duo. The crowd absolutely hates them both, especially Orndorff. The “Paula” chants are abundant.
B. Brian Blair vs. Charlie Fulton
This is Blair’s WWF debut. Fulton is a jobber with dyed blond hair and a black beard. He is wearing blue trunks. Blair takes him over with a headlock and does some basic matwork. He gets Fulton down with a drop toehold and the two then exchange hammerlocks. Fulton eventually gains the advantage and works the arm. Blair comes back with some forearms and then a back suplex. He gets a snapmare and an elbow smash. Blair puts Fulton in an abdominal stretch and turns it into a crucifix for the pin (3:07) NR
Thoughts: Not too exciting of a debut by Blair, who didn’t show much charisma. The wrestling was basic but Blair was fluid in the ring.  
McMahon runs down next week’s card featuring Andre the Giant & Tito Santana vs. Mr. Fuji & Masked Superstar as the main event.
Final Thoughts: The main theme of this show was change. With Valentine being re-introduced, The “Piper’s Pit” segment being established, and the debut of Blair along with the replay of Hogan’s title win and frequent mentions of him throughout the broadcast, you got a sense that the WWF was really trying to become something more than a wrestling organization based in the Northeast. This show also brought me back to my childhood (I was 2 years old when this show aired) as I remember that even in the late 80’s, they would have the voiceover plug the upcoming house shows during the match. Right before the commercial breaks, they would go out playing “Top 40 music.” Overall, the show was fun and worth watching for the Piper stuff alone.
All-Star Wrestling 1/28/84
Your announcers are Vince McMahon and Gene Okerlund.
Full replay of the Hulk Hogan vs. Iron Sheik match from 1/23/84 at the MSG is shown in its entirety.
Masked Superstar vs. Steve Lombardi
Superstar pounds on Lombardi then sends him outside with a running knee smash. He drags him back in the ring then knocks him down with a headbutt. He hits a clothesline setting him up for the swinging neckbreaker scoring the victory (2:09) NR
Thoughts: Dominating squash by the Superstar. The announcers spent most of the time putting over Hogan’s title win though. Superstar was a good worker but seemed to be getting phased out here.
Ken Jugan vs. Greg Valentine w/Capt. Lou Albano
Jugan is dressed similarly to “Nacho Libre” without the mask and looks to weigh about 165lbs. Valentine gets a backbreaker and gutbuster on Jugan before tossing him to the floor. Albano rolls him off the apron but Valentine sends him back to the floor with a forearm. Back in the ring, Valentine gets a slam and an armbar. He gets another slam as Vince reads a fan letter from a guy who says that he was a fan of Orndorff in Georgia and thinks the fans aren’t showing him the proper respect he deserves.  Albano yells out “hurt him” and Valentine locks in the figure four leglock for the win (2:48) NR.
Thoughts: Another dominating squash by Valentine. He has looked great so far in his return.
Tonga Kid vs. Bill Dixon
Kid gets a drop toehold and goes to work on the legs. Dixon lands a few shots and gets a backdrop. Tonga rolls through a clothesline attempt and comes back with a sunset flip for the win (3:31) MR. After the match, Dixon tries a sneak attack but Tonga slugs away and finishes him off with a dropkick.
Thoguhts: Boring match. Tonga looked strong, which was important. I thought they should have let him use athletic moves instead of basic matwork as he was in great shape. Tonga would later be known as “Tama” and was part of the Islanders tag team. He was much lighter here.
Charlie Fulton vs. B. Brian Blair
What a treat the WWF gave the wrestling world on January 28, 1984 with two Blair/Fulton matches airing on the same day. They start with some matwork. Blair gets a hiptoss then catches Fulton with an armdrag. Blair eventually knocks down Fulton before catching him with the abdominal stretch into a crucifx for the pin (2:32) NR.
Thoughts: Not much different than the previous match. Blair has not really impressed in his first two matches.
Replay of the last Victory Corner segment with Roddy Piper from Championship Wrestling.
Tito Santana vs. Bob Bradley
Tito gets an armdrag and continues to work the arm. Bradley gets slammed and begs for mercy. Bradley lands a knee but Tito gets him over with a fireman’s carry. Bradley ends up catching Tito with a shoulderblock but Tito gets a leapfrog then finishes with the flying forearm (3:42) NR.
Thoughts: Basic squash match from Tito, who the announcers questioned whether he would go for the tag-titles with a new partner or focus on the Intercontinental Title.
Frankie Williams & Jose Luis Rivera vs. Mr. Fuji & Tiger Chung Lee
Lee and Rivera start out. Lee chops him down and gets two off of a headlock takeover as Okerlund attempts to get him over by stating how he was a master at “Kung Fu” along with every other style that would fall under martial arts. Lee works the arm and the heels use quick tags. Rivera backs Lee into his corner and tags Williams, who lands a few punches before getting destroyed. Lee uses the nerve pinch on Williams for a long time until he breaks the hold. He gets a backdrop and finishes the match with a backbreaker (4:44) NR.
Thoughts: This went on a bit longer than it should have. Lee worked most of the match. He wasn’t a terrible worker but did not possess any star-like qualities at all. Fuji barely even entered the ring.
Eddie Gilbert vs. Butcher Vachon
Gilbert had returned from a real-life car accident not too long after this bout. They locked up but Vachon kept on grabbing the ropes to bide time. He did this for a while. Eventually, Vachon lands a few shots. He then rakes the back of Gilbert before hitting several of the softest, most pathetic looking double axehandles I’ve ever seen. These look like they couldn’t put down a toddler. Vachon then gets a nerve hold and breaks that to hit more of his shitty looking axehandles. Gilbert gets a slam and lands a few shots. Vachon charges but Gilbert dodges the attack and Vachon hits the mat. Gilbert then looks down and covers Vachon for the win (3:40) NR.
Thoughts: This match was totally ineffective. Vachon was awful in the ring and Gilbert got a fluky win, making both men look bad in the process.  
Thoughts: A weaker show than Championship Wrestling. The commentary was continuously putting over Hogan (They referred to him as “Incredible” Hulk Hogan, which was his actual nickname when he first started) and frequently mentioning all of the new talent that was coming into the WWF. The squash matches weren’t very good, with the exception being Valentine destroy his opponent. Still, the WWF was making it known that the changes were not stopping anytime soon.