All-Divas wrestling show?

To your knowledge, has WWE ever considered — or would they ever consider — an all-Divas wrestling-based show? I'm picturing something like G.L.O.W. from the '80s but not as terrible. They always have more Divas on the roster than they know what to do with, and it seems they train their Divas to be wrestlers and not just valets. Plus, with Stephanie taking on a bigger role in the company and appearing to have a special interest in the Divas division, I wonder if this is something in their future plans. Especially if "Total Divas" becomes a big success, I could see WWE starting an hour-long "Sunday Night Heat" kind of show that just focuses on Divas wrestling and storylines.

Yes!  Absolutely there was serious plans for all-Diva show during the glory days of Vince Russo and Sable.  If I'm remembering correctly from the time, the original concept for Smackdown was going to be exactly that, before it got retooled into the RAW Jr. that you see today.