Cena ain’t turning

> Here you go, so the BODers don't get their hopes up over the next 24 hours. Cena on ESPN.com when asked about turning heel:
> "I just don’t see me getting there in order to please a very small group of 30-year-olds. To be very honest with you, every single week I meet kids with life-threatening illnesses and they’ll tell me how much I mean to them, and their parents will tell me how inspirational I’ve been to their kids. We raised a million dollars last year for breast cancer. I’m helping spearhead the Hurricane Sandy relief fund at this year’s WrestleMania. I’ve been able to give back to the military in Tribute to the Troops. And I’m currently working on a program to help America shave 5 million pounds. All of this stuff I would have to stop if I was a “bad guy.” To be a bad guy, you actually have to be a bad guy. I just don’t have it in me, personally. So although you might get a great story out of it for nine months, doing it would just take away so much, and I don’t have that club in the bag."
> Link: http://espn.go.com/blog/playbook/fandom/post/_/id/20444/wrestlemania-29-john-cena-talks-the-rock
> Done and done — and Damn him for calling us out. The character will remain the doppelganger to 97 Bret Hart. To be fair, I'm 38.  But he speaks the truth.

Say It Ain’t So, Nick Diaz!

I'm saddened by Diaz's retirement following the loss to GSP, but glad to hear he still wants a rematch.  Gives all his fans hope for the future.  

Anyway, I actually thought it would end up 49-46 because Diaz seemed to win the second round, but really the one round difference is nothing anyway. Hendricks-Condit was a HELL of a brawl and had the bar applauding after each round and sometimes after each exchange, and hopefully Raffi will finally get his title shot.  Rest of the show was pretty blah, although it was fun watching Nate the Great getting knocked on his ass by Ellenberger. The last two fights really elevated this show into a strong thumbs up for me, and the wings were good, so it was a good night.