Mike Reviews – AEW Double or Nothing 2021 (30th May 2021) – Part One

Good Day one and all!

I have had a request or two over the years to review some AEW, but I’ve never done it mainly because AEW has traditionally been a show/company that I’ve enjoyed just for me and writing about it would almost make it feel like work in a strange way.

However, I decided I’d try this at least once on the off chance I have something interesting to say about it. If I don’t then I’ll go back to just watching the product as a fan, but if this goes well and people like it then I might review some more AEW down the line, but it’s not going to be a regular occurrence or anything like that.

I’m going to be splitting this over 2-3 weeks here in my Wednesday slot, as I felt that with Andy PG, Thomas Hall and Scott Keith reviewing the show at the time it happened it would have been reaching overkill for me to review it too. Hopefully this way there’s been sufficient time for everything to breathe and it isn’t too much AEW to chew on.

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