Admiring Cena

I've been thinking, and isn't there some things to really admire about Cena right now. First off, here's a guy who was a main stay in the main event now holding a secondary title in order to try to bring prestige to it. Would an Austin or Rock ever go from battling for the world belt for years to suddenly being OK with being shunted down the card? If the story about Trips wanting to bring back the world title in 2002 because he didn't want the IC belt then we know he wouldn't. 

Then I'm thinking about how he could bring new life to his career and guarantee himself into being a  fixture all over again in the main event with a heel turn, yet he doesn't. People will say selfish reasons, but if he was really selfish wouldn't it make more sense for him to do a turn?

​Oh, I would bet money that someone's gonna get injured by Summerslam and Cena is going to end up with that belt around his jorts again this year and he's well aware, so let's not write him off into the sunset just yet. But certainly his refusal to do a heel turn because he doesn't want to disappoint all the kids is a pretty noble goal on his part and to be commended.  ​