How Long Aces & Eights Storyline Will Keep Going

Six months?  Oy vey…

Look at how long they kept the Joey Ryan angle going and no one gave a shit about that one, either.  Nothing against Ryan, he's great in this role, but it wasn't a storyline that required FOUR MONTHS.  With Aces, we should have gotten the payoff at BFG, and all we got was the first real angle.  Maybe Brian Michael Bendis is doing wrestling writing now?

Aces and eights

Hey Scott, love your reviews.  I know this has been talked about on your blog, but is there any way they can fix the Aces and Eights scenario.  I have seen that Jeff Jarrett may be the leader, which would really suck.

My bigger issue at this point is that I think we've gotten whatever payoff to the Joseph Park storyline there's going to be.  For months they were building up the fairly complex Jekyll and Hyde dynamic with the Bully Ray feud, and then Park just suddenly stopped being a wrestler and now he's just this wacky lawyer who hangs out backstage talking about "kayfab" and tweeting pictures of himself.  I keep waiting for someone to mention that this guy might be deadly monster The Abyss but no one ever does, and in fact now they're just treating him like he's innocent lawyer Joseph Park, end of story.  It's really weird storytelling.  
As for the Aces, I really wish they had never teased that the leader might be someone.  They should have just had some masked dude talking without the voice modulation, so that they weren't promising intrigue that they couldn't deliver.  They're just nameless thugs out to destroy Hulkamania for 1-2 segments per week, no problem.  But they got greedy and wanted a piece of that sweet nWo mystery buildup pie, and now they've pretty much booked themselves into a corner with it, where the heels don't interact with anyone but Hogan and Sting now and they've spent so much time building up Act 1 that they forgot to move onto Act 2.  I don't think there's any real point in "saving" it now, it's just a silly Hulk Hogan feud, especially if it is Bischoff behind it all.  

Aces & Eights

Hey Scott,
After watching Impact regularly again since they've gone live, I can't help but be extremely entertained by the Aces & 8's story. However, am I the only one who expects it to be Samoa Joe? And if it's Joe, will they be able to tell the whole back-story to Joe/Aries?
I mean, for us ROH nuts, we all know the story of Joe reigning supreme, Aries upsetting him and "shocking the world" and then going on to form a super group and dominate ROH for the next couple years. Does this not seem like the continuation of the story/reversing the roles? Aries wins the title, he is the man right now, only to have Joe upset him and take the title at Bound For Glory and follow it up by forming his own super group with the Aces & 8's?
Am I giving the booking team at TNA too much credit for the back-story to this? Or is it just coincidental that the pieces are falling into place to be an awesome "re-boot" to the Joe/Aries saga? Or am I the only person who remembers their back-story at all?
Thanks Scott!

I've been saying that Joe would be a good payoff to the angle, especially if it gives us another round of Joe-Aries in the main event.  I also think that Joseph Park developing a third personality as a coping mechanism would be interesting.  Maybe they'll combine into SAMOA JOSEPH PARK, ESQ?!  Park HAS been very conspicuous by his absence ever since the Bully Ray storyline ended.