Worst Owner: Dixie or Herb Abrams?

I’m not sure how many people remember Herb Abrams, but he was probably the worst owner in professional wrestling to get a national TV deal (and PPV), with an eccentric personality (to say the least), a habitual liar, someone who constantly stiffed workers on pay, ordered Steve Williams to break another wrestlers nose for whatever personal issues he had with him, and eventually died wearing a diaper, covered in baby oil, and chasing hookers while high off his ass on coke… and yet, I don’t know if that’s enough to be worse than Dixie Carter.


Ignoring the obvious, like letting guys like A.J. Styles walk with low-ball contract offers and throwing butt-loads of money at marginal celebrities and MMA fighter wrestling fans don’t care about, here’s a few things I can come up with…


Gives a “motivational” speech on TV that basically tells the entire roster that she is the supreme knower of all and they can either like it or leave it, and the speech wasn’t part of a storyline.

On Hulk Hogan’s last night, willingly lets him make the decision to have her, the newly minted “heel authority”, begging and sobbing on her knees for him not to leave as if the entire world depended on 60 year old Hulk Hogan showing up.

Spike TV gives her one demand, not to hire Vince Russo under any capacity. It’s the equivalent of Ren telling Stimpy not to press the self-destruct button.

The situation with Jesse Sorensen, among others with non-payment of injured talent (Zema Ion, Daffney…)

#askDixie. ‘Nuff said.


And in an unrelated topic, who you got for Game 7, Rangers or Lightning?

I got the Lightning in the battle of teams who are about lose to the Ducks.  
As bad as Dixie is, she at least seems to know her ass from a hole in the ground, so that's one up on Herb.