What the World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain TV – September 9, 1995

Footage from a Barbourville, Kentucky house show where Jim Cornette dismisses Buddy Landel from the Militia for losing a tag team match with Tommy Rich airs.

The finish of a ten-man tag team elimination match in Morristown, Tennessee for $10,000 airs.  The bout came down to Boo Bradley and Terry Gordy.  Gordy won after Cornette tripped Bradley and Gordy dropped an elbow.  After the bell, Cornette and Gordy beat on Bradley until Brad Armstrong tried to make the save.  Cornette tossed powder in Armstrong’s eyes and Gordy powerbombed the SMW Champion several times, with Cornette counting to three afterward.  Tommy Noe is a terrible voiceover on this footage.

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