WWF Championship Wrestling 5/12/84

WWF Championship Wrestling
May, 12, 1984
Your announcers are Gene Okerlund and Vince McMahon
Rene Goulet vs. Ivan Putski

Rene covers his sequenced glove before the match. Putski shoves him into the corner a few times. He then wins a test-of-strength then shoves him down again, which has Goulet complaining of a hair pull. Putski works over the arm until Goulet breaks it up with a punch to the head. Goulet backs him in the corner and bites Putski, who fights back. Goulet stops that barrage with an eye rake. He chokes Putski for a bit then hits him with one of the ugliest snapmares I have ever seen. Putski then powers out of the claw and the two trade punches. Putski gets backed into the corner and gets a kneelift. Goulet then proceeds to bite Putski all over the ring until they trade some more punches. Goulet ducks outside for a few seconds then comes back in and gets a dropkick. Putski then reverses an Irish whip and hits Goulet with the Polish Hammer for the win (5:15).  After the match, Putski stomps Goulet a few times before leaving the ring.
Thoughts: This was great for those who love to see biting as part of the matches but it was terrible for everyone else. Putski is just awful in the ring at this point.
WWF Update with Vince McMahon. He asks the question of which family is the most powerful in professional wrestling. He lists the Vachons and Funk but states that the answer is the Von Erich family. He plugs their article in the latest edition of WWF Magazine and says that there will be more on the Von Erich’s in the following weeks. Vince switches the topic to Salvatore Bellomo and mentions how he makes paper ships. That’s fantastic. Anyway, the screen caption for Bellomo reads “ATSA MY BOAT.” I miss the subtle racism from the 1980’s WWF.
B. Brian Blair vs. Ron Shaw
Talk about excitement. Shaw backs Blair into the corner and works on the arm. Blair reverses and works the arm himself, causing the crowd to start a mildly loud “boring” chant. He gets a monkey flip before going back to the arm. That is not going to stop those boring chants. Forearm smash gets two. He gets a shoulderblock then hits a terrible looking hiptoss, which gets two. He gets another near pinfall but then runs into an elbow smash from Shaw. Slam gets two. He misses a charge into the corner and Blair hits him with a kneelift. He gets an elbow smash from the second rope then ducks an elbow from Shaw before locking on the abdominal stretch and cradling him up for the win (4:26).
Thoughts: Blair shows no personality in the ring and the crowd couldn’t care less about him. The match was boring
Israel Matia vs. Sgt. Slaughter
Terry Daniels is not present with Slaughter. Sarge is over huge, kids and adults are going nuts for him. They do a bit of stalling to start off until Sarge chops Matia in the corner. Sarge then ducks a shot from Matia and dumps him over the ropes. Matia screwed up that spot and Sarge seems pissed. He rolls him back in but Matia rakes the eyes and punches away. Sarge picks him up in the back suplex position then just dumps drops him down har. He tosses him on the ropes then kills him with a clothesline, setting up the Cobra Clutch for the win (3:51). Slaughter keeps the hold on Matia well after the bell then breaks before leaving the ring
Thoughts: Slaughter is crazy over right now. The whole arena loved him. His transformation from a hated heel to one of the most over acts in the company was fascinating to watch.
Piper’s Pit with Captain Lou Albano. Piper calls him the best manager ever, in wrestling and in music. They have several magazine covers on the table that all feature Cyndi Lauper. Piper says that Albano is the reason that she is a megastar, and joked that he was even to make her appear sexy. He shows a gold album then they show a clip of her video “Time after Time.” Piper asks if he could bring her onto his show and Albano states that he can make that happen, which causes Roddy to get excited.
“Dr. D” David Schultz vs. Salvatore Bellomo
Schultz tries to ground Bellomo but he escapes. They do some matwork until Schultz pulls down Bellomo by the hair then grabs a headlock. Schultz gets backed into the corner and Bellomo fires away. He reverses an Irish whip and comes back with a dropkick. Schultz takes the advantage with a headbutt and rough up Bellomo. He slams him then connects with the elbow drop from the second rope for the win (3:50). After the match, Schultz joins Okerlund for an interview. He tells Okerlund that there are no room for crybabies in the WWF and states that his goal is to win the heavyweight championship. He then puts over his finisher to close the segment.  
Thoughts: They seem to be pushing Schultz. The match itself was dominated by Schultz and the interview was fine. He is a good worker and a better heel so it was a smart move by the WWF.
We are joined in progress as the Iron Sheik is destroying two jobbers. He stacks them on each other and puts one of them in the Camel’s Clutch, causing the jobber to submit. After the match, the Sheik grabs the mic and yells for Sgt. Slaughter before leaving the ring with his manager, Freddie Blassie. The crowd is throwing stuff at Sheik and just hate him with great passion.
Vince tells us that next week’s featured bout will be Mr. Fuji vs. Bob Backlund.
Final Thoughts: Not much of a show here. They furthered along the relationship between Albano and Cyndi Lauper but the matches were just about all terribe.They continue to push Sheik, Slaughter, David Schultz. They are all over but are just about always on TV, so if you missed this, you didnt miss anything new.