WWF Superstars of Wrestling May 30th, 1987

May 30, 1987

From the Convention Center in Anaheim, CA

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, and Vince McMahon

Tonight, we will see the Can-Am Connection vs. The Islanders. Also in action will be Ricky Steamboat, Honky Tonk Man, Jim Duggan, and King Harley Race. Plus, a special report on the health of Superstar Billy Graham and more.

Can-Am Connection vs. The Islanders

The Islanders looked intense as they make their way to the ring, not stopping to slap hands with the fans. Martel and Haku lock up as we get an insert promo of the Islanders and what they think of the Can-Ams as Tama is shown laughing hysterically while Haku stands their with his hands folded. Zenk tags after Martel gets a nearfall with a crossbody and works the arm. Haku slams Zenk but misses an elbow as Zenk works the arm. Haku boots Zenk in the face then tags Tama as he goes back and forth with Zenk. Bobby Heenan is then shown in the aisle as the Can-Ams are distracted but that allows The Islanders to attack them from behind as Jesse starts to laugh. The Islanders beat the crap out of the Can-Ams from outside of the ring then roll back inside as they get the win via countout as Vince yells at Jesse for knowing all along that the Islanders were Heenan’s team as Jesse laughs some more (3:52). The Islanders then walk off with Heenan.

Thoughts: I thought the whole Islanders turn was brilliant. They got increasingly more aggressive each week and Heenan even made fun of them on commentary but as the team showed more anger, Heenan then said one week that they were missing something but did not know what and when Heenan announced that he had a new team the week prior, it all came to this. And the Islanders became over instantly as heels due not only by aligning with Heenan but also turning on the Can-Am Connection.

WWF Update with Craig DeGeorge. This week’s subject are the WWF Ice Cream Bars as we see clips of George “The Animal” Steele visiting the factory to see how they are made. The typical goofiness you would expect from Steele.

Billy Anderson vs. Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart

Honky has theme music now as the fans boo while Hart carries the “Ban the DDT” sign. Vince reminds us that this is the last week to vote on whether or not to ban the DDT. Honky works over Anderson in the corner as we get Hart shown in an insert promo pleading with us fans to ban the DDT, even though Honky is not scared of the move. Honky stays on the attack until he puts Anderson away with the Shake, Rattle, and Roll (2:45). After the match, Honky thanks his fans then plays the guitar as a graphic is shown where you can send your vote for the “Ban the DDT” movement.

Thoughts: Honky remains loathed by the fans as his stock rises as a heel.

Gene Okerlund is with Hulk Hogan, who will be facing King Harley Race in a Texas Death Match at the Boston Garden. Hogan puts over the stipulation that he will quit wrestling if he loses as we promises to destroy Race.

We are shown another wacky video with Killer Khan and Mr. Fuji, who puts over just how vicious and dangerous Khan can be, saying that he has the “mind of the devil.”

Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

The crowd is loving Duggan as he hits Sharpe with an atomic drop. Jesse thinks that Jack Tunney should ban the 2×4 as Duggan stays in control of the match. Sharpe fights back briefly but gets clotheslined down. Duggan comes back with a shoulder tackle before getting the win with a running clothesline (1:53). After the match, Duggan leads the crowd into a “USA” chant.

Thoughts: Unfortunately for Duggan, he was arrested with the Iron Sheik four days before this aired and was fired from the WWF as a result. It left a huge hole on the babyface side of the roster too as Duggan was in the midst of a huge push.

Okerlund is with George Steele, who gives Okerlund a note and he will be facing Danny Davis in Boston. Koko B. Ware then comes out and promises that he will play the guitar on top of the Honky Tonk Man’s head as those two will also be wrestling in Boston. I will be reviewing that Boston Garden show on the blog.

WWF Special Report with Craig DeGeorge. They show Superstar Billy Graham as he talks about making a comeback to the ring then they show footage of his hip replacement surgery then tease next week’s report as he is shown training. Not bad but Graham was old news to the younger fanbase.

Joe Mirto vs. King Harley Race w/ Bobby Heenan

Race knees down Mirto as Vince talks about the Islanders aligning with Heenan. Race slams Mirto around a few times before getting the win with a cradle suplex (1:52).

Thoughts: Race squash matches are usually dull and this was no exception.

Snake Pit with guests One Man Gang and Slick, who proclaims that the Gang’s Master Blaster finisher is more vicious than the DDT as we are shown that in an insert video. Gang then tells us that he will take no prisoners and eventually run through Hogan. Fine segment to help establish Gang as a monster heel.

We are shown clips of the Brutus Beefcake vs. Dino Bravo match from “Wrestling Challenge” last week where the Rougeaus ran in and saved Brutus from a 3-on-1 attack.

Another Ron Bass promo in which he promises to brand people.

Dusty Wolfe vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

Steamboat works the arm as we get an insert promo from Danny Davis, who wants a shot at the Intercontinental Title. Steamboat continues to work the arm as Vince and Bruno talk about how preposterous it is for Davis to challenge for the IC Title. Wolfe makes a comeback and goes to work on the arm as well. Steamboat fights back and slams Wolfe down before getting the win with a flying chop (3:42).

Thoughts: They continue the gimmick of Steamboat as a fighting champion here.

Okerlund is with Jimmy Hart and Danny Davis as they talk about George Steele. Honky comes out and briefly plays the guitar before leaving. Heenan comes out and says that while he was not there the last time, he will be there to see Race defeat Hogan for the belt in Boston. Another segment to sell the local house show.

Next week in action will be Koko B. Ware, Demolition, Ken Patera, and Kamala & Sika.

Final Thoughts: Solid show that was highlighted by the Islanders turn. They are trying to build guys up but old guys like Graham, Khan, and Patera are not very inspiring choices. They did hype the OMG and really put over the “Ban the DDT” gimmick so that was good. The WWF is still trying to establish a top feud at the moment but just aren’t there at this point.

I will have my shoot interview recap up on Thursday but cannot say for sure if I will be able to get anything else posted this week. Stay tuned for updates.

WWF Wrestling Challenge November 30th, 1986

November 30, 1986

From the Metro Centre in Rockford, IL

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

Tonight, George Steele & Junkyard Dog are in action. Plus, the Dream Team & Dino Bravo will take on the Islanders & Sivi Afi. Plus, we get to see the Ricky Steamboat vs. Randy Savage match from the 11/22 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.”

We are first shown a clip of Slick with a cast on his arm blaming the British Bulldogs’ mascot Matilda for causing his injury.

George Steele & Junkyard Dog vs. Dave Wagner & The Raider

The Raider was wrestler Randy Barber under a mask. Barber wrestled a lot in the South, mainly in Georgia, and did several TV jobs for the WWF and NWA in the late 80’s. Sadly, he passed away in 2008 of a heart attack at age 49. The match starts with both JYD & Steele taking turns beating on the Raider. Wagner tags and JYD clotheslines him down. Steele tags and bites open a turnbuckle then throws the stuffing in Wagner’s face before tagging JYD, who hits the powerslam for the win (1:40). After the match, JYD and Steele teach a kid to dance in the ring, prompting Heenan to say how no one in the ring had more than a 3rd grade education.

Thoughts: Same old act with JYD & Steele but the fans ate it up so why not go with it as a midcard act.

We get another clip of Jesse Ventura telling the Honkytonk Man that he lost the “Vote of Confidence” as Honky goes off on an angry tirade on the fans.

They show a replay of the Savage vs. Steamboat match from the 11/22 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.” This was the match in which Savage crushed Steamboat’s throat with the timekeeper’s bell, starting off their feud.

Ken Resnick is with Koko B. Ware and his bird, Frankie, who is flapping his wings out of control the entire time. Not much of an interview as it was just Koko doing his schtick.

Another promo from the desert by Superstar Billy Graham. He calls out King Kong Bundy and promises that he will be back. That didnt exaclty happen.

The Dream Team & Dino Bravo w/ Johnny V. vs. The Islanders & Sivi Afi

Gorilla quickly alerts us that Danny Davis is the referee as we get an insert promo from Davis who tells the fans that he has a valid referee’s license until April and he will call it like he sees it. Haku and Valentine exchange blows to start. Valentine wins that and takes him over with a snapmare before tagging out. Beefcake gets two with an inverted atomic drop. Valentine tags back in but Haku blocks a suplex and hits one of his own. Afi tags and covers but Bravo runs in and breaks things up then the match breaks down. Valentine knees Afi in the back from the apron then Bravo hits Afi with a back suplex for the win (3:37).

Thoughts: Decent action. The Dream Team has start to run its course though despite being a really good team. It seemed obvious that Afi would eat the pin here.

Resnick is with the Wizard, asking him about Sika and Kamala. We get another awful screaming promo from the Wizard, who says that his men are in search of Hulk Hogan, Hillbilly Jim, and the Junkyard Dog then declares that he will put his men in a team to face the British Bulldogs so they can feast on dog every Sunday.

Now, we get a promo from Blackjack Mulligan at his ranch while he sits on a horse. His comeback lasted for about four months.

Moondog Spot vs. Kamala w/ The Wizard & Kimchee

Spot hammers away to start but can’t get him out of the corner and gets caught with a crescent kick. Spot fights back and charges but Kamala leapfrogs him then boots him down before getting the win with a top rope splash (1:40).

Thoughts: The Kamala push stays strong. Spot was playing the face here which actually made sense as the Moondogs were arguing with each other on TV as Rex was the aggressor.

The Snake Pit with guest Hillbilly Jim. Roberts is wearing a black fur coat for this interview. This goes nowhere as it turns into a discussion about animals. The Snake Pit was a pretty lousy talk show segment.

Gino Carabello & Jimmy Jack Funk vs. The Rougeau Brothers

Raymond fights off Funk, who tags Carabello. We get an insert promo from the Rougeau’s in both English and French that seemed generic as the Rougeau’s show off their athletic ability in beating on Carabello. Funk tries to break things up but the Rougeau’s fight him off then hit the Rougeau Bomb on Carabello for the win (2:27).

Thoughts: The Rougeau’s were a fine team but were about to get leapfrogged in the pecking order by the younger, flashier, and more popular Can-Am Connection.

We are shown the replay of Okerlund interviewing Steamboat’s doctor from the past episode of “Superstars of Wrestling” as the doctor is unsure if Steamboat will ever wrestle again.

Jack Foley vs. Hercules w/ Bobby Heenan

Jack Foley is in fact Mick Foley, who was billed from Bloomington, Indiana for this match. Johnny V has replaced Heenan on commentary. Hercules destroys Foley as the crowd starts up a “weasel” chant. Hercules slams Foley a few times then sends him down with a clothesline. Hercules then picks up Foley and puts him in the backbreaker for the win (1:28).

Thoughts: Hercules was getting a renewed push when he became managed by Heenan and they needed new blood in the upper midcard so he was far from the worst person to give that spot to on the roster.

Next week’s featured match will be a six-man tag with Billy Jack Haynes & British Bulldogs vs. Butch Reed & Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Sheik.

Final Thoughts: If you missed the last few weeks of “Superstars of Wrestling,” this was a useful show but besides that it was completely forgettable. We had two reintroductory vignettes of guys way past their primes and unexciting matches to go along with bad promos. You can easily pass on this show.

Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Saturday: RoH Retribution: Round Robin Challenge 4/26/03
Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 12/6/86
Tuesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 12/7/86
Thursday: Shoot Interview TBD
Friday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 12/13/86

WWF Championship Wrestling August 30th, 1986

August 30, 1986

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon

This would be the final episode of “Championship Wrestling” as the show would be renamed “Superstars of Wrestling” and film on the road instead of the dreary Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY. The improved production values are quite noitceable too on the first show.

In action tonight will be Paul Orndorff, Randy Savage, and Dick Slater will take on Jimmy Jack Funk. Plus, a special coronation ceremony involving Harley Race and much more.

Mario Mancini vs. Randy “Macho Man” Savage w/ Elizabeth

Savage attacks Mancini before the bell then we get an insert promo from George Steele, who is holding a photo of Elizabeth and repeating the word “nice.” Savage hits a gutwrench suplex and a slam before heading up top and finishing off Mancini with the flying elbow smash (2:38).

Thoughts: Your typical squash match from Savage as they are going back to his feud with Steele, who is obsessed with Elizabeth.

WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This week’s subject is Billy Jack Haynes, who cuts a promo about how he is in the best shape of his life and in the WWF to face the top competition. Okerlund puts over his finisher, the full nelson, at the end of the segment.

The Gladiator & Mr. X vs. Junkyard Dog & George “The Animal” Steele

Match starts with Steele chasing the Gladiator out of the ring. Mr. X tags and Steele lifts him up in a choke then tosses him down. He then bites open the turnbuckle and puts the stuffing in the face of Mr. X and the referee. JYD tags as we get an insert promo from the Honky Tonk Man, who says that he is coming to the WWF real soon. Before he finishes, JYD gets the win after hitting The Gladiator with a powerslam (2:18). JYD then grabs the mic and welcomes us to the Honky Tonk Man as the crowd couldn’t care less. AS Honky grabs the mic, they cut away to Ken Resnick for an interview.

Thoughts: They sure did cut away very quickly when the Honky Tonk Man grabbed the mic. The crowd did not care for him at all. The match was the same thing you get with Steele & JYD whenever they appear on TV.

Ken Resnick is with Randy Savage, who says that he is going to embarrass George Steele at the Boston Garden on Sept 6th. Savage cut a good promo here.

Tommy Sharpe vs. “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff w/ Bobby Heenan

Orndorff continues to come out to Hogan’s “Real American” theme song. The crowd is all over Orndorff as Sharpe surprises him with an armdrag. The crowd is screaming for Hogan as Orndorff regroups with Heenan. Poffo recites a poem in an insert promo about Orndorff an how Hogan will end up winning their war. Orndorff catches Sharpe with a knee then beats him down for a bit. Orndorff hits a clothesline then mocks one of Hogan’s poses before getting the win with a piledriver (2:41).

Thoughts: The crowd fucking hated Orndorff with a passion. Orndorff did a good job pissing off the crowd too and really was a good heel wrestler. He knew how to get the crowd into his matches.

Resnick is with Bobby Heenan, who says that the Machines are Andre the Giant and some other American. He then promises that Studd and Bundy will expose the Machines for the frauds that they are when rip off their masks.

Jimmy Jack Funk w/ Jimmy Hart & Hoss Funk vs. “The Rebel” Dick Slater

Slater comes out to a faster version of “I wish I was in Dixie Land.” Jimmy Jack attacks Slater from behind outside of the ring after he got distracted by Hoss. Back inside, Slater hits an atomic drop then gets a nearfall with a suplex. Jimmy Jack regains control and hammers away as we get another Superstar Billy Graham insert promo speaking about his return. Slater takes down Jimmy Jack with a Russian leg sweep then hits an elbow smash from the top rope. He goes to bounce off of the ropes but Hoss trips him up as the referee rules the match a disqualification (2:17). Hoss goes into the ring and beats on Slater and attempts to tie him up with his rope but Slater fights back and grabs the rope as the Funk’s and Jimmy Hart flee.

Thoughts: This was the last TV appearance by Hoss Funk, meaning this feud did not continue. Slater got some cheers at least but Jimmy Jack Funk was worthless on his own and would soon become a TV jobber until he left the company.

The Flower Shop with guests Capt. Lou Albano and Bobby Heenan, who wants the Machines to come out so he can inspect them personally. He tells Super Machine that he knows him from somewhere as Adonis thinks he might be the “Nightstalker.” He thinks asks for the Giant Machine and instead another Machine comes out (Big Machine) then he gets sent back and Heenan asks for him to come out again and Giant Machine comes out as Heenan is confused then gets pissed as the segment ends. The Machines gimmick has already run it’s course and with Andre not wrestling, there was really no reason to care about the Super Machine or the new Machine either.

Heenan is now in the ring with the other heel managers and their clients. In the ring is a throne then Heenan brings out Harley Race, who comes out behind a midget that is holding his crown on a pillow. Heenan then reads from a scroll and declares from now on, Race will be known as the “King of Professional Wrestling.” Everyone in the ring cheers then Studd & Bundy put Race on their shoulders and carry him around the ring then up the aisle. Race did not look comfortable at all on their shoulders and this segment did not get that much heel heat to be honest.

Gino Carabello & Steve Lombardi vs. The American Express

Carabello grabs a side headlock to start. Rotundo hiptosses Carabello then hits a slam. They have some major miscommunication with an elbow drop spot then Spivey tags into the match and works the arm. Lombardi tags as Spivey overpowers him but more importantly, Roddy Piper is shown in an insert promo saying that he has been granted permission to appear on the Flower Shop. Carabello gets hit with a double dropkick and shortly after that, Spivey gets the win with a bulldog (4:35).

Thoughts: Spivey & Rotundo were getting better as a team but there was too much depth in the tag division so they did not stick out enough to get a push.  

Resnick is with Big & Super Machine as they talk about their match in Boston against Studd & Bundy. Half of this show revolved around the Machines.

Adonis interrupts Bruno and Vince, saying that the Flower Shop is his show and he does what he wants as he is pissed that Piper will be appearing on his show next week.

Final Thoughts: This show was heavily dominated by the Machines/Heenan feud and by the end, it was tiresome. The angle was DOA when Andre was too hurt to compete. Besides that, the Piper/Adonis confrontation for next week was the only newsworthy event to happen. They started to make a feud between Slater and the Funk’s but Dory would leave the company before that got going. Really not much of a show to be honest.

Here is my schedule for the next seven days:

Saturday: RoH Unscripted 9/21/02
Sunday: WWF Superstars 9/6/86 (Debut Episode)
Tuesday: WWF Challenge 9/7/86 (Debut Episode)
Thursday: RF Video Shoot Interview with Bret Hart, Volume 1
Friday: WWF Superstars 9/13/86

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WWF Championship Wrestling November 30th, 1985

November 30, 1985

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon

In action tonight are Ricky Steamboat & King Tonga in tag team action. Also, the British Bulldogs, King Kong Bundy, and the TV debut of Hercules Hernandez.

Ricky Steamboat & King Tonga vs. Joe Mirto & Barry O.

Ricky and Barry work a nice little sequence to start. Steamboat works an armbar until Barry breaks that up with a thumb to the eye. Suplex gets one. Neckbreaker gets one. Steamboat floats over and hits an atomic drop. Mirto tags and they work on his arm. Tonga gets a nearfall on a leg drop then puts him away with a diving headbutt (3:49).

Thoughts: Solid action. Tonga showed more here than at any point of his singles run since his debut. The crowd loves Steamboat.

WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week, Hayes shows us a clip of JYD winning the “Wrestling Classic” PPV Tournament.

Mario Mancini vs. Hercules Hernandez w/ Freddie Blassie

Hercules overpowers Mancini to start. He then beats on him with forearm smashes while stopping to pose and jaw at the crowd. He drops Mancini throat-first across the top rope then catches him with a backbreaker before making him tap out to the backbreaker rack (2:37).

Thoughts: The commentators put over Hercules strength and physique throughout the match. He was very slow and lumbering but didn’t look too bad in tossing around Mancini, who barely weighed 200 lbs. Not the most electrifying debut I have ever seen.

Gene Okerlund is with Capt. Lou Albano, who says he had seven turkeys for Thanksgiving. Albano puts over his stable, specifically his newest team, the British Bulldogs. Okerlund says that they could be the next champs as Albano puts him over. Albano then talks about his work with Multiple Sclerosis alongside Cyndi Lauper as “St. Elmo’s Fire” plays in the background.

Gino Carabello & Steve Lombardi vs. Corporal Kirchner & “Leaping” Lanny Poffo

Lanny looks very happy coming down the aisle. Bruno works a backhanded compliment aimed at Poffo, stating that his talent in poetry is so much that he shouldn’t even be in wrestling. Lombardi backs Poffo into the corner and bites his head. Poffo takes him out with a hiptoss then goes to work. Kirchner tags and works over both guys until he puts away Carabello with a Samoan Drop (2:07).

Thoughts: The pairing of Carabello & Poffo was quite odd. Anyway, the match was nothing and the crowd didn’t care as Poffo was a nobody and Kirchner never got over.

Mean Gene is now plugging the “Wrestling Holiday Spectacular” on December 26th in Providence, RI. He then brings out Jimmy Hart and Terry Funk, who will be facing Junkyard Dog at the event. Funk is pissed that JYD embarrased him by taking over Hart’s pants then calls Gene a “pervert” who would like to have his pants removed. God, Funk was great in 1985.

Tony Garea vs. Randy “Macho Man” Savage w/ Elizabeth

Savage attacks Garea after he held the ropes open for Elizabeth when she left the ring. He beats the shit out of him then jumps outside and berates her before going back inside. Garea catches him with a shot to the midsection as he comes off the top ropes then gets a few nearfalls until Savage runs him into the ropes after a reverse rollup attempt then gets the win with a flying elbow smash (1:29). After the match, Savage tears up some fan signs then yells at Elizabeth while they head up the aisle.

Thoughts: Savage was great as a dickhead heel here. He had the crowd seething over the way he treated Elizabeth. Typical Garea squash match in which he gets a majority of the offense and loses only after he made a mistake. He was the worst.

Piper’s Pit with guest Ted Arcidi. Before he comes out, Piper smacks off a Hogan action figure from his chair and replaces it with one of himself. Arcidi is billed as the strongest power lifter ever. Piper runs down his accolades as Arcidi is trying to get over as a heel but is just awful on the mic. He then closes by lifting the table over his head. A waste of time as Arcidi was terrible and had no presence at all on camera.

King Kong Bundy w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Jim Young & Gary Starr

Bundy brushes off both guys, who try and fail to take down Bundy as Bruno is making fun of their techniques on commentary. Bundy tosses both guys into the corner and hits the avalanche before dropping the elbow on Starr and scoring the pin with a five-count (1:55).

Thoughts: They are building Bundy back up as the indestructible monster, this time with handicapped matches. The crowd reacted more to Heenan than Bundy though.

A clip of “Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestlin'” airs, with Nikolai Volkoff upset over the ballet.

Mr. X & Rusty Brooks vs. British Bulldogs w/ Capt. Lou Albano

The Bulldogs toss Mr. X to the floor then Davey hits Brooks with a powerslam and tags Dynamite, who puts him away with the flying headbutt (0:26).

Thoughts: Extremely short and seeing how they segued right into the next segment, it was designed to make sure they could fit that into the show. It was a bit funny how they plugged the video airing next week right before the match started though. I guess they tried to surprise the fans with a quick match.

The “Land of 1,000 Dances” video airs. I included the video below for those who have not seen this before.

Mean Gene brings out Freddie Blassie, who puts over Sheik & Volkoff for beating everyone around the world and says that with Hercules Hernandez, the Latin people can finally have a wrestler to make them proud. Blassie leaves and Gene brings out Bobby Heenan and they engage in a pretty funny comedy bit in which Heenan cuts Okerlund off after telling him to finish his question. After that, Heenan gets frustrated about the weasel chants then accidentally refers to himself as a weasel a few times until the segment ends. The stuff with Okerlund and Heenan was gold. 
Next week, Paul Orndorff returns to action. Also, David Sammartino and George “The Animal” Steele will be here. Plus, Hart Foundation, Tito Santana & Pedro Morales, Ricky Steamboat & King Tonga, and a edition of “Piper’s Pit.”
Final Thoughts: An uneventful show. No angles were advanced on screen and the matches themselves were forgettable. A lot of filler and two debuts (Hercules and Arcidi) that did not go over well. 

WWF Championship Wrestling March 30th 1985

March 30, 1985

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon

In action for today are Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo, King Kong Bundy, Ricky Steamboat, Don Muraco, and Greg Valentine. Plus, the final training session before WrestleMania between Mr. T and Hulk Hogan.
Jim Haley & “Playboy” Buddy Rose vs. Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo w/Capt. Lou Albano

Albano is really out of place as a face manager. He is just emotionless. Rose and Rotundo trade arm wringers to start. Rotundo wins a battle on the mat and works the arm as the crowd starts chanting “fat boy” at Rose. Rose gets a slam but misses a top rope elbow drop. Hot tag to Windham and he dropkicks Harley. Rotundo tags then gets Harley in the airplane spin for the win (3:23).

Thoughts: Decent match. Rotundo and Rose worked well together. The crowd still goes nuts when “Born to the USA” plays.

WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. The subject this week is the Junkyard Dog. Hayes puts over JYD for his charisma then we see a clip of him dancing with kids in the ring. JYD apparently promises to take the Intercontinental Title from Greg Valentine at WrestleMania.

Paul Roma vs. King Kong Bundy w/Jimmy Hart

Bundy destroys Roma in the corner. He drops a knee then kills him with a clothesline. He destroys him some more before hitting the Avalanche then getting the win with the splash (1:48). Bundy then demands that the referee give him the five count.

Thoughts: Bundy looked solid as and the WWF is slowly building him up. You can tell that he will be near the top of the card shortly.

Gene Okerlund is backstage. He runs down the card for WrestleMania before we see a clip from him interviewing Cyndi Lauper and Wendi Richter from a different location. Lauper says that Kai is not half of the wrestler that Richter is and promises she will regain the title.

Rick Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat

Steamboat grounds Savage to start. Steamboat catches with a knee smash and a dropkick before applying an armbar. After boring the crowd for a minute, Savage fights back and catches Steamboat with a back elbow smash. Steamboat comes back with some hard chops that awake a few of the fans. After several more chops, Steamboat gets the win with a flying body press (3:38).

Thoughts: God, that was dull. Savage was a shitty wrestler and these two just did not work well at all. There was a “boring” chant from a few in the crowd and with good reason.

Okerlund is backstage, running down WrestleMania. He lists all of the celebrities then brings out Andre the Giant. He promises to slam Studd, win the $15,000 then go on a vacation somewhere. Andre sounded tanked.

Okerlund is with Liberace in his hotel room. Liberace is the time keeper for the main event and is looking forward to being there.

Don Muraco vs. Jim Powers

No Fuji this week. Muraco takes down Powers to start. Vince says that you will not be able to see WrestleMania on TV unless you are one of the select few with Pay-Per-View capabilities. Powers works the arm then gets a slam. He goes back to the arm but Muraco chops him down then hits the tombstone piledriver for the win (2:39).

Thoughts: They gave Powers quite a bit of offense and he looked okay I suppose. The fans were actually behind him. Muraco is in neutral right now. He has no feud since his return and was doing jobs to Hogan on the house show circuit.

A clip of Okerlund in the locker room at MSG is shown, telling us that WrestleMania can only be seen on closed-circuit TV.

Piper’s Pit with Bob Orton and Paul Orndorff. He brings out a toilet seat, which he refers to as the “hot seat” then puts it over a WrestleMania poster that features Mr. T and Hulk Hogan. Piper then says he doesn’t want to waste the hot seat on them and has special gifts for each one. Orndorff has a few bananas for Mr. T, calling him a “Souped-up Spider Monkey” then Piper rubs the bananas on the faces of both men, to the enjoyment of Orndorff. After that, Orndorff breaks eggs on the poster. Orton then takes out the set as Piper promises at WrestleMania, they will send them back where they belong, which is at a rest area. If this segment aired today, the WWE would lose half of their sponsors.

Mr. T and Hulk Hogan are training in New York. Hogan shows him the big buildings as Mr. T wants to go to Central Park and teach Hogan how to street fight. They are shown jogging through the park then use combat training. Hogan says he is ready for guerilla warfare then they train at the gym. After that, they are at the train with a crowd cheering for them. At the end, they said that they are all ready to use any means possible to win. Although corny today, this is the stuff that the fans ate up in this era.

Pete Pompeii vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/Jimmy Hart

Valentine comes out to entrance music, which sounds like generic 80’s rock music. Valentine slams Pompeii then grabs a headlock. Pompeii gets a bit of basic offense in but runs into a knee then gets tossed outside. A few “boring” chants break out as Valentine puts Pompeii in another headlock. Pompeii fights back but runs into another knee. Suplex gets two. He hits a gutbuster then goes to work on the leg before putting on the figure-four leg lock, getting the win via submission (4:35).

Thoughts: A bit too long for a squash match. McMahon kept calling Pompeii “Pompell,” so I guess someone couldn’t write their “I’s” very well. I never heard this theme music before and it didn’t fit Valentine at all. It was too upbeat for a heel to use.

Okerlund is backstage with Capt. Lou Albano and the tag team champions, Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo. Barry hopes that WrestleMania is shown in Iran so they can see them hold the Iron Sheik hostage.

Bruno and Vince run down WrestleMania before running down next week’s show. Vince says that next week, the British Bulldogs will make their return to the WWF.

Final Thoughts: The show did a great job as the last show before Mania. They hyped the show and key feuds well. They really made you want to see this show, which was like nothing else ever seen before. The matches weren’t that bad but the crowd was dead, which happened a lot during the last show of a taping. I also plan to put up a review of the last ever WWF show on TBS, which aired on 3/30, either tonight or tomorrow before posting by review of WrestleMania.

QOTD – August 30th, 2013

Greetings. “There I am…masturbating in the shower….this will be the high point of my day”

Today’s question came to me when I was watching that Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff Q&A.

What celebrity’s death will effect you the most? Or, has said celebrity already passed?

For me, it’s a toss-up between Adam Carolla & Schwarzenegger. I have the same reason for both guys, as they’ve both been a huge influence on my life, and each serve as a role model. Both busted their asses non-stop to get where they are, and are completely self-made. Arnold has always been a larger than life type of icon to me, and someone who’s obviously been a massive influence on me as far as my passion for bodybuilding. Adam is the down to Earth guy who was born into a family of losers, who always told him he was nothing, yet he always knew he had talent, and refused to play the hand he was dealt, or let the people & environment around him have any effect. They both take care of their people, and only expect as much from others as they put forth.

So, it’ll be a dark day if either of them pass. Although I believe both of them so burly that death may be an impossibility. I mean, if Death were to show up to nab Arnold, he’d probably be so star-struck that he’d just ask if they could workout together. Then Death would probably tell Adam how he’s the best Death the world has ever seen. Yup, even more so than the dude from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, Jim Carrey, and Norm McDonald.

How say you?

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QOTD – July 30th, 2013


Today we have a question from Farva, regarding organized athletics. Or as you may know it “sports”

“Caliber, hope all is well.  Haven’t had any sports QOTDs so figured I’d send one in.  What’s the most ecstatic and most depressed you’ve ever been after a sporting event?

Spending summers in New England, my most depressing was the Aaron Boone home run in game 7 vs the Yankees.  Just fucking heart breaking as a Red Sox fan.  Close second is the Eagles losing at home to the Bucs as favorites in NFC title game.

Best moment was the Sox winning game 7 vs the Yankees the next year.  Not only had they come back from an 0-3 defecit but it was vs the Yankees.  Just awesome.

OfficerFarva “

I actually don’t have an answer, because outside of pro-wrestling, I’m not into sports. Although, there was a period when I was really into arm-wrestling, and seeing Lincoln Hawk go over the top in Las Vegas was incredible! That was a hell of a tournament. I do like to hear stories or watch specials on passionate sports fans, because they take that shit deathly serious.

How say you?

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QOTD – Tuesday, May 30th, 2013

Most ridiculous/worst piece of wrestling merchandise you’ve ever owned? And not just owned, but PROUDLY owned.

For me, it’s the fake-gold Razor Ramon razor necklace I had in 6th grade. I LOVED that bad bitch, and use to wear it nonstop. I thought I was the coolest motherfucker on Earth with that thing. Also, it looked nothing like the one here in the photo, because it use to belong to a friend of mine, and was all beat up, and worn looking. I was the coolest.

How say you guys?