WWF Madison Square Garden July 25th, 1987

July 25, 1986

Your hosts are Lord Alfred Hayes and Gorilla Monsoon

Matches tonight include Ricky Steamboat vs. Honky Tonk Man for the Intercontinental Title and the Hart Foundation vs. British Bulldogs for the Tag Team Titles

Brady Boone vs. Dino Bravo w/ Johnny V. 

Bravo overpowers Boone to start. Bravo misses a charge then Boone does a few backflips before connecting with a dropkick. Bravo regroups with his manager then heads back inside and gets caught with an atomic drop. Boone hits another dropkick and fires away in the corner until Bravo catches him with an inverted atomic drop. Bravo grabs a front facelock before hitting a kneelift. Johnny V. joins on commentary and screams about Brutus Beefcake as Bravo stays in control of the match as he puts Boone in a bearhug. Bravo then tosses Boone to the floor a few times where Johnny V. roughs him up. Bravo works the back and neck of Boone, mostly using rest holds, until he misses a charge in the corner. Boone fights back until he misses a corner splash then Bravo gets the win with a side slam (10:46) *1/4.

Thoughts: Boone looked good when on offense but Bravo was a slug. Boone had yet to appear on TV at this point and was a jobber as soon as he appeared.

Tama w/ Haku vs. Rick Martel

Martel still has the Can-Am Connection jacket, despite the fact that Zenk has quit. The Islanders attack Martel before the bell. Martel comes back with a double clothesline as the fans go crazy while the Islanders are outside the ring. Tama finally re-enters the ring and tries to offer a handshake but Martel is not biting. Tama gets caught with a pair of armdrags then heads back outside to regroup. Tama comes back in and hammers away in the corner but misses an elbow drop as Martel now works the leg for a while. Tama pushes Martel through the ropes then shoves him into the post. Tama distracts the ref so Haku can beat on Martel. Back inside, Tama works a nerve hold. Martel fights out but Tama catches him with a knee then goes back to the hold. Martel gets tossed back outside after missing a crossbody where Haku beats him down. Tama suplexes him back inside for a two count then hammers away as the crowd rallies behind Martel, who comes back with a kneelift. Tama fights back and slams him down but misses a top rope splash as both men are down. The crowd rallies behind Martel, who hits a backdrop then fires away. Martel sends Tama to the floor with a back elbow smash. Martel beats on Tama inside then slingshots him into Haku, who was standing on the apron while yelling at fans. Tama then attacks Martel and comes off the top with a crossbody block but Martel uses the momentum and rolls on top of Tama for the win (19:47) **3/4

Thoughts: Fun match, although it had some dead spots. The Martel vs. Islanders feud still worked even with Zenk gone. The crowd was into it as well.

“The Natural” Butch Reed vs. Hillbilly Jim

Reed grabs a side headlock then tries and fails to knock down Jim. Reed jaws away them Jim knocks him down a few times. Reed bails and complains to the referee for a bit then when he comes back inside, Jim toys with him. They engage in a test of strength and battle over that for a while until Jim steps on his fingers as Reed once again heads outside. Reed then sneak attacks Jim then chokes him out on the mat. Reed sends Jim outside then slams him down. Reed stays on the attack until he runs into a big boot. Jim clotheslines Reed then both guys miss elbow drops. Reed connects with a high knee then perches on the top rope as he hits a flying clothesline for the win (10:58) *. After the match, Jim calls Reed back inside but he just heads back to the locker room.

Thoughts: Most of this was stalling but Jim was a limited worker and this type of match suited his talents. It was long for what it was but not too terrible or anything.

WWF Intercontinental Title Match
Honky Tonk Man (Champion) w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

Steamboat immediately fires away on Honky. He chops and slams him down all before taking off his robe. He gets two with a crossbody block as Honky ducks out for a breather. Steamboat chases him around the ring and beats the crap out of him as the action then heads back inside, with Honky begging for mercy. Steamboat hits a few more chops and a backdrop before getting a nearfall with a small package. Honky tries to escape but Steamboat pulls him back in and almost regains the IC Title with a bridging back suplex. Honky finally gets in some offense as he catches Steamboat with a knee. However, Steamboat blocks a turnbuckle smash then takes him down with a snapmare. Honky blocks a suplex and hits one of his own then gets two with a top rope fist drop. Steamboat fights back but gets kicked after ducking his head as Honky beats on him in the corner. Steamboat comes back with an atomic drop and some chops but Honky rakes his eyes. Hart grabs Steamboat’s leg and gets chased around as Hart distracts the ref and that allows Honky to use the megaphone to attack Steamboat. Honky covers but only gets two as he is beside himself. Honky then wins a slugfest but Steamboat gets back up and chops him down. Honky gets his knees up on a splash attempt then puts on an abdominal stretch as the crowd chants like crazy for Steamboat. Honky dumps Steamboat to the floor then follows him out but Steamboat fights back. They are back in the ring where Steamboat hits several mounted punches. Steamboat fires away then sends him to the floor with a flying chop. Steamboat then tries to toss Honky back inside but he grabs a hold of the apron, while his body is in the ring, and the ref counts to ten as Steamboat gets the win via countout as Honky still retains (11:39) ***1/2. After the match, Steamboat beats on Honky then almost grabs a hold of Hart, who retreats with Honky.

Thoughts: Damn good match with a ton of heat. Originally, Jake Roberts was going to face Honky here but was still banged up I believe so Steamboat came back a bit earlier than planned to wrestle against Honky. Steamboat could play the pissed-off fiery babyface just as well as Honky played the chickenshit heel.

Monsoon is now with Steamboat, who is pissed. Steamboat calls out Honky for not being a fighting champion as he vows to get revenge.

Hart and Honky are then with Monsoon. Honky tells us that a win is a win, right or wrong, as he tells us that Steamboat will not get another shot and he will do anything to keep the IC Title.

Nikolai Volkoff vs. Tito Santana

Santana lands a few shots on Volkoff to start. He then works the arm until Volkoff steps between the ropes and cheapshots Santana. Volkoff uses a lifting choke before tossing Santana to the floor. Back inside, Volkoff stomps away then grabs a bearhug that Santana breaks but Volkoff puts him right back in the move as this match has been brutal to watch. Volkoff takes Santana down with a clothesline that looked pathetic then hit his backbreaker but Tito had his foot on the ropes. Volkoff argues with the ref then shortly after that gets hit with the flying forearm as Santana gets the win (8:21) 1/4*. After the match, Santana walks around and slaps hands with the fans until Ron Bass, who is wrestling next, comes out and blindsides him before choking him out with a cable. Outback Jack then comes down for the save.

Thoughts: Holy shit was this terrible. Volkoff was on offense the majority of the match and did nothing as they were protecting him somewhat for reasons I cannot fathom. However, the post-match stuff with Bass and Santana was something as those two finally seem to have a program now.

“The Outlaw” Ron Bass vs. Outback Jack

Jack hits Bass with a clothesline and a slam but Bass gets his knees up on a splash attempt. A few officials prevent Santana from going after Bass, who taunts him then turns around a gets decked. This match is apparently clipped as back from break, Bass is choking out Jack in the corner. Jack fights back and slams Bass down but plays up to the crowd and misses an elbow drop then Bass hits the gourdbuster for the win (6:00) 1/4*.

Thoughts: Jack was getting firmly establishes as nothing more than a lower card guy. He was a bust and could not wrestle, no matter how hard he tried.

Steamboat comes out and tells us how he won the IC Title at WrestleMania III and lost it to a coward like the Honky Tonk Man as he tells the crowd that next month he will face the Honky Tonk Man in a Lumberjack Match. The crowd liked that.

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/ Johnny V. vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

Beefcake uses the double noggin-knocker on Valentine and Johnny V. to start the match. Beefcake attacks Valentine then slams him down. Beefcake struts as the crowd applauds then dodges an attack before hammering on Valentine in the corner.Beefcake pulls down Valentine then crotches him against the ring posts repeatedly before booting him in the back of the head. Beefcake hits an atomic drop for a nearfall then shortly after that Valentine pulls Beefcake by the tights and into the ring post. Valentine beats on Beefcake, who is on the apron, as Johnny V. interferes behind the referee’s back. Valentine now has Beefcake in the center of the ring and applies a chinlock. Beefcake powers out but Valentine knees him down then rams him into the corner but Beefcake counters a piledriver with a backdrop as both men are down. They get up and slug it out but Valentine boots him down then follows with a headbutt to the groin. Valentine is now slapping Beefcake around then rams his head off of the mat as Johnny V. is yelling into the face of Beefcake, who is getting choked out by Valentine. The announcers talk about Mr. T as the special enforcer of the WWF as Valentine puts Beefcake in the figure four leg lock. Beefcake eventually makes it to the ropes. Valentine tries it again but Beefcake shoves him into the corner. Valentine then hits Beefcake with mounted punches but Beefcake reverses and hits some of his own. They fight over a suplex as Beefcake wins that battle then he pumps up and fires away. Beefcake takes him down with a clothesline then follows with the sleeper. Johnny V. runs in so Beefcake puts him in the sleeper instead then Dino Bravo runs in and assaults Beefcake for the DQ (13:11) *3/4. Valentine grabs the scissors as Bravo holds up Beefcake and attempts to cut some of his hair but the British Bulldogs run in for the save and chase off the New Dream Team.

Thoughts: Too slow-paced to be any good. The end seems like we are getting six-man matches between these guys and a possible New Dream Team/Bulldogs program. Beefcake’s signature spots got a good reaction but that was just about it here.

Jerry Allen vs. “Ravishing” Rick Rude

This is the MSG debut for Rude, who had not even made his TV debut yet at this point. Gorilla notes that Rude is the newest protege of Bobby Heenan, who is not here tonight (Heenan was at the Baltimore show managing Paul Orndorff against Ken Patera in a strap match, a match that started the rift between Orndorff and Heenan). The announcers also note how Rude reminds them of Tom Selleck. Before the match, Rude demands the microphone get lowered as he wants the men to keep the noise down so the ladies can enjoy his body when he takes his robe off. Match finally starts as Rude backs Allen against the ropes then taunts the crowd. He shoves Allen then taunts him by flexing his muscles but Allen responds with a right hand that sends Rude to the floor. However, Rude comes back inside and fires away. Allen gets two with a sunset flip then works the arm until Rude retreats to the corner. Rude then beats on Allen and catches him with a backbreaker, followed by some more flexing. Rude gets two with a flying clothesline as he is stopping to taunt between each move. He hits a fist drop from the middle rope but pulls up on the three count then works a nerve hold as Gorilla notes that Sherri Martel has defeated the Fabulous Moolah for the WWF Women’s Championship in Houston (it occurred the previous day). Rude hits a pair of snap suplexes but Allen comes back with one of his own as both men are down. Allen tries an elbow drop but Rude rolls away. Rude comes back with a dropkick then tries another one that misses in a really bad spot that Allen was seemingly out of position for as Allen mounts a comeback. He tries a second monkey flip but Rude counters that with an inverted atomic drop then puts Allen in the backbreaker as he gets the win via submission (7:12) *1/2.

Thoughts: Far too long for a squash match and Rude did some impressive stuff. Rude tried hard to establish is character but the crowd didn’t care, with a few even chanting “boring.”

Howard Finkel tells us the curfew has been waived for the final match. He then runs down the next MSG show, which occurs on August 22nd. Matches announced are Jose Estrada vs. Chavo Guerrero (never happened as Lanny Poffo subbed for Chavo), Tama vs. Scott Casey, new WWF Women’s Champion Sherri Martel defends the belt against Velvet McIntyre, Ron Bass vs. Tito Santana, Haku vs. Rick Martel, Demolition vs. Junkyard Dog & George Steele, and the Honky Tonk Man vs. Ricky Steamboat in a Lumberjack Match for the IC Title. Also, Butch Reed will take on Superstar Billy Graham.

WWF Tag Team Title Match
Hart Foundation (Champions) w/ Jimmy Hart vs. British Bulldogs

Matilda chases Jimmy Hart out of the ring as Lord Alfred can barely contain his laughter. However, the Hart Foundation immediately attack Davey as the match is now underway. Davey avoids a double-team move as the Hart Foundation collide with each other and is able to make the tag. Dynamite his Bret with a snap suplex then tags back out as Davey comes in and grabs a headlock. Davey then gets two with a crucifix as Dynamite tags in and flattens Bret with a clothesline. Dynamite beats on Bret in the corner until Neidhart runs in to break it up. The Bulldogs regain control and get a few nearfalls until Bret knocks Dynamite down. Neidhart tags and roughs up Dynamite as the Hart Foundation are now in control of the match. Dynamite manages to fall on top of Bret on a slam attempt for two but Bret tags out as Neidhart goes on the attack. Dynamite fights back and tries to make the tag but Bret cuts him off. Dynamite dodges a charging Bret then dumps Neidhart as he makes the tag. Davey runs wild and hits all sorts of suplexes and flying moves on Bret. He then hits the running powerslam but Bret is able to get his foot on the ropes. Davey then presses Bret over his head and runs backwards and dumps him on the top rope. Davey tries to suplex Bret back into the ring but Neidhart sweeps his leg and Bret falls on top and gets the win (10:26) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Fun match, which is expected from these two teams. They had great chemistry. However, their feud with the Bulldogs has just about run its course.

Final Thoughts: This had three good matches and some crap so overall, by 80’s WWF house show standards, it was solid. I’d seek out Steamboat/Honky and the Bulldogs/Harts as well. For historical purposes, you can check out Rude before his TV debut too. If they went with the Honky/Steamboat feud a bit longer, they could have had something there.

Here is my schedule for the rest of the week:

Thursday: RoH Secrets of the Ring with Dusty Rhodes
Friday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/26/87
Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 8/1/87
Tuesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/2/87

WWF Superstars of Wrestling July 25th, 1987

July 25, 1987

From the Civic Center in Glen Falls, NY

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, and Vince McMahon

In action tonight will be Koko B. Ware, The Islanders, Randy Savage, and the return of Superstar Billy Graham

Before the show, we see still photos of Ricky Steamboat and his wife with their newborn son. Ricky and his son were both dressed in his entrance gear in a really awkward staged photo. I assume this idea was okayed by his wife, Bonnie.

Barry Horowitz vs. Koko B. Ware

Koko hits a dropkick then takes Horowitz down with a few armdrags. Horowitz takes a breather then comes back in to hit a dropkick of his own but stops to give himself a pat on the back and that allowed Koko to dropkick him. Koko hits a slam then a missile dropkick before hitting the Ghostbuster for the win (1:41).

Thoughts: Despite Vince going out of his mind when Koko was dancing, Koko still had nothing going on in the company. This match is a must-see for dropkick aficionados.

WWF Update with Craig DeGeorge. This week’s subject is the “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase as they show a clip of him at a house show of Virgil taking off one of his boots as a fan kissed it in order to give us $100. This gimmick was simple yet amazing. Instant heel heat.

DeGeorge is with Rick Martel as we find out that Tom Zenk has quit the WWF. Martel warns the Islanders that he is not a quitter and will fight them himself if needed. Jesse jokes that Martel should get Oliver North to be his new partner. They wouldn’t even mention Zenk by name going forward as his quitting fucked up the WWF’s Tag Team Division.

S.D. Jones & Scott Casey vs. The Islanders w/ Bobby Heenan

The match starts with Jones & Casey beating on Tama as Heenan is shown in an insert promo telling Martel that he should quit like his partner so he does not get hurt. Tama catches Jones with a jumping back elbow smash as the Islanders take control. Jones misses an attack then tags out as Casey runs wild until Haku attacks him from being then tosses him outside as the Islanders put Jones, the illegal man, away with double jumping headbutts (2:26).

Thoughts: With Zenk gone, they are now going with the idea that Martel would be insane to try and fight against the Islanders by himself.

Gene Okerlund is with Hulk Hogan, who will be facing Killer Khan at the Cow Palace on August 25th. Hogan comes out and cuts a wacky promo about how he consulted with Oliver North, Donna Rice and Gary Hart on how to get rid of Killer Khan. Political Hulk!

We see a video package on Jake Roberts, specifically his DDT, set to what sounds like a Tom Petty song. Not bad.

“The Outlaw” Ron Bass vs. “Leaping” Lanny Poffo

Poffo’s pre-match promo is about Bass calling his whip “Miss Betsy” because its the closest he can get to a date, which Bass responds by beating the piss out of him. Poffo rolls away then starts throwing punches before taking Bass down with a dropkick. Poffo hits a slam and gets two with a moonsault but ducks his head on a backdrop and gets kicked then Bass gets the win with the gourdbuster (1:27).

Thoughts: They are giving Bass a midcard push with the bullwhip gimmick now. He had been doing a whole lot of promos and not wrestling prior.

Okerlund is with Brutus Beefcake, who will be facing Danny Davis at the August 25th Cow Palace show. Beefcake, sporting a barbers coat with all the tools, tells us that he is looking forward to this match as he talks about his new “School of Style.”

Steve Lombardi vs. Superstar Billy Graham

Graham gets a nice ovation as he walks down the aisle. He is walking very, very slowly by the way. Lombardi gets shoved through the ropes as he did all the work on that one. Graham uses a forearm smash and an eye poke before getting the win with a sleeper (1:18).

Thoughts: I give Lombardi all the credit in the world for working 99.9% of the match. Graham could barely even walk down the aisle, nevermind wrestle a match. The fans did give him a great ovation and having his debut take place in the Northeast was a smart move as they were more familiar with him.

DeGeorge, on a platform near the crowd, is with Slick and Butch Reed, who is not impressed at all with Graham. This was the first time they used the interview in front of the live crowd in this way. Reed then challenges Graham to a pose down next week.

Killer Bees vs. Tiger Chung Lee & Iron Mike Sharpe

The Bees are wearing their masks here. Vince hypes up the Bees as he brings up how they beat the Hart Foundation in a non-title match a few weeks ago. Match starts with the Bees working over Sharpe. Lee tags as Brunzell slams him down. Sharpe breaks up a pin then the match breaks down a bit as Jesse goes off on the Bees for wearing masks. The match breaks down again then Brunzell puts Lee away after a pair of dropkicks (3:39).

Thoughts: The Bees are being pushed as the #1 contenders, despite being a vanilla team. The crowds were somewhat into the masked confusion stuff.

We get a segment called “The Battle for Bam Bam” in which all the managers are shown telling Bam Bam Bigelow why they should sign with them.

Omar Atlas vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage w/ Elizabeth

Vince is fawning all over Elizabeth as she heads down the aisle. Atlas takes Savage down with a jumping side headlock takeover. Savage tries a slam but Atlas falls on top and gets two off of that as Savage rolls outside. Savage heads back in and kness Atlas. He slams him on the ropes and roughs him up for a bit before taking him down with a clothesline. Savage then slams Atlas and heads up top, as a lot of fans are standing and cheering on camera, then drops the elbow for the win (2:01).

Thoughts: The cheers Savage was getting at this time were very noticeable.

Okerlund is with Mr., Fuji, who will be managing Demolition against Billy Jack Haynes & Ken Patera at the Cow Palace. Fuji tells Haynes & Patera that he hates the state or Oregon and has told Demolition to destroy them. Demolition finally come out as they talk trash about their opponents before leaving. Killer Khan comes out as Fuji tells the people of San Francisco that he loves them because they are “sick” and “funny” as Khan stares into the camera. Typical wackiness from Fuji here.

Superstar Billy Graham tells us that he has conquered everything and is back and will also accept Butch Reed’s challenge for the posedown.

In action next week will be Rougeau Brothers & Brutus Beefcake, Ken Patera, and the Honky Tonk Man.

Final Thoughts: The first few months after WrestleMania III saw the WWF have a lot of bad luck with their feuds due to wrestlers getting fired, taking time off, or quitting. The Islanders vs. Can-Ams feud was hot at the time too so that one hurt when it ended abruptly. The Graham return just never worked out and the rest of the show was focused on pushing soon-to-be debuting acts, which were hyped up wonderfully.

Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Saturday: RoH Glory By Honor 9/20/03
Sunday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/26/87
Tuesday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 8/1/87
Thursday: RoH Straight Shootin’ Series with Dusty Rhodes
Friday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/2/87

WWF Superstars of Wrestling April 25th, 1987

April 25, 1987

From the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, NV

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, and Vince McMahon

Tonight’s featured match is the Islanders & Sivi Afi vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff & Butch Reed. Also in action will be Demolition, Killer Bees, Honky Tonk Man, and Tito Santana. Plus, the final installment of the “Ken Patera Story” and Hacksaw Jim Duggan, who Vince informs us has indeed bought a ticket to the show.

Jim Powers & Paul Roma are talking about how they will be facing Demolition tonight and give it 110%. Roma looked like he was staring at cue cards during his part of the promo and it came off terribly to be honest.

Demolition w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Paul Roma & Jim Powers

Demolition takes turns beating on Powers as we get an insert promo from Mr. Fuji and Demolition as they talk about destroying Roma & Powers. Demolition remains in control of the match until Powers kicks Smash as he ducked his head for a backdrop attempt. Roma tags in and lands a few shots but misses a dropkick attempt then Demolition hits Roma for the Decapitation for the win (2:24).

Thoughts: Very strong showing for Demolition, who were pushed as even more dangerous under the guidance of Mr. Fuji.

WWF Update with Craig DeGeorge. This week’s subject is Danny Davis and his work as part of the Hart Foundation. Davis is shown cutting a promo about how anyone wanting to face him can sign the dotted line. Man, Davis was great as a smug, cocky prick. Too bad he was garbage in the ring.

Tito Santana vs. Ed Dean

Jesse rags on “Chico” as Santana takes down Dean. Slick and Butch Reed are shown in an insert promo screaming at Santana for ripping off his suit at WrestleMania III as Reed promises Slick he will get revenge. Santana is using restholds on Dean, who is awful by the way, until he finally puts him away with the flying forearm (3:00).

Thoughts: The action was dull as they are still continuing Santana’s feud with Reed.

Gene Okerlund and Lord Alfred Hayes are backstage hyping the 5/2/87 Boston Garden Show. Brutus Beefcake comes out and runs down Adrian Adonis using the lamest insults (“looks like a big, walking waste disposal unit”) I have ever heard.

Johnny V. is shown telling Beefcake that he was always the weak link of the Dream Team then says anyone can beat him, including himself as he challenges Beefcake to a match.

Tommy Sharpe vs Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart

Hart comes to the ring with his “Ban the DDT” sign. Sharpe manages a rollup for a nearfall then hits Honky with an atomic drop. Sharpe tries a backdrop but Honky elbows him in the back of the head. Honky then roughs up Sharpe before tossing him outside. Honky taunts the fans in the ring then goes to work on Sharpe as he is shown in an insert promo talking about his fan support regarding the “Ban the DDT” movement. Honky roughs up Sharpe a bit more before putting him away with the Shake, Rattle, and Roll (3:07). After the match Honky grabs the mic and tells the fans he will give them what they want, dancing and singing. Honky starts moving around on the mat with his guitar and that makes me laugh.

Thoughts: Honky was generating a lot of heel heat here as the “Ban the DDT” stuff was also working well too. Honky was really hitting his stride as a heel.

Okerlund and Hayes are backstage again talking about the next Boston Garden show. We then get a promo from Hulk Hogan who talks about hanging out with the Junkyard Dog in order to prepare for his match against King Harley Race. He also talked about destroying Heenan and his family as he referred to Orndorff as “old news.”

Killer Bees vs. Steve Lombardi & Iron Mike Sharpe

The Bees work over Lombardi as Vince talks about Lombardi & Sharpe having words for Roma & Powers that came in an insert promo later on in which they told them they “stunk” before declaring that they were the up-and-coming team. Sharpe cheapshots Brunzell as the heels take control briefly until Brunzell ducks an attack from Sharpe that accidentally his Lombardi. Blair tags as the match breaks down Brunzell puts away Sharpe with a dropkick (3:25).

Thoughts: The main focus here was to start a feud between jobber teams, not on the Bees, who are really just another team at this point.

And now it is the final installment in the “Ken Patera Story.” Okerlund meets Patera in front of the prison as he gets released. We then are shown clips of Patera working out as he blames Heenan for selling him down the river and will be coming back stronger than ever. We get the corny 80’s montage complete with a smiling Patera flexing in front of the mirror about how he wants to “make it right.” This was pretty bad as Patera in the babyface role was as far from a natural fit as you could get. Plus the blaming Heenan for him being in prison was a stretch even for kids.

Okerlund is with Bobby Heenan, who talks about Patera being nothing until he was his manager then accepting Okerlund’s idea for the two of them to debate next week. That is certainly an intriguing idea even if the Patera story segments have been underwhelming.

Rick Renslow & Dave Wagner vs. Blackjack Mulligan & Billy Jack Haynes

Wagner tries and fails to attack Mulligan before the bell. Mulligan fights off both guys then we get an insert promo from Ron Bass about wanting to see Mulligan’s woman that he keeps talking about. The faces then beat on Wagner briefly until Mulligan puts him away with a jumping back elbow smash (1:52).

Thoughts: The face team was an odd pairing to say the least. Mulligan was the focus here as Haynes was treated as an afterthought. They sure spent a lot of time on this Mulligan/Bass feud and it would last through a whole other set of TV tapings (This was the last of the current bunch) before Mulligan was gone.

The camera shows Hacksaw Jim Duggan sitting in the front row before the featured match.

Sivi Afi & The Islanders vs. “The Natural” Butch Reed & Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/ Slick

Volkoff sings the Russian National Anthem before the match until Duggan chases him and his partners off with his 2×4. Duggan then leads the crowd into a loud “U-S-A” chant then goes back to his seat. The match starts with Haku and the Sheik going back and forth in a brief sequence. Volkoff tags as Haku beats on him then tags Tama. Afi tags and works the arm until Volkoff rakes his eyes. The heels beat on Afi as the fans chant “U-S-A.” Tama tags in and does not fare well as he gets beaten down until he slides beneath Reed and makes the tag to Haku, who runs wild on everyone. Afi tags but gets booted in the face by Sheik then Reed tags in and gets the win with a gorilla press slam (2:55). After the match the heels continue their assault until Duggan chases them off with a 2×4.

Thoughts: Duggan was the focus here as he remains set on making sure Volkoff never sings the Russian Naitonal Anthem ever again.

Okerlund & Hayes are backstage again as they run down the entire card for the 5/2/87 Boston Garden show. The Hart Foundation along with Jimmy Hart and Danny Davis come out as they proclaim that no matter what the Hart Foundation will roll on as Neidhart calls Okerlund “stupid” after he said the British Bulldogs are more powerful than ever. Funny stuff from the Hart Foundation.

Next week’s featured match will be Brutus Beefcake vs. Johnny V. Also in action will be the Can-Am Connection and Adrian Adonis. Plus, the debate between Ken Patera and Bobby Heenan.

Final Thoughts: Not a bad show but some of the new characters and feuds are not really clicking. Having Hogan go up against the Heenan Family is not all that exciting seeing as he already ran through Orndorff and Andre. And the Patera stuff never amounted to much either. The Duggan push remains strong as that is actually working.

Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Thursday: RF Video Shoot Interview with Larry Zbyszko, Disc One
Friday: RF Video Shoot Interview with Larry Zbyszko, Disc Two
Friday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 4/26/87
Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 5/2/87
Tuesday: WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event 5/2/87

WWF Wrestling Challenge January 25th, 1987

January 25, 1987

From the Hersheypark Arena in Hershey, PA

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action tonight are Demolition, Junkyard Dog, Kamala, and the featured match of Jacques Rougeau vs Don Muraco

Al Navarro vs. Junkyard Dog

JYD beats on Navarro as we get an insert promo from King Harley Race, who is pissed about JYD refusing to bow for him. JYD hits a few headbutts then gets yelled at by referee Danny Davis. Navarro sneak attacks JYD but shortly after that he gets put away with a powerslam (2:01). After the  match, JYD yells at Davis before bringing a kid in the ring to dance with him.

Thoughts: The feud between Race and JYD continues. JYD didn’t look as bad as usual here.

A “Wrestler’s Rebuttal” with Adrian Adonis and Jimmy Hart. Adonis tells Piper that he is finished. That was all.

Jerry Allen & Sivi Afi vs. Demolition w/ Johnny V. 

Smash is still being played by Randy Culley. Ax starts by beating on Allen then we get an insert shot of Demolition. They have on a lot of color like blue paint on their faces. They beat on Allen some more until they put him away with the Demolition Decapitation (2:47).

Thoughts: I don’t think the jobber team got a single offensive move in during this match. Demolition looked strong but their goofy facepaint and for some reason partly colored hair (maybe from taking off their masks and having it rub off on their hair) look would improve over time. It looks like a kid is doing their facepaint.

Ken Resnick is with the U.S. Express. Rotundo says that 1987 will be a great year because they are more mature and will win a match in every city in the country. Spivey said that he is back from his injury and that has given him a bad attitude towards other wrestlers as they try to attack his knee. Rotundo would leave the WWF a few weeks after this interview aired.

Nick Foley vs. Kamal w/ The Wizard & Kimchee

Foley is indeed Mick Foley. Mel Phillips called him “Nick Faley.” Kamala beats Foley down to start. Kamala slams him down then hits a splash for the win (0:27). After the match, Kamala heads up top and hits another splash after ignoring Kimchee’s orders.

Thoughts: Another Kamala squash match, another stretcher job for his opponent.

Resnick is with Hillbilly Jim, who tells us that he is our representative. Of what I have no idea.

Foley is getting taken out on a stretcher.

We are shown the clip of Hercules attacking Billy Jack Haynes from “Superstars of Wrestling” two weeks ago.

David Vance & Barry O. vs. Killer Bees

Blair keeps his mask on to start. The Bees take turns beating on Barry as we get an insert promo from Danny Davis saying that he disqualified the Bees for wearing illegal masks and that no one will make a fool out of him. Vance tags and the Bees take care of him until Blair gets the win with a Bee Sting (3:23).

Thoughts: Davis was targeting midcard acts like the Bees and Tito Santana, Pedro Morales, and Hillbilly Jim at the time and this match was just for the sake of keeping his angle going.

A replay of Piper’s Pit from this past episode of “Superstars of Wrestling” when Andre the Giant received a trophy for being undefeated then walked off the set when Hogan appeared and kept on talking about how Andre was his inspiration.

Don Muraco w/ Bob Orton vs. Jacques Rougeau w/ Raymond Rougeau

Heenan on commentary flips out about Hogan stealing Andre’s spotlight in that segment as Gorilla calls him a liar. Jacques has Muraco in a headlock but gets caught with a slam as Gorilla asks Heenan why he is behind Andre,a man that he despises, as Heenan said that he is just calling it like he sees it while Jacques has Muraco in a sleeper. Orton then goes after Raymond outside as Jacques comes out and they all end up fighting until the referee rules it a DQ. The Rougeaus go after Fuji, who hit them with a cane, and slam him to the floor (3:07).

Thoughts: The action was alright but the focus here was on commentary with Heenan’s anti-Hogan/pro-Andre that even had Monsoon question him as to why he was favoring his supposed enemy.

Tiger Chung Lee vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

Steamboat sends Lee to the floor with a dropkick. Back in the ring, Steamboat hits a crossbody then works the arm. He messes up a slide between the legs then comes back up and hits a few armdrags before going back to the arm as Heenan rants and raves about Hogan. Lee comes back with a throat thrust and targets that as we get an insert promo from Elizabeth about how Steamboat’s injury was a terrible accident. Steamboat then fights back and hits a flying body press for the win (3:16).

Thoughts: Lee was a terrible worker at this point and seemed to be out of position multiple times in this match and moved far too slow to keep up with Steamboat’s pace.

Resnick is with Randy Savage as he talks about George Steele being unlucky after getting hit with his title belt and then tells us that Ricky Steamboat is not at 100%.

Next week in action will be the Islanders, Jake Roberts, and the featured match of Koko B. Ware vs. King Harley Race.

Final Thoughts: Unless you missed “Superstars of Wrestling” there wasn’t much you missed here except for Heenan dropping hints about Andre on commentary.

WWF Superstars of Wrestling October 25th, 1986

October 25, 1986

From the Onandoga War Memorial in Syracuse, NY

Your hosts are Brnuo Sammartino, Jesse Ventura, and Vince McMahon

In action tonight are Koko B. Ware, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff and the featured matchup of Tito Santana & Pedro Morales vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff

Moondog Spot vs. Koko B. Ware

Vince is going out of his mind about Frankie. We are shown an insert promo from Butch Reed who tells Koko that either fries birds or plucks them and warns that he will be plucked. Jesse tells us that Koko gave him permission to call him “Buckwheat” when he wrestles. Koko starts the match with a slam and a pair of dropkicks as Spot goes to the corner. Koko fires away as Jesse keeps calling him Buckwheat, which pisses of Vince. Spot takes control after catching Koko with a backbreaker then works a front facelock on the mat. Spot hammers away but misses a fist drop from the middle rope. Koko fights back then catches Spot with a missile dropkick before putting him away with the ghostbuster (2:58).

Thoughts: Koko looked good and was getting over with the crowds at this time. Plus, using a missile dropkick to set up the brainbuster was an awesome combo, especially for 1986. Jesse made all sorts of Buckwheat references on commentary here and you could never get away with that today.

WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This week’s focus is on Blackjack Mulligan, who will be returning to the WWF. Well, he has been here just under a different name. We get a clip of Mulligan from his ranch as he calls out Don Muraco, Randy Savage, and King Kong Bundy to come to his ranch for some hard work. Mulligan was very much washed up in 1986 and did not fit into the company but at least this meant the awful Machines gimmick was finished.

Tito Santana & Pedro Morales vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/ Slick

Santana interrupts Volkoff’s rendition of the Soviet National Anthem with a dropkick as the crowd goes nuts. They clear Sheik & Volkoff from the ring, who regroup with Slick. Back inside, Volkoff accidentally boots Sheik off of the apron as Jesse points out how referee Danny Davis is fair because he did not stop Santana from attacking Volkoff during the National Anthem, prompting an argument with Vince. Tito tags in but Volkoff rakes the eyes then Tito gets double-teamed for a bit. Sheik catches him with a clothesline that gets two. Tito makes the tag as Pedro knocks down the Sheik. He hits a backbreaker but Davis is distracted after Slick jumped up onto the apron until Santana ran in and turned him around. Pedro puts Sheik in a Boston Crab then Santana runs in to stop Volkoff from interfering but Davis orders him to the corner and that allows Volkoff to attack Morales and cover him for the win (3:10). After the match, Tito flips out on Davis then chases him off.

Thoughts: Notable for starting the bad blood between Santana and Davis but other than that, it was dull.

Jesse is with the British Bulldogs and Matilda, calling it the ugliest mascot ever. The WWF really tried to push Matilda at the beginning with all sorts of vignettes featuring heel wrestlers making fun of the dog but. Not much of a segment to be honest and it was under a minute long.

Ken Resnick is with Randy Savage, who will be facing Ricky Steamboat at the November 1st show in the Boston Garden. Savage tells us that he can control the atmosphere and how he is the most talented wrestler ever. Savage was wackier than usual here.

Steve Lombardi & Barry O. vs. The Islanders

Before the match, we get an insert promo from Tama on the beach in Samoa who says that he is ready to get funky. I believe he was the first Samoan in wrestling history to get funky too. Tama works over Barry to start as the crowd approves. Tama uses Snuka’s double leapfrog/chop spot then tags Haku, who slams Lombardi on top of his partner. He misses an elbow though and Lombardi tags into the match. Haku catches him with a hip toss then works the arm. Tama tags and they hit Lombardi with a double falling headbutt. Tama and Barry clothesline each other then tag out as Haku beats on Lombardi then takes Barry out with an atomic drop. Haku then hits Lombardi with a front suplex and Tama gets the pin with a splash off of the top rope (3:00)

Thoughts: The fans were really into the Islanders here, especially Tama. Man, Tama had it all then he let himself go and could

Resnick is with the British Bulldogs and asks them about Matilda. This was a bit ridiculous and didn’t help matters any that both of these guys were horrible on the mic. Resnick asked Matilda a question at the end, complete with sticking the microphone in her face

Mike Kelly vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

If Kelly looks familiar it is because he would go on to become Shane Douglas. Jake starts with a slam but Kelly ducks a clothesline and comes back with a crossbody that gets two. Jake gets up and hammers away we get an insert promo from Dick Slater who says that they call snakes “geeks” in the South. Kelly gets a little bit more offense but gets hit with a kneelift. Jake works the leg then puts him away with a DDT (2:27). After the match, Jake goes for his snake but the referee rolls Kelly out of the ring.

Thoughts: Good for a squash match. Jake gave Kelly a bit of offense here too. Jake was really good in the ring at this point as he was in shape and moved fluidly. Jake needs a feud as Steamboat has started to move on to facing Savage at the house shows and I really don’t think that Dick Slater is the answer.

Piper’s Pit wit guest Mr. Fuji. Piper tells Fuji that he already has his laundry finished as Fuji is holding a clear plastic bag filled with fortune cookies and reads them off as they are all insults aimed at Piper. Fuji then gets pissed when Piper makes fun on him then challenges him to a match next week. They are still playing up Piper’s leg injury at this point.

The Rougeau Brothers vs. “Mr. Electricity” Steve Regal & Jimmy Jack Funk

We have the top group of TV jobbers teaming up for this match. Raymond repeatedly slams his opponents then they clear the ring as we get an insert promo from Dino Bravo, who says that as a Canadian, the Rougeau Brothers make him sick. Jacques takes over Funk with a monkey flip then sends him to the floor with a dropkick. Regal tags and traps Jacques in the corner. Funk tags and hits a shoulderbreaker then they both clothesline each other. Jacques sends Funk into the post then tags Raymond and they finish off Funk with the Rougeau bomb.

Thoughts: The Rougeau’s continue to impress as the Tag Team Division kept getting stronger.

The Wizard and Sika are on the beach in Samoa. The Wizard screams about Hogan as Sika eats a fish. They were starting building up The Wizard’s stable for brief runs against Hogan.

“Leaping” Lanny Poffo vs. “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff w/ Bobby Heenan

Once again, Orndorff comes out to Hogan’s music. Poffo’s pre-match promo was about how Orndorff paled in comparison to Hogan in every single way. Orndorff knocks Poffo over the ropes with an uppercut then goes out and suplexes him on the floor. Orndorff rolls Poffo back into the ring and hits an elbow smash off the top rope then hits the piledriver for the win (1:07).

Thoughts: Orndorff completely dominated Poffo here as he remains the #1 contender to Hogan’s title.

Resnick is with the British Bulldogs, who will be facing the Hart Foundation at the Boston Garden. Albano either quit or was fired here then and he was missed on promos as the Bulldogs were horrible on the mic.

Piper is by himself as he cuts a promo on Don Muraco. He calls him an animal but says that he will not be eating him and that he likes to fight too. Piper then tells Muraco that at least he is in the cartoons (Muraco made fun of him for not being as big in real life) and gets residual checks before almost calling him a fat piece of shit.

In action next week will be Randy Savage, Harley Race, Junkyard Dog, and the featured match of Roddy Piper vs. Mr. Fuji.

Final Thoughts: The in ring portion was entertaining enough and the announcement of next’s week match will certainly further along Piper’s feud. The Bulldogs and the Tag Team Division as a whole received a majority of the focus here. The company was lacking compelling midcard feuds at the time and they were bringing back a lot of veterans who were all washed up (Sika, Mulligan, Graham) and were not focusing on the younger talent.

WWF Championship Wrestling January 25th, 1986

January 25, 1986
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
In action tonight are Terry Funk, Don Muraco, Paul Orndorff & Junkyard Dog, The Hillbillies and the Randy Savage vs. George “The Animal” Steele match from “Saturday Night’s Main Event.”


Mr. X & Joe Mirto vs. Junkyard Dog & Paul Orndorff
JYD and Orndorff work over the arm of Mr. X. Mirto tags and he gets beat on as the announcers make fun of his weak punches. Mr. X tags back in but Orndorff dropkicks him then tosses him to the floor. He then nails Mr. X with his cast when he comes back in before finishing him off with a piledriver (3:24).
Thoughts: These two did not gel at all. Orndorff’s persona does not mesh with JYD.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s subject is on Bobby Heenan and his men, Big John Studd and King Kong Bundy and how they ambushed Andre the Giant.
Terry Funk w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Sal Gee
Funk slams Gee, who slams him right back. Gee hits two more slams as Funk rolls outside. The crowd goes nuts as Funk jaws with them before he re-enters the ring. Funk chops Gee against the ropes but he fights right back. Funk Irish whips Gee then catches him with a sleeper and gets the win (2:23). Funk brands Gee after the match.
Thoughts: Funk gave Gee a ton of offense and as a result, the crowd went nuts. Funk was always great about doing that in his TV squashes.
Gene Okerlund is with Roddy Piper, who cuts a promo on Bruno Sammartino with regards to their cage match in Boston. He then goes crazy as Orton has been barred from the arena. These promo’s are starting to feel recycled at this point.
Paul Dose vs. Don Muraco w/ Mr. Fuji
The graphics department, which fucked up constantly on these shows, had the jobber’s name read “Paul Rose.” Muraco kicks Dose to the floor as the crowd starts a “Beach bum” chant. Muraco hits a few suplexes and a backbreaker then takes his time in beating on Dose until he finally puts him away with the tombstone (3:15). After the match, Vince talks about Muraco trying to get into Hollywood, which is a play on his hilarious “TNT” sketches with Mr. Fuji.
Thoughts: This match dragged as Muraco was starting to drop down the card.
A brief ad for WrestleMania 2 airs.
Okerlund is with Tito Santana, who will defend his Intercontinental Title against Randy Savage. Tito talks about the New England Patriots and how they will be ready for the Super Bowl against the Chicago Bears (they weren’t). Tito cuts a bad promo about how hard work will pay off and promises to defeat Savage (he didn’t).
Gino Carabello & Terry Gibbs vs. British Bulldogs w/ Capt. Lou Albano
The announcers put over the Bulldogs as being the toughest team as Dynamite hits Gibbs with a snap suplex. Davey tags and busts out a fisherman’s suplex on Carabello for a nearfall. The Bulldogs use a few double team moves then Dynamite hits a superplex on Carabello for the win from the top rope. (3:00). The finish looked so good that the crowd gave them a standing ovation at the end of the match.
Thoughts: A very impressive showcase from the Bulldogs, who were rapidly becoming crowd favorites due to their moveset.
Piper’s Pit with guest The Dream Team airs is on immediately after the match. He puts them over then the Dream Team talk down the Bulldogs as they head up the aisle. The Bulldogs come over as Albano demands they give the Bulldogs the title, so the fans can see who is the best team in the world. Albano wants his team to have a chance and challenges them to a TV match as Piper says they should do it next week. Johnny V. said he will think it over then the teams get into a brief altercation.
The Savage vs. Steele match from SNME airs. This started the angle where Steele was infatuated with Elizabeth.
Steve Lombardi & Tiger Chung Lee & Dr. Midnight vs. Cousin Luke & Uncle Elmer & Hillbilly Jim
Dr. Midnight is dressed as a generic masked jobber. Jim slams Lombardi twice to start. Luke and Lee stare each other down then get to action. Luke hits a Polish Hammer then Elmer tags into the match. He knocks down Dr. Midnight, much to the delight of Vince. He then hits him with a corner splash and tags Jim, who finishes him off with an elbow drop (2:23).
Thoughts: This crowd was amped for the Hillbillies, but not as much as Vince.
Okerlund interviews Ricky Steamboat about his match against Don Muraco in Boston. He then interviews Bruno about his cage match against Piper.
Next week, the Dream Team will face the British Bulldogs in a non-title match. Also, “Adorable” Adrian Adonis and Hercules will be in action.
Final Thoughts: The big thing on this show was the announcement that WrestleMania 2 would be happening. They also set up a new Tag Title feud, which was much needed. Beyond that, not much else happened.

WWF Madison Square Garden: November 25th, 1985

November 25, 1984
Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura.

Danny Spivey vs. Terry Gibbs
Spivey had not made his TV debut yet. Jesse is not out at the table yet as he is backstage preparing for his match tonight against Barry O., so Gorilla is solo on commentary. Gibbs hits a shoulder block to start. Spivey comes back with an armdrag and works the arm as Gorilla tells us that he was drafted by the New York Jets at one point. Spivey hits a crossbody for one before going back to the arm. Gibbs escapes and beats on Spivey in the corner until Spivey catches him with an armdarg and goes back to work on the arm. Gibbs gets the upper hand and hits an atomic drop. Backbreaker gets two then he sends Spivey to the floor. Back inside, Spivey fails to get Gibbs over on a sunset flip. Elbow drop by Gibbs gets two then he puts Spivey in a bearhug until it is broken up with a bell clap. Spivey gets kicked in the face after dropping his head on a backdrop attempt then Gibbs gets a nearfall with a neckbreaker. Spivey is able to escape another bearhug but misses an elbow drop and Gibbs covers for two. Backdrop gets two. Spivey now catches Gibbs in a bearhug but that is broken up with an eye rake. Gibbs misses a charge then begs for mercy until Spivey fights back. He slams Gibbs then drops an elbow for two. Leg drop gets two then he hits the bulldog for the win (10:10) *3/4.  The fans popped for the finish.
Thoughts: Gibbs did a good job carrying things here. Spivey was not very good at this point in his career. The match had some slow spots but the crowd was into it a little and the psychology was there. As far as 80’s jobbers go, Gibbs was solid.
Mr. X vs. King Tonga
Mr. X works the arm of Tonga until he gets chopped down. Tonga catches him then sits him on the top turnbuckle and offers a handshake, which gets declined. Tonga gets chopped in the corner but fights back with kicks. Tonga works a nerve hold for a bit, setting it up with one of the worst looking snapmares you will ever see. He hits a slam but misses a senton the Mr. X takes control. He chokes out Tonga then goes for a chinlock. Leg drop gets two and he goes back to the chinlock. Tonga fights out and hits a shoulderblock but ends up running into a knee and X goes back to the chinlock. They end up trading blows as the crowd is absolutely dead. Tonga misses a corner charge as both men are down. Mr. X tries a turnbuckle smash but Tonga no-sells it and rams his own head repeatedly. Tonga takes him down with a headbutt then catches him with a thrust kick before putting him away with the falling headbutt (8:48) ½*.
Thoughts: Oh, this was pretty bad. It took Tonga a few years until people gave a shit about him. He did not have the charisma to pull off this type of babyface role. 
Barry O. vs. Jesse “The Body” Ventura
Jesse gets a face pop before the match. This was set up after the last MSG show, Barry called out Jesse for being a “has-been who hides behind a microphone.” Barry starts the match by working the arm until Jesse shakes him off. Jesse poses as the fans applaud. Weird seeing Jesse as a face. Barry lands a few shots then takes him down with an elbow smash. Kneedrop gets two and Jesse sends Barry to the floor as he kicks out. Jesse kicks Barry from the apron then struts around the ring. Barry snaps Jesse’s neck off of the rope then hits an elbow smash off of the top rope for two. He puts Jesse in a chinlock and Barry works that for a bit. Jesse fights back then rakes Barry’s eyes across the top rope. He hits a reverse atomic drop as the face pops for Jesse have just about disappeared. Barry fights back and hits a clothesline for two. Man, Jesse was basically afraid to bump out there. After the collide, Barry knocks him down and poses to the crowd. He misses a dropkick and Jesse targets the back before making Barry submit to the bodybreaker (10:21) ¼*.
Thoughts: Interesting to see Ventura wrestle as a face. However, he awful in the ring and essentially an announcer at this point. He was clearly hesistant to bump too and it made the match look even worse. 
Hercules Hernandez w/ Freddie Blassie vs. Cousin Junior
Hernandez would make his TV debut on the next episode of “Championship Wrestling.” Hernandez overpowers Junior to start. He jaws at him then pounds away after an Irish whip sequence. He continues to destroy Junior then catches him with a high knee. Hercules puts him in a chinlock then catches a charging Junior with another knee in a spot that actually looked really good. Hercules goes back to the chinlock as the fans start to cheer for Junior. He fights back but Hercules grabs Junior’s overalls and sends him to the floor. Herc gauges his eyes on the apron then kicks him down to the floor. Junior tries to take him over with a sunset flip but fails and Hercules hammers away before going back to the chinlock and it lasts for a long time. Junior gets up and tries a bearhug but Hercules sends him to the mat. Junior takes him down with a shoulder block then hammers away. Hercules catches him with a thrust kick then takes him down, and almost himself down too, with a shoulderblock. He slams Junior then heads up top but the ref stands in front of him. Hercules jumps anyway but misses and Junior fights back. He hits  a backdrop then the match completely falls apart after they badly botch three spots in a row and Hercules rolls up Junior while grabbing his overalls for leverage and gets the win (11:33) -*.
Thoughts: I have no idea who thought of the idea that these two should go this long in a match but they should have been fired on the spot. The first half as alright but the second half was as bad as it gets. 
WWF Women’s Championship Match
Spider Lady vs. Wendi Richter (Champion)
Jesse has arrived to the announcer’s table. Richter drives the Spider into the corner to start. She kicks her down and uses a snapmare before chasing her while the referee was between them. You can hear a “Moolah” chant from those at ringside. Richter tosses Spider back to the floor then chases her around the ring. Back inside, they fuck up a spot badly then Richter works on the leg. Spider escapes and chokes out Richter, who drives to rip off the mask. Richter gets booted to the floor but uses a shoulder thrust as she enters the ring. She hits a dropkick then blows a headscissors spot badly and Spider falls on her and gets two. Spider uses cheap heel tactics on Richter, who fights back. She hits a terrible looking clothesline that gets two. Spider comes back with a small package for what appeared to be a nearfall but both gals get up and the bell rings, with Spider raising her hand. Richter runs over and unmasks Spider, revealing her to be the Fabulous Moolah. She hits her with a backbreaker then tries to pin her as even the announcers are unable to understand what happened. Richter still hammers away then stops as the referee goes to present the belt to Moolah as Richter tries to grab it from him (6:38) -*. Richter grabs the belt then whips Moolah, who leaves and goes up the aisle, with Richter standing in the ring looking irate.
Thoughts: This match was terrible and the ending was all kinds of awful but important for historical purposes as we saw a screwjob take place. Richter stated that she was upset over her payouts but still under her original contract where as other reports state Richter’s deal was up and she refused to sign a new one. Either way, Richter’s departure basically killed the division, except for a few brief revivals in the late 1980’s. 
WWF Tag Team Championship Match
Pedro Morales & Tito Santana vs. The Dream Team w/ “Luscious” Johnny Valiant
Pedro tries to pump up the crowd as the heels stall and yell at the crowd. Valentine gets shoved into the corner to start. Pedro outsmarts Valentine, who accidentally hits Beefcake. Pedro blocks a slam then knocks Valentine down. He hits an atomic drop then tags Santana. Valentine goes after his knee but Tito shakes him off and tries to go after his leg. Tito works the arm as the crowd chants for Tito. Valentine hits a back elbow smash and tags Beefcake, who misses an elbow drop. Tito fires away and hits an atomic drop as Pedro even lands a few shots. The match breaks down as Tito and Pedro take control. Pedro punches Beefcake, who ducks out for a breather as the Dream Team regroup. Valiant seems tanked tonight, which isn’t a surprise, but more noticeable than usual. Back inside, the faces use quick tags to work the arm of Beefcake. Valentine tries to break things up but Tito chases him away. Beefcake ends up backing Pedro into the corner and tags Valentine, who kills him with forearm smashes. He sends Pedro to the floor then stomps him repeatedly when he re-enters. Beefcake tags and pisses off the crowd, who boo him loudly. He chokes Morales out then catches him in a sleeper. Looking back, it was funny to hear Jesse on commentary say that he had no idea Brutus used a sleeper hold. Pedro just beats the three count as the fans go nuts. Pedro crawls over to Tito with Beefcake on his back and makes the tag but Valentine had the referee distracted and Tito is ordered back on the apron. Pedro gets tossed over the top rope but is able to escape a figure-four attempt and make the tag to Tito, who beats on both guys. He hits Valentine with a flying forearm but Beefcake breaks up the pin as all four men are brawling. Tito then puts Brutus in a figure four as Valiant comes in the ring, only to get chased away by Pedro, but that allows Beefcake and Valentine to double-team Tito nonstop as the ref rings the bell for the DQ (15:17) **1/2. The heels escape
Thoughts: Basic stuff but all action and the fans were really into the match. Everyone involved played their role well. The more I watch the Dream Team, the more I appreciate them. They do not get enough recognition, in my opinion.

Don Muraco w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
Muraco backs away from Steamboat and his goofy martial arts poses. Steamboat catches him with an enziguiri then chases Muraco outside of the ring. Back inside, Muraco beats on Steamboat in the corner. Steamboat fights back then snaps Muraco’s neck. He sends him to the corner with a bell clap then Muraco ducks outside for a breather. He then pleads for mercy as this match is crawling at a snails pace. Steamboat takes him over with a snapmare then works on the neck. He hits Muraco with a chop, who goes back outside again for a breather. Steamboat hits a few armdrags then applies a chinlock for a few minutes as the crowd is dead. Steamboat then grabs Muraco by the nose before applying a front facelock until Muraco finally breaks the hold with an inverted atomic drop. He works the neck of Steamboat then whips him into the corner as he takes a Slaughter bump on the post and comes up bleeding. Muraco bites the cut as Steamboat is pouring blood from his forehead. Muraco tosses him to the floor then kicks him in the face from the apron. The crowd starts to chant for Steamboat as Muraco slingshots him into the post. Muraco targets the cut but Steamboat fights back with chops. He hammers away on Muraco in the corner but has an Irish whip reversed and runs into a clothesline. Muraco targets the cut as Fuji tries to hit Steamboat with the cane. Steamboat takes it from Fuji then he and Muraco fight over it for a minute then the referee gets accidentally hit in the process. Muraco beats on Steamboat with the cane until Steamboat fights back and hits Muraco but the referee gets up and sees Steamboat use the cane and calls for the DQ (16:37) **. After the match, Steamboat busts open Muraco and drives a piece of the cane into his forehead. They then start to brawl in the ring and all over the floor, with Steamboat winning that battle. The fans are going nuts for Steamboat, who know is pointing at Fuji. Steamboat brings Muraco back in and destroys him as Muraco slides out of the ring.

Thoughts: Muraco was a total slug here as Steamboat did all of the heavy lifting. The match itself was plodding and slow. The post match brawl was awesome and worth checking out but the match itself was not.

Mr. Wrestling II vs. Terry Funk w/ Jimmy Hart
This match might have meant something in 1975. Mr. Wrestling II was in his 50’s at this point and it showed. Match starts with Mr. Wrestling outsmarting Funk. He takes Funk over with a sunset flip then taunts him as Funk gets pissed. Funk tosses him outside but fails to chase him. Back inside, Funk misses a few elbow drops then gets hit with a kneelift. Hart grabs MWII’s leg and gets chased for a second as this has been all stalling so far. Funk starts beating on MWII but gets caught in a small package for a nearfall. Funk gets pissed and goes over the guardrail as Hart calls him back. In the ring, Funk hammers away on MWII in the corner then tries a piledriver but MWII counters with a backdrop that sends Funk to the floor. MWII beats on Funk, who is hanging onto the ropes from the apron. He slingshots in with a sunset flip but MWII counters that for a nearfall. Funk tosses MWII outside then rams him against the guardrail as Hart cranks up his obnoxiousness to a whole new level on the megaphone. Hart distracts the ref as Funk chokes out MWII. He then puts him in a sleeper but MWII escapes. He takes him down with a kneelift then hits a slam for a nearfall. MWII then goes after Hart, who crawls under the ring. Funk attacks MWII from behind but fails to suplex him back inside and MWII falls on top for two. Suplex gets two and MWII hammers away in the corner but runs into a knee then Funk cradles him for the win (13:54) **1/4. Funk tries to brand MWII but fails and gets chased away by MWII, who grabbed a chair.

Thoughts: Mr. Wrestling II could still go in the ring at his age. Funk kept the match fun and it did not drag, which is more than I can say about every other match on the card. I wonder if he specifically asked to face Mr.Wrestling because he came over when they bought out Georgia Championship Wrestling but stayed on the smaller house shows and rarely ever did TV. 

Big John Studd & King Kong Bundy & Bobby Heenan vs. Hillbilly Jim & Andre the Giant & Capt. Lou Albano

Andre starts by putting Studd in a side headlock. He then chops Studd in the corner before tagging Jim. He headbutts him then goes for the slam but Heenan breaks that up as the $15,000 bodyslam challenge gimmick was still going on at the time. Bundy tags and roughs up Jim until he is able to tag Andre. The crowd goes nuts as Andre chokes Bundy with his straps. Bundy escapes and works a front facelock then Andre gets triple-teamed in the corner. Bundy grounds Andre with a front facelock, who eventually makes it to his feet. He fights back against Studd then tags Jim, who beats on him in the corner. Studd catches him with an elbow then slams him into the corner as he and Bundy neutralize him. Heenan tags and beats on Jim, who fights back and tags Andre, who fights off everyone and drags Heenan back inside then tags Albano. They have a shoving match then Albano gains the advantage and sends Heenan into the corner. Studd and Andre tag in but the referee says that Heenan needs to stay into the ring and make contact before tagging out, which even Gorilla says makes no sense and accuses the ref of making up his own rules. They lure Andre in the corner but he fights them off and rams all three guys at the same time. The match breaks down as Albano whips Heenan at Andre, who takes him down with a boot and gets the win (12:18) *1/4.

Thoughts: Not that bad considering the ability of the guys in the match. The fans loved seeing Heenan get pinned and the bout did a great job of sending the fans home happy. 

Final Thoughts: Not a good show at all but for historical purposes, I would check out the Women’s title match. Beyond that, there is nothing worth checking out. 

WWF Championship Wrestling May 25th, 1985

May 25, 1985

Your hosts are Jesse Ventura and Vince McMahon

Tonight, we will see highlights from the six-man tag match from Saturday Night’s Main Event. Also, Junkyard Dog & Tito Santana, Greg Valentine, Pedro Morales, Ken Patera, and Jimmy Snuka will all be in action. Plus, Piper’s Pit with the Tag Team Champions, Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff, and the manager Freddie Blassie.

Matt Borne & Steve Lombardi vs. Tito Santana & Junkyard Dog

The match breaks down as the faces gain the advantage. The heels flee as Jesse doesnt think the faces can communicate together because JYD is illiterate and Tito cannot speak good English. Tito hits both men with atomic drops then tags JYD. They use some quick tags until Tito puts Lombardi away with a flying forearm (2:45).

Thoughts: They continue to push Santana & JYD not only as a team, but also as a threat to the Intercontinental Title. The fans dig this duo too, especially JYD.

WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s subject is David Sammartino. Hayes puts over his power and thinks that one day, he could capture the gold. We see a clip of him pinning a jobber with a powerslam. It’s been about nine months and Sammartino still has not gotten over as much as his push.

Jimmy Londos vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/Jimmy Hart

Londos surprises the Hammer with a few sloppy armdrags to start, which even has Vince making fun of him. Valentine pounds away as Hart is riling up the fans. Valentine hits a slam and a shoulderbreaker then tosses Londos to the floor. Valentine hits a few suplexes then drops an elbow before applying the figure four, getting the win (2:55).

Thoughts: Good squash match as Valentine destroyed this guy. He was still awesome in the ring in 1985, one of the best in the company to be honest. He has been good as the IC champ too and Hart has helped him get heat.

Okerlund is with Hulk Hogan. This took place in the locker room during “Saturday Night’s Main Event.” Hogan cuts a promo on Big John Studd, his next opponent at the Boston Garden. Hogan says that he will slam Studd and win the $15,000.

Pedro Morales vs. Mr. X

Pedro gets a hiptoss and a slam. Mr. X works a side headlock until Morales counters that with a shinbreaker. Mr. X bails then comes back in and goes for another headlock but Pedro counters that with a backbreaker. Pedro takes him over with a headlock then hits a slam before applying the Boston Crab for the win (2:56).

Thoughts: Morales came back for another run but it didnt catch on and he mostly wrestled on the beginning of the card after returning.

Okerlund is with the Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff, with manager Freddie Blassie. Sheik does most of the speaking, or ranting, and promises to send Lou Albano to Hollywood with Cyndi Lauper.

Garry Starr vs. Ken Patera w/Bobby Heenan

Vince brings up last week and how Heenan put a bounty on Orndorff as Jesse agrees with the decision. Starr gets tossed halfway across the ring as the crowd starts chanting for Orndorff. The fans are getting louder as Patera is tossing Starr all over the ring. He drops several elbows then chokes him out on the mat. The crowd continues to drive Heenan and Patera crazy with the chants then Starr gets it with the swinging full nelson and covers him with one foot for the win (2:43).

Thoughts: Watching Patera toss jobbers all over the place is fun. Also, the crowd being all over Heenan makes it fun whenever his guys wrestle.

Piper’s Pit with Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff, and Freddie Blassie. Before they come out, Piper talks about Lauper slapping him in the face and continues the angle from SNME in which Piper accused Lauper of telling Steven Spielberg of keeping him out of her video for the film “Goonies.” Blassie also comes out and talks about Lauper and Albano ruined the deal for them too.

We are shown the last few minutes of the six-man tag from “Saturday Night’s Main Event,” that ended with George Steele turning babyface after being attacked by Sheik & Volkoff then getting consoled by Lou Albano.

A.J. Petruzzi vs. Jimmy Snuka

Snuka stalls before entering the ring. He breaks a full nelson and takes down Petruzzi but gets caught with a thumb to the eye. Snuka no-sells a few turnbuckle smashes then uses a chinlock. AJ escapes and lands a few shots but runs into a chop. Snuka slams him down then finishes him off with the Superfly Splash (3:30).

Thoughts: Snuka was struggling to move around here but could still perform his splash well, which is all the fans want to see from him anyway.

Jack Reynolds is with Barry Windham, Mike Rotundo, and Capt. Lou Albano. They all put over Steele as a changed man and an American, despite the fact that Albano thinks he needs the proper psychiatric care.

Vince informs us that Bruno Sammartino will return next week which upsets Jesse as he refers to Bruno as a “hook-nosed vagabond.” Next week, Hulk Hogan will face Ken Patera in a non-title match. Plus, Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo, Tony Atlas & George Wells, Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart, and Paul Orndorff.

Final Thoughts:   Decent show this week. With Ventura replacing Bruno on commentary, the show feels a lot more lively as Bruno really only spoke when prompted by Vince. Jesse does a great job at elevating the talent, even if he does mix in politically incorrect jokes with his commentary. Next week’s main event is huge, especially for this time period as it was very rare for stars of that caliber to meet up on TV for free.

QOTD – July 25th, 2013


Today we’re gonna double-stack the QOTD, to give you, the people, a treat.

First question comes from White Thunder, and he wants know about Stone Cold:

“White Thunder here, The discussion about wrestlers fitting into different eras really got me thinking about Stone Cold. What is his shelf life at this point? Is there still a window for Austin to come back and have one more match? Would he have to have a short run (similar to Jericho) to get back over first? Personally I felt the perfect opportunity would of been against CM Punk around the time of Wrestlemania 27 or during the SES phase. Evidently this never came to fruition even though it appeared that Punk wanted a match badly. I feel the window is closing very rapidly, what do you think?”

Honestly, I think Stone Cold’s shelf-life is infinite. There will never be a wrestling fan who doesn’t know who he is. He’s in a constant state of being over, and could head-line any PPV without anyone batting an eye.

Punk could always go back to the SES thing, and I definetly think that would be the best way to go about it. Punk simply doing his “I’m the best in the World, I want respect, I’ll beat you to get it” is fine, but not nearly as great as Punk getting on Stone Cold for his drinking and such. I honestly think the feud would be hotter than Cena vs Rock.

The second question comes from Monte:

“What was the best interview segment of all time?

The Brother Love Show? Piper’s Pit? The Funeral Parlor? The Heartbreak Hotel? One of the many, many others?”

I have to give it to the Highlight Reel. Jericho was always entertaining, and it had some pretty big moments; John Cena to Raw, bashing Shawn’s face into the Jeritron. I’m of course being bias because Jericho is my all time favorite, but that’s what being a wrestling fan is all about; being bias.

How say you?